The Event as Dimensional Fold

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This picture was taken by me at Castlerigg Ancient Stone Circle, See the dimensional fold in the picture of two realms or dimensions folding in on each other.

Not a timeline split!

No… It’s a Dimensional Fold!

There is a lot of misdirection on this conception around the timeline split. We need to define the intricate Event through a quantum entanglement understanding. Because The Event is a multidimensional & multi-layered event, vibrations and variables, and many many potentials.

One of the multilayered understanding is, we need to look at the axial precession of the Earth. We call the Precessional movement of Earth. Because our Earth rotates once a day around its rotational axis, this rotational axis itself rotates really slowly. And the rotational axis actually completes a full rotation, that one can refer to, as the gradual shift in the orientation of the Earth’s axis, bringing a full rotation cycle to go full circle at a variable number of 25,772 years.

Here we see the 25/26 thousand-year cycle of the planet in its Rotation cycle. Its all intricately divinely timed. Then we need to look at another variable of The Event taking place, which is a facet overlapping the rotational axis of the Planet.

Let’s start with the other multilayered facet of The Event. Regarding the conjunction or convergence or Meta Fold (dimensional fold) that is the fabric of reality itself. In the moment of The NOW. We flow through a convergence, a cosmic merge – Layers of Parallel Realms, Dimensions or Density & Fluidic Timelines. Flowing through a Dimensional Fold. Simultaneously, all at the same moment. Aligning in pure Zero Point. Stacking up on each other and merging.

The Conjunction of the Spheres or Parallel Realms/Dimensions/Density’s “for better words“ is a Fold of The Fabric of Reality itself. Whenever a dimension is folding, it must be folded between the Dimension above, folding in – on each other, not ripping in half. Nothing rips in half or splits.

All that happens is a beautiful Meta Folding of Time-Space Reality, melding and merging with the other. This is easy to visualize with a flat piece of paper. Take a piece of paper folded in half, see that the 2 halves merge or meld together. It doesn’t rip or create 2 half’s, only if you, the human, ripped the paper in half. And because that paper is two-dimensional, we could fold it through the third dimension to allow instantaneous transportation from one position to another, because our 4D reality “comes from” the fifth-dimensional probability space. Its fluidity flows and conjuncts and merges, that’s why 3D and 4D are complimentary, space and time.

Remember dear ones. We are made of 3D Atoms & Molecules that vibrate like a bell, and if we look at the 3rd Dimension, it is space without time. We see that our atoms and molecules can’t do anything, they cannot change from state to state “without flowing from the fourth dimension”. And because the fourth dimension comes from the fifth dimension, and we flow through the 4D space-time, it actually shows us that our constantly changing NOW is in the 5th Dimension Already.

The Now of all Nows is in the 5D, and we already flow through it while it conjuncts. This understanding, so mysterious to a person’s ear, could be replaced with a much simpler Metaphor.

For Example:

When the Realms/Dimensions converge or We View it as a dimensional fold. The phenomenon itself can also be explained in terms simple enough for a child to understand. Imagine, dear hearts, that our world is a Ship sailing on a vast multidimensional cosmic sea. From its deck, we can see other, distant vessels in the distance. Those, dear ones, are the stars planets, galaxies, dimensions, and so on. These vessels (we say Earth) sails on the Cosmic Sea, as The Stars and other Vessels. Each bears their own Vibrational goods and their own crews.

They, the stars, planets & other galaxies or dimensions, usually look like they pass us by at some distance, barely visible specks, even views through a spyglass. BUT dear Ones!!!

Once every 25 or, some say, 26 thousand years (remember this is a variable number) a storm breaks above this cosmic sea, a storm so strong it tosses the ships towards one another, making them sail into each other, connecting, converging, merging. Making the expression (check by jowl).

And part of the crew of one ship can, at such times, move to another ship, jumping from one ship and coming aboard the other ship. And some of the cargo from one ship’s hold can spill onto a neighboring vessel. Hence, they collide, they conjunct, they converge, all in a point of No Time or Zero Point.

And dear Ones, at the point of this convergence we see a Great Light, a wave of love flowing through the needle’s Eye of the Zero Point. At the point of the convergence or merging of these vessels. And when the weather calms down, the ships can sail with each other, with ease and grace.

The so-called “post-conjunction beings” namely Star Family/Galactic Brothers & Sisters/Angels, elementals, and so on are precisely such passengers from another vessel. Connecting with our Vessel on the Cosmic Multidimensional Sea. And, at the point of convergence, we will call The Event Flowing through the dimensional fold.

