The Event, Starseeds and the Ascension Process

This article is a compilation of important information about The Event, Starseeds and the Ascension Process that is underway. As we already mentioned in our “Surfing the Ascension Waves” article, Ascension is an Individual Process and it would, according to the book “The Crystal Stair: A Guide to the Ascension“, happen in waves. There is nothing that can actually prevent you to Ascend.

We hope that this information would help you to clarify some of your questions and motivate you to work on yourself, to look within and to allow yourself to accept, recognize, forgive, heal and liberate everything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

~ Universal Forces

The Event

The Event” involves a quantum shift of consciousness that will affect all of us in profound ways we can only now imagine. If you have already read and heard about The Event, let this be a summary and reminder for you. If not, it can serve as an overview for you to begin more research on your own.

Being aware of The Event will prepare us to understand what is occurring when it happens, and it will also help us to benefit from it as much as possible. We will also be in a better position to assist others who may be confused and even frightened when it occurs.

1. What is The Event?

It’s a set of internal and external manifestations that will culminate with the great solar flash, the Ascension of Humanity, Planet Earth, and all beings involved, and the Solar System to the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is a state of mind, consciousness, and love, where beings feel connected and united with absolutely Everything That Exists.

2. How does it internally manifest, and what sensations may provoke?

It manifests through raising the mind, awareness, and openness to unconditional love, as well as the vibrational lifting of the physical body. Sensations may be diverse, but in general, some people may feel dizzy, floating, or elsewhere, pains and/or tingles unexplained for traditional medicine, changes of RNA and DNA undetectable to traditional medicine. Other people may also see people (family or close friends) who have already departed from the physical plane (the so-called ghosts), glimpses of light entities, sense of synchronicity with the surrounding, increased 7 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, intuition, and empathy), alienation of old habits, relationships, or places (considered toxic or exhausting) because one no longer feels comfortable with them.

3. How does it externally manifests, and what sensations may provoke?

Generally speaking, the entire Solar System and its inhabitants (both on Planet Earth and beyond) receive plasma energy waves coming directly from our Sun that affects the subatomic particles of absolutely everything that exists (obviously it will affect our entire molecular structure and hence RNA and DNA). Once our mind creates reality, this one will depend on the patterns each one is working at each moment (whether consciously or unconsciously), and what each one feels. This is why some (negative) people look at what is happening in the world, and are afraid, and think the world will end; other (positive) people can see that to build the new, the old must be destroyed, and they feel more peace and liberation. At the same time as these solar waves (solar flashes) occur, profound restructures of the society are taking place in order to free society from the slavery of the Babylonian monetary system. Collaborative structures are being created, hidden truths are being revealed, technologies 100 years more advanced than those that are available to our society are being released, and we are being prepared for direct contact with the Galactic Federation (GF) and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW).

4. How will we know that the big solar flash is occurring?

When an aurora borealis appears throughout the entire Earth’s atmosphere, it’s the sign that The Event is occurring. At this time, the liberation of humankind will take place, and our sisters and brothers, from the Galactic Federation, will present themselves to all humankind to help us building the New Age society.

5. What’s our Sun’s role in all of this?

As it is known in astronomy, and general physics, all celestial bodies, solar systems, and galaxies move in space. What many do not know, at the metaphysical/spiritual level, is that the whole multiverse is a Consciousness (which we might call the Source of All That Is), which in turn has been subdivided into “micro-consciousnesses”, where some were assigned to universes, galaxies, solar systems, celestial bodies and beings (humans, non-humans, animals, plants and minerals).

The Source of All That Is (Creator Source, God/Goddess, Great Spirit, among other names) projects its Consciousness to all Universes through the Central Suns (interdimensional portals) of each of these. In turn, the Central Sun of each universe projects the Source’s energy to all the Central Suns of its galaxies. The central sun of each galaxy (which in the case of the Milky Way is the star of Sirius) projects the Source’s energy into its solar systems. The Sun of each solar system projects the Source’s energy to all celestial bodies and beings within them.

Our sun is an interdimensional portal, and is not gaseous. Our sun is electric!

6. What’s our role in all of this?

We above all, are solely responsible for our liberation, evolution from the planet and the entire solar system, as it is the elevation of our mind, consciousness, and unconditional love that will literally create the world we want to see around us. So there is no one in this world that is not important, everyone counts! And so it is!

