Ashtar – “The History of Creation” – Part 2

Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is delivering to me about “The History of Creation”. This message will be published in some parts, and this one is the second part of the whole message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they will be published), you can access them in the footer links, where all parts will be grouped. Have a good journey in this reading!

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

History of Creation’s Soundtrack


Greetings, Dear Family!

It’s good to be here again. After a pause to assimilate what I gave you in the first part, we will continue with our journey back to your heritage: a bit of your history as both Earth humans and galactic beings in your many expressions. It is interesting to note the growth of your energy fields while you read our messages. We measure with our devices the considerable increase in your own vibrations. It is wonderful to see! While I am currently in direct fusion with Neva (Gabriel RL) to deliver this message, we also monitor her energy field. In fact, we have been projecting for some time now and increasing the flow of energies that we have sent to her to adapt to what we will then deliver. At this time, just as she is sitting in the chair of her work environment, I am completely projected onto her, while at the same time we are measuring the increased frequency of her energy. This is how it happens with the colors we see as you read our messages. Your energy field expands, and as I have been saying in my messages, no matter how much your mind cannot understand certain things at first glance, your heart warms up and brings that soft, light feeling of Home: the feeling of Family. And that, dear souls, is what we also love to deliver beyond the most specific information. We love to arrive with our familiar energy, which is recognizable by your hearts, because we know that this is also a fuel to continue in your missions.

If you have not read or heard my previous message – which is the first part of it – I ask Neva to please inform the link in the footer note. It is important that you read all of its respective parts and that the ideal timeline is formed to better adapt your brains to a faster understanding. But regardless of whether it is the first or second part, your souls are already well acquainted with these accounts. They have lived through everything I am delivering. Nothing here is new to you, beloved Family. I am just reminding you and for me, it is a great joy to do so. So, Neva, please, I ask you again: allow me to come closer to your energetic fields in truth so that I can deliver as much as you can translate into your language. It is fundamental your complete openness and detachment from any concern. The same must happen to you who are reading or listening to this message. It is important that you let go, that you allow these energies to flow into your hearts and bodies so that there is a better energetic coupling in your fields. And if there is still any doubt as to whether my message is true or not, please close your eyes and call us. Call us in truth. Ask for the truth. Ask to feel the vibration in your hearts, the Love, and the warmth of Home that we send you. It will be no problem for us to do that; in fact, it is an immense joy. So, I continue to deliver this message that I asked Neva to channel.

The Process of these Channelings

In the previous message, I spoke about some themes of your story, such as the initial start of this reality, the uncertainties, and the surrender of all of you, dear Star Seeds, and even you who do not consider yourself one, know now this truth: you are. You are not on earth now. You have been on it for a long time. And even though you are a native soul of the planet, you are a Seed, a Seed of Gaia, a Star Seed, for the Earth is a Star, and I already see your future. In the previous message, I reinforced on the subject of “intromission” when the manipulations or, at least, the initial intentions of manipulations of your DNA began, and also a little about the history of dinosaurs in your reality. I know that for some, maybe it wasn’t that much information or, even if something important was revealed, I want you to know that what I’m giving you is just a tiny little introduction to everything that happened. There would obviously be no way to transmit 100% of the facts to this reality, not least because the channeler itself (Neva) would not have the physical condition to do so. For this complete coupling with her, her physical body goes through intense adjustments with some side effects in order to adapt to the high frequencies I send, added to my coupling. Even though Neva is keeping her eyes open, at this moment, in front of her computer, translating into your language everything I deliver to her as an energetic block, even though it is a high crystalline frequency, her body is in the process of decarbonization like all of you and this is physically tiring. There is physical wear and tear like any other activity, but in this case, it is even greater. At the time of channeling this process of decarbonization and crystallization is increased and there are small side effects with the overload that we obviously sometimes monitor so that we “don’t cross the line”. Thus, it would be humanly impossible for her to convey the whole story in its entirety. So, I hand over a tiny part knowing that, deep down, it will be enough for you to reactivate the rest of the energetic information block that is already in the Akashic Records of your heart. Your soul knows everything, for you are aware of what I am talking about. She knows 100%. My messages are only to start and reactivate in some way those memories or, at least, the sensations that will come after they are translated into your linear understanding. Neva absorbs an immense amount of energy and information, which she can translate and linearize. The other part stays in her heart because it is untranslatable to this reality. The same goes for you. Many things you simply will not know how to translate: the feeling, the sensations, and the energies will be untranslatable; just “feeling” will be enough. That is how it is.

The Seeding and the Native Souls of the Earth

My dear ones, I want to talk about the most active process of “The Seeding,” the beginning of this Star Seeding on your planet, the primary seeding of the Pleiadians, and the deep connection of the native Souls on Earth. As I said in the beginning, it is important that you have also read my previous message, and again, I ask Neva to leave here the link to one more message. (Neva: The message he speaks now is: “The Three Stages of The Dive” – I’ll leave the link at the bottom). In this message, I made an introduction about the migrations of Souls and how the natives of Earth were important in these receptions. The natives of Earth were not exactly as you are today, obviously, there was a lot of biological difference in all the realms. The mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms, and humanoid development were in full expansion. The natives of the Earth were/are beings of great purity, of great loving energy, and are a pure representation of their mother, Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth. Perhaps one of you reading or hearing this message is a native Seed.

