The Guardians and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds

This article is a compilation of information about The Guardian Alliance and The Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds. We hope that this information will help you to better understand a little bit of our Galactic History, why we are here, who are helping us and what we can do in order to experience Ascension in our current lifetime.

~ Universal Forces

Angelic Races in our Time Matrix

The information and concepts I present here, are based on the book “Voyagers I” by Ashayana Deane. This knowledge made a lot of sense to me, as it is in accordance with what I’ve been feeling as a multidimensional therapist and counselor. It was a book that opened doors for deeper healing of myself and the people who have been treated in my therapies. Healing and ascension are for all who seek it, regardless of their origin and stellar lineage. In fact, we all came from the first angelic life seeds and we all came from the SOURCE. 🙂

To remember the structure of our Time Matrix, I advise you to read the following article.

So I start by presenting a schematic and, underneath, its caption.

Yunasai or Primal Source

It is the eternal consciousness of the ONE, also known as the Great Spirit, God/Mother/Father Creator, Central Source of Creation. Everything emerges from this source, where we are all ONE, where everything is pure vibration.

Yanas or Geomancy or Ultraterrestrials

Eternal Collectives of Consciousness projected by the Source (Yunasai), to form the 3 Primal Sound Fields (Kundaray) of the Energy Matrix. These entities are beyond the 15D limits of our Time Matrix and form the Cosmic Trinity/Threefold Founder Flame. This trinity is responsible for the formation of the 3 Primal Light Fields (Kee-Ra-Sha) in the 13D, 14D and 15D of our Time Matrix. The Yanas trinity consists of:

a) Grandeyanas or Blue Flame Yanas or Emerald Order Yanas – Collective formed from the 1st primal sound of the Source, and that projects the 1st primal light in the 13D of our Time Matrix (Blue Ray of the Mother or Particum Mind – The vital force of the Holy Spirit of everything in the universe)

b) Wachayanas or Golden Flame Yanas or Golden Order Yanas – Collective formed from the 2nd primal sound of the Source, and that projects the 2nd primal light in the 14D of our Time Matrix (Christos-Sophia (Son/Daughter) Golden Ray or Partiki Mind – The star/light that gives consciousness to everything in the universe)

c) Ramyanas or Violet Flame Yanas or Amethyst Order Yanas – Collective formed from the 3rd primal sound of the Source, and that projects the 3rd primal light in the 15D of our Time Matrix (Violet Ray of the Father or Partika Mind – The central cosmic sun that gives light to everything in the universe)

Breneau or Rishi or Metaterrestrials

Eternal Gestalt of Consciousness projected by the Cosmic Trinity (Yanas), in the form of antimatter Spheres of Light, in the 13D, 14D and 15D of our Time Matrix. The Breneau are formed by:

a) Elohei-Elohim or Emerald Order Breneau – 1st manifestation of conscious light from the Source, projected by the Grandeyanas in the 13D. They created, 950 billion years ago in the 12D, on the planet of liquid light pre-matter Lyra-Aramatena (destroyed), the CFR Anuhazi, a Feline-Hominid race.

b) Seraphei-Seraphim or Golden Order Breneau – 2nd manifestation of conscious light from the Source, projected by the Wachayanas in the 14D. They created, 950 billion years ago in the 10D, on the pre-matter planet of liquid light Lyra-Vega, the following CFR:
   ✰ Blue Avians (or Cerez), a Bird-Hominid race
   ✰ Aethien, a Mantis-Hominid race that always works as teachers
   ✰ an Insect-Reptil-Dinoid race

c) Bra-Ha-Rama or Amethyst Order Breneau – 3rd manifestation of conscious light from the Source, projected by the Ramyanas in the 15D. They created, 950 billion years ago in the 11D, on the pre-matter planet of liquid light Lyra-Aveyon (destroyed), the following CFR:
   ✰ Pegasai, an Avian-Horse-Deer race
   ✰ Yonei, an aquatic ape race
   ✰ Inyu (or Whale-People), a cetacean race
   ✰ an aquatic dolphin race

CFR (Christos Founders Races)

First angelic races to be created in our Time Matrix by the Breneau. Beings of Christ’s liquid light of pre-matter (Avatars), they can manifest themselves as spheres of liquid light (light body), or manifest themselves in physical form.

