The Deadline and How You Helped To Save the World

Perhaps you didn’t notice, but yesterday on July 20, 2019, we already decided the fate of our own history as HUMANITY. We already saved the world and ensured the best possible outcome. We had a choice to be made, and we had 50 years to choose the path that we would like to manifest. If you are still reading this article in the NOW is because YOU ARE PART OF THE PLAN FOR PLANETARY LIBERATION which avoided the ANNIHILATION OF HUMANKIND through NUCLEAR WAR or WORLD WAR III. Now that we have your attention, let us tell you the history.

Yesterday the world celebrated the “50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing“:

Fifty years ago, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission changed our world and ideas of what is possible by successfully landing humans on the surface of the moon⁠ — and bringing them home safely⁠ —for the first time in history. Today’s video Doodle celebrates this moment of human achievement by taking us through the journey to the moon and back, narrated by someone with firsthand knowledge of the epic event: former astronaut and Apollo 11 command module pilot Michael Collins.

A team of some 400,000 people from around the world worked on Project Apollo—mostly factory workers, scientists, and engineers who never left the ground. Within those 400,000 were the mission’s astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins. Their historic journey began when a Saturn V rocket blasted off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969. After achieving orbit around the moon, the lunar module, known as “the Eagle,” separated for a 13-minute journey to the surface. Meanwhile, astronaut Michael Collins stayed behind in the command module, which would eventually bring all three astronauts back home to Earth.

Along the way to the moon’s surface, Armstrong and Aldrin lost radio contact with Earth, the onboard computer showed unfamiliar error codes, and fuel ran short. As millions watched on television with anxious anticipation, they successfully steered the module to a safe landing on the crater dubbed the “Sea of Tranquility” on July 20, 1969.Not long after, Armstrong became the first human to step foot on the moon, stating the now infamous words “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”Returning safely to Earth on July 25, 1969, the Apollo 11 crew were followed by 10 more astronauts, with the final mission taking place in 1972. Countless scientific breakthroughs — from CAT scans to freeze-dried food—took place thanks to the mission to the moon.

Space exploration continues to this day, with milestones such as the International Space Station and plans for a mission to Mars. Most recently, NASA’s Artemis program—named for Apollo’s sister in Greek mythology—aims to bring the first woman to the moon.

50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

~ “We did it”: Today’s Doodle for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing:

What really few people noticed is the fact that July 20, 1969, was also a decisive time mark where HEAVEN decided to give us a 50 YEARS DEADLINE in order to PRESERVE HUMANITY. But first, have you heard of the most famous Brazilian Chico Xavier? Did you know that the time of probation already passed and that we already won this insane battle? Do you know that this probation period was given to us by extraterrestrials? And do you already realized that we already decided the best possible outcome?

Be ready to be blown away.

Who was Chico Xavier?

Chico Xavier or also known as Francisco Cândido Xavier was an extraordinary, world-wide medium, born in Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil, on April 2, 1910.

Chico Xavier was a man with a compassionate heart and soul, a great philosopher and a popularizer of spiritual doctrine. As a result of his medium psychic abilities and goodness, he attracted people of all denominations and even those that didn’t belong to any religion.

He had strong precognition of future events. Often, he would receive extraterrestrial messages. Messages that were out of the boundaries of this planet. His abilities to process and synthesize such messages led to a number of prophecies that came true.

Throughout his life, he has psychographed more than 450 books, having sold more than 50 million copies, and although being the most successful Brazilian writer in history, he ceded all copyright to the benefit of charities. Besides the books, he psychographed about ten thousand letters without ever charging for services.

In his biographical register, Chico did not live only on mediumship, he also worked as a salesman, weaver, and typist. He received several honors and honors in life, being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize between 1981-82, a title that was not attributed to him, yet he would eventually be elected in 2012 as the ‘Greatest Brazilian of All Time’ contest that elects those who have done more for the nation. His whole life was ruled by discipline and simplicity, and this earned him recognition as the greatest spiritual leader in his country.

But what will make Chico remembered in our history is something concerning our existence as human civilization.

The Deadline

According to Chico, on the occasion of the arrival of a man on the Moon on July 20, 1969, a meeting took place between the heavenly forces in our Solar System, to certify the moral progress of the earthly society.

