Ashtar – “The Three Stages of The Dive”

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Ashtar’s Soundtrack

The Return to the Point of Origin

Greetings, Dear Family!

It’s good to be here again. It is an opportune time to talk about this subject that I want to explain today, and I am happy with this opportunity for direct transmission. I have to say that this will be a long message and I recommend, in case your minds start to get tired, that you read it in two or three attempts. Normally you don’t feel tired reading our messages because they are always charged with crystalline energies; in case you feel the need to pause, take a break. In any case, be open in your hearts and relax your minds for reading. It would be advisable to leave a good cup of tea by your side while you read, listening to the melody that I ask dear Neva (Gabriel RL) to make available here.

Before I even begin the main topics of my message, I must say that now our spaceships are even closer and radiating much more Love, for you are also more receptive to it. Not only to that Love, but to the whole package that comes along, as clear instructions about your Soul plan and the most efficient tools to achieve your goals. Your consciousness is really changing and beginning to access much that was hidden within you. In fact, your receiving antennas are becoming more powerful and the expansion and resumption of your original consciousness are just beginning. I say “just beginning” for there is much more coming as you return to your original states of consciousness.

It is the beginning of a great return to the original starting point. The beginning of remembering more deeply who you are – what is really far beyond, even beyond your galactic identities. The beginning of a fusion with THE ONE. Even though we have been bringing you messages throughout the ages about your origins, your agreements, and deep delivery on the Starseed contracts, these messages are just “brush strokes” of an even broader package, for only when you yourselves have decided what was the time to access beyond our messages. And you are arriving to this point.

Your work is great. The way you have accepted to participate in the “Earth Experience” and your hearts still echo through this Universe and beyond. You have long been on Earth opening pathways for so many other races who have wished, as you have, to experience this dimension. When they saw your hearts, inspired by them they also decided to dive into similar experiences. Know that you have been pioneers in many things in this Universe and in deciding to completely lose consciousness and identity of who you really are and then, much later, to reclaim that consciousness and identity amidst the darkness present at the time you arrived. And even throughout the incarnation ages, in dense and complex environments for the most challenging missions and learnings, you have demonstrated in this way that you really were the beings prepared for the great development and learning that would unfold throughout the billions of years of this experience.

How many lives have you had? How long have you been incarnating on Earth? This is the main topic of my message today. I would like that you, first of all, to take a short break from this reading so that I may continue. I will give you a minute to take a deep breath in as I radiate you with my presence, bringing the energy of HOME. Breathe…

Moving on… Some of you have access to some data about the amount of lives you have had on Earth, the incarnations themselves. Know, dear Ones, that there have been many, many incarnations. Most of you have been incarnating on Earth since the creation of this planet, billions of years ago from your linear perspective. There are many calculations made with quantum tools that give you approximate and sometimes accurate margins of that amount of lives and experiences absorbed in those ages. Do not forget that you are multidimensional beings, and yet you are in a denser reality – compared to your original subtlety where that multidimensionality is apparently oppressed – it is still multidimensional and you can be in more than one place at the same time. I would say, in more than one life at the same time. This information cannot be too much for you. Surely you already know this, or rather, you already have the heightened consciousness of it. This is the moment that you can say, “Yes. That is very clear! I have always felt it.”

Billions of years ago, when the Earth was being prepared and the Elohims of Form gave their share of collaboration in creating this reality, you, in your angelic and galactic expressions, also collaborated in this creation. Many plans were made, many ideas, many possibilities. Races, especially the Pleiadians and Sirians, also actively collaborated in the creation, giving their genetic portions to the development of bodies that, in the future, would be inhabited by the high Cosmic Consciousnesses that would move one, if not the Greatest Experience of the Galaxy that would certainly have a great reverberating effect throughout the Cosmos.