7. The event is already in cruise mode!

The Light Forces have taken over telecommunications and have been doing general cleaning on all satellites, servers and telecommunications lines, removing wiretaps, quantum black servers, and space holography. For this operation to be successful, it will most likely be necessary to have 3 days without internet and telephone (only emergency lines will be maintained), to allow a successful reset. I guess many of you (like me) are already having frequent network problems on mobile phones and the internet… Don’t be afraid if that happens! The fact that we have retreated at home is allowing the authorities to carry out mass detention of the Black Cabal. In the following link, you may see part of the transmission (made live at 30-03-2020), where David Wilcock speaks specifically about this subject.
URGENT MESSAGE from David Wilcock Internet & mobile network shutdown for 3 days

8. But what do ETs have to do with this?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the ETs that will soon present themselves to Earth publicly are positive! So there is no need to fear them, Hollywood has already taken charge of making too many sensationalist movies, sending the message that everything that comes from space is an invader force! 😉 Negative ETs have long-lived on this planet (even before Homo Sapiens). These are being withdrawn from our planet and their terrestrial allies are being arrested. For millions of years, human beings have been the target of genetic experiments, manipulation, and control by negative beings from other parts of the galaxy, as well as the universe. But many dark deals were also made with dark human beings, giving them extremely advanced technologies, money and high positions in society. Positive ETs have been deactivating missiles and nuclear bases (from any country), using their advanced technology in order to, together with positive humans, manage to fight against negative beings, free society from the slavery of money and the schemes of the Black Cabal, among other good things. What matters, at the present moment, is that this battle for the liberation of planet Earth and humanity is finally coming to an end. Positive ETs are also here to help human beings develop their spirituality, the ability to love and prepare for their own ascension into 5D.

NOTE: To give you an idea of ​​the help we’ve been receiving from space, I invite you to watch the video at the end of this article. Gina Hill (linked to NASA’s Integrated Space Weather Analysis website) demonstrates what appears to be an authentic battle waged around our Sun. At the core of the sun is a Stargate and that is where interdimensional spaceships enter and leave 🙂

March 26, 2020 – There are so MANY ships!

9. We are at the dawn of the Event

Don’t forget that The Event is a sequence of events that will culminate with the great event that is The Great Solar Flash. The Primary Source (the Divine Source of All That Is) is working on the field and if the Negative Beings think they can do something against God/Goddess, think again. In their ego, they think they can… Well, that’s what happens when the connection with the essence has been lost for eons.

What is asked to the Humankind is that you follow your inner guidance, follow your heart.

You might ask, but if the Primary Source is aware of everything, why doesn’t it solve everything like that, with a snap of fingers? Because no one, absolutely no one (not even the Source itself) is above the free-will that was decreed as 1st LAW ABOVE ALL.

Humans are the key-points of all of this. This is a test of our ability to unite and to elevate humankind and help the planet. This is the main mission that was chosen, mainly from the vast amount of Starseeds on Earth. And I want to remind you that free-will is not that of the ego, but that of the Higher Self. The ego has only free-will from the moment it is aligned with its Higher Self, that is, when it is able to follow the guidance of its heart and show Love, Compassion, Acceptance, Faith and Surrender/Letting it go. And if the Source is intervening, it was by the decision of the Higher Selves who are ONE with ALL THAT IS!

The Event” will take place (there is a deadline that is only known by the Primary Source) and absolutely nobody (human, non-human, organic, artificial, etc.) can prevent it. The way it will take place and its “speed” depends a lot on what humankind will be able to do in the mass meditation that is being requested for the 4th and 5th of April. The more we join in Love, the smoother the transition to 5D will be.

Preparations for The Event

As we get closer to the Event, behind the scenes the proper preparations are already being made…

And you, are you preparing yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? The Event is internal/external, is integrative!

1. Public communication of Unidentified Flying Objects

Although the news has already appeared on the website of RTP (the main Portuguese channel) in 18-12-2017, Only on 23-04-2019 (marked in green in the image) the US Navy resolved the stigma surrounding this issue, and encouraged their military personnel (who are unaware of the secret space programs) to speak openly about their encounters with the UFOs.

