Ashtar – “The History of Creation” – Part 1

Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is delivering to me about “The History of Creation”. This message will be published in some parts, and this one is the first part of the whole message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they will be published), you can access them in the footer links, where all parts will be grouped. Have a good journey in this reading!

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

Ashtar’s Soundtrack

The Stages of Development

Greetings, Dear Family!

It’s good to be here again. I come with joy in my heart to share a little more with you all, my beloved family. A little more of your history, the beginning of this experience, and how it unfolded through the ages and ages. A little of the History of Creation. A fragment of the story, in fact. You are now on the verge of a conclusion. A point where you and we were all waiting for. A point where your dedication made all the difference. A point and apex are right here. Believe me! This is exactly where you’d like to be. None of you would like to be out of this moment. I am now completely projected and I ask my dear Neva (Gabriel RL) for a complete opening that will allow me to access her spheres and assume her energy field so that the fusion of our energies can occur. Do not worry. This is not a “possession” (smile). She and I have an agreement. An agreement of many ages and we are happy about it. It is a pleasure to speak to you all through her. This isn’t the first or the last time that’s happened. I still have much information to deliver to you, whether in this form of written or oral channeling. “Neva, I want you to be as an observer and, at the same time, completely merge with me, as always. I will be giving you information so that you can decode more information than usual, more than your linearization capacity is used to decode. So, take it easy in the course of this channeling. Take your time to write this message. You’ll have all the needed time in the world for this transmission and I’ll go with you to its end, as always. This will not be a short message, on the contrary, I will deliver it in parts due to the amount of information I intend to bring”. It is a wonderful time for this, my dear ones, and it is time for you to know a little more about these truths. Many of you observe information coming from everywhere, but it is important that you always use your own discernment, even when reading my messages. I want you to feel it, to perceive the Love that I give through it, and even if you cannot understand some things, allow your Souls to understand. Your Souls… The Soul of each one of you knows everything because you are connected to everything that exists.

The Uncertainties and the Delivery of Starseeds

I know, dear ones, that many of you are still wondering how you got here and how you will get out of here even though there is so much information and accounts about your origins and what you came to do. But there is a “want to know more” feeling or the desire to have the absolute proof of it. But regardless of the doubts that surround you, sometimes there is always that spiritual force that you all carry and that keeps you determined to continue! I know that, no matter how much you are engaged in the spiritual work that is incumbent upon you and that you have at times made yourself available, the reality of the earth – still different from the higher dimensions from which you all came – makes it difficult and suffocates you, I know. But I also know that it had to be you. It had to be you! You were the most capable among the most capable, and it was not me who made that judgment; it was you, in your truths, and awareness of your own potentials. I invited you to the mission and you accepted. It was you who believed you were capable! All the credits go for your own innate ability and power that you concluded that yes, it was possible. That it was possible to step into the lower vibrations and expand the Light from within, on such dense environments as it was in the beginning. You were able to stay connected in some way to the Source, even though you had departed from it and it was a quite painfully process, by immersing yourselves in the experience. I came to you eons ago and invited you to this experience, and here you are! The most capable among the most capable, the strongest among the strongest (see the “A Galactic Fairy Tale” message). You have chosen each other to be here. I just emphasized your choice and I’m very proud of it. To know that I could count on you and I will be able to count on you for the ages because our essence is the same.

I know about your intense pains in this reality – as I have spoken to you over time with my messages through Neva and other tuned channelers. I know about your “Starseed Contract” (see the “Adamu, the Starseed Contract and Planetary Ascension” message) which was also a request from you. At no time were you forced into anything, for you always had and have choices and were always able to give up. You have always been able to say “It’s enough! I can’t take it anymore!” But there you are! Oh… I say with all the truth of my heart: I have deep respect, pride, and admiration for everyone! You can count on me for the ages to come. My dear ones, the story of Earth goes beyond even your own arrival as Starseeds. It goes far beyond! Many of you arrived after the creation of the Planet Earth, and when it was already in full development. Others arrived when your Planet was still forming its layers and dimensions. Still, others are the new generation of Starseeds, which began to arrive on the planet in the early 1980s, up to the present moment in your linear time – here emphasizing the great crystalline arrivals from 2012 to this present moment. I must also ask, in case you have not read (or heard) yet my message that I delivered through Neva (Gabriel RL): “The Three Stages of The Dive” – I will ask you to read it. If you have already read it, reread it, because it is a fundamental complement to this message of mine now, which I am delivering.