The Intromission

I must also say that in the midst of all this cosmic preparation for THE EVENT – which would be this experience – other races that were not directly authorized to participate in the construction of this reality were intrigued by what was happening in this sector of the Galaxy. These beings also wanted to participate, but they did not follow a high protocol. They wanted to follow their own personal agenda, and in many cases completely opposed to development and expansion, and could not enter directly. Not until they were called… And they knew how to wait. They were patient, determinedly patient, until the vibratory conditions of those elevated consciousnesses were compatible with their intrusions. They waited until those consciousnesses who would participate more actively in the experience merged with the density of what the experience would be, and called them also to participate in the game. This too, of course, was foreseen, and nothing would go unnoticed by the Supreme Creator.

They remained around the entire crystal barrier that protected the construction of the experience. For billions of years, they waited and tried to infiltrate into the races, especially the Pleiadians and Sirians, intending to induce certain inappropriate modifications. And to a certain extent, they achieved a planted seed, an indirect inappropriate reverberation. They could not enter directly into the experience, but they could attempt to influence “from without,” those who had direct access to it. And that’s what they did. Although they did not go directly into the experiment, as has been said, they planted a seed in the development of the ideal DNA. But that, that would take them in, too. Inevitably it would pull them into the experiment. And they didn’t want it that way; not that way. They wanted to enter the experience, but not to actively experience it, like the others, they just wanted to control it. Inevitably, they were dragged in, and many are also, today, on Earth, trying their returns. Some, for eons, have remained trying to cause problems in the development of the experience, as a retaliation for being “trapped” inside it. They could not tear the veil, for only Love can do that, and they were not yet in tune with that vibration.

For a long time, they caused many problems with their unsuccessful attempts to leave. Their calls from their own race were not heard either, for many fled from this Universe when they realized what was happening and did not want to be “trapped” in the experience as well. So throughout the ages, their hearts, at least for most of them, have been entirely softened, and they are also returning HOME. Bear in mind that here I am referring to many races who have, in a way, kept you in difficulty, for these same races, in realizing that they were also trapped in the experience as retaliation, tried to perfect the experience by making it even more difficult. All in a great movement, in the end, all, or at least the great majority, would come out expanded in consciousness.

Finally, at this point, when I say “prison”, there is no way I mean that the Earth is one prison. I speak only so that your linear minds can understand my explanations more clearly. I am also transmitting this message of mine to the dear Neva (Gabriel RL), little by little, in respect to her linear mind, so that she can deliver to you in the best way what I am passing through. Neva, a few parentheses for my thanks (Neva: I’m always available, dear).

The Migrations of Souls

It was some special phases before the final dive that would make you “erase” completely like a rebirth in the lower dimensions, and you would literally walk the path back through the darkness around you. In this period of preparation when in intimate contact with the Source, you would receive direct and clear instructions of what the challenges would be like and you would surrender to the process, which became more and more intense. While the Earth was being prepared, many of you were collaborating as much with the preparation of that creation as you were doing your work at your points of origin on the planets where you lived, breathing the purest air of love and peace. And believe me, some of you while working on the creation of the Earth collaborating with the Elohim, did not realize that you would be called upon to participate so actively in the experience, thus having to give up your homes bathed in love and peace to go to an experience that would, in a way, rip you out of those sublimated states. But deep down that experience would bring an even greater expansion, would bring great learning.

When the physicality of the Earth was in its final phase of preparation, when only a few adjustments were missing, the definitive CALLS echoed throughout the Universe. At first, the Native Souls of the Earth/Gaia heart itself began their “breathing” and also prepared themselves for the experiences. Souls from other systems, by force of vibration, began their displacements for frequency adjustments in lower dimensions. These souls could no longer expand in their homes of origin, as these systems reached high vibration, so they had to “take a step back” to resume their own expansion, and this place of resumption would be the Earth. Other souls, as I quoted earlier, many of you would be called upon to bring your lights to assist in the process as a whole. Let it be clear here that I do not wish to separate/divide souls; I just want you to understand how the development and migrations of souls to that experience took place. Consider basically three (3) groups of souls:

1. Those natives of Earth/Gaia – the initiators of their experiences on Earth/Gaia planting the Seeds of Light itself – who would be the beacons lit for other races that would come to merge the experience. They are the ones who would bring Gaia’s own Love within themselves and share it by looking at the races to come.

