The Power of a Decree

  • Revealer of your autonomy as Consciousness;
  • Manifests your own free will;
  • It enables things to happen according to the plan you and yourself have outlined.

The Power of a Decree nullifies the presence and interference of parasitic influences and suggestions in our lives if we thus realize that we are free from them when we make our decrees. Because these concerns are coupled to us, whether we want to or not, and whether or not we are aware of them, by the entities that have controlled this system of vampirization and disconnection with the Primary Source.

It’s time to kick the bucket and tell them ‘NEVERMORE!’, but to do that, you have to have the audacity to stand your ground and be the greatest defender of your Inner Truth. And so that there are no misrepresentations in these words – Inner Truth – that which is to you, that MAKES you to BE as you ARE, and simply that. It doesn’t take big rodeos to justify it.

Primary Source wished to experience itself, created a state of submergence where it artificially ‘forgot itself’ (or pretended to forget itself) in order to experience itself. And there is nothing wrong with that. What is profoundly wrong is the unbridled decision and action that certain entities have taken to be able to feed their own program, unhindered in sacrificing the Sons of Primary Source.

Justice is HERE and NOW in order to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Decree your Inner Truth: BE. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

~ Surfacom


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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