There’s a lot of history yet to be told. There is much to be revealed. Or rather, to be remembered. And here we go with some more of your history, from when it all started, or at least, some information about when the “start” was given, so that your memories can keep opening! It’s your Akashic opening time! You will be, little by little, reacquiring this information and remembering all of this, because the Veils are being removed and your connection with us is increasing. Our messages will also serve as a trigger for these reassessments. With each genuine access to your hearts, there is a further expansion of our genuine messages. I say this, for surely you know that there are those who at times wish to pass through us in a way that may bring discomfort or disharmony. It is important that you know that your open heart is an excellent compass to guide you along the way. You cannot be deceived if you are light-hearted and joyful, for your field of protection and your discernment are increased considerably. Feel the energy of our messages. We carry special codes in them that make your hearts vibrate and although often your minds do not understand, there is something within you that attests to the truth of our words for you too are part of those star fleets that communicate with you through the various channels that transmit throughout the world. Not to mention direct contact with yourself through your dreams, intuitions, sensations. There are various means for direct or indirect communication with you: just open up, because you will see and feel our messages everywhere.

After this necessary introduction, let us go to what I want to give you so that you will finally remember who you are.

The Start

The Material Universe called Nebadon

Just as it was given to you in the Old Scriptures and reverberated over the millennia by various sources, “God said, ‘Let there be Light! And the Light was made’” billions of years ago on this Material Universe – one of a few others – was created, and with it, all the experience in which you are inserted from the beginning. And here I ask my dear Neva to attach the channeling about “The Material Universe called Nebadon, The Chameleon” – the immense reality of your Universe manifested as in a snap of a finger. When the Creator Source said “Let it be done”, so it was, instantly. Everything was created at the same time, in a snap of fingers. But the experiences and the development in each part of each sector took its own appropriate time. Imagine several people in one room, all of them with the same goals, wanting the same things! All these people are individualities and they all arrived in the room together, all of them, because they were taken in the same transport and at the same time. They all entered at the same time and they were given the same tasks. However, each one of them will perform their own tasks at the appropriate time, according to their points of view and understanding. So it was in this material universe. Now there you are, great Souls who have asked The Source for an opportunity to experience “something new”, something that could expand your consciousness, something that could give you further expansion. I know that some of you, perhaps, cannot understand the fact that everything in this universe was created at the same time, and at the same time, I also tell you that each sector followed its proper time, its linearity. You need to leave your minds a little aside, the need for rationalization, and just feel the energy of this message. Your Souls will understand, for they were there. They saw and they know what I am talking about and why I am talking this way. Everything was created at the same time and exists forever in the NOW. In this dimension, everything walks in its own time, in its rhythm, in its linearity. Only be aware of this in your hearts. Do not try to understand with your minds. This is an understanding beyond your mind. It is for your Soul – and your Soul is timeless. Timeless Souls of loving and kind unity who have descended into the Planet for a great experience in duality and linearity. You have had to adapt to the experience, and many have not yet adapted completely. But this is not the point. The point is that the experience was initiated… And there you are.

It’s hard at times for the channeler to pass on as much information as I’ve been sending now. I’ve never sent her as many blocks of information as I’m doing. “Neva, just keep transmitting what you can. Don’t rush or be afraid of ‘losing the content’. I’ll repeat it if I have to. Let us continue.”