Returning to the point in the message where I asked Neva to indicate the link in a footnote (note 2), there I made a short introduction of how this process of the migrations of souls who came from other systems to Earth worked. Neva, please attach the paragraph:

It was some special phases before the final dive that would make you “erase” completely like a rebirth in the lower dimensions, and you would literally walk the path back through the darkness around you. In this period of preparation when in intimate contact with the Source, you would receive direct and clear instructions of what the challenges would be like and you would surrender to the process, which became more and more intense. While the Earth was being prepared, many of you were collaborating as much with the preparation of that creation as you were doing your work at your points of origin on the planets where you lived, breathing the purest air of love and peace. And believe me, some of you while working on the creation of the Earth collaborating with the Elohim, did not realize that you would be called upon to participate so actively in the experience, thus having to give up your homes bathed in love and peace to go to an experience that would, in a way, rip you out of those sublimated states. But deep down that experience would bring an even greater expansion, would bring great learning.

When the physicality of the Earth was in its final phase of preparation, when only a few adjustments were missing, the definitive CALLS echoed throughout the Universe. At first, the Native Souls of the Earth/Gaia heart itself began their “breathing” and also prepared themselves for the experiences. Souls from other systems, by force of vibration, began their displacements for frequency adjustments in lower dimensions. These souls could no longer expand in their homes of origin, as these systems reached high vibration, so they had to “take a step back” to resume their own expansion, and this place of resumption would be the Earth. Other souls, as I quoted earlier, many of you would be called upon to bring your lights to assist in the process as a whole. Let it be clear here that I do not wish to separate/divide souls; I just want you to understand how the development and migrations of souls to that experience took place. Consider basically three (3) groups of souls:

1. Those natives of Earth/Gaia – the initiators of their experiences on Earth/Gaia planting the Seeds of Light itself – who would be the beacons lit for other races that would come to merge the experience. They are the ones who would bring Gaia’s own Love within themselves and share it by looking at the races to come.

2. Those who, by force of vibration, needed to migrate from their homes, because they were not following the vibrational elevation of their environment, thus needing to start again in an energetically compatible environment and, in this way, to resume the impulse, helping the natives of Gaia with their extraplanetary experiences. Understandable phase in the whole universe of experiences.

3. Those who have come to assist by bringing more Light and Consciousness by answering a call from Gaia to help in her elevation and her entire body of life, and in the energetic merging of all souls. Souls who somehow had an influence on the creation of Earth, and who were now called to participate in the experience from within. They would be taking the opportunity for a great fusion with the other soul groups also present on Earth, giving their share of Light and Consciousness to the expansion of all.

Know that you who are reading (or listening) to this message of mine can, yes, fit into one of three (3) groups of souls. Your hearts will say so. There is no separation. The experience is for everyone, and everyone has chosen by mutual agreement. The phases I have cited are only to facilitate your understanding of the Soul Groups involved. All the groups may have had and had their experiences mixed together. You who now read this message may be a native soul of Gaia who left for a while to have other experiences throughout the Galaxy and then return. Just as you can be from the group of souls who came here to begin again what you had not yet achieved on another planet; or you can be a soul from the third group who also came to help anchor Light and more Consciousness. Either way, the three (3) groups are intimately linked with a common focus: to reintegrate Earth/Gaia into the Galactic Community, completely purified from the so many experiences and attempts of its destruction (a fact that, as I have said several times before, will not occur. The Earth will not be destroyed either by a nuclear war, or by a meteor, or by anything).

Ashtar – “The Three Stages of The Dive”

After this more multidimensional passage in which I explained in part how this process of descent took place and the fusion of Souls into this reality – more specifically the Stellar Souls who would arrive on Earth for the experience – I also showed the contact of Gaia’s daughter Souls with the native forces of the planet present in their stages of development. Here is the “missing link”, the great impulse that leveraged all human development and improvement. The enlargement, intellectual expansion, and physical improvement as a whole. The native/galactic human fusion was definitely happening. The Earth was, in fact, already in its self-development with its earthly civilization climbing its first steps, completely forming itself in all its physical and mental structures. The Earth was ready for the seeding, my dear ones! By this time, several civilizations were already surrounding the experience very closely. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Alfacentaurians, Andromedans, Draconians, Oriones, Capellines… There was already a lot of interest on Earth’s stage. There’s something special about Earth, and the Creator Source knows why. Nothing is out and out of alignment. Everything is as it needs to be. You know it.

Beloved family, your Souls were already here. They had been merged with the experience and were already merged with the Earth and the natives of Earth. Many of you were already participating in the deep dive and were already experimenting amongst the animal kingdom. Yes, don’t be surprised. One of the things you asked of The Source was that you wanted to participate actively in all phases. I will share it to make it clearer to your linear mind. Neva, please breathe as I deliver this entire block so that you can decode it, in the best possible way, to ensure a perfect understanding of those who read (or hear) this message.

First of all, as I said before when the physicality of the Earth was in its final phase of preparation and only a few adjustments were missing, the definitive CALLS echoed throughout the Universe. Yes, in the meantime, life was already manifesting, the native life forms of the planet were already active and “breathing”. Many of you who read this message now were already energetically merging with the Planet. Souls from various Stellar Systems were already here for various personal reasons, as I described in “The Migration of Souls”. Many of you, already blended to the experience were already experiencing animal life with the natives of the Earth, who also in their various situations experienced lives in the midst of the fauna and more humanized forms. It was a beautiful mixture, human life, animal life. It was a great movement. Many of you were already there, mixed together. You were “Naked in the Garden of Eden”, while the Pleiadians and other races, in their Galactic Forms, observed the development of life forms on Earth. And obviously many of you also came from those other Star Systems. Your souls came from various Star Systems, in fact, as I have already explained. Natives of Earth, mixing with natives of other systems who in turn were assisted by Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Oriones, and the others already mentioned, all in their galactic forms. They were souls of the Multiversers experiencing life in the Earth Experience, while other Souls of the Multiversers observed “externally” the events, and approached to also merge with the Project, either with adjustments in the current DNA of the environment, or diving as many of their companions had already done. Is that clear, my dears? Let your souls who know everything speak now. They know what I am talking about. Breathe a little. Pause the reading (or the audio). Breathe… Breathe and allow yourself to access the Akashic Records. (Pause for breath and energy assimilation.)