The angelic forces of our Solar System were concerned about the harmful impact of mankind on the planetary balance.

Taking into consideration that the most powerful nations on Earth have armed to an unprecedented degree, the nuclear question was raised, together with the issue of weapons of mass destruction.

And from that moment, it was decided after protracted debates, according to Chico, a period of 50 years will be given, since July 20, 1969, so that this additional period shall expire on July 20, 2019.

In July 1969, a 50-year deadline commenced.

If we don’t go into a self-destructive war in the next 50 years, then we can expect phenomenal achievements of human science, starting from the Moon.

The friendship between Geraldo Lemos Neto and Chico Xavier

Economist Geraldo Lemos Neto is a real estate entrepreneur in Minas Gerais and since the 1980s he has been promoting spiritism, also acting as a medium. During 21 years maintained a very close friendship with the most famous Brazilian medium, Chico Xavier, including helping to edit several of his books in “União Espírita Mineira” (Spiritist Union of Minas Gerais). Lemos Neto maintains “Vinha de Luz Editora” (Vine of Light Publishing company), for which he publishes unpublished material of the medium, as well as directing since 2006 the Cultura Chico Xavier Foundation of Pedro Leopoldo. It also integrates the direction of the portal “Saber Espiritismo” (To Know Spiritism), where the work of the great medium is divulged.

The coexistence of Geraldo Lemos Neto and Chico Xavier, in the 80’s, in Uberaba, allowed the message to reach today.

In Geraldo Lemos Neto own words:

When I lived more closely in the intimacy of his house in Uberaba, on several occasions we watched together in the house of Vivaldo da Cunha Borges, my brother-in-law who with Chico lived, the VHS tapes of films that made Chico happy as was the case with Ghost, Star Trek and many more.

We talked for a long time in the mornings about the most interesting subjects, with him always telling us the curious and impressive cases that occurred to him throughout his life. He was in an extraordinarily good mood, always ready to bring us notes of joy and comfort. I would say that Chico had his feet on the ground, his heart with all of us in pure cares, cares and affections, and his eyes fixed on the stars of the firmament! 

We sometimes accompanied his mail tasks, when we helped him to subscribe to message boxes, addressing them to his friends scattered all over Brazil. Chico psychographed at home using a tape recorder with classical music tapes that we, the friends, offered him or that he himself ordered to buy.

All the people who were linked to the heart of Chico Xavier in the cities of Pedro Leopoldo, Belo Horizonte and Uberaba attest that with each of them Chico shared his love, his natural goodness, his spontaneous joy, his unconditional solidarity. All are unanimous in affirming this, that their love for work, dedication to the Gospel of Jesus and the Spiritist Doctrine were their most striking characteristics, especially their charity combined with an impeccable discipline for the service of consolation and hope. Chico Xavier spread joy wherever he went, with his cases and anecdotes, to laugh at himself, became the joy of us all. At the same time it was to be seen their seriousness when our Christian spiritist postulates were at stake. Firmness of character and coherence of feelings with the light of enlightened reason!

For us Chico Xavier is a true Apostle of Christ in modern times.

~ Entrevista com Geraldo Lemos e as Revelações de Chico Xavier:

How the Deadline Message was Disclosed

In an interview, Geraldo Lemos Neto revealed how he received the prophecy from Chico Xavier:

Our Lord decided to grant a moratorium of 50 years to the earthly society, to begin on July 20, 1969 (the date when the man stepped on the moon), and therefore to end in July 20, 2019. Jesus ordered, then, that his heavenly emissaries should strive more directly for the maintenance of peace between peoples and terrestrial nations, in order to collaborate so that we might enter the planetary community of the Solar System more quickly, as a more regenerated world, at the end of this period. Some angelic powers of other orbs of our Solar System feared the delay of extra time, and it was then that Jesus, in his wisdom, resolved to establish a condition for the men and nations of the earthly vanguard.

According to the imposition of the Christ, the most developed and responsible nations of the Earth should learn to support each other, respecting the differences among themselves, refraining from embarking on a war of nuclear extermination. The face of the Earth should avoid at all costs the so-called World War III. According to Christ’s resolution, if and only if the earthly nations during this 50-year period learned the art of good fellowship and fraternity, avoiding a war of nuclear destruction, the earthly world would finally be admitted into the planetary community of the Solar System as a world in regeneration. None of us can predict, Geraldinho, the progress that will be made from that date of July 2019, if only we know how to defend peace among our more developed and cultured nations!