2. Those who, by force of vibration, needed to migrate from their homes, because they were not following the vibrational elevation of their environment, thus needing to start again in an energetically compatible environment and, in this way, to resume the impulse, helping the natives of Gaia with their extraplanetary experiences. Understandable phase in the whole universe of experiences.

3. Those who have come to assist by bringing more Light and Consciousness by answering a call from Gaia to help in her elevation and her entire body of life, and in the energetic merging of all souls. Souls who somehow had an influence on the creation of Earth, and who were now called to participate in the experience from within. They would be taking the opportunity for a great fusion with the other soul groups also present on Earth, giving their share of Light and Consciousness to the expansion of all.

Know that you who are reading (or listening) to this message of mine can, yes, fit into one of three (3) groups of souls. Your hearts will say so. There is no separation. The experience is for everyone, and everyone has chosen by mutual agreement. The phases I have cited are only to facilitate your understanding of the Soul Groups involved. All the groups may have had and had their experiences mixed together. You who now read this message may be a native soul of Gaia who left for a while to have other experiences throughout the Galaxy and then return. Just as you can be from the group of souls who came here to begin again what you had not yet achieved on another planet; or you can be a soul from the third group who also came to help anchor Light and more Consciousness. Either way, the three (3) groups are intimately linked with a common focus: to reintegrate Earth/Gaia into the Galactic Community, completely purified from the so many experiences and attempts of its destruction (a fact that, as I have said several times before, will not occur. The Earth will not be destroyed either by a nuclear war, or by a meteor, or by anything).

The Beginning of the Dive

There was still some work being done to harmonize the Earth’s atmosphere, balancing the oxygen and preparing the whole atmosphere, as well as the bodies that would be used by you, who were already preparing yourselves in a layer before – in the astral – for the incarnations themselves, in physicality. This period lasted a long time until the final adjustment, so that the first bodies were completely adjusted to the planet’s atmosphere, making possible a pleasant and harmonic “breath” that would properly sustain your biological life.

You went through three specific phases when you arrived on Earth (from other stars) and/or when you began to incarnate. (In the case of those who “began to incarnate” refers to the natives of Gaia):

Phase 0

Before citing the 3 (three) phases of diving, I must cite Phase 0 (zero). This phase is without a galactic body, without a personality or galactic avatar. You are only Consciousness. For this experience on Earth, you have gone through this quick “reset”. When most of you left your homes of origins in other stars, you quickly divested yourself of your galactic identities and returned to Phase 0 (zero), absorbed much Light and Power in the Source, assumed your galactic apparel again, then as quoted in the next Phase (1). This “reset” was necessary to give you extra reinforcement for the very difficult experience you would experience. Phase 0 (zero) happened very quickly because in a matter of seconds you went to the Source and returned. I could only say that you did a meditation, reconnect with the Source, absorbed PRESENCE, and then opened your eyes for the course of “the day…”. Here some might say “Oh, but if we have already returned to Phase 0 (zero), and if the goal of the experience is to return to that Phase, then why don’t we stay in that Phase?” Oh, because there was a lot of baggage to be rescued… There was still a lot to be reviewed, accessed, lived. There was a whole story to be rewritten, written, felt, expanded, and this could not happen without “The Journey Back and Forth” at the given time. Consider it as if you were attending college in another country, studying, learning, and expanding, and you needed some reinforcement from your family. You went to your home, absorbed that energy, and returned to continue your studies.

