The Occult Wisdom of Atlantis

The energy of Cosmic Oneness and its manifestation is known as Occultism.

In the high dimensional world, Oneness streamers manifest the divine vision required by a single thought. In the lower dimensional world, the divine vision requires some divine manifestation laws and special physical media of the dimensional world in order for the oneness energy to accelerate the continued operation and manifestation in the dimensional world in accordance with the divine vision.

Blocked by cosmic anomalies, dark forces, and curtains, the cosmic oneness streamer energy rarely reaches earth, much less directly to the surface of the earth, and therefore the manifestation of the divine vision needs to be more powerful than the other-dimensional worlds:

  1. The light of divine will;
  2. The light of divine manifestation;
  3. The holy light of interdimensional integration;
  4. The light of divine wisdom;
  5. Unconditional love.

In addition to the above five sacred forces that need to be strengthened, it is necessary to combine them with the state of the sacred sanctuary of planet earth. This means that manifesting the divine vision requires at least the following:

  1. Meet the inherently sacred guidelines;
  2. Constantly insist on manifestation;
  3. With the sacred medium (three-dimensional media + integrated cross-dimensional light channel);
  4. Pray;
  5. Inject the inner unconditional love into your vision.

The combination with the sacred sanctuary of Planet Earth means:

  1. Combine the universe of astrology and astronomy with planetary and earth movements to find the best time to open a window of accelerated manifestation for the divine vision;
  2. Combine local physical objects like crystal, mineral, gold, silver, copper, water, fire, wind, earth, plants, animals, rare minerals, rare metals, etc.;
  3. Effective integration with planetary geomagnetic lines, energy vortices, goddess vortex, planetary chakras, important energy mountains of the planets, important energy-water systems of the planets, and important energy magnetic poles of the planets The planetary energy system matches the interaction and accelerates the manifestation;
  4. Match the five elements and eight diagrams of the planet’s densely populated areas, influencing the collective consciousness field, allowing the power of the collective consciousness and the divine oneness intention to meet, accelerating the manifestation, and making the oneness more effective in intervening in the three-dimensional surface and in the sentient beings on the surface.

The Law of Divine Manifestation:

  1. Identify goals and visions;
  2. Persevere in execution;
  3. Infuse with passion and love.

These five divine forces, the five least achievable steps, and the combination with the planetary earth sanctuary, and the law of divine manifestation, are critical to accelerating the realization of the divine vision in the three-dimensional world of planetary earth and have been a common practice in occult science since the time of Atlantis.

People have been robbed of their higher self-ties and free will by the dark forces, and thus become puppets who are completely allowed to be brainwashed by the dark forces and by the dogmas. If a person wants to regain the planetary freedom and wants the sacred sovereignty of the individual, it must realize that the Holy Free Will is sacred and source gives all the sacred rights of all beings in the universe. It is also a key switch for the individual soul consciousness spark to constantly manifest its highest soul blueprint and the highest welfare in the universe. The holy free will (the thirteenth light) and the sacred unity will The cooperation, interaction and matching of light (the first light) is the unconditional sacred connection and interaction that has always existed since the birth of the soul. The sacred light that gives up the free will or distorts the free will make the individual The soul is far from the divine origin and away from the high my soul.

Once the individual soul realizes that it is an unconditional existence of light with divine sovereignty and divine free will, The One will be able to perfectly link the individual consciousness with the sacred unity at the moment of enlightenment. This connection will make the unity force Unconditionally enter the life of One, and begin to interact, match, and calibrate the light of unity intention and will, and begin to fully guide One toward the road of conforming to the blue sacred soul blueprint and the highest welfare of the soul.

The reason why occultism gradually became a non-invasive subject after the decline of Atlantis was that the dark forces increased the suppression and distortion of the occult and occult knowledge after several invasions. The mysterious temples were destroyed, classic and important energy artifacts were ruined, they killed the important people who mastered the true mystery and known the truth so that most of the groups involved in occultism from the time of Atlantis have fled and escaped. We had to be positive and show positive developments for the planet in a very cautious and concealed way, under the pressure of a thousand years of ignorance and false dogma.

Many sacred energies, prayers, ceremonies and alchemy inherited in different regions and ancient tribes are mostly “incomplete” and “no longer in shape and spirit”, leaving only a kind of lost memory of the ancient tradition, solemn process, and ineffective manifestation effect.

Most of the knowledge and energy artifacts and people related to the mystery and the essence of the Atlantis era are still protected by the Light Forces, and they will never be easily revealed. After the event, the Light Forces will be based on the surface. The degree of enlightenment of the people will gradually release the true manifestation skills and related energy secrets related to occultism and the use of energy in the Atlantis era.

All the rough concepts related to occultism mentioned in this article are all needed for the current situation of the planet earth and have been used for a long time. Anyone on the surface of the planet currently governed by the Galactic Alliance, if interested in the occult and Atlantis, can directly go to the Galactic Confederation of Light, the Ashtar Command, the Atlantis Command, the Planetary Guardian, the Myra Ascension Groups, the ascension of other people you know as the angels or the star and beings of light.

  1. Release as soon as possible the light work related to occult and Atlantis that is in line with human well-being and planetary development;
  2. Please uncover and correct the history and truth of earth’s evolution related to the occult and Atlantis as soon as possible;
  3. Please exercise as soon as possible the divine right of interposition granted to the light forces of the Galactic Confederation by the Galactic Codex, and intervene in the life and spiritual field of the surface people as soon as possible, so that the level of consciousness, spiritual level, cognitive level and cosmological mastery level of the surface people can be improved and greatly enhanced faster and faster.

Goddess returns, all beings unite!

Victory of the Light!

~ The Occult Wisdom Of Atlantis:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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