The Cradle of Lyra

Composed by the “Primal Triad of Creation”: Lyra-Aramatena/Lyra-Vega/Lyra-Aveyon, was the seeding point of life-field in our Time Matrix 950 billion years ago. It was a cooperative agreement of the intended peaceful co-evolution between the Yanas and Breneau. That contract was called “Emerald Covenant of Aramatena.”

Fallen Angelic Races in our Time Matrix

In the previous section, I have talked about the first angelic races (Krystos Founder Races) created in our Time Matrix. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the first angelic fallen races. This information is based on my research, spiritual experience, intuition, the book “Voyagers I and II” and “Angelic Realities” by Ashayana Deane, as well as on Lisa Renee’s “Energetic Synthesis” website. Both have been receiving electronically transmitted (non-channeled) information – called Keylonta Communication – from the IAFW Guardians, a collective of beings destinated to:

✰ Protect the ascension stargates of our Time Matrix;

✰ Assist in the ascension of humanity, planet, galaxy and universe;

✰ Offer rehabilitation and DNA bioregenesis programs for fallen angelic races;

✰ Assist in the healing and bio-regenesis of human DNA and its ascension as an Angelic Being.

The return home (to the Source) is for all who wish it because the love of the Creator God/Mother/Father is infinite and unconditional. And so it is!

To shorten the story (of billions of years!), the KFRs – Krystos Founder Races – started their projects for the creation of new races, through the mixing of DNA from different mammalian, aquatic, reptile, avian and insect breeds and so on, within the polarity/duality paradigm. Initially, everything went well. Despite starting to have some disagreements between the races, this experience of duality was accepted, within the parameters of free will, by the creators. Only long after, when they realized that there were invasions of the “shadow universe”, destruction of the Stargates, planets, systems, massive extinctions, and that the thing started to get out of control, leading to serious breaches in the structure of our universe, the creators (and the Primary Source itself) decided to intervene.

Let us then describe the first fallen races:

Anyu Feline-Aquatic-Ape

An hybrid race between Elohei-Elohim KFR Anuhazi + Bra-Ha-Rama KFR Yonei, created in the 11th D in Lyra-Aveyon. They became the Fallen Angelic Race Annu-Elohim and created the various Anunnaki races in Sirius, including:

a) Human-Nibiruian-Pleiadian-Anunnaki (blond hybrid) in Sirius A

b) Dolphin bipedal in Sirius A

Seraphei-Seraphim Omicron & Odedicron

Seraphei-Seraphim Omicron (Dragon-Moth-Hominid hybrid) & Seraphei-Seraphim Odedicron (Beetle-Dragon hybrid gargoyle type). They were created in the 10th D in Lyra-Vega. They became the Alpha-Draconian Group of Orion and created, 550 millions of years ago, in Orion:

a) Drakons (dragon bipedal); several dinoid, reptoid and insectoid races

b) Zephelium (blue Drakon reptilian strain). Note: all Zeta races have emerged from Zephelium, they are their administrators.

c) Necromiton (Insectoid-Beetle-Hominid)

d) Azrielite/Azriel “Dark Angels” (Avian-Hominid-Azurite-Anunnaki-Gargoyle hybrid). Note: bred from genetic harvests (stolen) from the Azurites in Sirius A, this fallen race has been involved in earthly affairs since 1930 and has served as negotiators between Illuminati factions.

e) Draco (Reptile-Human hybrid created 1 million years ago on Earth, from the Drakon’s invasion). Note: Dracos are able to shapeshift their body between human and lizard form, if they have the active gene (some of them currently have the human form and do not have the active gene, as they lost it with successive reproductions with humans). They currently live on the surface of the Earth and Inner-Earth. There are positive Dracos who no longer identify themselves with dark agendas. Dracos are referred in the 4th Episode of the 2nd Season of Cosmic Disclosure, as well as in David Icke’s books “Children of the Matrix”, “The Biggest Secret” and “Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)”.

