Massive Fleets of Interstellar Galactic Ships

The pictures were taken by me, they are from the NASA-ISS Live Stream, which is orbiting close to the Earth’s atmosphere. These pictures are from Thursday, April 11th.

Because the ISS station orbits the Earth once every 90 minutes, it experiences sunrise and sunset around every 45 minutes. As it orbits Planet Earth. And when the station was in darkness on Thursday, I was able to snapshot some pictures from my iPhone device.

Of these massive Interstellar Fleets of spaceships almost clumped together, orbiting a stationary path – in the proximity of each other. Some more at a distance are away from the others, and some are clumped together in the same orbit, emanating beautiful vibrations and beautiful colors.

And when I feel into the vibration of the pictures below, one of the massive interstellar objects is a beautiful Green Color, that reminds me of the Oumuamua in its shape and size, but not in color.

As the Oumuamua, it was the only interstellar object that scientists believe ever to be seen in our Solar System.

However, we now have these huge and massive Interstellar Fleets of space ships orbiting our Earth and around our Moon.

I’ve been studying the ISS for some time now – I am a little obsessed lol 😂.

So I can certainly spot the difference between landmass city lights below on the earth when the ISS is in its orbit. And tap into the vibration of an interstellar object of Star family Ships passing by. I can clearly see the two are not one.

Even the untrained eye can see the complete difference between the latter, between city lights below and a massive interstellar object in the proximity to each other.

Also when looking closely at the massive motherships and interstellar objects you can clearly make out faces and smaller ships surrounding the big mother ships.

Also, today what popped into my YouTube feed was a video by the Third Phase of Moon YouTube Channel. The channel has captured another interstellar object on the ISS feed which looks very much like the same objects that I captured.

TODAY! NASA Cut The Live Feed Just When This Happened

I’m going to tag them into this Facebook message as I believe we are witnessing the same Interstellar Star Family objects. I am inclined to say it is not the “Black Knight” satellite as the black knight is not operational anymore, it is dormant satellite. But what the Third Phase of the Moon channel captured holds a unique heat signature which means it’s very much organic and very much alive, and it is not dormant like the Black Knight.

So tapping into the vibration of what they captured, I can say that it is a Space Station that holds benign energy and it is our Star Family. So I hope you all can enjoy the pictures, you may share them.

Sending to everybody Unconditional Love and blessings 🌸🌸💯🌸🌸

Love from Ria Aurora & Ash’Tar Ka’Ree❣️

~ April 19, 2020 – Massive Fleets of Interstellar Galactic Ships:

Ria Aurora

Galactic Warrior of Light

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