Dear Ones, just have it in your hearts that everything was created now, at the same time, and everything had its own time to develop. And when I say that everything has had its time to develop it is only for your mind in its linear concept to understand. Even if I say don’t worry about understanding this point, a simple breath of mental understanding will already help. So, in these blocks that I will deliver, I will try to transfer the information in a linear way for your better understanding.

There was a Creation. The Creator Source desired this manifestation. It was made. The experiment was initiated. The time for it was initiated. It was something incredible! You asked for this experience. You lived in the Eternal Paradise, in deep Love and contemplation, but you wished, as I said, for a new experience. “What’s out there…?” – You were asking. “Is there darkness? What’s there…?” And you wished to find out. And the Creator Source said, “So be it! Let there be Light!” (Understand, know, understand, observe, see what was “out there”; out of that connection with The Creator Source). So the great separation from The Source began and every experience in duality was initiated/manifested/expressed. The Creator Source is Light, and you wanted to know what was outside of that Light. So it was granted, dear beings. As I have said with my fleets, THE ONLY DIRECT THREATENING TO YOU IS THE NON-CONSCIOUSNESS OF WHO YOU ARE. And you are expanding your consciousness and remembering who you are. So, there is nothing else in front of you, nothing else that can prevent your return to HOME.

Eternal Soul, your consciousness has projected from the Source into those dimensions where you are now. Systems, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets… There’s Earth… (And there you are). One of the several planets in this universe. One of the several planets that have been created for many experiments. A deeper experience in duality!

The process of spherical condensation occurred in space where Planet Earth is today. Many forces were activated, and the physical Earth was manifested. Eons and ages. Its core was harmonizing. Volcanic explosions were happening everywhere. The planet was an immense glowing magma. There was the smoke that covered the surface preventing the arrival of solar light, and all life began to develop. The whole process of material life was constantly restarted many times. Beings of the multiverses arrived to observe all this movement and expansion of life, eager to give their share of direct help, delivering their seeds to fertilize life on Earth. But, for the time being, an intervention was not permitted in any way. Prior self-development was necessary. It took time. It took time until everything was more settled and life began to form on the Planet. Eons of time. Civilizations from other systems were already approaching the Earth and were observing more closely its development, the birth of life, the formation of the seas, the dry portions grouping together in the formation of, at first, a great continent that took half the planet, while the other half was water (see the history about “The Pangaea”). Yes, the water had already formed in the physicality of the Earth. Water which is the representation of the resilience of your Soul, of your high capacity to renew and renew yourself, constantly.

Pangaea or Pangea

In this history, my dear ones, eons of time had passed, billions of years. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth was happy! Life on its surface was already developing. The plasmic layers had already adjusted and created everything manifest in physicality: rivers, seas, mountains… And the stage was being completely set for the experience – one of, if not the most complex experience in the Galaxy. Gaia continued to blow her life to the surface, creating from herself also the essences that would inhabit the physical bodies. Those newborn Souls of Gaia experienced all kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, animal, and expanded, expanding, and waiting for the moment to enter the human kingdom. The course of things followed normally, each in its own time, just as a seed is planted, and it is necessary to wait for its germination to bear fruit.

Billions of years after this initial “Start” of Earth’s existence – which for the Cosmic Consciousness was NOW – groups and more Extraterrestrial Groups, of Multiverser Consciousnesses, were already closer to the experience (about a hundred million years ago) beginning, in some way, their most direct collaborations. They were already projecting their energies to the Earth, their looks, and future intentions. By this time, Gaia was fully active in her self-development of life, especially those you have heard of: the dinosaurs. I will tell you more about this later. Among so many beings in this universe and even others who projected their gazes towards the earth, because of the intense attraction they felt for it, even though they often didn’t even know why there were obviously those who had their more particular than collective intentions. Some, simply, would like to have the Earth as their “amusement park” and/or “genetic testing zone” and, in many cases, without regard for the loving expression of life itself. I want to emphasize that there is no room for judgment here, dear ones; it is only a loving surrender to information. Abstain yourself from any judgments so that you do not break through the low frequencies and lose the energetic fluidity of this reading and the crystalline codes that are given to you at this moment through this information. Just open your hearts. I know you have seen a lot of information by various means. So, before you continue, breathe in and ask for our loving presence. We will listen. Breathe… Breathe lovingly calling us, and we will hear you. It is a great joy for us to be with you. “Neva, please continue the transmission.”

