The importance of Self Mastery

This is the time to recognize the importance of self-mastery over your own duality. And here, there is no one else. It’s you with yourself.

“Many of the tests that magicians or apprentices need to pass are related to discipline within decision making in their different personal stages. This has reproved of many students and priests, but those who opt for the black lodges of power and ego, they end up being betrayed by their greed and entering other experimentation laboratories, becoming totally subjected to the black hands of their own dark side.

Since the student does not have mastery over his own duality, he is easy prey to the ego, greed, and power that he can develop. Thus, within this journey, the moral and ethical structure of a soul represents a major key to defining the path that the person will actually take within the duality that he has drawn for himself. In each incarnational cycle, the perception of power changes, and the dark side of power ends up overcoming the harmonic aspect in many beings.”

Rodrigo Romo – “Yaberin, o Mago Cósmico” (“Yaberin, the Cosmic Wizard”)
“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yoursefl is true power.” – Lao Tzu


~ Rodrigo Romo – Relaunch of the book “Yaberin, the Cosmic Wizard”:

~ Shop-online – “Yaberin, the Cosmic Wizard”:

Rosa de Vénus

Rosa de Venus is a Sphere of Light composed of Arcangelic-Beings-Consciousness from the Central Race of the Universe, which is at the service of evolution according to the Higher Planes of Creation. One of its projects was the creation of Universal Human DNA. For that same reason, Rosa de Venus is presently on Earth to assist Humanity in its Ascension process.

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