Phase 1

The migration of the consciousness cited in Phase 0 (zero) to this Phase begins. In this phase, you are still fully conscious in your higher spiritual expressions, without any energetic condensation of the Earth (or Plasma Covers or Astral Bodies, as you call them). Here you are, again, after the “reset”, assuming the galactic personality, (Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Capeline, Orione, Centaurian Alpha, Andromedan, for example…). You have left the state of Phase 0 (zero) and have quickly assumed your galactic personality/identities again. In Phase 1, you are still fully aware and already know the challenges you will experience. You are connected to your I’s (Higher Selves) and fully aware of your spiritual/galactic identities and your connections to the Source. You know where you came from and why you are in Gaia/Earth. You know that, in the next dive, you will not remember any more of this. You are on the first layer of Earth, of the Earth experience.

Phase 2

Incarnations are initiated not yet in physicality, but a pre-incarnation, this one in the astral of the Earth, which I will name “Plasmic Incarnations” or “Astral Incarnations” (incarnations in the Astral Plane). At that time, the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth was very similar to what is the third density of the Earth today. There was only a greater subtleness. To better understand, it is as if at that time the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth was as the Earth is now in that density, and the physicality itself, even denser and heavier. So, in that period, when you entered that second phase, you were already beginning to forget the whole package that you previously had in phase 0 (zero) and 1 (one). Here in Phase 2, you are already in deep dive. In this Phase, you incarnated and disincarnated more quickly in your Astral/Plasmic bodies and did not become aware “on the other side” that in this case would be Phase 1 (or Zero), as naturally happens now on Earth. When you disincarnate, most of you already “wake up” on the other side, the spiritual side, knowing that there is a spiritual side. At that time, in this phase, you disincarnated and you were already quickly reincarnated into another body. These bodies were adults (in this phase you were already entering the adult bodies, not going through the child and adolescent phase) and built so that you were already adapting to the new phase to come, Phase 3, the actual incarnation in physicality. In the future, these phases would adjust. I will explain more below. Here in Phase 2, you can also consider an incarnation, for you had a glimpse of the challenges because you already received the strong and intense energies of density, with the respective emotions and conflicts. You were already beginning to know and experience duality. However, at this stage of incarnations, when you disincarnated and quickly entered another body, you did not remember the “other life”. You already had the layers of forgetfulness.

Phase 3

This is the actual incarnation in physicality (normally passing through the phase of childhood, adolescence, and reaching adulthood). It is much denser, being seven times denser in the initial period, than incarnations in Phase 2. At the time, the ready physical bodies went through constant adjustments in your DNAs which were, in many cases, painful energetic adjustments for all who inhabited them. Very dense bodies if compared to all the other bodies you had experienced, not to mention the extremely oppressive energetic atmosphere, incomparable to the subtle vibrations of the worlds you came from, and even the Astral/Plasmic Zones of Earth. The incarnation processes in this phase were slower, as adjustments needed to be made to each group of souls descending into that phase, for the continuous improvement of the experience. Meanwhile, other groups of souls “higher up” in the primary phases of the experience began their descents, from Phase Zero to the Phase Three. It was a constant ascent and descent in an elliptical movement of descent and ascent of souls. With this, the vibration of the experience increased and throughout the ages, the whole movement was smoothed. While this ascent and descent of souls take place, an energetic ellipse is formed by this movement and, in the center of this ellipse – which is the heart of Gaia – the energy of the nucleus expands considerably and, little by little, reaches the layers of consciousness of Phases 3 to 0, from the center of the planet’s heart to the surface. The energy of the entire upper energy field of Phases 1 and 0 (zero) is projected from the Cosmos, while there is also a projection of the subtler layers of the Earth (Gaia’s heart) towards the surface of the planet resulting in an energetic compression of the experience (The energy that comes from “above”, from the Cosmos, meets with the energy that comes from “below” the subtlest layers of the Earth, Gaia’s heart, both colliding on the surface of the Planet, causing the phenomenon “compression and rupture”, which COBRA deals within this message). A great “explosion” of Light unfolds on the physical surface of the planet, which will completely dissolve the veil, promoting an accelerated movement of expansion and reconnection in the consciousness of all beings present in Gaia. (All this phase of intense elliptical activity is in progress at this moment, near a great apex).