About the Intromission

I already told you this history. I’ve already talked about “The Intromission” in my message – “The Three Stages of The Dive” – that Neva left for you at the beginning of this channeling. I leave the specific paragraph for you to understand what I mean about those beings who, in many phases of the development of the experience, had more particular than collective intentions, thinking only of “their tests” and “experiences” that concerned their own interests.

Since the beginning, the middle and up to the present moment of the experience, there are beings who have desired, entered and challenge to interfere, neglecting the “Galactic Codex” and the norms of non-interference (these, updated and strengthened on December 21, 2012 of your linear time). Surely they can no longer do it now, simply because you have sustained enough Light and Energy, creating an impenetrable magnetic barrier, and also counting on our more active presence, as you are assured in the Protocols of the Supreme Source of no longer intruders in any way. So, the passage below from my previous message is just for you to understand a little more about these “intromission” points:

I must also say that in the midst of all this cosmic preparation for THE EVENT – which would be this experience – other races that were not directly authorized to participate in the construction of this reality were intrigued by what was happening in this sector of the Galaxy. These beings also wanted to participate, but they did not follow a high protocol. They wanted to follow their own personal agenda, and in many cases completely opposed to development and expansion, and could not enter directly. Not until they were called… And they knew how to wait. They were patient, determinedly patient, until the vibratory conditions of those elevated consciousnesses were compatible with their intrusions. They waited until those consciousnesses who would participate more actively in the experience merged with the density of what the experience would be, and called them also to participate in the game. This too, of course, was foreseen, and nothing would go unnoticed by the Supreme Creator.

They remained around the entire crystal barrier that protected the construction of the experience. For billions of years, they waited and tried to infiltrate into the races, especially the Pleiadians and Sirians, intending to induce certain inappropriate modifications. And to a certain extent, they achieved a planted seed, an indirect inappropriate reverberation. They could not enter directly into the experience, but they could attempt to influence “from without,” those who had direct access to it. And that’s what they did. Although they did not go directly into the experiment, as has been said, they planted a seed in the development of the ideal DNA. But that, that would take them in, too. Inevitably it would pull them into the experiment. And they didn’t want it that way; not that way. They wanted to enter the experience, but not to actively experience it, like the others, they just wanted to control it. Inevitably, they were dragged in, and many are also, today, on Earth, trying their returns. Some, for eons, have remained trying to cause problems in the development of the experience, as a retaliation for being “trapped” inside it. They could not tear the veil, for only Love can do that, and they were not yet in tune with that vibration.

For a long time, they caused many problems with their unsuccessful attempts to leave. Their calls from their own race were not heard either, for many fled from this Universe when they realized what was happening and did not want to be “trapped” in the experience as well. So throughout the ages, their hearts, at least for most of them, have been entirely softened, and they are also returning HOME. Bear in mind that here I am referring to many races who have, in a way, kept you in difficulty, for these same races, in realizing that they were also trapped in the experience as retaliation, tried to perfect the experience by making it even more difficult. All in a great movement, in the end, all, or at least the great majority, would come out expanded in consciousness.

Finally, at this point, when I say “prison”, there is no way I mean that the Earth is one prison. I speak only so that your linear minds can understand my explanations more clearly. I am also transmitting this message of mine to the dear Neva (Gabriel RL), little by little, in respect to her linear mind, so that she can deliver to you in the best way what I am passing through. Neva, a few parentheses for my thanks (Neva: I’m always available, dear).