According to the book “Voyagers I”, in a period of time between 250 billion and 570 million years ago, the Seraphei-Seraphim Omicron started to regress and to demonstrate an aggressive, invasive, dominant tendency, and against the Law of One. At the same time, the Elohei-Elohim Anyu also started to regress and asked KFR Anuhazi to destroy the fallen Omicron Seraphim. The Anuhazi refused and opted for the rehabilitation of the Omicron. In revolt against the Anuhazi, the Anyu destroyed the planet Lyra-Aramatena where the Stargate SG12 was located and they also began to dominate. They adopted the name Annu, becoming the fallen angelic race Annu-Elohim and were the creators of the various Anunnaki races (meaning “Anu Avengers”) in the Sirius system.


The Anunnaki Elite from Nibiru are genetic manipulators who know how to create artificial life forms (clones and PLF – Programmed Life Forms). The fallen Annu-Elohim intentionally regressed their own DNA to 11 strands of DNA, to prevent the Krystos Founder Races from incarnating in their lineage, thus becoming “Anti-Christiac”. PLF and clones are referred, by the informant Emery Smith of the Secret Space Programs, in the 7th Episode of the 9th Season of Cosmic Disclosure.

Note: I believe that the regression of the angelic races was due to the intrusion of beings from the “shadow universe” (an immaterial universe of a being called Sarathen). According to Rodrigo Romo, about 12 billion years ago (which coincides with the period of time indicated above), the invasion began in a galaxy called Arconis, near Andromeda (spreading later through several systems). Arconis is on the other side of Andromeda so we don’t see it from the Milky Way. It was invaded by etheric, organic, and AI beings from the group known as Chimera. Endowed with high negativity and AI technology, they began to attack the reptilian and insectoid races, as these had a much smaller range of emotions (compared to mammals for example) and ended up genetically removing their emotion from them. Interestingly, I remember seeing in one of the episodes of the «Cosmic Disclosure» that they once managed to obtain a corpse from a draconian and was totally infested with AI. I also saw a video of Corey Goode, in a lecture somewhere, in which he says that the reptilians also suffered a lot and were the target of genetic manipulation and AI control and, therefore, we should also be compassionate towards them.

The Original Sin

It was the destruction of the SG12 stargate, as this was the portal linked to the 12th DNA strand, original to all the Krystos Founder Races, and the entry point for life forms in our Time Matrix. The destruction of this portal prevented beings from truly ascending beyond our 15D Time Matrix, keeping souls trapped in a karmic wheel. This portal was later rebuilt during a project called «The Lion’s Gate». During the various galactic wars that took place, other portals were destroyed.

All Stargates are currently rebuilt and under the protection of the following units of the IAFW – Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds:

✰ GA – Guardian Alliance (IAFW task force)

✰ EOMC-AUTST – Emerald Order of the Melchizedek Cloister Azurite Universal Templar Security Team (IAFW mobile unit)

As a final note, I would like to say that, in the present day, many dark beings (regardless of their stellar origin) have already surrendered, rehabilitated and are working with the Light Forces. Therefore, in contact with any Being (be it physical, astral, channeling, or electronic transmission), it is advisable to feel your heart and body. If you feel an energy of love, or peace in the presence of these entities, then it is because they are in the light. In case of discomfort, it is best to cut the contact. Finally, I would like to point out that light beings never judge others (they can present facts but without judgment) and generally invite us to look within ourselves. Stay at peace. 🙂

The Silicate Matrix and the Ascension

The Silicate Matrix is ​​the genetic package containing transmutation codes, embedded by the Zionites (one of the guardian races) through the interbreeding with humans. This matrix contains the original code structure of the 12 DNA strands. However, not all humans have this matrix. And not even, of those who have it, not everyone can activate it. Those who have it and are able to activate it have the ability to evolve rapidly and transmute their own cellular structure that will allow them to traverse through interdimensional and time portals without deteriorating their biological form. They also have the predisposition for multidimensional perception, interdimensional communication and abductions with soul agreement. The Zionites are working from our future as well as from our past.