That explosion will be felt in every heart. It will not be something to “be seen”, but felt so intensely, that some will cry with emotion even without knowing exactly why, then taken by a feeling of indescribable Love, Spiritual Joy, and Peace as you have never felt. At this time, the physicality of the Earth will enter into a rapid fusion of planes and the separations of the Vibrational Planes will quickly break down. I have to say that there will still be those resistant to it, but no problem. Most of humanity will already be prepared to deal with them lovingly. And let me say more: “The bell has already begun to toll…” That’s what you’ve been doing there. As you become aware of your true galactic/cosmic/ascent identity, you speed up that process and deconstruct the game.

Going Back in Time

Going back in time amidst all these events, from the thousands of eons that have gone by, many others like you who remained as “special cards for special moments” went down in your midst, while many entered more and more into the game and went deeper into oblivion and pain. These beings descended and, as part of the deal, they would remember much more quickly who they were to help us also remember who we were. They would also sacrifice themselves. Many gave their lives for this experience, for their loving ending. Many arrived at key moments that changed the history of the Earth forever. They were the helping hand that you awaited when before the great dive you said: “But what if we lose ourselves so deeply, so deeply that we don’t achieve such an achievement, that of returning?” And you heard from us: “Signs will be sent down through the ages. You will always be pulled back, always! We will never leave you!”. So many of these came and incarnated among you. Abraham was one of them. He came with the mission to intensify the Light on the planet and give a new great sign. Finally, many, many have come down. Moses, Mohammad, Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna, and so many others. The one you knew as Jesus initiated the phase of deconstruction of Phase 2 as it was, because until this period, just before him, there were pre-incarnations in the astral/plasmatic dimensions. With his arrival, he entered the second phase, occupied an astral/plasmatic body there, and spent 2 (two) thousand of his linear years in this phase, preparing for the descent to phase 3, the most difficult, most dense, most challenging. While he was in this incarnation – in Phase 2 – Jesus began to deconstruct all the mechanisms previously built for the maintenance of that phase, since they were no longer necessary.

In this period, before Jesus arrived, before incarnating in physicality – Phase 3 – everyone went through Phase 2 as a profound preparation. A few years incarnating in that environment for the definitive descent into Phase 3. At that time, when the incarnates of Phase 3 disincarnated, they did not return to Phase 2. They were left in a sort of “vacuum,” which was not in Phase 2 nor in Phase 1. There was simply no “stopping point and breath” (this was also foreseen in the plan, it was part of the game). In this vacuum, the Higher Self quickly began to redirect reincarnation into physicality – Phase 3 – collecting the energies generated in the previous incarnation and mapping from there the new entrance into this Phase. Thus, incarnations were faster and without many pauses. The consciousness, as soon as it left the body in Phase 3, could even be “loose” on top of Phase 2, but it would not reincarnate again in it, in the astral/plasmatic bodies, nor access Phase 1 (Galactic Consciousness). There were few souls who, just for special reasons, returned to incarnate again in Phase 2, and did not even access a little of the Galactic Consciousness of Phase 1. Only very few, only in special cases. The normal, the common, were only the descents Phase by Phase, as already described before.

