The Great Awakening

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to recognize the program you’ve been blinded by and how to break free from the matrix so you can ascend easily. There’s more going on during these times than you might think and many are referring to this as “The Great Awakening”. This is because we are growing, expanding and awakening to the TRUTH! And through that, we are able to free ourselves and tap into the reality of the New Earth!

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Love does not judge

At the moment I still see a lot of negative posts and comments regarding involutive forces. Whatever these men and women (and involutive beings) can do, we must not fuel hatred, anger, and negative energies. It is not a demon hunt.

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Shamanic Death or The Dark Night of the Soul

During this phase, know that you will be more vulnerable than normal. This moment of reconnection with your soul is certainly the moment that your soul has been "waiting" since your birth - but also that the forces opposed to light and information have everything done to prevent this since your birth.

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Decree of Forgiveness

Perhaps the most difficult part of the Ascension Process is to understand the meaning of Forgiveness. We all would like to point fingers, scream out loud about our pains and suffering, demand justice, request that the “bad ones” must be eliminated and removed right now, and so on and so for.

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The Event, Starseeds and the Ascension Process

This article is a compilation of important information about The Event, Starseeds and the Ascension Process that is underway. As we already mentioned in our "Surfing the Ascension Waves" article, Ascension is an Individual Process and it would, according to the book "The Crystal Stair: A Guide to the Ascension", happen in waves. There is nothing that can actually prevent you to Ascend.

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