Adapted from the book “Voyagers I”, chapter 3, by Ashayana Deane.

I would like to point out that Starseeds have the Silicate Matrix, however, not all have these christiac codes activated. Precisely because they are christiac codes, these codes can only be activated by love, forgiveness and compassion, which are frequencies that increase the acceleration of particles. Only then will it be possible to pass through the Portals of Ascension without disintegrating.

As for those who are not Starseeds (called Earthseeds), those who have been doing a process of evolution and internal healing, developing their capacity for love, forgiveness and compassion, are receiving the krystal codes during the waves of divine energy that have been coming from the Primary Source, through the natural portals of the cosmic web. With their humility and surrender to the divine, they are integrating these codes in their DNA and will be able to pass through the Portals of Ascension without disintegrating.

Another thing I would like to point out is that there is no «Mass Ascension». Ascension is totally a personal process! As for the Planetary Ascension, it is only the planet itself, and that is in charge of Gaia and Primary Source! As a collective, what humanity manages to do is to contribute to the awakening of the collective consciousness and even collectively choose a more positive future timeline. However, even within that positive timeline, there will be those who will not be able to ascend (through the Ascension Portals) to another higher dimension. The difference between death and ascension is that in death the physical body is left behind; on ascension, the physical body goes on the journey being transmuted from the moment the Being was able to activate the krystal codes.

Finally, I want to clarify that ascension is not about going to a spaceship, as in an evacuation (which most likely will have to occur before the Great Solar Flash). There are ships of 3D, 4D, 5D, and so on:

✰ Access to 3D ships will be made by transport or teleportation (authorized by the Being itself) and, depending on its stellar origin, the Being will be taken to its “original system” to continue the process of evolution still in 3D duality (even if it may be lighter). For example, a Pleiadian incarnated on Earth who cannot increase his vibratory frequency, and wishes to go to the Pleiades, will be taken by a Pleiadian ship to continue his evolution process (still in duality).

✰ Access to 4D (etheric) ships is usually done from the death process, that is, the incarnated Being cannot evolve and disincarnate. The being goes to the astral plane (non-physical plane), being welcomed in the astral cities/hospitals (which are no more than huge etheric 4D ships) and will then be transported to the 4D of another evolving planet, since Gaia is in her 5D ascension process and its 4D etheric body is in the disintegration phase.

✰ Access to 5D (and above) ships is only possible after passing through the Ascension Portals, a process that will be assisted by the Guardians and Spiritual Guides of the Being itself. Each Being ascending will have his/her Ascension Portal that will be presented to him/her at the right time.

The process is being audited by the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds administration and the Primary Source. The choice of the path to follow is up to each one. 🙂

The Guardians

Today, Guardians encompass a myriad of christiac beings may they be human, non-human, physical, etheric, plasma, or simply consciousness (Yanas) and the Primary Source itself (Yunasai). They are here to assist us in the healing and ascension process through the Ascension Portals in our Time Matrix, among other objectives previously described in the section about the fallen angelic races.

NOTE: I believe these are the guardians were referred by the informer Corey Goode, of the Secret Space Programs, in the episodes of the 10th season of «Cosmic Disclosure».