Curious about what such consequences might be, the young man would have questioned the medium about what would actually happen to the world:

Ah! Geraldinho, if incarnate humanity decides to follow the unfortunate course of World War III, a nuclear war of unpredictable and disastrous consequences, then Mother Earth itself, under the auspices of the Greater Life, will react with unforeseen violence by our men of science. The man would begin the Third War, but who would end it would be the telluric forces of nature, of Earth itself tired of the human desmandos, and would be faced then with gigantic earthquakes; tidal waves and consequent tsunamis; we would see the explosion of extinct volcanoes; we would face devastating landslides that would overwhelm the poles of the globe with tragic results for the coastal zones due to the rise of the seas; and in this case the volcanic ashes associated with the nefarious nuclear irradiation would render the whole of the Northern Hemisphere of our earth globe totally uninhabitable.

Xavier was quoted as saying.

When man stepped on the moon on July 20, 1969, a meeting took place with the celestial powers of the solar system to verify the advance of human society on planet Earth. In it, mankind has had a 50-year term to evolve morally and live in peace without provoking World War III.

Despite this, the businessman, who launched an eponymous book to the documentary in 2016, also does not believe in the catastrophic view of prophecy. “We gave it the deadline name because it indicates the end of one time and the beginning of another. It has nothing to do with the end of the world. Chico said that by overcoming this moratorium period (those 50 years) without entering a nuclear war, we would be in a process of accelerating progress.

The time for change is coming, and if we do not step up, we will suffer for longer because of our own actions. Natural disasters mirror this.

We are not delivered to the fatality nor predetermined to the suffering, but before a crossroads of the collective destiny that unites us to our planetary house, here on Earth. We have before us two paths to follow. The path of love and wisdom will lead us to the fastest collective spiritual ascension. The path of hatred and ignorance will bring us more extensive spending of centuries in the material and spiritual reconstruction of our collectivities.

Geraldo Lemos Neto

~ O que é a “Data Limite”, atribuída a uma profecia de Chico Xavier?

The Message Psychographed by Francisco Cândido Xavier

Deadline according to Chico Xavier


The world is headed for great achievements and also great catastrophes. The war machine that haunted the world with the moral and material destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be the cause of misunderstanding worldwide.

In Brazil, a worker leader will die a violent death, for the spiritual forces that live in the Cosmos ask the Supreme Creator for justice for all that has been made of barbarian in the name of the Supreme Creator and the Fatherland.

With the disappearance of this, Brazil will go through difficult times, several armed movements will profoundly shake the national structure. In the middle of this will come a man from the land of Martyr Tiradentes and, despite the pressures, will do much for Brazil, including the creator of a Garden City, like Eden, different from all cities, but will be replaced by another that much confusion will create and, in its unjustified exit, will leave the Nation shaken and this shaking will begin the critical period; until the man of patriotism, coming also from the land of Tiradentes will surround himself with others and will overthrow the master beam of confusion, and then much will happen.

Men, women and children will suffer just and unjust consequences, caused by past mistakes. The regime will be fought and even shaken, but many nations will give credit and respect to Brazil.

With the change of men, many who were the mainstay of the situation will be called to account to God, then the sun, the floods and the cold will create hunger and despair, not only in Brazil, but also in the world.

But at the end of all, a frank, sincere and loyal man will appear, who, riding on his white horse and with his powerful sword, will give a new dimension and personality to the destinies of Brazil, correcting injustices and restoring confidence and hope in the future of Brazil.

He will be fought and criticized for his temperament and attitudes, but he will have the protection of High Forces that inhabit the Cosmos, and Brazil will truly be the heart of the world and, despite crises and threats, internal and external, that will appear, he will always be the faithful of the balance for his faith and hope in the destiny of Brazil entrusted to him.

Andre Luiz

Data Limite Segundo Chico Xavier
(Subtitles available in Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and others)

The Two Possible Outcomes

The Dark Age

If nuclear war occurred during this time period, the devastation would be immense. Besides the nuclear fallout, the earth itself would rise up and payback for all of the harm done to it over the centuries. The Northern Hemisphere would be devastated. Most land would be uninhabitable and the military of the surviving countries would invade the Southern Hemisphere in order to have arable land. For instance, the US would invade Latin America, as would China and Europe. Brazil itself would be broken up into parts, shared by the occupying powers.