The Intromission

I need to tell you again, dear ones, that these events of intrusion attempts and direct intromissions have occurred and were occurring since the beginning of time on Earth. Since the beginning. The passage I quoted above does not need to be “plastered” to a specific time, because in various phases of this experience, situations like this have occurred. While the whole process for the development of human/human life and all the fauna and flora of the Earth continued its development, more and more beings wanted to “cause interferences” in the experience, trying to give their shares of collaboration, sometimes for collective and positive purposes, sometimes not. From all, that “testing” and “retesting” movement, a reptilian race coming from the Orion Star System, especially from the star Rigel, in alliance with another specific race from the Draco Constellation entered the experiment more actively after long attempts of infiltrations. It is necessary to state that, although this intrusion happened, everything was within the larger plans – even if it was an “intrusion”. It is also necessary to emphasize that not all beings of Orion/Rigel or Reptilians acted or would act in the same way as those who did not enter the experiment gently, just as not all of Draco’s system acted or would act in this way. There are many of these beings who work directly with me in the Ashtar Command and are of very high loving vibration. It is worth emphasizing this because the human mind tends to label and maculate certain things, without seeing the other side of the story. And here, right after what I will tell you next, you will know what “other side of the story” I am referring to.

About a hundred (100) million years ago, the Earth – as I said – was in this phase of self-development, actively, in self-development. Life was expanding in its fauna and flora. The great genetic engineers were aligning themselves with humanoid life. The Pleiadian seed would be planted, definitely. The seeds of Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda (galaxy and constellation), Chapel, Orion, Alfa Centauri, Aldebaran, and others would also give their share of their DNA. In fact, adding more than twenty (20) direct collaborations from other races, including those I have mentioned. In fact, you have the greatest energy and DNA complexity in the Whole Galaxy. I will also talk about this later. Before this, before these more effective entries of the external seeds, much was already happening. Life in various forms was already abundant on Earth. There were already the dinosaurs that dominated the planet.

The Dinosaur Experience

My dear ones, the Earth in its enormous variety of life has also created in its heart the dinosaurs, at least its initial root. “Neva, please remain relaxed so that I can deliver all information that I wish to deliver.” Truly, for some people, this information will not make the slightest sense, but only to their minds, for to their hearts, it will – as I said before. Their Souls know these truths, for they were there. They have seen all this development working actively in the spiritual field of the planet or directly in the experience, as natives of this earth’s environment. Your Souls know. I keep saying that you do. Gaia has expanded with many life forms, including beautiful reptiles that have also developed with some sentience and intelligence. Not all reptilians have come from Orion’s Star System, or are of negative vibration and performance, as they think, just as not all draconian’s have non-positive intentions towards Earth. “Neva, I also ask you to leave here messages that you yourself have channeled from some of these beings who work with my fleets, please.” Also, please understand that my intention is not to force you to believe what I say, but only to bring clarity to your ideas, in the hope that you will recover all that is within you. It is all there, my dear ones. I am just delivering information that you already know, nothing more. You are aware of that. (Neva: I’ll leave the links to these messages at the end of this article).

I know that some of you will continue to “turn your eyes” to such statements. My dear ones, I only deliver this information, and you have the freedom to choose what you believe or from who you believe. Let us hear the call from our heart which I am sure is vibrating, after all, your heart cannot deny the vibrations that I leave in this message and your connections to them for you are a part of it and you have seen it all as I have spoken. Or you can continue in the myriad of distorted thoughts and fortified with disharmonious information and energies that still seek hosts to sustain themselves. The choices will always be yours, dear ones! My job here with Neva is to deliver the information, hoping that you will access this information through your own understanding. (Neva: I see Ashtar giving a wink with his right eye and a serene smile!) “Neva, please continue.”