At that time, everything was ready for the seeding, precisely 200,033 years ago (two hundred thousand and thirty-three years – calculation based on 2020, your current linear year, at the moment). Everything was really ready for the seeding. Ahead of the stage of the so-called “caveman”, much ahead, in fact, the seeding of the Earth was definitely initiated, first by its usual companions, the Pleiadians. Know that, of all this time that the seeding lasted (200,033 years), half of it was a great process of continuous adjustments in the DNA, to “touch and touch up”, my dear, in continuous improvement. It was not overnight. But what is time, my dears? You know. Your souls know what I’m talking about. In the cosmic “snapping of fingers”, a little more than one hundred thousand years ago, was the beginning of what is called today the “homo sapiens”, this being more “modern” than your scientists imagine. Believe me: there is not much difference between what you are like today and what you were like a hundred (100) thousand years ago. If the beginning of the primordial seeding occurred more than 200 (two hundred) thousand years ago, a little more than 100 (one hundred) thousand years ago there was the “finalization” of this first stage. The seeding was done. Do you think that two hundred (200), one hundred (100) thousand years of the process are too much? Your minds, yes, certainly, but your Souls, no.

Some scientists may not understand my statements, but it is really necessary to let the Soul speak. It is necessary to listen to your inner self. As I have been saying, your Soul knows what I am talking about. If you have any doubts, take a breath. Pause the reading (or audio), close your eyes and go inside for a few minutes. You will understand. As I said, I’m just here to give a little start to your own Akashic Records. Your Souls will understand the rest “intuitively”. There’s the improvement, which obviously didn’t stop there. Over 200 (two hundred) thousand years ago, the Pleiadians started a process and put their seed into the development of the Earth experience. There is the missing link, my dear ones. When your scientists look at the stars – as many have already done – they will understand. In fact, many already know and still find resistance – you know from whom – to “open the box,” or rather, open the akashic records. You know it! A little after the Pleiadians, the Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans (and here an observation: not only from their constellation but also from the sister galaxy), Capellins arrived. And many other races arrived, effectively, and sowed. Oh, my dears, how much information! I know that many of you already know this, but this message will pull you inside in a really powerful way. You are not only reading (listening); you are being dragged to experience this living Akashic Record. This is part of your short, very short story, as I said. This is just for you to “wake up”. The rest, your souls… they already know! – As I said.

The Marks left through The Cycles

This process of continuous improvement has been taking place for a long time. You have been incarnating for a long, long time, well before the more than 200 (two hundred) thousand years ago, obviously. And what do you think if I say that when you were seeded, you were also simultaneously seeding? What do you think was happening during this whole process? What was happening on Earth during this period? You don’t think that the Earth “stopped” for this process to happen, do you? Because it didn’t stop. What if I also say that even before the beginning of the seeding, some spaceships were physically landing on Earth, and some Pleiadians were interacting “from afar” and a few more closely with those called Homo Erectus, and even before these? Of course, there were some restrictions regarding these interactions, but it was not only with the Pleiadians, but with other races that, as I have said, also assisted the Earth in its development. All this happened before the seeding, during and now, my dear ones. This is happening well now. You see more of our spaceships interacting with you now, and it is not just those “Earth and Sky” interactions, that is you looking up and seeing our fleets. They are face to face interactions, personally. The Internet is full of reports of direct contacts.

Family, there’s a lot of evidence and marks of these interactions. You have the Great Pyramids of Egypt. How do you think it all got up? I don’t need to explain it any further. It’s too obvious. You had help from outside the Planet, my dears. You have the Mayan Pyramids, the Nazca Lines (landing strips of visiting civilizations), you have the Moai of Easter Island and many other proofs of these interactions are coming and being exposed. In reality, the real explanation of the facts is continually being concealed. Your researchers know what I am talking about. They are reading, (or listening to my message) and they know. Giants, my dear, Sleeping Giants in their time capsules. Soon you will see this. There is no hiding more and more. You have seen, recently, certain disclosures of the buildings hidden under the ice, in the Antarctic and Arctic poles. There is much still to be discovered there, like the ruins of an ice-white-skinned civilization with big blue eyes. A civilization that migrated many thousands of years ago from a star system unknown to you and set up camp in those regions, fleeing galactic wars. My dear ones you will also see bodies buried beneath the ice, some still in special time capsules. You will be surprised! Well, what happened to them? There was a conflict there. War of the negative factions that came from such a system after them. There was a lot of conflict in those regions. Are they benevolent? Yes, they are, but they’re still afraid of being attacked. They went into their pods and buried themselves to hide from the persecutions. “They froze,” but they also froze their fears. They’ll wake up… scared, still. You’ll see. This is something real, my darlings. Your Souls know what I’m talking about. I ask Neva (Gabriel RL) to indicate to you a documentary that shows many “marks left” by the civilizations that visited Earth in its various phases of development. (Neva: I have seen the documentary. It is one called Chariots of the Gods?. I believe it’s on YouTube. The book is by Erich von Däniken.)