A New Age

If the world manages to reach 2019 without nuclear conflict then wonderful events will unfold. Aliens, the about one-meter tall variety, will come to earth and help promote dramatic improvements in medicine and technology. These aliens have been nervously watching earth for some time. They have the capability to transport themselves through great distances.

What has not been known to us is that conflict on our planet sends out destructive negative waves that affect the entire galaxy. Hence, more advanced races are watching our progress.

The aliens are cognizant of the power of the spirit world and they work with the spirit realm in their endeavors. After all, just like us, the aliens are immortal souls, who reincarnate, perish, and reincarnate again. In fact, some of the aliens may have had a life on earth in human form in the distant past.

SURFACOM, the Battle against the Black Nobility and How YOU Helped to Save the World

As already stated in our “Update about the Plan for Planetary Liberation” article published on June 23, 2019, The SURFACOM – Surface Command – was called by the Light Forces in order to make the necessary physical movements inside the Matrix, in order to fulfill the Plan for Planetary Liberation. The most crucial situation was the ongoing battle for the energy grid around the planet, between SURFACOM and the Black Nobility families especially the battle for the Goddess Leyline, which holds the master key for control over the planet.

As clearly stated in the “Flower of Life” update published by Portal 2012 on July 1, 2019, we had to face a complicated scenario, since the power of the Black Nobility needed to be neutralized:

In the last few months since mid-April, planet Earth was fluctuating between the gamma timeline (Light Intervention) and delta timeline (Planetary Annihilation).

All intel about this was strictly classified as too much focus on negative timeline would increase the probability of its manifestation.

During this time, the Light Forces were clearing one very dangerous layer of plasma anomaly with toplet bombs.

This layer has been successfully removed on June 21st around noon GMT and the danger has been greatly reduced. Although some toplet bombs still exist, and some plasma / quantum fluctuation primary anomaly still needs to be cleared, the positive gamma timeline is now much more secure.

The June 21st success of the Light Forces has brought much fresh positive luminous plasma into our Solar System and this positive plasma has excited the mesosphere around planet Earth later that day to produce some awesome noctilucent clouds:

The Light Forces have communicated that for the first time since 1996 Archon invasion, Ascension archangels are again present in our Solar System.

~ July 1, 2019 – Flower of Life:

SURFACOM can release now a brief timeframe of the events that took place already, and that helped us to safeguard the NEW GOLDEN AGE path prophesied by Chico Xavier.

Mid-January, 2019

Ukeron ordered his own Personal Symbol and Cosmo Biography, mainly out of his own curiosity.

Mid-March, 2019

Ukeron received his own Personal Symbol, where he understood that he was, in fact, one of the incarnated members of the Ashtar Command.

Mid-April, 2019

Mission on North Europe to take control of the Ancient Viking Fortress related to the Army of Odin, which was entrapped by the dark forces.

April 19, 2019

Ukeron receives his own Cosmo Biography, after having completed his first mission.

Mid-Mai, 2019

Ukeron was instructed by the Light Forces through inner guidance to release his own “Cosmo Biography”. This exposition was necessary since then Ukeron started to be contacted by other members of SURFACOM who already joined forces with him.

Beginning of June, 2019

Mission on North Europe to activate key Portals related to the Cosmic Central Race in North Europe. The culmination of this mission was the shut down of the Black Sun portal, opened by the Black Nobility during the Holocaust of WW2.

~ February 19, 2019 – Cosmic Central Race:

June 5, 2019

Ukeron is recognized by Ria Aurora Athena Ash and by Ash’Tar’Ka’ree, the High Commander of the Jupiter Command.

“This is your brother High Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree Of the Jupiter Command. Sending you many blessings of love.”

~ Comments on Ria Aurora’s Facebook Profile:

June 9, 2019

Release of the “Decree of Sovereignty of Mankind“, that re-enabled the “Operation Mjölnir” on Planet Earth, putting the Surface Population under strict enforcement of the “Galactic Codex.”