With the arrival of Jesus, all that has changed. He deconstructed Phase 2. During the 2 (two) thousand years he was incarnated in this Phase preparing for the physicality of Phase 3 he created spiritual temples for restoring souls, powerful crystalline chambers, “spiritual hospitals,” or the so-called “transitory houses.” Environments are known to you today, such as “Astral City“, for example. Environments to receive souls when they leave physicality. Environments to prepare those souls so that they can re-enter physicality and follow their soul plans. Here, the souls were no longer in a vacuum, “he made arrangements” so that they could have a place “to rest” and program their re-entry into Phase 3. Then, at this point, when souls left their physicality and reached the astral/plasmatic plane (Phase 2), it was already lighter, much lighter, completely modified and subtle, allowing, immediately, when entering it, to access many packages of their galactic identities! From that moment on, when you left the Physical Plane, you entered this Astral Plane already lighter, accessing with partial and sometimes total memory of your galactic identity. Even if you did not ascend completely – a fact that would lead you to the consciousness of Phase 1 – you already felt great relief, and it was a new impulse to re-enter Phase 3, physicality. That was a great balm for everyone. Everything was prepared by him, Jesus, even before his incarnation in Phase 3. After all, this was done and after having placed angels in the four corners of the Earth to make sure that their constructions were maintained, he began his descent into Phase 3, taking with him a huge group of souls also prepared for the great mission. And to give the signal that would forever change the destiny of Earth, a fact that would ensure that you successfully complete the entire journey, a true teamwork. He himself, Jesus, says this even today, when they try to boast of their mission. He says in most advice where he is going and that I, Ashtar, am present, and I have heard: “I was a human and still am. I just gave my share of help in the whole process. But they, they who remain there, do more than I do. I kiss their feet for their courage and determination. I went to take a flag, the one of Love and this, the sign. The sign that would keep the hope of remembering deeply who they really are, and they have sustained it ever since. So I’m not the one who deserves applause.”

When he incarnated in physicality, there was a “roar” of the negative forces of the planet that definitely saw that nothing else they did could prevent the loving conclusion of the experience. After that, several other signs of Gaia were fired throughout the Cosmos. Then, there was an avalanche of beings from various other systems making themselves available to help in the experience as well. The dark forces tried at all costs to prevent the Elliptical Force from continuing to be active, also firing signals into the whole galaxy so that unauthorized races would somehow send help to the experience to continue, but with even more pain, and this would perpetuate forever, for all were endless, without the predicted loving conclusion. In the midst of all this “spiritual battle,” astral environments were also built by our Fleets (Ashtar Command) around Earth to contain certain more disconnected souls who wished to cause more trouble. As these desperate conflicts ensued from those more disconnected and eager to keep the darkness deep, more angels began to incarnate, and beings from thousands of stars in this galaxy of yours and beyond, causing the planet to dramatically accelerate its energy, considerably increasing its consciousness, and then beginning the deepest process of rupturing the Matrix from Phase 3. And here you are! You had until about the end of the eighties (1980s) to sustain an energy that would prevent drastic and traumatic changes in physicality and you were very successful in that task. They didn’t have to be traumatic. You prevented nuclear destruction and celestial bodies from being attracted by the force of vibration to destroy the planet. You had until 2012 to ensure the support of another light energy that would ensure that more help arrived, and so it happened! More Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds, and Rainbows began to incarnate, en masse. And you had until the middle of this year (2019) to hold another energy that would ensure that we get closer and more direct contact with all of you as soon as possible. And here we are. You have been brilliant! You are brilliant! Shall we go home?

On the Way Back Home

So, dear Souls of this wonderful experience, you are returning home… Returning to the Point of Origin! Returning with all the special baggage that will serve you for all ages without end. I know how difficult, exhausting, terrifying it was for most of you. I know how many times you wanted to give up, and if you did, with honor you would be applauded. I know how many times you wondered if it would take too long, how many times you wondered if it could be less painful, and if you would have more support. I heard all your questions and I still do. But what matters most now is that the return HOME has begun and you are in the joy of this return, even if there are a few sparkles of pain left, the pain of “cosmic oblivion,” the pain of apparently being abandoned, forgotten in a dark, lonely and devastating environment. I know how difficult that was. But remember, “of all the volunteers we will choose, only the most capable among the most capable, the strongest among the strongest…” (Excerpt from the message “A Galactic Fairy Tale“). It was a difficult experience, but only beings like you could do it. And so it was. You are now, deeply connected, more aware, and knowing that it was all worth it. That is what you were for. That’s what you incarnated for. So that your inner brilliance would shine through in such density and from within, the transformation would take place. Now, on this elliptical journey back, you have been “dragging everyone with you”, in the wake of the Light you have expanded, those who come into contact with you and today are instantly drawn into that Light. You most of the time don’t have to do anything, just BE who you ARE, in the light of your Light. Realize that many other souls, when they look into your eyes, they either look into your eyes deeply, showing a clear sign of being open to allowing that loving merging, or they look away. In that case, you feel unsure of facing your own light through your eyes, for facing your own light brings with it the need to face your shadows reflected in the light of your gaze. And once again, your loving energy will lead you into reflection. Your energy will be the warning sign for you: “THE SPACESHIP HAS ARRIVED! TIME TO GO HOME”. And even if you try to deny it, they will not resist this call. At least most will not resist, for they have come with you, and they will want to come back with you.

