A Message from Ashtar

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Coronavirus, Physical Law, Precautions, 5G Technology, Control of Satellites by the Confederation and more

Greetings, Dear Family!

It’s good to be here again. It is a moment for a message, attending our allies who expect a word from us from space. It is a time when you are being able to practice acceptance, recognizing your human limitations and how much you need this reconnection with the inner luminous vastness, which is the Source of your experience.

The more you recognize your limitations, the greater and more powerful you become, for when you recognize your weaknesses, then you become stronger. And here it is clear that I am not inviting you to underestimate yourselves but to a humble recognition of how far your capacities and recognition of the Laws that govern the Earth can go. I have always told you that you are Majestic, Powerful, Inviolable Beings, but until you access that reality you need to embrace your Humanity, Limitations and Natural Laws. You don’t become big when you try to show yourself superior to the nature of the Earth; you become great when you merge with it and honor its laws.


A virus, which is only a virus, although developed in a laboratory with non-majestic intentions, was introduced in your environment, causing the beginning of the chaos, ranging from the financial system, physical and mental health to the electrical system, studies (schools) and hydros (supply), because those who claim to be our enemies take the opportunity to create more of what they feed on – fear – leading to inevitable downtime and trying to reinforce the idea that they are your saviors, because when the virus “hits its peak”, they would arrive with “the salvation” (vaccine). But they did not, once again, count on our intervention through you, our representatives on the Surface. The virus is an agent that serves only itself, regardless of who created it, and it is not up to us, at this moment, to directly emphasize who, but we can say that its creator and propagator are already “in our custody”.

In the midst of all these events, as always, those who claim to be our enemies can’t still understand that our technology is beyond a fourth/fifth dimension and can foresee any of their actions and that, in many cases, when they “try to detonate a bomb “, we already have cut the wires. But if we foresee the events before they actually happen, why don’t we prevent them before they occur? Because we and you work in alignment. We cannot do everything. Most of the time, we can alert you to what we’ve seen going on your route, but the appropriate detour is up to you. This also does not mean that we are not going to help in the resolution process afterward, but that, first of all, as we have usually reinforced, you are the ones who hold the keys to change. So, we see the potentials, we alert you, and here we are to say that the virus will not pass this point, because “we have already pressed the interrupt button” and you need to do your part for this support, at least, not feeding the spread through fear.

Physical Law

Honor the Physical Law through Reason, but also remain aligned with Faith. Faith and Reason form a great alliance. One cannot live without the other in your reality. When you have Faith, you know that if you jump off a precipice your physical body will die on the impact on the ground. The Reason tells you this because of the Law of Gravity that rules the planet. You have Faith, you believe, so you don’t jump in honor of that Physical Law. The defense mechanisms of your bodies through neurotransmitters alert you about the “dangers”, causing you to move away, instinctively. These are the Laws that govern this system and need to be lovingly respected.

The point here is that these Physical Laws can be respected with Love, Harmony and Tranquility. You don’t have to be puppets of the fear, panic and despair that, when they take control of you, can cause this natural organic defense system to break down. If your survival system goes down, jumping off a cliff sometimes becomes an “interesting” option for the collapsing mind when there is no more harmony between Faith and Reason. Do you understand what I mean?

Instead of the defense system fulfilling its role, due to panic, it ends up destroying itself. So, listen to your body, but keep your inner calm and harmony in your actions.

Be kind to your bodies and recognize the agent fired at you, not as a direct enemy, who needs to be heroically fought, where you need to howl and scream to scare him, but keep your eyes serene, harmonized with the Laws of Earth, honoring your physicality and following internal protocols of normal care. Thus, honoring your Physical Laws and being allied with Faith, your immune system will be largely empowered and will not only be a great Firewall against the virus in question but against any other external threat that may cause disharmony in your body. This should be your “homework”, reviewed every day, to remember that your immunity depends on your inner harmony, in harmony, diplomacy and respect for the Laws of that system.

You do not jump off a precipice believing that you will arrive on the other side “safe and sound” just because you have Faith. But you can take an aircraft and make the crossing, in harmony, because you have Faith and Reason to know that there are ways to cross the precipice, without causing damage to yourself…

This is the time when you are being led into a natural flow, as unrest around the world forces you into this internal withdrawal, which is far beyond physical isolation and escaping large crowds. It is a call to the interior, for self-reflection and deeper understandings of everything that has happened on Earth. The question is not whether you are among many or not. It is about how your inner state is that will trigger, or not, signals for you to enter the disharmonious zone, or not.

Quarantines go much further, dear ones, far beyond! You will perceive the silence, you will perceive the value of hearing more and not the great crowds and agitations. Many of you have planned to be right in the middle of the hurricane, in the regions with the biggest outbreaks of infection. This is not irresponsible programming, and you need to know that. All over the world, the fear has spread, and you now have the opportunity to show what you came for: to be the examples of tranquility and peace when those more agitated seek comfort in a glance.

I also want you to know that there will be no fatal global epidemic. This is not in the program. We are in control. There is no greater threat than the one you are constantly being warned about: you give your power over to those who so desire to have it. This is the greatest threat and the power of decision is in your hands, whether you will surrender or not.

Understand that other situations like this have happened in the past and you have crossed the wave. This time it will be no different. The main focus has already been neutralized by our fleets and allies on Earth. There are the extensions that were fueled by the growing fear, but we hope that it will be completely neutralized in a short time. That is why we have always warned of the need to remain in harmony and peace, trusting a flow, trusting that there is a force invisible to your eyes, but sensitive to your heart that coordinates all operations on Earth, in order to drive them back to their maximum innate potential.