So, my dears, let us go to the introductory part of what your Wikipedia says about this topic, and I will explain it to you:

Chicxulub crater

Dinosaurs (from the Greek δεινός σαῦρος, deinos sauros, which means “terrible lizard”) constitute a group of several animals, members of the Dinosauria clancy. It is believed that dinosaurs appeared at least 233 million years ago, and that for more than 167 million years they were the dominant animal group on Earth, in a geological period of time that goes from the Triassic period to the end of the Cretaceous period, about 66 million years ago, when a catastrophic event caused the mass extinction of almost all dinosaurs, with the exception of some feathered species, the birds.

The most accepted hypothesis is that the meteorite found in the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, as it collided with the Earth and caused a large explosion, which instantly charred billions of animals, also raising a cloud of dust so thick that it blocked the sunlight and turned the planet into an extremely cold place, a weather event similar to the nuclear winter, eliminating almost all existing species of dinosaurs. Very few of them survived, and they were all aviaries, small and probably terrestrial, as the forests were largely destroyed by fires after the meteor impact, and only birds that did not depend on trees for food and shelter could have survived.

The fossil record indicates that feathered dinosaurs appeared during the Jurassic period, although there is a possibility that the first dinosaurs already possessed proto-feathers in the Triassic period. After the event of mass extinction, the only dinosaurs that survived were birds. Using fossil evidence, paleontologists identified over five hundred different genders and over a thousand different species of non-avarian dinosaurs, some being herbivores, others carnivores, as well as biped and quadruped species. Many species had structures, such as horns or ridges (such as the triceratops), and some groups even developed skeletal modifications, such as bone armor (such as the ankylosaurus) and dorsal candles (such as the spinosaurus). These animals varied greatly in size and weight, with non avian adult theropod dinosaurs measuring less than forty centimeters (like the epidexipterix), while the largest sauropods could reach a height of about twenty meters (like the argentinosaurus).

Although the word dinosaur means “terrible lizard”, these animals were not lizards or even reptiles in the traditional sense, but rather ornithologists, differing from reptiles mainly by their erect legs, by their posture, normally active behavior and avian metabolism, including the maintenance of a constant temperature. During the first half of the 20th century, most of the scientific community believed that dinosaurs were slow and not very intelligent, however, most of the researches carried out since the 1970s indicated that these animals were agile, with a high metabolism and numerous adaptations for social interaction, in certain groups, mainly the theropods. The first dinosaur to be described was the megalosaur, in a work published by William Buckland in 1824, although the naturalist Gideon Mantell had already discovered, in 1822, the fossil of an iguanodon, but only published the description in 1825.

Wikipedia – Dinosaur

Dears, I’m just going to rephrase some of the information provided by Wikipedia. The dinosaur experience began and developed about a hundred (100) million years ago, and its extinction (not completely) took place, in fact, around sixty-five (65) million years ago. Why did I say “not completely”? Because not everyone was extinct. There are still some in the Inner Earth, even in Agharta hidden in some deep caves of the soil or those who seriously suffered the interference in their DNA. Don’t be alarmed, because everything is under control. The first reptiles that developed for the “dinosaur” species really dominated the Earth for thousands and thousands of years, as I mentioned before, and evolved into more sentient forms of existence. At this point, a great deal of interference in the DNA of these animals, of this whole group of animals, more specifically, began. A group of Orion reptilians, the Rigel Star and Draconians of the Draco System formed an alliance and initiated these genetic manipulations, making these animals extremely aggressive, mixing their own DNAs with the Dinosaurs from Earth and mixing this DNA with their own DNA. The dinosaurs were extremely agile, fast, and of gigantic physical strength allied to the reptilian/draconian intelligence, persuasion, and hypnotic ability, and would become a great army of mental and physical strength. At first sight, this group of reptilians/draconians (specific group, again emphasizing that they are not all negative nor only act in this way; there are the positive ones who act lovingly in the Ashtar Command) inserted their DNA in the dinosaurs, in this group of animals, and began to perceive their ample improvement in the cognitive/senior capacity. The Reptile/Draco Alliance was very happy because they were creating a gigantic army and they would have “their own guard dogs.” On the other hand, they also collected the DNA of the dinosaurs and mixed with their own DNA, becoming stronger, faster, and more agile, as I said. It was a perfect blend, they thought!…

