Mass Meditation during the Transit of Pluto

Mass Meditation
4th/5th April
As Pluto Crosses it’s Own Node

Dear hearts 💕,

A Mass Meditation has been put out for April 4th & 5th, Many souls are asking what does this mean.

Dear hearts, this meditation on the 4th & 5th April will enable a Transformation phase where we can secure the Fixed Highest Timeline through Pluto crossing its own Node.

This is a Transformation that is Divinely Aligned because it is connected to the Galactic Central Creation Codes, through the outer planetary nodes shifting 1 degree every 72 years.

As Pluto is in the outer planetary system, putting the collective on the highest planetary ascension trajectory, it’s the potential pinnacle of “The Event”, the collective light-bulb moment/metaphysical Light Flash, that settles the most benevolent, harmonious pathway in place.

We add here that from our perspective, this event is already in motion, translating as a process in this linear time-frame experience, building toward culmination for the event.

We’re not waiting for it, we’re IN it, pro-actively, knowing the Universal Love vibration we together anchor and radiate in the Earth plane is constantly ‘magnetizing’ this potential culmination event. Into/as the most beneficial possible pathway for this planet and collective life.

So this Pluto crossing is a big deal on the 4th – 5th April.

To fully secure the higher timeline, to put the timeline in place.

For those who feel called to participate, this will push forward a follow flow off the back of the equinox energies, which opens a strong anchor-moment for the high ascension pathway through Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, with Pluto crossing its own node on the 5th (which will ‘chime’ the galactic creation codes into the Earth’s field).

Let’s do this wonderful family, let’s come together, let’s meditate in the comfort of your own time, in the comfort of your own home on the fourth and fifth of April.

The forth/fifth of April is a Turning point.

Let’s look at the numerology of this day:

It is the

4th Day

Of the

4th Month

Of the

4th Year

2020 = 4

As you drop the 0’s, it equals 4.

This Creates 444 Energy Code’s with Pluto crossing its own Node.

Natal Pluto signifies the core focus of emotional/psychological security within the Collective.

And the outer planetary aspects and nodes resonate in the collective unconscious.

And because the transmission coming from Pluto has been rebirthed, anchoring angelic Andromedan energies now.

It is sending vibrations to the collective, of how to transform in Peace.

So on April 4th there’s a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto.

As Jupiter embraces the energies and brings them into the collective field.

Then the next day Pluto conjuncts its own node, which is very rare, because its orbit is so slow.

And when we look at the south node of Pluto, it represents the history of what the collective experience has compulsively gravitated towards to gratify a deep, often unconscious need for security.

And the north node of Pluto represents the greatest possible psychological transformation for the collective.

This is what we see happening now.

So do your meditations focusing on the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto with the 444’s Energy.

And see this energy birthing a 9 month period from the equinox to December solstice.

As there are two such moments during 2020, at a significant time during the lead-in to the Solstice on December 21st, when there will be a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius 0 degrees (and our beloved Star Family are calling this the AO ~ Alpha-Omega Gateway).

So beloved ones, just see/feel the sacred geometry inflow.

As on November 3rd and 29th, Saturn, followed by Jupiter, form a 72-degree angle to the Moon’s north node.

To put this in perspective, these are the only two biquintile aspects (72-degree angles) to the True Node all year, and they happen to be the two planets that conjunct on the Solstice, in the Gateway of the Shift of Ages.

We will be joining in with all meditations around the planet on the fourth and fifth of April.

Let’s do this 🙏🏽🌸🙏🏽💕♥️♥️💕

Sending blessings of love & light to all❣️

Written in Loving intentions of Full Transparency.

By Ria Aurora & Ash’Tar Ka’ree and our star sister Joanna Fay


~ March 23, 2020 – Mass Meditation on April 4th/5th:

~ Jupiter Conjunct Pluto April 4, 2020:

Ria Aurora

Galactic Warrior of Light

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