Note 1: It must be remembered that there are space-ships from secret space programs from the US, Russia, China, Germany, etc. (which work together in the dark forces), as well as spaceships of extraterrestrial origin. For example, in this mini-series, as well as in other former military reports (in other documentaries), UFOs are always said to be around nuclear facilities and equipment. By the way, some of these UFOs are most likely from the SURFACOM and/or Ashtar Command who have been deactivating all nuclear equipment in countries with this type of arsenal.

Note 2: It’s well known that nuclear power is extremely harmful to this planet and all that lives on it; what many do not know is that it affects the energy web of the multiverse in its multiple dimensions. For example, I remember reading in a publication of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (I don’t remember the name, it was a few years ago) that this energy affects the astral dimension, destroying and liquefying peri-spirits of discarnate beings. Of course, all of this is already known by the galactic fleets, and so they’re doing everything to prevent nuclear disasters. After all, we are talking about beings with a consciousness of 5th and 6th dimensions (and certainly higher). ❤

~ Why Are UFOs Shutting Down Our Nuclear Missiles?:

2. Deactivation of the Solar Warden Program

This Secret Space Program (of the Military-Industrial Complex) had been used to control the entrances and exits of spaceships of our solar system, interstellar travel, intergalactic business with extraterrestrials, among other activities (some so obscure that I will not even describe here). Many people thought the program was only North American, but in this article from 23-01-2019, someone from the US Department of Defense confirms that the United Nations was also working on it.

~ Exposing ‘Solar Warden’: The Secret Space Program:

3. Disclosure of new technologies

Who has been following the documentary series Cosmic Disclosure, knows there are healing chambers, ocean cleaning technology, free energy, replicators, etc. These technologies have been reserved only for secret space programs, but after “The Event” they will be liberated to all world.

4. Zero Point Energy

This free energy (obtained by reverse engineering of alien technology) has been used in spaceship engines and other SSP equipment. It’s cold energy and when ships appear on infrared radars, it’s observed that they do not release heat like aircraft known to the public, which uses fossil fuels. Here, you may find the patent on Google released in the U.S.

5. Replicators

This technology uses 3D printing and can be used to create everything from food, clothing, homes, etc. I leave you some links about the replicators available until now:

Note: this technology originally comes from reverse engineering of alien technology (purposely delivered by ETs to the militaries of the SSP).

Finally, I remember that technologies can help us in many areas of life, but the evolution of our consciousness, our mind, our soul, is the greatest technology we can ever have. There are beings so evolved that they have overcome this barrier and can do everything with their mind, given the level of consciousness they have reached: instantaneous interdimensional travel, immortality, healing, total control of matter (this information is also covered in Cosmic Disclosure). And so it is! Feel free to share this information with anyone you want! 😉


1. What is a Starseed?

From my experience, as well as my research made in this area, a Starseed is a Being that has already ascended to the Harmonic Universe 5, and already has a Light Body.

That same Master/Avatar Being, may or may not have had previous incarnations on planet Earth. However, he/she is currently on Earth on a mission to assist Planetary and Human Ascension. But first, he/she must deal with his/her own ascension (or rather, re-ascension) in order to be able to help others (those who want help, of course, free will above all). 😉

2. How to identify a Starseed?

Usually, this is felt in the person’s heart, she/he feels somehow that is not from this planet, as if she/he had never identified herself/himself with existence here, and has strong memories of other existences, and of a much greater cosmic connection. Also, from my own feeling, I have realized that Indigo, Crystals, Rainbow, Golden and Diamonds Beings (there may be other types) are definitely Starseeds. This is because they have already reached different vibrations/colors of the highest spheres and it is these colors that currently reflect in their auras. They can be of various stellar, interstellar, interdimensional, or even cosmic origins (Gods and Goddesses incarnated).

From what I know, Indigos have the indigo color very present in their auras; Crystals have pastel colors; Rainbow have the ability to change the colors of their auras according to the level of mastering of their chakras; the Golden ones have a golden aura, and Diamonds a white aura.

Also, it is possible for a Starseed (depending on its re-ascension process here on Earth) to change frequency, such as, for example, an Indigo changing to Crystal, a Crystal changing to Rainbow, or even Diamond, etc. It depends on the mission and the nature of the spirit. I have already seen in my therapies, for example, a young Indigo who was already making the transition to Cristal and I just helped to finish the process during the therapy; as well as helping a Crystal person to start the transition to Rainbow and its completion.