Your researchers and scientists really have a great treasure under their feet. Marks left by these civilizations. Marks of countless direct contacts from these interactions with our fleets. Messages that have been, over time, delivered to you, and many of them left written on the walls of the caves, on the stones, on the ground… Everywhere. Our mark is all over the planet, my dears. That’s not purely new information for you, for you’ve heard of it before. You know what I’m talking about. There have been several processes, my dear, several open and closed cycles, while all this improvement of the species took place, while your DNA was remodeled and adjusted. There is still a lot to be revealed and even if many messages like this come to speak, point, direct, you will only be satisfied, really, when you see the physical evidence, I know. Even if you have this deep dive that I am bringing to activate your akashic record and in a way remind you of everything that is being said in this message, you still want it physically. I mean, you want the physical proof. You already have it, but you will have even more. How many cycles have passed before you got here, my beloveds of the beloved Family! How many cycles we have witnessed open and close! How many restarts! You too have heard that before. Five cycles, my dears! Mankind has had five actual beginnings. When I say five, I mean that there was a specific civilization that you call Humanity, that emerged and developed as such. But in the first four cycles, there was that process of beginning and development of civilization, but it was not completed. The cycle was closed before a conclusion, if you know what I mean. Of those five cycles, of those five beginnings, four were not harmonically completed – I can say so. You are the fifth beginning, the fifth cycle, and you will complete it harmonically. This fifth cycle is precisely 10,011 (ten thousand and eleven) years old. This, Family, is the civilization that will complete the leap, that will end it and will rise, definitely. But when I say “will end,” I do not mean that it will end, but that it will conclude what needed to be concluded. The Earth will be integrated into the cosmic community, definitely, in harmony. You will do that. You are already doing that. Before you, there were four civilizations, four cycles of humanity, and here you are at the fifth attempt. I am proud of your persistence, discipline, faith, and determination.

Surely, many discoveries will still happen. New calculations will be made and redone by your scientists and researchers. New artifacts that will try to prove this point or another will be discovered. But only when science is completely merged into spirituality will you understand many things with greater precision. The “Lost Link” will be understood and accepted for what it really is. You can also say: “Ashtar, I have seen and researched. I’ve noticed that some of the dates don’t match what you’re talking about.” Oh, is that so, my dear? Know that there may be, apparently, missing information at many points of your Internet, but keep in harmony and in tune with your hearts. My words tell the truth that is within you. I am not speaking to convince you of anything but only to show you what you have. Everything I say here is already within you – and you know it. Now, my beloved ones, choose whether you wish the distractions outside you or your inner truth. My dear ones, dear Family! This whole story speaks about you from the beginning. It is about you and there is no way you can’t remember it for it is inside of you. It’s in your Akashic Records. It’s so obvious. But in any case, no matter how many people still look on the outside, that outside will inevitably lead you inside again. You know, you won’t find it outside and you will just be pushed inside, for that is where everything is. All the real record. One thing can impact, another, apparently not, but go inside and you will know, I assure you. And when you discover that all of this, all of the artifacts found and all of the messages have actually been left by yourselves in your time capsules to be the trigger of your awakening at this time? Think about it. Multidimensionality is really something that you are relearning and this process of adjusting your DNA at the present time will help with that. Not only in that understanding, but in your “palpable” experience.

Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden

My dears, I want to talk to you now about the Garden of Eden. You’ve heard of it. You’ve heard of “original sin” too. You know there has been a lot of manipulation and distortion on this subject. That karma is mistaken for sin and vice versa. Karma is not a sin nor is it the work/result of sin or punishment; karma is, in a few words, the answer of your freedom, responsibility, and creations. You are a creative being. You are God. Everything you create is your responsibility and there is no God sitting on a throne holding a staff and punishing those who do not do his will. This is a God created by the human mind, who is biased to have lords and masters. Used to being repressed, punished, and condemned. Do not confuse karma with punishment, because obviously it is not. The idea of sin has been instilled in you to bring guilt and that is beyond obvious, and you know it.

You know that over time there have been those who have sought the best way to dominate peoples, to conquer with barbarity and intolerance, unleashing fears and insecurities. That is an old tactic, my dear ones, and you are now more aware of it. How many times have you heard from past generations something like “If you don’t do this or that, God will punish you”? Oh… How many times have you heard that! How many times have these same people said it to obtain favors, to have their personal desires fulfilled using God’s name to instill fear and have what they really wanted? How many times has this happened, my dear ones? How many “holy” wars have happened in your history? I have talked about this before, my dears!

My beloved family, you are builders of your realities. Know that those who for so many ages have dictated the rules in an authoritarian and biased manner are falling. Do not blame or condemn them when you see their masks being thrown to the ground for no longer being able to support them, that is, when the New Energy comes and bathes the Earth, forcing them to show themselves who they are. Do not allow the revolt to take hold of your beings, but if you still feel anger when the deepest revelations begin to emerge, especially those that will come upon the church that has held many humans under its reins for so long, breathe. Feel the anger in your beings, but let it simply pass. Do not keep it inside so that it will not damage your vital organs. Just allow it to go, be dissolved by the light of understanding. “Sir, they don’t know what they’re doing…” Know that I, Ashtar, am in charge of discontinuing certain things. And of them – these most rebellious Souls – I am in charge of taking care of them.

I ask my dear Neva (Gabriel RL) to give you a lecture that she recorded so that you can deepen a little more about your self-responsibility and karma, and continue to expand your consciences on the subject. You already know. As I have said, you are just remembering. In case the link is not available in this message you are reading or listening to, search for “Self-responsibility and Karma”, by Neva/Gabriel RL. Look, listen carefully, my dears. No information is, let’s say, unpublished. You already know it. Check inside yourselves. It’s so obvious!