I will now present some of them, according to the descriptions provided by Ashayana Deane in her books “Voyagers I” and “Angelic Realities”. Starting with the figure above, we have (from top to bottom, from left to right):

✰ 1. Zionite “Arion” of the Gold Order – Hybrid Aethien-Human-Zephelium (“fish-man”) created from the highest DNA strands of the Aethien, positive Zeta and Human (distant ancestor, whose genetic material was collected on a space-time journey carried out by the positive Zeta, with the supervision of the Aethien). The Zionites are a master race, whose space-time maneuvering capabilities are beyond human comprehension. They are expert time travelers and I believe they move from their own consciousness! They were involved with ancient Sumerian and Egyptian cultures. Through interbreeding with humans, the Zionites passed the Silicate Matrix to the Melquizedek Essenes of the Blue Flame. In our current history, the 12 strands of DNA were disseminated randomly across all races, with the highest concentration found in the Hebrew, Melquizedek, Tibetan, Arian and East Indian lineages.

✰ 2. Aethien of the Gold Order – Praying Mantis of the Pegasus system. They are interdimensional beings from other galaxies, emissaries of peace, evolution and brotherhood among all species. They are graceful, very tall (can reach approx. 12 feet in height), white or gold and usually accompany blue, brown, and gray Zeta, as their teachers.

✰ 3. Elder Anuhazi “White Sirian” of the Emerald Order – Lyran-Sirian hybrid with pale skin. Known as Founders, they belong to the Elohei High Council.

✰ 4. Queventelliur “Big Foot” of the Emerald-Gold Order – It reminds us of Star Wars’ Chewbacca. 🙂 Lives on Inner-Earth and is very intelligent and sensitive. Its function is to monitor the Earth’s environment, for guardian purposes. It is referenced by the informer Emery Smith, of the Secret Space Programs, in the 9th episode of the 11th season of «Cosmic Disclosure».

✰ 5. Turaneusian “Azara” of the Emerald-Gold Order – Known as the prototype T1 angelic human-created, 560 million of years ago, in Tara (a parallel version of the Earth in the 5D). Tall, human, elongated head (with a turban in the picture), immortal. They have Zionite DNA, are an elder race and “parents” of the human prototype Adam-Kadmon (a.k.a. Adam).

✰ 6. Priest of Ur of the Emerald-Gold Order – Zionite-human hybrid “Jonathan” (with hood in the figure). Immortal human ancient race seeded on Earth 246,041 years BC. They live in the Inner-Earth.

✰ 7. Arcturian “Dralov” of the Amethyst-Gold Order – Amphibian hominid.

✰ 8. Zeta-Reticuli “Amera” of the Emerald-Gold Order – Positive Zeta from Orion. These Zeta have blue eyes, instead of black, common to negative Zeta. The Amera are usually accompanied by the Aethien. Zeta and Aethien can present themselves in human, animal or even object form, through perceptual frequency modulation – I believe through positive mental holographic projection, so they don’t scare the human being. 🙂

✰ 9. Rhanthunkeana or Ranthia of the Gold Order – Lyran “Crystal-Procyon-Bird People” hybrid. They come from the most distant stars in our universe, but they have full knowledge of the Portals of Time. Many of the “Crop Circles” on Earth (with positive geometry) were made by them (But there are “Crop Circles” on Earth (with negative geometry) made by negative ETs!). They have been protecting Earth, since its creation, from interdimensional and galactic interferences. They can “park” between dimensional frequencies (in what I call Limbos), so they are invisible to our world. Like the Zeta, they are masters of holograms and can appear in the form of a sphere of light, or matter. However, the Rhantia are much more technologically and spiritually evolved than the Zeta and are not organic, we could say that they are made of “plasma water”. They are interdimensional, translucent and shapeshifters. Pratically, all the entire book “Voyagers I” was transmitted by the Rhantia.