June 11, 2019

Mass Meditation to call for the End of the Chimera. It can be safely disclosed now that the Light Forces were able to activate the “Eye of Horus” technology, which enabled the “White Horse” (more know as Pegasus, in Greek Mythology).

Everyone who participated in this Mass Meditation were already safeguarded by the Forces of Light, and this is mainly why each one of you was able to MANIFEST your FREE WILL and YOUR DECISION created the necessary conditions to finally allow the Light Forces to remove the Chimera.

Crop Circle that appeared on June 27, 2019, showing the Chimera Group being sent to the Central Sun.

June 12, 2019

Release of the “BE a Sovereign Being and Act Accordingly” article, that contains key information that is still valid. You can also download an EBOOK for free, named “IT BE – Keys of Life“. This book was already released in German and is being translated to Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

June 21, 2019

Mass Meditation during the Summer Solstice to take control of the Goddess Leyline. Your participation in this Mass Meditation helped the Light Forces to guarantee the safety of the Goddess Leyline. From this date, the Light Forces are already controlling the Planetary Grid, and this fact allowed the Light Forces to proceed with the critical mission already inside the Matrix.

End of June, 2019

During this period, the SURFACOM was able to reach the already incarnated Goddess. Initially, she was concerned because her counterpart Odin was entrapped by the Dark Forces and she was unable to help him, to free him from the Dark Forces. The SURFACOM forces launched a special mission at the end of June, in order to reach Odin and finally set him free. From now on, Odin is free and is already helping the Light Forces in the Final Battle against the Dark Ones.

July 2, 2019

Mass Meditation during the Total Solar Eclipse, that allowed the Light Forces to act INSIDE THE PLANETARY GRID, helping us to remove the last reminiscence of Negative Reptilians and Negative Draco beings, located mainly in South America and Africa. Your participation in this mass meditation helped us to ensure the best possible outcome.

July 16, 2019

Mass Meditation during the Lunar Eclipse, that forced the past wounds to be exposed and healed. We are aware that the report of this mass meditation was different for everyone, this was expected since the energies of this Lunar Eclipse were designed to bring to the surface of your awareness all the old wounds and pain that each soul was still trying to hide. The only way to heal such energies is to be forced to face them and release them.

July 19, 2019

The Dark Ones were already aware of the DEADLINE date given by Francisco Xavier, so they tried really hard to start WW3 before the closing date. Noticing this situation, Commander Ukeron was guided to write the “Urgent Message to The Leaders of thre World” in order to give a clear message that the Light Forces are already HERE to avoid the worst-case scenario. Luckily enough, the Dark Ones could not start World War 3, so now is the time where we will, finally, being able to experience the GOLDEN AGE that everyone is anxiously waiting for.

July 20, 2019

Apparently nothing special happened yesterday. But the Light Forces could now release the information that the last Buddha, the GuanYin Maitreya is already incarnated and in contact with SURFACOM, now working together for the final push against the Dark Ones. Such movements would speed up the process of the Final Liberation of Planet Earth and will help to trigger The Event when the time will be right.

~ July 20, 2019 – The Return of Guanyin Maytrea:

The Beginning of a New Golden Era

According to the prophecy given by Chico Xavier, we had two possible paths, to be defined in a timeframe of 50 years.

Yesterday we reached the DEADLINE and, as you can see, humanity AVOIDED THE WORST CASE SCENARIO!

So now is the time to create the necessary conditions for THE EVENT that will mark the beginning of a NEW GOLDEN AGE in humankind history.

In order to celebrate the achievements that we already managed to reach, we are organizing a Mass Meditation on September 29, 2019. We would like to invite everyone to physically participate in this movement, since we are planning to SHOW IN A PEACEFUL WAY our CO-CREATIVE POWERS declaring THE SOVEREIGNTY OF MANKIND, in front of all the Governmental places in the world.

Stay tuned, soon we will release more details about this public mass meditation.

Victory of the Light!

There’s no time for us.
There’s no place for us.
What is this thing that builds our dreams,
yet slips away from us?

Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever?

There’s no chance for us.
It’s all decided for us.
This world has only one
sweet moment set aside for us.

Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever?

Who dares to love forever
Oh, when love must die?

But touch my tears with your lips,
Touch my world with your fingertips

And we can have forever,
And we can love forever.
Forever is our today.

Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever?
Forever is our today.

Who waits forever anyway?

Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever?


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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