My son’s experience about The Event

My son’s experience about The Event

The video is of my 14-year-old Son Valentino telling his experience of his recent teleportation to a massive platform mothership in our earth’s atmosphere – At the time of the Human Event…

Valentino was shown humanity’s future timeline for The Event ♥️!!!

This is his story!!!

Unfortunately to Everybody who was listening to the live call with me and Valentino, we apologize for the AI interference.

Facebook cut us off towards the end of the call, they shut us down when we were talking truth and they shut us down!!!

Also, my mobile phone, my cell phone completely switched off. It was very bizarre…

I think my phone was hacked as well…

This is what happens when children speak the truth because children are pure clear channels and they are censoring the children…

~ Valentino & Ria Aurora & Ash’Tar Ka’Ree

~ May 27, 2020 – Live video on Facebook:

~ May 30, 2020 – My son’s experience about The Event:

Ria Aurora

Galactic Warrior of Light

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