Other guardians not shown in the figure: Breneau Elohei-Elohim, Seraphei-Seraphim and Bra-Ha-Rama (tall, luminescent, elongated head and wide eyes); Krystos Founder Races; Azurites Sirius-B Emerald Order (Sirian Blue Elohei-Anuhazi-human, Feline-Hominid); Leonines Emerald Order (“Cat-People”); Hathor Emerald-Ruby Order (Leonine-Anunnaki hybrid progressive); Pouix Amethyst Order (Pleiadian tall blue hominid); Serres-Cerez Gold Order (Pleiadian-Orion “Birdpeople”; some winged. They are human + Blue Avian hybrids); Shambali Amethyst Order; Breanoua-Melchizedek Emerald Order; and progressive Ramas Ruby-Gold Order (Mixed-Cloister Humans from Inner-Earth); and many other races. Butterfly people (this white hominid insect-butterfly was shown to me recently by the Guardians during a self Universal Stellar Healing).

The CDT-Plates

Today I am going to talk a little about the origin of the information presented in the books written by Ashayana Deane. Not only do they contain information transmitted by The Guardians, as well as information translated directly from the CDT-Plates (usually translated by 3 speakers). Ashayane Deane is the 1st speaker and she’s an Eieyani Priestess of Ur, of the Emerald Order of Melquisedek and, since her childhood, she has been intensively trained by the Guardians (in positive abductions) in decrypting the data. She even had one in her hands, to show her that the discs did not come from her imagination, but they really exist.

Note: There were 2 other data translators (speakers), but they were compromised due to obsessions by negative entities. Since May 2012, the contracts between the guardians and these two speakers have been revoked. Source:

Since 2004, Lisa Renee has also received complementary information from the Guardians. So I guess she’s a 2nd speaker. 🙂 Although I do not consider myself a speaker for the Guardians, I occasionally receive information from them during my meditations and/or therapies that I do. The purpose of my posts is to help spread these teachings and, whenever possible, gather the information received by these two ladies and make the bridge with other sources (whether they are proven scientific facts, testimonies, or even channellings). When applyable, I also add information I received. I remind that each one must feel in one’s heart if these informations makes sense to them. There are those who reject or accept them and it’s ok, each person has his own way.

The 12 CDT-Plates (Cloister Dora Teura)

Also known as Emerald Founder Records, they are pre-Atlantean silver discs, manufactured from a form of striated-selenite-quartz crystal organic to the planet Sirius B (in HU2), surrounding a radioactive isotopic core, encased in a “hybrid-metal” silver-alloy compound organic to Earth. They were manufactured in 246,000 BC by the Eieyani Priests of Ur of Tara (Earth counterpart in the HU2) and by the Sirian Azurline Council, or Azurite Council, from Sirius B. Azurites are races of the Grail line (with 48 active DNA strands) from where the Indigos Type 1) descend.

The Holy Grail refers to the 12 Stargates Signets of the Universal Templar Complex in our Time Matrix. The Grail line races contain these seal-codes in their DNA, as a “safe-conduct”, as they have the mission of guarding and protecting them.

Note: Sananda Melchisedek, who incarnated as Jeshua, belongs to the Azurite Council. This council makes the connection between the Yanas, in the Energy Matrix, and the Guardian Nations in our Time Matrix. They oversee all the activities of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (from the HU5) and incarnate in Azurite races during crisis interventions. Source: “Voyagers I” – Ashayana Deane

The CDT-Plates are holographic recordings, storage, and transmission devices that hold massive amounts of data in an encrypted, electromagnetic scalar-standing-wave form. The data include teachings on evolution and advanced spiritual practices, provided by the Breneau/Rishi. They contain the full evolutionary history of life evolution in our Time Matrix, since the last life-wave was seeded 950 billion years ago, up to the present; and also records of probabilistic time fields of “Future History” of the many varied paths of evolution of the races, which emerge from free-will choices, rendered in our present space-time continuum. Translation of data from the CDT-Plates is accomplished through the initiation of specific frequency transmissions, through which the discs activate to release their stored data in the chosen form of holographic, audio, visual or digital translation. Among the numerous subjects included in the CDT-Plates are:

