Sacred Emerald Star Command

The Sacred Emerald Star Command (from the sacred emerald green gemstone) emerged from an alliance of stellar healing and research in genetics. This alliance was created by an important hierarchy of beings of light from the Alpha Centauri planetary system, where our beloved Master Hilarion is one of the representatives of this hierarchy for our Planet, within the ranks of the Great White Brotherhood, coordinating the fifth ray of healing and truth. However, in fact, the activity of this Multidimensional Command is supported by a powerful Merkabah that manifests itself beyond the ninth dimension, having Archangel Raphael in charge of this Space Ship of Light and Healing. The Sacred Emerald Command or Sacred Emerald Federation works in parallel with the Ashtar Command teams and the Solar Fraternities within Christ’s rescue project.

We can see how all these wonderful teams are intertwined in the multidimensional web, manifesting themselves in different ways, according to their function and purpose. For our planet, the Sacred Emerald Command placed at the disposal of the teams and the White Brotherhood, a powerful twelfth generation ship, capable of manifesting itself from the ninth to the sixth dimension. This ship and his team, directed by Master Hilarion and his Divine complement, command the work of the psychic, emotional and physical healing of all beings at all levels (mineral, vegetable, animal, hominal). This ship has a team of surgeons, doctors, and geneticists, from different places in our galaxy, in addition to the support of beings and Masters from other Universes, who approach our reality, not only to give support but also to study the process we go through.

The Sacred Emerald Star Command has approximately 350,000 ships manifested in different places and planes of our galaxy. On planet Earth, Sacred Emerald Command has hundreds of ships taking care of the ecological monitoring and rescue of elementals, providing planetary balance and preparing the planet for the transition period, collecting the genetic information of all species, that will be part of the new fifth-dimensional Earth. Another group of ships is part of the soul rescue team, active in different parts of the planet, guiding work inside hospitals, healing houses in the subtle planes, close to our physical reality.

The Sacred Emerald Command and Ashtar Command make up a powerful team in the work of rescuing souls, cleaning the astral, and the lower realms of the Earth. However, in addition to the Earth, this Command acts in several places in the galaxy, creating a powerful healing alliance, serving unconditionally to the Superior Orbs, in joint work with all the Star Commands supporting the critical rescue and the implantation of balanced energies in all systems that suffered from the exaggerated manipulation of the dark beings. As far as our solar system is concerned, the coverage of this command is total, taking healing everywhere, working and transmuting every Elemental, Devic, and Human kingdoms, raising the vibrational pattern of each particle that is cured by its action. Thus preparing our System for the next step in its evolutionary plan towards the higher spheres.

Sacred Emerald Command Teams

Teams of Surgeons

This team takes care of the removal of all devices in the form of chips and the most diverse implants, which were inserted into humanity with the intention of conscientious and psychic manipulation by the involutive forces of our universe. In addition, this team takes care of restoring the physical and emotional health of all human beings, guiding all doctors, therapists, and healers.


A team that takes care of the DNA reactivation process, maintaining a constant study about the changes in the genetic code of humanity, supervising the perfect anchoring from the subtle bodies of the new genetic codes and the filaments that are being inserted above all in the children who are being born among us, carriers of the new DNA.

Rescue of souls

This team is responsible for the rescue of all those souls who were trapped by the manipulations and physical processes of their earthly incarnation. Most of these souls inhabit very dense dimensions within the lower plane, manifesting high levels of negativity and deterioration of consciousness.

The rescue group is always assisted by our Beloved Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and other beings who have the power to descend to the depths and free these souls, to then be sent to hospitals and ships within the astral plane, where doctors and healing teams take care of the restoration of each of those souls that were rescued.

Healing of Elementals and Kingdoms of Nature

A team that has ships that do the scanning, getting closer to our planet and dimension. They take samples of the seas and forests, making a study of the rates of environmental contamination both physical and energetic caused by the high negative vibrational load of humanity on Earth, which is attached to the frequency barrier. This study group seeks to balance and harmonize all elementals that have been attacked by these negative charges generated by man, directing the cure to the waters, the air, paying close attention to the earth element and the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

The Ground Crew in the Physical Plane of the Earth

The Sacred Emerald Command has thousands of disciples who incarnated within the densest planes to directly assist in the healing and rescue operation. There are many disciples working as healers, doctors, therapists, even without having yet woken up to their mission, anchoring enough energy so that the other teams can carry out their work reaching the densest dimensions. Many of us have proposed to help and collaborate with the Divine Plan and even if at this moment the planetary situation presents itself in a critical moment, due to the different conflicts, we must take into account the new energies that are being directed to the Earth, of which, many of us are responsible for anchoring. That is why the star families meet, forming workgroups, uniting in favor of the great Plan, where the energies of love and truth strengthen the heart chakra of our planet, expanding light and raising its vibratory pattern, to be reborn as a star of Christ manifested.

All work done by the Sacred Emerald Command is directed to the emotional, psychic, and physical healing of all forms of life, allowing other energies to take shape in our reality and as a consequence, we have the conditions to fine-tune and transmute all our karmic and negative energies. In this way we will be able to act as true Masters, being co-creators of the new universe to be shaped, called Unana, which our Master Saint Germain has referred to in many of his messages. There, new evolutionary experiences will be shaped from our baggage brought from the experiences acquired in this adventure of consciousness where polarity and duality made history at all levels of the creation of our local Nebadon universe.

FIAT (5th Ray Decree) – I AM the Ressurection and The Life of my Perfect Health, now manifested!

~ Solange Christtine Ventura

~ Translated by Philip Orloff

~ Comando Estelar Santa Esmeralda:

~ Excerpt from pages 36 – 41 of the “Sacred Emerald Star Command Priesthood” channeled by Edgar Stefani Rodrigues Martins de Souza:

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