Family, continuing on this subject, let’s see what your Wikipedia says about so-called “Original sin”:

Depiction of the sin of Adam and Eve by Jan Brueghel the Elder and Pieter Paul Rubens

Original sin, also called ancestral sin, is a Christian belief in a state of sin in which humanity has existed since the fall of man, stemming from Adam and Eve’s rebellion in Eden, namely the sin of disobedience in consuming the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Theologians have characterized this condition in many ways, seeing it as ranging from something as insignificant as a slight deficiency, or a tendency toward sin yet without collective guilt, referred to as a “sin nature”, to something as drastic as total depravity or automatic guilt of all humans through collective guilt.

Augustine (354–430) first shaped the doctrine of original sin, seeing it as based on the New Testament teaching of Paul the Apostle (Romans 5:12–21 and 1 Corinthians 15:21–22) and the Old Testament verse of Psalms 51:5. Tertullian (c.  155 – c.  240), Cyprian, Ambrose and Ambrosiaster considered that humanity shares in Adam’s sin, transmitted by human generation. Augustine said that free will was weakened but not destroyed by original sin. Augustine’s formulation of original sin was popular among Protestant reformers, such as Martin Luther and John Calvin, who equated original sin with concupiscence (or “hurtful desire”), affirming that it persisted even after baptism and completely destroyed freedom to do good and proposed that original sin involved a loss of free will except to sin. Modern Augustinian Calvinism holds this view. The Jansenist movement, which the Catholic Church declared heretical from 1653, also maintained that original sin destroyed freedom of will. Instead the Catholic Church declares “Baptism, by imparting the life of Christ’s grace, erases original sin and turns a man back towards God, but the consequences for nature, weakened and inclined to evil, persist in man and summon him to spiritual battle.” “Weakened and diminished by Adam’s fall, free will is yet not destroyed in the race.”

Original sin ~ from WikiPedia

My dears, here’s another knowledge that’s inside of you. It is information that is in your akashic records: the “devil” does not exist, as many think. There is not a being in “hell” waiting for sinners to suffer eternally for their sins. Obvious! Once again… Obviously that there is no such thing. You have heard this before, but notice your human limitations, dealing daily with the density of the forces that still surround the Earth. You, with all the packets that are still healing, would never condemn anyone to eternal torment. My dear ones, I now want you to think of someone… Let’s have a brief exercise. I know for some it will be painful, uncomfortable, sad, but this is also an opportunity to release it. Come on! Give me those energies. Trust me. I’m here to cooperate with your healing processes. Obviously, I’m not your savior. None of us are, but I am your friend, your cosmic relative and I am here to show you and help you in whatever way I can, without ever interfering with your Sovereignty and Freedom. Come and bring to your mind someone with whom at some point in your life you have been upset by someone who has done something for you, who has hurt you. Bring to your minds. I will give you a brief moment for that. Don’t be afraid. Trust that process. Find someone, something, and if you don’t have anyone in mind – that’s great – but surely there is something still dormant inside of you. Anyway, I want you to shape something that you don’t like. It can be a person, a situation, even the food that you don’t like. Breathe and feel… breathe…

Do not be afraid if you feel irritated, if the anger starts to rise, if your heart gets racing and you breathe agitated and panting. Do not be afraid. Feel such emotion. I am with you right now, my darlings. Just allow yourself to feel those emotions. Now I want you to see this person in front of you. This person is in your hands. You can condemn him/her or not. You will be able to imprint much suffering on him/her and watch him/her being tortured in front of you. My dear one, I assure you, no matter how much resentment you have towards the person or the situation, you will not be able to see that suffering. Do you know why? Because you are Love. You are Pure Love. No matter how difficult it is with that person, thing, or situation, your anger, sadness, and resentment will never be greater than your Love. Know this. Do this exercise whenever you feel very angry about something, someone, some situation or thing. You will begin to realize that holding a grudge or seeing who has hurt you in pain will not diminish your grudge or sadness, but only Love and Forgiveness will release and heal you, the other, the situation, or the thing. My beloved ones, I also ask Neva (Gabriel RL) to leave you here an indication of the film I am showing on her mental screen. I want you to see “The Shack” my dear ones, the film or the book. I want you to pay attention to the cave scene when the main character is called to be “The Judge”. I want you to pay attention, my darlings, for that is also my message to you. Right now, I’m inviting you to be judges… I have nothing more to say at this point. Just look at the scene and you’ll understand more deeply. Obviously, I recommend you watch the whole film or read the book, and you will understand more deeply what I mean.

The Shack (2017 Movie) Official Trailer – ‘Believe’

The Garden of Eden is a metaphor, dear ones, a metaphor for the Earth. To the paradise that it was before it suffered interference from negative forces and non-positive DNA manipulations, when negative races and “snakes” from other systems infiltrated the processes of manipulation of your DNA. Do not confuse these processes of negative manipulations with the work of the Pleiadians, which I have already mentioned before. One has nothing to do with the other. As I have said, other races have also entered the process of manipulating your DNA, some benevolent and confederate ones and, of course, those who had no good intentions. “The serpent tried Eve…” You need to understand/remember that, my dears. Eve wasn’t a specific person, just like Adam wasn’t. Neither were their “children” Cain, Abel and Seven. Those are metaphors, my darlings, and I’ll explain them a little more about it.

