Message from Commander Hatonn – “Information, Nesara, Discernment, Transition”

Comandante Hatonn

It is the era of information. It is the era of reflection. It is time for you to discover yourself, your own truths. In many cases, you may not like what you find inside yourselves.

We are here to inspire you with this truth, to inspire you with the importance of you recognizing yourselves and you seeing your weaknesses, your fears, taking the reins of your own lives by confronting yourselves many times over. You need to be centered in your hearts knowing what you want. A house that is built on the sand of the sea without foundations, it does not sustain itself when the first wave comes. A house that is built amidst stones, well-founded, it sustains itself. You need to be well sustained in yourself so that, when a lot of information comes to you, information that maybe comes, in some cases, in disagreement with that inner truth that makes you good, that makes you happy, that brings you peace. And may you not fall into discouragement, sadness, and anger, but also be aware that if you hold, even if forcedly, a truth to camouflage certain things that need healing, you will come into shock.

When we come with our fleets and convey a universal truth that is beyond any paradigm ever built on Earth, that is beyond even the most sublime truth you believe while on Earth, for what we have to say is far greater than anything you have ever heard. You have heard about NESARA, what it will do and the changes it will bring. NESARA is a continuator, an important continuator of this process of change and transformation that will come as a planetary, not as an individual aid. No one will lay hands on resources so well guarded and secured by the great fraternities that bless the Earth in the regency of Count Saint Germain, Kuan Yin, and the Great Positive Dragons of this planet. The resources that will arrive will help those most in need and will have the coordination of humble and simple minds, not greedy, not proud, not vain, not overbearing, not dangerous. There will be no drawings to see who deserves more or who deserves less, there will be no loved ones, no better ones, no chosen ones for good behavior. I speak this using your language on earth, but those souls who have been prepared for these transmissions for millennia will understand. We have already warned our beloved transmitter, this energy codenamed Neva, that these resources will be in the hands of those more balanced, and that those who have any intention of getting their hands on for their own purposes will not be authorized. If you have incurred debts, honor your debts. If resources have been taken from you unfairly, with abusive interest or any other form of illegal theft, you will be satiated and compensated on all levels. But first, your minds need to be calm and free of these worries, because we are not your bankers, we are not your financial managers, we are not your advisors, we are not your investors. We are your brothers and sisters acting from space and collaborating with this Planetary Liberation Process and we see you as our partners in this endeavor.

As your earth goes through a great process of cleansing and purification through this viral calamity, you have the opportunity to rise again on your own with yourself. And alone within yourself, and even if you are in the presence of your closest family and friends in necessary seclusion, you are having the opportunity for reflection and alignment for the future. Transformations may arrive, changes at all levels that will affect all your areas, all cultures from science, politics, and religion. Understand that our presence is not and never has been to prevent you from living your way. Our presence is and always has been to deliver to you what you yourselves asked for before you incarnated, from the very first moments: to deliver the memory of your cosmic history, to deliver the information that can lead you to a more harmonious and happy life.

As our representatives in the Physical Plane of the Earth, we are grateful for your loving support, even though in many cases you have to support yourselves in the midst of so much pain and calamity. Know that all of this will be rewarded by the very vibration that you have emitted into your future to coexist in an environment of peace, harmony, honesty, health, and bliss.

Communications platforms are being installed all over your planet, from the highest, medium, and lowest orbit, when representatives of our fleets will begin to transmit more signals decoded into intuitions for your next days, months and years, which will lead you to continue entering the much desired New Age.

After the present calamity, you will be more united as a race and ready for new steps. The care you are taking with each other is a small sample of your ever innate sense of unity, but one that has been put to sleep by the upheavals inherent in this dimensional reality and turbulence.

I am Hatonn, representative of Intergalactic Communications with the Earth’s Physical Plane in its purity and crystalline transmission from our Main Station.

In the presence of other companions, we salute you!

Commander Hatonn.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ March 26, 2020 – Mensagem do Comandante Hatonn – “Informação, Nesara, Discernimento, Transição”:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Jaime

    So there’s a battle between dark forces and light forces. And earth center of Galactic attention. But there are other earth like planets in the universe Right.? Knowing what and who we are as beings in this planet. Many generations until our sun ends. If it is said that without darkness there is no light.? Can there be good with out greed and evil.?

  2. Leah LaChapelle

    Thank you. We’re doing Our best…!

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