From the moment you participate in an experience like this you are dragged into it in one way or another, becoming part of it, inevitably, as I quoted in the part “The Intromission”. It has been many, many thousands of years with many similar experiences. Several other races with positive intentions, seeing this manipulation of Reptilians/Draconians, were also encouraged to do something similar. The positive forces observed and were already preparing for more direct interventions at this point. The Reptilian/Draco Alliance also began to create their own genetically modified dinosaurs in their laboratories, but more altered and violent. They developed dangerous weapons. And they began to use these animals in attacks on the systems of the worlds they wanted to invade. It was a big problem. Over the millennia, evolution continued and many developed into more humanoid reptiles, as they are now known, and there were a few without the genetic interference of reptilians/draconians outside of the planet. Others, already with immense interference, were violent, aggressive, domineering, and tried to dominate those who did not have such genetic interference because they were calmer and quiet.

My dears, it has been a period of great excitement in the experience. Many native humanoid reptilians, as well as billions and billions of dinosaurs still without their genetically adulterated animal expression (not all of them suffered this external interference), were fleeing to the interior of the Earth not to be captured by Reptilian/Draconian ships or those of their native species that had suffered genetic interference. It was a real “cat and mouse” hunt.

When the Light Forces began to intervene directly in this experiment, many of those who had not suffered genetic interference as well as those who had, were trying to hide in the caves of the Inner Earth throughout the world to escape. Yes, for the great Motherships of Light were already hovering around the planet to resolve these issues. By this time, the Reptilian/Draconian Souls themselves had already effectively projected themselves into the experience, assuming many bodies of dinosaurs.

My dears, many things have happened throughout this period. This is just a bit of what your linear minds can absorb from this point for the time being, for it is not just information. It is energy delivered together! I am taking you thousands and thousands of years on a spectacular journey, to take back more of your own history. Take a breath. Pull your breaths so that then I can continue and finish that part of my channeling. Breathe… Breathe… Breathe deeply…

Let’s continue. Dear Ones, your science tells us that this experiment was finished by a great meteor, as in your Wikipedia text itself says:

The most accepted hypothesis is that the meteorite found in the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, as it collided with the Earth and caused a large explosion, which instantly charred billions of animals, also raising a cloud of dust so thick that it blocked the sunlight and turned the planet into an extremely cold place, a weather event similar to the nuclear winter, eliminating almost all existing species of dinosaurs. Very few of them survived, and they were all aviaries, small and probably terrestrial, as the forests were largely destroyed by fires after the meteor impact, and only birds that did not depend on trees for food and shelter could have survived.

And here’s a revelation, for those of you who don’t know it yet. It wasn’t a meteor or a comet or anything like that that that collided with Earth. In fact, nothing like that caused it. It was one of the great Motherships of Light that were already acting more directly around the Earth to drive those energies and experiences away so that a new cycle could begin. At the request of the Higher Hierarchies, the mothership hovered over the main points and began the energization of the Planet to finish the “dinosaur experience”. As I’ve already reported, many have fled into the great caves. These beings, themselves, hurriedly dug big holes for days when they perceived these movements, because they sensed what was coming. By this time, as I have already said, the external Reptilians/Draconians were also completely infiltrated into the planet. Both they had their souls inserted in the bodies of the dinosaurs, tearing the souls of these animals and assuming their bodies (they had technologies for that), and they went down in their ships with their own physical bodies (the alliance of the Reptilians/Draconians that were interfering had physical bodies of 3rd and 4th lower dimensions). There was an invasion, really, and they chased the native Reptilians, so much so that many of the natives allied with the invaders fearing more retaliation.