Each path is very unique and there are no two equal paths, as it is a process of evolution of the personal consciousness, in the Universal Love.

3. I am a Starseed, what now?

If you identify with some of the aspects mentioned above, but you are not yet making your conscious spiritual path, then feel in your heart if it is time to do so. If you are already making a conscious spiritual path, but you feel that there is something that is missing, or even experiencing blockages in life, then seek multi-dimensional help. Above all, take care of yourself first, of your ascension, so that you can help others and trust your heart’s guidance. You are a Master, never forget that!

4. And what about those that are not Starseeds?

They are beings who have never made an ascension, they have been trapped in the karmic wheel, they do not yet have a Light Body. However, for them, it is also possible now to ascend (if they are determined to do their evolution by the heart) and can receive a Light Body in this incarnation. Of course, everything depends on the spirit’s purpose.

5. Are Starseeds “better” than others?

Of course not! For example, not only an Indigo (because he/she has no 8th chakra) is no less than, for example, a Crystal (which already has the 8th active chakra); neither an Indigo is more than a so-called “normal Being”. Regardless of the spiritual characteristics of each one, each Being has the Mastery of the heart within. The fact that they present themselves in the current incarnations, with different aura characteristics, has only to do with the level of consciousness reached, the mission of the spirit here on Earth and the path taken so far. Nothing is static, all energy transforms itself, never forget it. 😉


1. What is Ascension?

The form construction of the mind has multiple levels that correspond directly to the form construction of the 15-dimensional universe. […] The structure of the mind is interwoven with the greater structures of the Cosmic Unified Field.

Ashayane Deane – “Voyagers I”

Dimensions run in sets of 15 and there are many many many different sets of 15 dimensional matrices that have particular order that form galaxies, universes cosmoses, plural. It is a multi cosmos, not just a multiverse.

Ashayane Deane – “Ascension Mechanics”

Ascension is nothing more than the elevation of the mind, in the consciousness of love, and also of the form, i.e., of the physical body. Thi last one will undergo a transformation in the organization of its matter, that is, its structure will become more crystalline, light and subtle. Both the mind and the physical body will be restructured in terms of PARTIKI particles.

We are present in a Time Matrix, composed of 5 HU – Harmonic Universes, or Triadic Identities. After a certain level, the dimensions no longer include physical bodies (that is, “materialized” energy), but only plasma energy, conscious light, and conscious vibration/sound (the last one already enters the level of the Eternal Spirit). The HUs are overlapping reality fields formed by 5 intertwined densities, generated by each triad of dimensions, that is, each HU is composed of 3-dimensional levels, thus making a total of 15 dimensions. When reading this, some people probably start to think “Hum… if there are several fields of reality, then depending on the level of my mind, this way I will be living a different reality”. That is why in quantum physics and spirituality it is said that our mind creates our reality. That is why people who are evolving in love, gratitude, and acceptance, begin to experience blessed experiences, to be healthier and their lives change for the better. In the same way, people who remain attached to the energy of fear, will live painful experiences, be sick more often, and their lives seem stagnant. And I say they seem, because nothing is ever static, it’s the person’s perspective of life that is stagnant.

But there is good news in all this… It is possible to change our life, by changing the way we see the world (that is, our perspective). And the best way to do it is to start changing the perspective that each one has of himself, to realize that the persona lived here is nothing more than a character in a movie, in which the actor/director of the movie is much more grandiose, it’s his own divine essence/cosmic consciousness. 😉

But let’s go back to our Time Matrix, bellow I present a diagram of it (based on the information in the book “Voyagers I”), to observe at what level the planet Earth is currently.

In the HU4 we have pre-matter beings (liquid light) and in the HU5 we have anti-matter beings, the three primordial eternal flames (Threefold Founder Flame) and, above this, is the Geomancy (above the dimensional limits and out of our time matrix, in an Energy Matrix), where is the conscious vibration/sound of the Eternal Spirit.

So, as we can see, there is still a long way to go and the most important thing, in the very near future, will be to rise to 5D. Gaia, the spiritual consciousness of planet Earth is in its process of ascending to 5D. As I explained earlier, there are several types of consciousnesses and some are assigned to planets.