We see that we wonderful humans are the castaways, flung from somewhere far away onto a world previously inhabited by the Older Races. To Ascend into the convergence is to move to our Inner Hearts. To once again sail smoothly with the other vessels In unity consciousness. Once here, we learned the arcane mysteries of magic, unbeknownst to us before.

See how once more?

We find ourselves, our Earthly vessel Converging/Conjunct-in and aligning, all the realms & fluid timelines together converging as a centerfold through a dimensional fold. Allowing for Planetary Ascension. Or a Cosmic Dance, to be felt by all. This is all divinely timed, like the intricate workings of a clock.

Star family are beings who have mastered this skill, who possess rare knowledge of how this all works, which allows some to seize the helm of our vessel and steer us, to safer waters, into love 💓.

However, looking at the current 4D tension, and a myriad of 4D beings that attempt to seize the helm of our ship into dark waters. These ones who operate in 4D space-time has had various negative inputs, to steer our vessels away from our hearts, locking us into 3D mentality on a spiritual level.

So we are being tossed about by two groups on and around Earth.

One ascension-oriented group that is holding focus on Earth as part of the Planetary Ascension Process via the understanding of a convergence – The Event – leaving only the highest primary timeline of the aligned New 5D Earth.

The other control-oriented group is holding a focus on splitting timelines to amplify fragmentation in the 4D and 3D fields. Implementing this program, so we see the world as a split!

Any astrophysicist or quantum physics scientist can tell you this is not the case! Nothing splits! There is no timeline split. It just converges. And we know from a higher perspective, The Galactic Federation (Councils of Light) is fanning all those multiple variables of Earth’ into ONE EARTH, one whole, from many variables, many potentials through the convergence through what we perceive in human terms as an Event Moment.

Expressing the divine Butterfly Effect, gently fanning them back together from all those programs of fragments and splits (illusions of splits), that is fragmented. Bring us back into a convergence understanding, that everything at this level is flowing through the fifth dimension already of the NOW.

So dear ones, many of you are asking when is The Grand Event or The Flash going to take place? Through the needle of the eye or through the convergence itself. When is this driving light from the grand great central Sun going to happen? Well, technically in Zero Point it’s already here, we are in the precipice of it, culminating to a primary moment of the NOW in our 4D space-time. That could present itself as a flash or an instant higher heart activation on the moment of the Now, that will be felt by everyone on the Planet.

Remember everything is divinely timed and orchestrated through the convergence by Source. So going back to the beginning of this post, I showed you all to look where the axial precession of the earth is now in its cycle. We call the Precessional movement of Earth. And it points us to the understanding that we and the planet Earth has come full circle on the axle procession. At that time we call 4D Spacetime of the 5D Now. And the Combination of the convergence from Zero Point we call The Event or Flash, that can happen any time now within our 4D space-time.

So we look to planetary alignments and solstices through the rest of this year. These alignments and solstices act as turning points or node amplifiers for the convergence Event to flow into our Space-time. And there is a lot going on this year.

And beloveds, what WE can do from this level is to continue with our inner work. Opening our hearts, becoming more heart-centered, removing those attachments to fix prospectives. Use your discernment when reading material that comes from the light worker community and mainstream media. It helps to conduct mass meditations on these planetary alignments and conjunctions and solstices through the rest of this year, as we are great anchors and conduits Vessels.

Go out and do gridwork & plant crystals on the Leylines and light grid of the planet.

Teach others and lead by example.

Try not to get bogged down with doctrine and dogmatic 4D Polarised political spinning motifs or narratives on social media.

Go out and do your homework and investigations, read up on what I just said, it is basic physics, that is factual and not falsifiable information, as it doesn’t serve you to be in judgment.

So Dear ones, The Convergence or The Event will take place, no matter how polarised it looks in our political arena.

The Event will take place regardless there is still fear on the planet.

All of those filtered responses to the latter above are inconsequential to The Divine Timing of The Event in all its Multi-Layered Variables.

The moment of The Event will take place, no matter how crazy it looks on the surface of the planet.

Just remember that, dear ones, and stay in a place of neutrality and heart-centered. Meditate or be in places of peace, in all of your undertakings throughout your days and evening on this beautiful planet.

Namaste 🙏🏽

Take what resonates with you, leave what doesn’t, and do your own homework.

Sending Unconditional Love to you all.

Ria Aurora Athena & Ash’Tar Ka’ree ❣️❣️❣️

~ May 1st, 2020 – The Event as Dimensional Fold:

Ria Aurora

Galactic Warrior of Light

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