The spaceships of the Reptilian/Draco Alliance, perceiving the intense activity of the Light Forces and the arrival of many Confederate Spaceships began to “retreat”, leaving even many of their members on the surface abandoning them completely. Those alliance spaceships trying to rescue “theirs” were shot down/prisoned by the Light Forces. There were many movements there, dear ones. Obviously, it wasn’t overnight. It took some time, but all this was just preceding the great action of a huge mother ship called the “Candent Star” and at its command, a great spirit that is known to you as Oxalá. This one was also known in other times as Francis of Assisi, Apostle John the Evangelist, Pharaoh Tutakamon, and was the chief of an Inca tribe established in Machu-Pichu. All these personalities are of this same spirit so familiar to you, and a great brother to you, Ashtar.

This large ship hovered over the Chicxulub region of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, releasing a simple drop of energy, which triggered a great meteor-like movement on the surface. It was a direct action of the Light Forces that ended that experience. Although some escaped to the surface, the experience itself, as it was, was completely finished. Even if some do not accept this information as true, I do not worry about it. I know from your hearts, I know you know The truth. This same mothership with this same leader that led you to the finalization of this experiment would return thousands of years later to hover over a region you know as “Lake Titicaca” located between Peru and Bolivia. There was no lake there, but the mothership released another drop of light causing a great explosion and a huge crater, forming the Lake Titicaca. This kind being followed instructions from the Higher Hierarchies to carry out the finalizations and restarts of certain experiments.

Floating Island on Lake Titicaca

My dear, beloved Souls, my dear family, I finish this part with great joy in my heart. Reread as many times as necessary and allow the rekindling of those memories in all of you that, as I have been emphasizing, are within each of you. You are aware of these truths. You have seen it all happen. It is within you. The information you are receiving here, for many, is unprecedented. Even for Neva, for the information, she had before said that this passage was completely a reptilian/draconian experience. She didn’t know about the reptilian sentient natives of Gaia – which is not wrong. She just needed to know what would complement the information she already had. (Neva: – I see Ashtar giving another wink with his eye, hehehe!) There are more things she didn’t know and that are being a “wow!” to her (smile). Neva is also surprised and grateful for the received information.

Until the next part of this message of mine, when I’ll bring up the topics “Sowing and the Native Souls of the Earth.”… And more!

That’s the truth.

And so it is.


Your brother,


For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Yudd Amorim

    This article has too many words and nothing to evolve our mind.
    We all need something that take us up, not down.
    If you read the Gabriel Lunar articles, you’ll never believe what he write, because he or Neva, guide the readers to worldliness.

  2. Frances Reid

    You have wow from me !! And so it is 😃❤️🌈

  3. Erik

    This mean, God want children back to the light, it is not important,, bad or good,, it is Bless of experience for All, for me keeping life and for other side come to the Light, Thanks,,,, I did not know that olso in this time, will have great experience ohne kontrol,,, interesting,,,many things thanks

  4. Hannah

    I love this there is destiny, we all made that choice to step on this plane. We took the ticket, without safe landing, excluded the parachute. We are incarnated, those that are aware and awake and not so blind about a false religion. We will conquer as one, so gaia, alone lives, breathes and remains one. We are gods, lost souls, and many are not in search for themselves because of there programming. To sum it up though, for someone like me Ive lived as an angel, Ive fought in war, Ive died of starvation. Flash backs bring it to my attention, how so ? Well, I cant explain it more than what Ive said. Simple you live and die. We are external. There will be a time we will fight and win in the end. Gaia is already making changes, global warming and axis shift. Well thats for a different time. Reading and observing more than you know. I see your making great choices for humanity, sharing and making it clear to everyone how we respect everyone’s belief, live in harmony with one another, uniting as a family here and many other domains. It’s beautfiul I love seeing all of this Ben.

    – Sincerely Han

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