In order for Gaia to ascend, she also needs to transmute her dense physical body, to a more subtle physical body, from her core, out here. And what does that imply? Tectonic movements, verticalization of the central axis and her remagnetization! Therefore, when we see many natural disasters occurring, it has to do with the very cycle and transformation of the planet itself and not with the influences of the human being (there is clearly a small percentage of responsibility, but not in the way they want us to believe). For more information on this, I advise you to read the book “Deep Truth” by Gregg Braden.

Back to ascension… When Gaia reaches 5D, the 4D of this planet will disappear, as well as everything in there! Therefore, there will be no reincarnations (of the 4D disincarnates) on this planet. If these souls are evolved to go to a 5D, then they can incarnate in the new frequency; if they are not prepared for this, they will be transferred to other 4D (of other 3D planets still evolving). According to information provided by my guides, 4D Beings are already being informed about this process and the appropriate psycho-emotional accompaniments are being carried out. As for beings incarnated on 3D Earth, it is important to take care of the elevation of their minds, in the consciousness of love, so that the Forces of Light can prepare the ascension of their physical bodies for a more subtle matter, in order to be able to live on the future Earth 5D.

Only beings who have evolved into 5D can live in 5D-Earth because the planet cannot sustain Beings with vibration inferior to hers. It’s just impossible!

Evolution is primordial for continuity, and together, whether in meditations/prayers (in love, gratitude, acceptance), we can rise up and help Gaia to make her transition more smoothly. After all, if we clean and heal ourselves, the Collective Soul Matrix will automatically be clean and healed, helping in the planetary process.

2. How does the physical body ascend?

Ascension (both from a planet and a Being) consists of transforming their morphic fields, consciousness, and physical body into frequencies of the physical dimension that is above. In our case, it will be going from 3D to 5D, because 4D is not physical, it’s astral. In our case, we are talking about moving from HU1 to HU2, in our Time Matrix. Whereas the rise of the Earth does not depend directly on us (for this is something that has to do with mechanisms of the cosmic web itself, in charge of the Primary Source and of Gaia’s own consciousness, assisted by Light Teams); the rise of the human being, that depends on his ability to let go of his judgments and criticisms and to be able to increase his vibrational frequency of consciousness and physical body, through love, forgiveness, and surrender. In this technological process of spiritual science, a transmutation of matter occurs that consists of the fusion of the particles of the physical body with its anti-particles (etheric body). The particles of the physical body are accelerated to HU2 frequencies, which allows the incarnate to transform his body into light, passing, under the form of pure energy, through natural portals in the Earth’s core, (The Halls of Amenti), and re-manifest in a less dense physical body in HU2. The ascension process will be done by an interdimensional tube formed by the Halls of Amenti and by the natural portal in the core of our Sun. It will be assisted by the mothership of the IAFW – Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds and the ships of the GA – Guardian Alliance. The IAFW mothership is Lyran-Sirian, it is bigger than our Sun and contains the most advanced technology in our universe. It’s stationary close to Earth (obviously at a different dimensional frequency so it doesn’t affect the planet’s structure).

3. How can mass meditation help in the ascension process?

Codes of the planetary matrix and its inhabitants are printed on each planet, as well as the respective Soul Matrix. By uniting collectively, in love, in a mass meditation, we are contributing not only to elevate our Soul Matrix, but we also help to smooth the process of self-cleaning and self-elevation of Gaia/Earth. After all, if we go against the divine tide, Gaia will have to force the way, more sharply, in order to self-elevate. As I said in previous articles, this is not a process that we can stop! The Society as we know it until now, will cease to exist. And don’t just think about the new technologies that are coming, etc. They are useless if the human being does not ascend to 5D afterward. Only 5D beings can live on the new Earth (Tara). Remember that The Event is integrative!