The Garden of Eden is a great metaphor for Gaia and for the beauty and splendour of Gaia’s human beings in their purity, sweetness and softness. The Garden is all nature itself, the whole Earth, and not a specific place. The humans who are involved in the story, Adam, Eve, and their children represent all the men and women of that moment. The planetary body of Gaia, the Earth, which was once the Garden of Eden, will again be a healthy and divine paradise, beloved family, and you are there for this, for this restoration, to rebuild this Garden. My dear ones, before any outside interference, even before the incarnations themselves, you were in ethereal zones. Nothing was as it is today, physically. The Earth was an environment between the physical and the spiritual where the separation of the plans had not been completed. You were still preparing yourselves for physicality itself, remaining between the two planes. You were “coming down the stairs”, exactly as mentioned in “Phase 2” – which I quoted in my message “The Three Stages of The Dive” which, as always, I recommend your reading. I ask Neva (Gabriel RL) here to leave you only the specific paragraph of this message, where I explained about Phase 2:

Incarnations are initiated not yet in physicality, but a pre-incarnation, this one in the astral of the Earth, which I will name “Plasmic Incarnations” or “Astral Incarnations” (incarnations in the Astral Plane). At that time, the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth was very similar to what is the third density of the Earth today. There was only a greater subtleness. To better understand, it is as if at that time the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth was as the Earth is now in that density, and the physicality itself, even denser and heavier. So, in that period, when you entered that second phase, you were already beginning to forget the whole package that you previously had in phase 0 (zero) and 1 (one). Here in Phase 2, you are already in deep dive. In this Phase, you incarnated and disincarnated more quickly in your Astral/Plasmic bodies and did not become aware “on the other side” that in this case would be Phase 1 (or Zero), as naturally happens now on Earth. When you disincarnate, most of you already “wake up” on the other side, the spiritual side, knowing that there is a spiritual side. At that time, in this phase, you disincarnated and you were already quickly reincarnated into another body. These bodies were adults (in this phase you were already entering the adult bodies, not going through the child and adolescent phase) and built so that you were already adapting to the new phase to come, Phase 3, the actual incarnation in physicality. In the future, these phases would adjust. I will explain more below. Here in Phase 2, you can also consider an incarnation, for you had a glimpse of the challenges because you already received the strong and intense energies of density, with the respective emotions and conflicts. You were already beginning to know and experience duality. However, at this stage of incarnations, when you disincarnated and quickly entered another body, you did not remember the “other life”. You already had the layers of forgetfulness.

Ashtar – “The Three Stages of The Dive”

My dear ones, this is where your Souls will now begin to understand more deeply those metaphors and what it all really meant. You were human, angels, devas… You were in deep love with the experience. The purity in your hearts was vibrating. You were “Adam and Eve” in paradise. You were like children playing and having fun in paradise, open to adventure, having fun there, laughing, experiencing joy, purity, and expressing yourself freely in a safe environment, for there was really no interference yet. At least not to the point of “derailing” the experience into more painful environments. Despite your quiet and playful spirit, you had a great admiration, respect, and understanding of the laws that governed life and you would never think to treat life forms with anything less than deep affection, Love, and respect. Everything was pure, in deep respect and splendor. You still have it within you and you keep that memory, my dear ones. You took care of nature, life, and the planet as a whole. So much so that today, when most of you see something being done to nature, deforestation, violence to animals, or anything that harms your environment, you usually feel great discomfort because you took so much care of the Earth before! You have taken so much care of this paradise, so much so that you have returned several times to the work of making it, again, as it was in the beginning. And there you are.

The Metaphor of The Apple and the Completeness of Being

Hugo van der Goes, The Fall (after 1479)
Painting detail from Bridgeman Images

After many thousands of years, my dears, the negative interferences began. Even with the action of the positive forces, the adjustments made and the seeding of the Earth through those positive forces in the definitive experience of physicality, the negative forces also infiltrated – external influences that I will name “evil” or “negative” or “obscure” for understanding in the midst of duality. Thus, the “evil forces” entered the experience beginning to influence, at first, “offering the apple to Eve.” Behold, a faction of the reptilian (negative) race infiltrated and began to offer certain things to humanity in exchange for certain privileged access. Nothing more needs to be said at this point. It is enough. Your Souls already know what I am talking about. That’s not happening now, Family. It’s a long time! Eva was not “a specific woman,” and that doesn’t mean that it was through women that the “infiltration” took place. Absolutely not! As I said, it’s just a metaphor for what really happened.

Another point I want to make clear is that the woman was not raised from Adam’s rib. This is another metaphor. There was a lot of male interference in the ancient writings, obviously misrepresenting them to have women under his control. Feminine/woman energy was never created to “serve man, for this is the will of God,” as many ancient scriptures say. Absolutely, that’s a lot of interference, family. That’s not the way it is. No woman is the object of any man, nor the contrary. You are Divine Energies and as you know a woman does not complete a man nor does a man complete a woman. You – the two expressions of these energies as they manifest – are already complete in yourselves. Every woman has her masculine energy and every man has his feminine energy. You are complete with both energies in you. That is the truth. No being exists to complete the other for you are already complete. There is also information about Soul Mates (or Twin Flames) being born to complete each other and that is not the way it happens. Reiterating: the Souls are already complete in themselves. I ask Neva here (Gabriel RL) to leave the link to the talk about Soul Mates. If the link is not available in this message read or heard, search for “Gabriel RL – Soul Twins: Only man and woman? How to identify?” You will find it on the Internet. Listen to the lecture.