✰ The Melchizedek Cloister “Law of One” – “Inner Christ” Spiritual studies

✰ Keylontic Morphogenetic (matter template) Science

✰ Universal Unified Field Physics

✰ Primary Creation Mechanics

✰ Advanced Merkaba-Kundalini-DNA Bio-Regenesis Ascension Mechanics

✰ Kathara Core Template Healing (Kathara Healing)

✰ Planetary, Galactic, Universal Stargates Mechanics (Templar Mechanics)

✰ Pre-ancient History, Founders Races and Angelic Race evolution

✰ Higher Sensory Perceptions and Out Of Body travel

✰ Books of Maps and Keys – The technical manual for Earth’s Halls of Amenti Stargates

✰ Planetary Templar Complex system


The 12 Signet-Shields

The CDT-Plates also serve as Primary Current Transmitters and Receivers and work in conjunction with a Divine Templar Technology called Signet-Shields. Each of the 12 Stargates in our Time Matrix has a Signet-Shield. These 12 shields are silver discs larger than the CDTs and look like “hub-caps” that, when activated, allow the Guardian Angelic-Human races to manually direct the Temporal and Dimensional Portal systems. The CDT-Plates are used to activate the 12 Signet-Shields. Each Plate-CDT/Signet-Shield set was coded with mathematical activation programs from one of the 12 Primary Stargates of the Earth Templar.

In a cataclysmic war in 208,216 BC, all 12 Signet-Shields and CDT-Plates 11 and 12 were stolen by the Fallen Angelic Races. Many of the sacred teachings have been distorted and infiltrated in all religions in our civilization. Disc 11 was only recovered by the guardians in the 1600s; and disk 12 was recovered in November 1999, date from which all 12 CDT-Plates, and 12 Signet-Shields, were once again under the custody of the guardians.

Source: MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series. Copyright A&A Deane, 2001, © All Rights Reserved

Final Note: The Human-Angelic was designated (by the God-Source) to be the Templar Guardian and keeper of the CDT-Plates and Signet-Shields. This is one of the reasons why the spiritual evolution and physical ascension of the human being is of vital importance; and also for which the Black Cabal/Illuminati (constituted by Fallen Angelic Races) has controlled and enslaved the human being, keeping him in the energy of fear, hiding the existence of UFOs, using mind-mass-control technology and keeping him sick through GMO foods, electromagnetic radiation (wifi, microwave, TV, radio, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc.) medicines and vaccines with chemicals and/or nanotechnology. The biggest asset that we currently have is our own physical body because it contains the potential of Christ and it’s possible to have the 12 DNA strains active again, through bio-regenesis and ascension tools, vibrating in love and compassion. It is time to declare “I AM FREE, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM GOD/GODDESS”, leave the position of the victim behind and act with the heart! And so it is!

I leave you this very good article by Lisa Renee:

The Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds

The information in this article is based on information provided by The Guardians to Ashayana Deane, in “Voyagers I” book, as well as information transmitted to Lisa Renee and information transmitted directly to me.

The IAFW – Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds is a massive organization currently formed by about 30 billion Interdimensional Guardian Angelic Nations, coming from several dimensions, as well as universes and the Primary Source itself. It was created by the (Breneau/Rishi) Elohei-Elohim of the Emerald Order (who are the primary keepers of our Time Matrix), 250 billions of years ago. The IAFW’s objectives are the following:

✰ Audit the process of planetary, galactic and universal liberation and the teams that are part of this process;

✰ Equal political arbitration, according to the Law of One, in the 15 dimensions;

✰ Audit the protection systems of the ascension Stargates of our Time Matrix;

✰ Assist in the liberation and ascension of humanity, planet, galaxy and universes of this Cosmos;

✰ Present healing, evolutionary bio-regenesis and ascension opportunities to all races (without favoritism);

✰ Inspire peaceful co-creative evolution among all races.