I know that many of you want to know about the precautions to be taken, when there is a lot of information spreading, and a lot of contradictions. I leave you basic instructions, dear ones, as you go through yet another wave:

Do not feed the fear in yourself or share the despair. Turn off your TV and listen to your hearts.

Eat well and drink plenty of water, continuing with your physical exercises for your well-being.

Avoid being in the middle of discussions that raise questions and promote more insecurity and fear. Be the transmitters of peace, trust and well-being.

Be in meditation whenever possible.

If the region where you are is quarantined, take the time in solitude to get inside and, again, no panic. Everything is under control.

Have the most necessary food for a few days in your pantry, just in case there is any disharmony in the distributions in your region, not least because you cannot control whether any distributor will be affected or not.

Have some physical cash reserves in hand, in case the distributor banks in your area enter into temporary closings and you need these resources for something essential.

Also have a reserve of drinking water, if your distributor also enters the flow of interruption of distribution.

Understand, dear ones, that these recommendations are not meant to cause more chaos, fear and desperate rush to supermarkets, but it is just a message to calm your minds that I know, well I know that you would only be calmer when I delivered this message. So, in this way, follow these instructions in harmony, without chaos and despair, because I assure you that everything is under control and I emphasize that I give these guidelines only to calm your minds and you may have peace because I also know that many of you have already been “infected” by the sensationalist news. So, my instructions will calm your minds.

And to close this point, to let it be clear that IT IS ONLY A PRECAUTION to reassure your minds, because the region you are in may not have any disharmony in this sense, but, if there are, your minds will be and stay calmer.

This is another challenge for you, to be well and at peace. Its time to prove to yourself your ability to achieve inner harmony even when the world seems to be ending for you. When the dust settles, many of you will say: Ashtar said to follow the guidelines and I did not see anything scary happening… And I will say: is it? I just did what you asked me to do… (Ashtar is smiling).

This is the information you asked me to deliver to you, so that there is greater tranquility in your minds and hearts. I also hasten to say that we will not land our ships overnight to resolve this situation directly in your physicality when we have our own representatives on Earth – YOU – who can, through your potential for Love, neutralize any negative action and dramatically increase the potential of your Immune System. I say this because I hear many people calling me and all of us from space… “Why don’t you come down and save us!?” Dear ones, we trust you as you trust us…

We also say that increasing your love vibration through good deeds, faith, trust, generosity, and respect for the Physical Laws of this planet Earth guarantees the dissolution of nanochips that will be implanted, in some way, in your bodies.

We are also working to counteract the harmful effects of 5G technology. The Pleiadians and their fleets together with ours from the Ashtar Command are working with Quantum Reversing Systems that work by neutralizing the waves and inverting the primary intention  (from the Negative Ones) behind this technology. Those who consider themselves our enemies believe in power against us, using the Reverse Anomaly Grid created through the waves of this technology, but ignore and belittle the fact that another High Positive Vibration Grid is being created and will be radiating around the world neutralizing, completely, their actions and preventing any obstruction to our approach. Elon Musk, our ally on the Positive Line of the SSP (Secret Space Program), is increasing his approach against the Artificial Intelligence and dramatically decreasing its effects, while also preparing massive disclosures about life on Mars and all active programs throughout the System Solar. Neva, which has been physically active in Brazil and spread across the planet to all our other allies, is also creating a Crystalline Grid around the system, which has been working to minimize and completely neutralize the threats being posed by the Artificial Intelligence.

Dear ones, before concluding my message today, know that, in one way or another, you may suffer some attempt to retaliate for your good deeds. The triggering of this virus is, in a way, one of those retaliations that, thanks to all our intensive efforts – of you in the physical and ours in space – we are reversing the situation in your favor. Another point is that some agents of those who claim to be our enemies are also trying to induce, through wave technology, negative and slanderous thoughts, causing, in many cases, important allies to go out of their way and start seeing the Original Protocol as something wrong or a threat. In the past, in the early 90s, those who claim to be our enemies tried against us with this exact same program.

Beloved ones, the full disclosure of our presence is not delayed and those who claim to be our enemies and defenders of humanity against “an extraterrestrial threat” can continue with their attempts to ignore the Highest Truths, as they will continue to fail and will be, one by one, removed from positions of power. I, Ashtar, give you my word, for if they resist more to the changes and continue with attempts to block the complete liberation of this planet, I personally, in Love and Truth, will get them out of the way.

Our Galactic Confederation Fleets have taken complete and absolute control of all communications satellites in Geostationary Orbit and Communications Satellites in Molniya Orbit. With the support of our many allies on Earth, like Elon Musk, we are redesigning these points and reharmonizing the transmitting waves, a fact that will also facilitate our communications with you in a physical environment, both with our channelers and through technological means. We can take over the satellite transmission, but we will only do it when is appropriate. After certain events, we will have total freedom given by the Creator/Source to transmit our messages also through these means, using these satellites for TV transmissions, similar to this one of our friend Vrillon:

Alien Vrillon Interruption 1977

You are in an era of freedom, healing and upliftment and you have my personal support in whatever you need. My presence through Neva, in the second half of this year, for direct transmission is confirmed by me and I will continue to transmit. I also give you my word.

And so it is.


Your brother,



~ Channeled By Gabriel/Neva

~ Ashtar – Corona Vírus, Lei Física, Precauções, Tecnologia 5G, Controle dos Satélites pela Federação e mais:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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