Surely the very few who do not wish to begin their journey back now will benefit from the trail of Light that you have left, and this will be the luminous path that they will take as a basis for their return. This will not take long either, for they too are finalizing their experiences. While most of you have almost finished, there remains the joy of knowing that the SPACESHIP IS ALREADY READY, AND THE JOURNEY BACK HOME BEGINS, through all the ages in its multidimensionality, leaving an intense trail of Light in that wonderful elliptical return of this experience.

Many of you expect our ships to land in your fields, make many displays in your skies, and then all enter and leave. We want you to know that this return is much deeper than that and simply to get on a spaceship and leave would be “dull”. You wouldn’t do that (smile)! Understand this return by not taking it literally as someone who leaves one city for another, but a return to a state of consciousness that really doesn’t matter what environment you are in. You will be at HOME! A state of ascension consciousness, where it won’t matter if you are in the warm desert or in a comfortably cooled and cozy environment. YOUR RETURN HOME IS NOT TO GO TO A SPECIFIC PLACE; IT IS TO BE IN YOU, IN YOUR FULLNESS, LOVE AND PEACE. Yes, you will return to your galactic points of origin for that was also the arrangement but that would happen when your inner Lights were lit in such a way that you were able to bring this galactic home close to you in exactly the environment that you were in. When you can realize that it is not a specific place that makes you ascended, but a simple state of consciousness. And that is what you are reaching. This would all happen when you begin to incorporate your galactic identities into this dimension, when the identity of who you really are begins to be accessed in this physical dimension that you are in now – when you would download the entire cosmic package of your history and your Light would expand further, dissolving the veil into pieces, “destroying” the Matrix from within! At that point, when this began to happen, you would begin the great journey back and that process has already begun, and much more intensely, especially in the crossing of the great 2012 marker. And here you are, in the excitement of the return. And in all this process, you have begun to experience, thanks to your expanded states of consciousness, the transformations of ascension: the transformation of your carbon-based biological bodies into new crystalline based bodies, until you completely reach bodies of pure light structure, dissolving the physicality in the light of this transformation and integrating your enlightened consciousness into the physical, becoming ONE.

Know, dear ones, you are ascended beings regaining that consciousness. You are Lights regaining that consciousness. You are already Divine regaining that consciousness. You are Galactic Beings regaining that consciousness! Nothing more can be said at this point. It is what it is.

How Many Lives Have You Had?

Finally, dear ones, after so much, from a deep beginning when everything was absolutely ONE, then they were “torn” from this ONE, the confusion that all this caused in their beings, the pain of this disconnection, the unrestrained search to maintain themselves in the experience so that it had its loving purpose achieved and, at the same time, the intense need for “lap”, for “home”, for a reconnection with the ONE, suffocated them for the ages. But you remained relentlessly determined. No matter what darkness you were immersed in, you knew that the Light in your hearts would guide you! Oh! What pride! In the midst of it all, of all this play, you were still creative, experts in your fields, pathfinders, beacons, healers; you remained who you are even without the memory of it. Somehow you kept that memory, even unconscious, of who you really are, and it has always been present in your so many lives, through the ages and ages of Earth!