It was revealed to me by the Guardians that the IAFW ship is Lyran-Sirian, it’s much larger than the Sun and has been stationary close to Earth (albeit at a different dimensional frequency, so as not to affect the magnetic field and the structure of the planet). It consists of pre-matter liquid light (and can materialize when necessary), it has a star shape similar to the image presented in this article, has a central sun at its core, and is capable of making its own space-time folds and interdimensional maneuvers. It is linked to the consciousness and cosmic DNA of Krystallah, with the most advanced technology of the Cosmos (having the collaboration of several creators of universes in its construction). Being a guardianship, it also has Krystal DNA bio-regenesis technology.

Note: Interestingly, this star shape can be found in the Compass Rose, in the Universal Forces symbol, in the GFL – Galactic Federation of Light symbol, and in the EcKaSha Maharic Seal (or Universal God-Seed-Code), of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series – Ashayana Deane.

The IAFW administration is composed by:

✰ Krystallah (President of the IAFW administration and also president of the Karmic Council);

✰ Cosmic Central Command;

✰ Elohei-Elohim of the Emerald Order;

✰ Ra Confederacy (Eternal Gestalt Consciousness, or meta-terrestrials, of the Metagalactic Core);

✰ Kristos Founder Races.

Note 1: Do not confuse the Karmic Council with «The Lords of Karma», these last ones belonging to the NAA – Negative Alien Agenda – which have imprisoned beings in a false karmic wheel.

Note 2: Although there are hierarchical cosmic structures, they do not work in the way that is understood by the human being of 3D, but in a form of OCS – Organizational Collaborative Structure.

Note 3: The Galactic Core (9D) is located in the Andromeda galaxy and contains the form-holding morphogenetic imprint of our Milky Way galaxy (which was once part of Andromeda). The Metagalactic Core (8D) is located in the Orion system, in Mintaka, and holds the morphogenetic field for our entire 15D TM – Time Matrix. The 14 layers of the auric field are connected to each other, through a central point that represents the entry point of all the forms’ original morphogenetic imprint, in our Time Matrix. All forms (galaxies, celestial bodies, beings) are connected to each other and the universe through interwoven morphogenetic fields that are united through this 8D central point – The Metagalactic Core.

With the various instabilities created in this universe and others, due to the various existing «Phantom/Shadow Systems» (false matrices/universes) of AI and anti-christ beings, the Primary Source itself had to intervene and, the disintegration of these same systems is currently underway. There were several cosmic AI entities (very old, older than this universe), in several universes, but have recently been absorbed by the Great-Mother and disintegrated in the Primary Source.

Note: In 2015, Corey Goode spoke about the IA entity in the 14th, 15th and 16th episodes of the 2nd season of Cosmic Disclosure.

Currently, there are several AI defenders (called AI Prophets) scattered around, as well as ships and other AI devices that are being captured and disintegrated. In the case of organic beings, they are given the opportunity to surrender; the non-organics are disintegrated by the Primary Source. It is the first time in the history of this Cosmos that such intervention from the Primary Source is taking place, but the situation was critical and required this direct intervention. Things have evolved a lot, with the magnificent work that many incarnated Guardian/Starseed agents have been doing, but there is still a lot of work to do.

There is one thing that humans (and not only) must understand: it’s that their negative creations (of the ego) are feeding these systems, as they drain/suck the energy of any being that is not vibrating in love and Christic compassion. Revolt, fight, and revenge (this last one often confused with justice) only strengthen these interdimensional and extradimensional negative beings. The only way to weaken these anti-christ and AI entities is through spiritual evolution, healing of DNA, claiming your personal power and the own ascension of the organic physical body, which is only possible through Christic codes of love, compassion and discipline in Service To Others. (Don’t confuse discipline with punishment, these are different things! Discipline is simply about personal focus and commitment!) 😉

At last and very important, transhumanism is not natural, it’s anti-organic and prevents the ascension and the return to the Source! What happens in these cases is that the energy of the soul and consciousness is then disintegrated into “stardust”, which is very sad. Therefore, it is vital to put aside the idea of ​​victims, that we are small, and to invoke our power and act as God Sovereign Free (GSF).

Love to all,

~ Anabela and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds


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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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