144 Manifestations of the Higher Self

The information I present here is the result of my own experience as a multidimensional therapist. For what is worth, it helped me to better understand the question of the multiple manifestations of the Higher Self (which is one with the ALL) and the question of presenting various bodies at various dimensional levels. As I have been working on my own physical ascension (process only possible in love), in my visions have been manifested the various bodies that my Higher Self has in various dimensions above, and with totally different functions. Even today, my three-dimensional mind cannot accurately perceive the HIGHER SELF itself, but I know that my heart does and that is enough for me. As to my personality, I only have to rise and surrender to the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS. I hope this information can help you to make your own discoveries in multidimensionality. 🙂

The first time this information appeared to me, it was during a therapy made to a client, and the analogy that was presented to me was that of a pyramid that can go up to 144 manifestations. In the aura reading course, we use to talk about the 144 personalities that we had to heal in us, but I didn’t quite understand what this meant at the time (and I’m not sure if I still understand it today, haha!).

Each spirit, of each person, is on one of the faces (shown in the image as the blue balls) representing the personalities to be worked on by the Higher Self (shown in the image as a yellow ball at the top of the pyramid). We can see the Higher Self as a team leader with its team of “players”. The experiences passed by each life/manifestation of the pyramid, affect the other lives/manifestations. The reports of these experiences go upwards (blue arrows in the image), where they are processed by the Higher Self and then are broadcasted (yellow arrows in the image) to all the lives/manifestations of this pyramid.

Everything happens through the Etheric Blueprint (shown in the image in blue at the top of the pyramid). I realized that this is managed by the Higher Self, it is He who records the memories of pain, or diseases that occur in the physical bodies of the lives of each “player”. Therefore, sometimes we feel pain in our body that is not related to our present life, but to one of those parallel lives; but also healings made to a present life of the pyramid are passed on to other parallel lives. It may happen that one of the lives of this pyramid will end and the Higher Self decides that it is not of the Supreme Good that the experiences are passed to the other “players”. There, what is done is an isolation of that life, i.e., the experiences go to the Higher Self, but there they are healed, released and not broadcasted by the other “players” still “in active mode”. This happened during a therapy to a client who is a lightworker (human) and one of her parallel manifestations, was a Rockefeller (draconian). I saw in the therapy that the isolation of the Rockefeller’s life was being made, in preparation for his death, and only part of his strategic intelligence was being broadcasted to the other lives (including that of my client); the negative/dark part was healed and not broadcasted to the other lives. I know that 6 days after I made the therapy, there was a Rockefeller who died (I don’t remember which one, this was about 4 or 5 years ago).

I know that there are several pyramids and that they are connected with each other, “players” can be removed and placed in other pyramids and even pyramids that are totally disabled. I saw this happen in a therapy I did with a client 2 years ago. What happened was that all the “players” in her Higher Self’s pyramid, including herself, were all relocated to other different pyramids. This happened because that pyramid was totally dense. It is like a server attacked by viruses that had to be disconnected from the network. In short, the “players” were assigned to other Higher Selves and I do not know what happened to the Higher Self of the disabled pyramid. This is a process that was never explained to me by the guides, as I believe it is beyond the understanding of my 3D mind. It is here that we see that it is not worthwhile to point the finger at anyone because we are pointing the finger literally at ourselves. 😉

These parallel lives can occur as humans and non-humans, on different planets, galaxies, universes, in the same “linear time” as ours (present, past, or future), or not. It is necessary to understand that at a higher level, at the level of the consciousness of ALL, there is no space-time, it is the Eternal Now, the Zero Point. In reality, time only exists in our head because we retain memory; if with every second that passed, we didn’t remember the second before, how could we talk about the past? That would not exist! That is why people who have had post-mortem experiences claim to have seen everything from a 360 degree perspective, their past, present and future.

When the life of a “player” ends (personality resolved), the pyramid passes to 143 faces, and so on, until it is reduced to a tube (a kind of “dedicated line”) connected to the Higher Self. In my case, I stopped having a pyramid maybe 2 years ago and I started to have a “dedicated” tube (this was seen by a friend who makes me therapies). Recently, I started to have the perception of other bodies of mine, in other higher dimensions and I thought to myself “But if I had already reached that dedicated tube, what does it mean to have these other bodies?” And here comes what my guides call VE – Vertical Evolution and HE – Horizontal Evolution. While at HE the various personalities of my Higher Self were being worked on; in the VE, as I ascend in dimensions, my Higher Self will begin to collect its various bodies. These are called “Incarnations within Incarnations” and they will be collected as I move forward in my ascension. Again I say, this is a process that my 3D mind still cannot understand, but that my heart knows, because it is wise (like the heart of all of you)! 🙂