And how many were they? Dear ones, you have had between 44 and 1,144 lives on this Planet, between Phases 2 and 3. Oh, you think so much? No. You wanted more. We are the ones who reduced this number (smiles). The newer entrants, those who came into the experience more recently have between 1 and 8 lives. Yes, there are beings who started having their first lives there on Earth, isn’t that great? I know, there are many calculations in your heads right now, but it is not a time for that. Just feel in your hearts the truths of these statements. You know it. You are the ones who have programmed everything (smile). We just helped you. Let me tell you more: today, at least seven (7) billion of the Souls on Earth have at least fifteen (15) incarnations since Jesus Christ. Oh, don’t get caught up in those calculations. Your linear minds will not be able, at the moment, to understand the depth of all this. Not that you do not have the intellect for it; I just want you to feel it in your hearts. The entire body of beings who are actively connected to this experience today, among those who are incarnated in the physicality and astral zones of the planet, added to those who are aboard the spaceships waiting to incarnate and interact in some way with the experience, both astral and physical, (or even descending into their galactic robes, uhum!), are about 89 (eighty-nine) billion Souls. And I’m not counting the Star Fleets – that won’t incarnate directly on the surface – that are here to “watch” and support these 89 (eighty-nine) billion Souls that will incarnate. Some will find much, others not so much, but I don’t care about that either. They’re just numbers (laughs). For thousands of years, there haven’t been many alternations in incarnations. They were almost always the same beings incarnating in physicality for ages, assuming various roles in various epochs, in various incarnations. Now, a great alternation is going to take place. Many of these 89 (eighty-nine) billions will begin to descend, while the Souls who have incarnated for ages will begin to stay more on the “other side” here, except for a few key pieces that will continue to descend and ascend, constantly. This is a subject for another whole message (smile). Oops! And before you ask “won’t you weigh the 89 (eighty-nine) billion” going down… Obviously, they won’t all be at once. (Smile.) And you won’t be incarnating several lives in a row as you did.

Beloved, I am very happy with the opportunity to give you a little more of your story, or re-deliver it for you! My deep gratitude once again to you, dear Neva, for your availability. (Neva: always at your disposal, dear. I also thank you! My hug to you all, as always!)

I would also like this message of mine to be narrated by many voices. Narrate it, share it on your social networks, add the vibration of your voices into this message, or record it for yourselves to hear in your particular environment. Again, reinforcing my embrace and continued support, know that I am with you through the ages, listening to each of your thoughts, and always believing in your powers. No one has ever taken or will ever take away from me the belief in your strength!

Finally, I would like my dear Neva (Gabriel RL), to provide you with links to other messages that may in some way complement this message of mine, to help you understand even more deeply all that was/is this experience:

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The journey’s not over yet. Now you travel back home, and I’ll be on the ride!

And so it is.


Your brother,


For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ May 9, 2020 – Ashtar – “As 3 (três) fases do mergulho, Quantas vidas você teve?, A intromissão, Voltando no tempo e mais…”


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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Yudd Amorim

    The article says:
    And you had until the middle of this year (2019) to hold another energy that would ensure that ….

    We are in almost in the middle of 2020, and nothing happen so far.
    As a matter of fact, since the end of December 2012, all of predictions about the Event date have failed.

    1. Ukeron

      “… we get closer and more direct contact with all of you as soon as possible. And here we are. You have been brilliant! You are brilliant! Shall we go home?”

      It depends on how you look to our reality. According to the worst plan of the negative ones, the surface of this planet was already wiped out and the negative ones really made their “best” to make their destructive plan to happen.

      But, as you mention, “nothing happened” and we are still here…

      This is the history of the man who saved the world, but because “nothing happened”, no one remembered to pay tribute to him:

      1. Yudd Amorim

        The god Shiva has already done his work of destruction. Now it’s time to reverse this process.

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