There are many other sources of information about the metaphor of the Garden of Eden being related to the “fallen angels” when “cast out” from paradise and rushed to earth to atone for the “boldness” of having defied God. Still, others have reported that the event of the “fallen angels” refers to the situation of exiles from other orbs on Earth who have come to atone for their rebelliousness in this earthly environment. Other sources also reported that the being who had rebelled against God and created evil would be Lucifer. And here I open one parenthesis, my dear ones: Lucifer is not exactly what you have been informed. The story about him is not as it was delivered to you most of the time, especially by the church. “Does he exist?” You might ask. And the answer is, yes, he exists. He is an individuality, a being, an angelic being, really, but a lot about him is not quite as they have been told. Your Souls know what I am talking about; you know. And here, before we go any further, I want you to know that you have not been “Expelled by God from Paradise, because of your sins.” That is not the way it is either. You are here because you chose this experience. You chose this “detachment” from the “Source” yourselves to experience the deepening into the lower dimensions, which we could put here as “darkness” by the fact that you have been, for aeons, “in the dark” of who you really are. You are also here to know why you would be on Earth and understand what it all means. I have spoken about this before. Everything I am exposing to you is activating those memories and it is going up into your consciousness because it is your story. It is a bit of everything that you have experienced, my dear ones. The situation of the exiles from other orbs/systems on earth is also real, as is the tale of the “Chapel Exile” so known to you, as is the “fall of the angels”. And I want to talk some more, Family, about Lucifer, his rebellion and the so-called “fall.” I stress that the Garden of Eden is the Earth itself in its excellence. As for the other metaphors about the exiles of other orbs/systems and “fallen angels”, we can say that they also fit for a better general understanding of the situation. Come with me. You will remember this information.

Lucifer and The Rebellion

During the infinite ages, there have been many situations like this, my dears, and once again here you are, or most of you, inserted in these contexts. Millions and millions of years ago, there was a group of beings of extreme unity consciousness. (I know I have already talked about this and it seems that I am repeating certain things, but keep reading. I want you to remember. Actually, a lot of things I say seem to refer to the same thing, but not everything is. As I have said, numerous similar facts have happened in different times and cosmic environments). These beings could be called Archangels. They were very powerful and were eager to experience more: learn new things and have different experiences. One of them wondered what would happen if the bond with the Source was severed and how they would feel. They wanted to experience something more. They wanted to experience physicality. So they put themselves in a special high-tech chamber, a powerful chamber that would throw them, in a way, “Out of the Connection with Unity.” Certainly, there was a great sense of pain and despair about this act that disconnected them from the Unity (The Primary Source).

So many beings followed him in this painful disconnection. They descended into the deepest darkness of disconnection and in despair walked through the many star systems spreading chaos, fear, pain and the agony of being disconnected. A deep search for reconnection. Obviously, as I have said, everyone in creation, without exception, is responsible for their actions and no one is exempt from assuming such responsibilities. So that luminous angel who initiated this process thousands of years ago was on Earth pulled by the force of experience. And there were also many of his own angels who, by the force of attraction of the same ideas and equally eager to experience new things, were dragged together. Lucifer, then, was hasty and involved in the magnetism of the Earth along with the many of his angels who descended with him into the experience. Is there any difference, my dear ones, from this angel’s will to experience, as you also had? Do you perceive the resemblance to everything that has been said of what the feeling of separation was like for many of you to experience something new? Why then judge a being as the sole cause of evil if he has only descended to experience, as so many of you have also descended? What is the difference between him and you? He came from the same place: THE SOURCE. There is also some information that refers to Lucifer, Satan, and Satan as being the same being. No, my dear ones, they are different beings, different individualities. All of them from the same grouping/monad.

Surely, Family, it is very appropriate for many human minds, as it has been for ages, to find a culprit to play on all their frustrations. Has anything happened that’s not in keeping with personal vanities? “It was the devil.” Did something happen that wasn’t the way you wanted it to be? “It was Satan.” Did something happen that is against your truth? “This is the work of Satan” or “The world is like this, evil, and we are sinners because Eve ate the apple offered by Lucifer”. Oh, my darlings… The time has come for you to look even more to yourselves, to your own responsibilities and creations. You have heard so many times: the external is a reflection of the internal. At this moment I show Neva (Gabriel RL) a moment of the trajectory of the one you knew as Jesus when he was incarnated. Neva (Gabriel RL), please reproduce what I show you.

Jesus was walking with his disciples when a bad smell came. Everyone there covered their noses and said, “Jesus, Lord, this environment stinks. We’d better get out of here because there must be something rotten on the way”. Jesus, seeing where the stench came from, just said: “Look at that animal. Surely he was thirsty and no one gave him anything to drink, falling down lifeless. But look how wonderful his teeth are! Look how perfect they are, absolutely perfect!” As the disciples looked at each other as if saying, “What is he doing/saying? Does he not perceive the stench?” And Jesus continued, “Look! Even his skin is fine. He was a strong animal, but he couldn’t resist. I still remain enchanted by the perfection of his teeth. In a few animals around these parts, you can see that.” And he left on the way, while the disciples continued trying to understand the situation and why Jesus did not complain about the stench. My dear ones, in short, Jesus saw the beauty, for it was within him. He saw perfection because it was within him. And that does not mean that there are not things to be adjusted on Earth, if not, what would we be doing here, in assistance to your planet for thousands and thousands of years? Yes, there are, but begin to see things with more lightness, with more love, with more tenderness, because then you will have access to much more wonderful things, to the so-called “Treasures of Heaven”, also announced by Jesus.


