Why the need for Mass Meditations?

Dear Brothers & Sisters 🌸♥️💕

Many wonderful Souls are asking what is the agenda behind Mass Meditations.

Well, my wonderful sweethearts, from my inner heart prospective❣️

When I look at mass meditations, I see them as a magnificent attribution to assist with anchoring a high heart vibration and alignment with the higher dimensional Earth.

As Gaia needs our Conduit Power of Divine Love as Anchor Points.

Looking with a higher perspective, outside that of polarization and duality, and focusing on anchoring divine grace into the Heart of Gaia with loving integration. We, as Co-Creators, must always flow within the harmonic balance of unified union with Gaia & Self.

With every thought, action, and manifestation, being that of Divine Loving Service.

When I have been guided to put together calls for Mass meditations, I see all the Light-Workers, hand in hand, one by one, like a magnificent chain. Every chain is a link, and each link can’t be broken.

I Focus only on Planetary Alignments and Creation Nodes to work with, looking at the sacred geometry and the numerology around the alignments that flow on these special gateways.

As we are moving into the New Age of Gaia, we as a collective are transitioning into sharing, cooperation, love and compassion, a remembrance of Inner Divinity that begins in each of us.

In Union, Together, not in separation or for personal agendas.

As we are different, each one holds a unique viewing point as a spark of Source essence, and what is termed the “Ascension” or Shift from third dimensional to Conscious, Multi-Dimensional realization arises from centering ourselves in Unconditional Love in every moment.

One must focus on love beyond possession, limitations, dramas, separation, and stretched polarities of light/dark, good or bad.

So my beloveds, I cannot speak for the intentions of “Other Souls” who put together calls for Mass Meditations, and what their agendas and intentions are behind.

As I do not get into judgment or casting swine on another Soul.

All I do is speak for myself, in regards to when I put together calls for Mass Meditations, that they are purely coming from my inner heart, inner guidance, and expressing full transparency in the understanding of Planetary Alignments and Numerology on specific nodes.

And, if we can all focus on such events together, hand in hand with loving intent and divine grace at our “own time” – “in our own space”.

As, dear ones, to put a time on something, to express that you are living in pure Zero-Point. As we all know, there is no time in Zero-Point, in the central Inner-Heart 💓

So the meditations I put together are being guided by Love and Transparency.

And all I simply say is, when you come across a Mass Meditation online or you read about it, simply go into your inner heart whenever you feel guided to, fell the vibration of the intention and if it doesn’t resonate with you, then it wasn’t meant to resonate. And if it does Resonate, then on this particular day that is being suggested for the Mass Meditation, know that it doesn’t have to be at a specific time, settled on stone. It is simply at your own pace, in your own comfort, and anchored in divine grace.

As we can create miracles on these timelines working together with loving heart-based intentions.

Also when looking at the Cosmic Laws, we as Light-Workers must not attempt to go against something. Or try to stop something on its tracks, as that goes against the Law of Attraction, and with this, it could bring a Negative Polarity of cause and effect. A boomerang effect if you will.

So as Divine Souls we need to Be & Flow Divine Grace through the planetary alignments on these exceptional gateways.

And remember dear hearts, we are Souls that come to Gaia to Lead by Example, to offer Solutions of Unification and Love, not to control an outcome, not to get mixed up in duality, but to work together harmoniously as One-Cohesive-Whole.

All our Peace, Love and Divine Grace to all of you.

Ria Aurora & Ash’Tar Ka’ree


~ April 3, 2020 – Why the need for Mass Meditations?

Ria Aurora

Galactic Warrior of Light

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