Ascension is Individual and Internal

The ascension is an individual process specific to each Being. Collectively we can co-create the new Earth we want to go to, just before the Final Event of the Great Solar Flash (when the Earth will be completely evacuated), but the ascension process is unique to each Being. Each Being has its own connection with the Divine Source, and Soul Matrix, and it is only through its own evolution (through love, forgiveness, healing) that it can ascend. When the time comes, the access portals to higher dimensions (5D and above) will be available. But “the access stairs” are unique to each Being and the “key to open the door at the top of the stairs” is within the heart. Each Being will be presented with a portal when ready and only he/she can decide to pass it. The ascension implies a teleportation process by Stargate (assisted by beings from the highest spheres and by the spiritual guides of each Being) where the physical body does not die. Although the Being is alone making its passage, after this, the teams/guides will rearrange the particles of the same, depending on the degree of mastery reached by the Being. For example, if you go to 5D, your body will be reconfigured to a less dense physical form than 3D; if you go to a 12D, your body will be reconfigured to a pre-matter liquid Christic light state (light body); if you have reached a higher level, you will turn into an eternal conscious light (Yana), or even conscious vibration (Yunasai, Goddess/God state).

I remind you that a Starseed is a Being that has ascended in the past and already has a Body of Light and, for this, it will be a reascension!

The Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, as well as the entire Universe, is in an Ascension Process (in fact, the entire Cosmos!). Thus it was decreed by the Primary Source and therefore it is managed by the Consciousness of the ALL (which is our own Supraconsciousness). I can say (from my own multidimensional experience) that the upper dimensions of the ancient Shadow Universe no longer exist, they have been absorbed by the Great Cosmic Mother. Only 4D and below still exist, and as the universes ascend, the remaining dimensions of the Shadow Universe will be absorbed by the Mother Goddess. It is an irreversible process! The order is to ascend! For now, humanity’s immediate concern is its own ascension, since the Earth will, in the near future, go through the restructuring process.

But what happens to the Being who does not choose to ascend? The physical body of the Being will die and its soul will be transported to a 4D of another planet in ascension, according to its stellar origin. The Earth will no longer have 4D (terrestrial astral plane).

Understand that beings of dimensions greater than 3D cannot overcome the process of ascension, which is internal. Not only positives cannot save anyone as many people think; but neither negatives cannot impede the process of each Being’s choice (They have no power to do so! We only give them power when we remain in the energy of fear, revolt, revenge and all other negative emotions!). They (the positives) are here to help us with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, as well as cleaning the environment, removing negative technologies, etc. They cannot liberate us, since liberation is internal and not external. Don’t wait for a financial reset, or liberation from the domain of Black Cabal, to work on your healing and ascension. DO IT RIGHT NOW! Disconnect yourself from the accusations (either to one side or the other) that you see on the internet or the media. We are all connected, with each other, through soul fractals that have intertwined. Hence the 144 manifestations of the Higher Sel. All are connected karmically: human, draconian, pleiadian, lyrian, sirian, reptilian and so on (whether positive and/or negative). Disconnect yourself from the outside and connect to the inside, resolve your negativity, your fears, your traumas. Seek healing and ascension, for the world, we will never be the same again. We can say that “Muhammad must go to the mountain, because the mountain will not come to Muhammad”Believe that the Event has already started, this is just one of the phases and more phases will come.

Seek Goddess/God, Love and Peace within you, for it is not outside that you will find them.

~ Anabela and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds

PS: for anyone who wants to work on their healing and ascension, you can DOWNLOAD HERE the book “The Crystal Stair – A Guide to Ascension” by Eric Klein. The digitalization does not include the preface and introduction. You can download them HERE.


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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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    Please keep me informed!!

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  2. Vincent Berggren Flink

    I read it at all Ukeron. I am going to subscribe to your newsletter. “ Ukeron
    is the power of rehabilitation and transformation of those that have lost of themselves . “

  3. Pablo

    I follow the freedom teachings of Ashayana and the Emerald Covenant guardian razes. I read some of the content of this site for the first time and I feel like I vibrate in the same way. I’d like to know if anyone knows about the current situation regarding Phantom Earth and our Planet. Is the shift happening in November 2023? I heard this information on the web.

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