How many things in your civilization have been adulterated and slandered! How many times has a being been chosen to be the cause of evil, someone to take the blame? Judas… You know… Judas! The story isn’t exactly as told to you either. Judas is a great Soul who assists humanity on Earth to this day, as well as other Souls who have been the targets of attacks throughout history. Little by little we bring this information, my dears. Surely, many of you know what I am talking about. Here too I ask Neva (Gabriel RL) to attach a text about him, Judas, in truth:

Much is said that Judas would have betrayed Jesus and handed him over to the Roman soldiers. In fact, Judas is a great Master of the Light Forces and Jesus was the one who asked him to do what needed to be done. ‘Go my son, do what needs to be done… To what Judas said: ‘No, Lord… I can’t!’ ‘Yes, you can and you must,’ Jesus said. There was a much bigger plan behind it. Jesus said even more to him: ‘You will be hated and persecuted by many and the pain will consume you, but I will be with you. Some people on earth will lift you up for generations to martyrdom of pain, (referring to what is done in Holy Week with the puppet of Judas …) but I will be with you.

But I can tell you here that the story was a little distorted when it was told. And I, with the permission that is being given to me and by my Oath, where I gave my eyes, mouth, ears and heart for the truth, will tell some facts about the history of the Earth. In every Holy Week, Judas, his spirit, stands in a highly powerful tube of Crystal Light protection, to prevent heavy vibrations coming from the Earth, from some movements of hatred and vengeance against him. The simple cry of ‘traitor’ generates an extremely negative wave that goes towards him, and this tube protects him.

Judas is a great Master of Light and he really suffered a lot with what happened. Certainly, he had some synchronic leanings with that movement that would have to occur, as Jesus said, and the pain consumed him afterwards.

All this time, and after his disembodiment, Judas asked Jesus to return again and complete his mission which, for him, Judas, had not yet been completed. And he returned. He returned as the Sweet Peasant Lady Joan of Arc. Yes, Joan of Arc was Judas. Is he reincarnated? No.

Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d’Arc)

How many things have been distorted over time, Family! You are here now, anchoring a luminosity that will bring the truth, the lifting of the veils. Even for you, many things will bring great surprise, as I have said, for you have been so long “tied” to inferior standards that in some cases the difficulty of this untying is understandable. We are not here to judge you, Family. We are here to help you in this great adventure that was and still is the so-called experience. How many things have the negative forces done – which in a way, even today, try to maintain control over you – to misrepresent the sacred symbolism! How many times too, through their devices and because of human free will, they have had the freedom to act and cause chaos and confusion! Look at the number 666 – which is a sacred number for bringing the representation of the luminous Goddess Venus – being used by the negative forces that have distorted your real symbolism. Today, all those who see it associate it with the “number of the Beast”. You have also recently had the name of the Goddess ISIS associated with certain negative organizations in the Middle East. And they have also distorted the pentagram – the sacred symbol of the goddess Venus – in order to make humanity believe that this is the symbol of black magic. The same happens with the swastika, real symbol of evolution and spiritual purity, as well as the symbol of peace, prosperity, and bliss, distorted by the negative forces that have it as the main “Nazi flag”. Beloved, there are so many more things to be revealed! You are ready, be sure!

The Hall of Mirrors

Scene from the Movie “Divergent”

Surely there will still be those who will read these truths and be disquieting within themselves, revolting, for they are information contrary to all that they have heard and learned. Oh, my darlings… It is time to lift the veils. Nothing more will be hidden. “You will know the truth and it will set you free” – you’ve heard that before too. When you really remember who you are, when you completely access your Akashic Records, you will see many things dissolve completely. For many, there will be deep despair and revolt. They will look again for someone to blame, be it the church, be it the parents, be it the spiritualist environments they attend, be it God himself, be it us, be it, anyone. But this time they will be confronted even more strongly with themselves, for that time, in fact, no longer tolerates such things, and it is time for everyone to observe themselves. It is time for all to look deeply into the great hall of mirrors. I ask Neva here to leave an excerpt of my message on the subject of “mirrors”, so that you have a brief introduction to what I am talking about. I also ask you to read the full version of this message below:

In this room, you will have the opportunity to look at yourselves facing your own fears, anxieties and still hidden shadows that need to be healed at this stage which due to the immense progress your planet has made towards ascension requires you to look at yourselves and recognize yourself as you are. Recognize your Innate Light. What does not belong to you definitely needs to be healed. All of that necessary acceleration is related to your own choices to move forward as soon as possible and follow with Gaia in her ascension process. It is possible to say that it is a hall of mirrors, where you can see yourself in what would be your faces: some of the darker parts that you have assumed as yours throughout your many incarnations. These have been very disconnected from your purest essence and others – the most purified – are those that you have assumed when you have been in greater connection with your essence. Understand that this is not a court where you will be judged for all your experiences, but an opportunity to see the game of duality that you have decided to experience. And in that phase of mirroring you will know, internally, who you really are: you are the ones who take on the sweetest and most loving faces, for those are your true faces. The others are just faces that have served you precisely so that you could experience duality and come to value your Light and your connection to your purest essence even more.


My dear ones, you will need to renounce old beliefs, old fears, renounce many things. And you will have to trust the voice of your heart. All these truths I bring you are shaking you in one way or another. I know they are. And even those who come to waver for whatever reason regarding the information that is here, are also healing and dissipating the old beliefs. It’s a great reactivation, my dears. The reactivation of your Akashic Memory. I’ll be back in the next message of the series to talk a little bit more. Next time I want to talk to you about Sumeria, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Maya… and more.

For now, dear ones, beloved family, it is enough for you to feel the reverberation in your hearts. Feel my presence as you read or hear this message. I will be by your side at every moment, as I always have been.

That’s the truth.

And so it is.


Your brother,


For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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