In balance

You must gain balance within yourself before you can bring balance to the world.

Taking charge of life takes courage.

When facing the challenges, the player must know how capable and how ready he is before the moves, with the internal balance being the main reason for his success.

Internal balance is at the heart of all action, and it is the player who allows it to be, as embodied consciousness, delivering himself all the guidance needed. Without it, there is only an automat stripped of Soul.

The inner balance represents the flow that makes possible the significance of existence. And allowing it is the straight path of the realization of the self.

No matter how difficult the challenge is, keeping the faith and inner balance allows the player to feel the first taste of victory, the privilege of Being no matter what circumstances.

Dear reader, how much have you allowing yourself to BE?

~ Universal Forces

Rosa de Vénus

Rosa de Venus is a Sphere of Light composed of Arcangelic-Beings-Consciousness from the Central Race of the Universe, which is at the service of evolution according to the Higher Planes of Creation. One of its projects was the creation of Universal Human DNA. For that same reason, Rosa de Venus is presently on Earth to assist Humanity in its Ascension process.

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  1. Anonymous

    As much as possible. I am afraid you may not know the situation here on the ground. Twenty years of directed torture has a way of breaking one down a bit. It is not as if we are comfortably making a choice between meditation or yoga. It is more like realizing you are slowly being electrocuted but you cannot find the source of the torment.

    1. Rosa de Vénus

      Dear reader,

      I understand you deeper than you could ever imagine, as I am here as a common human facing its life on the surface.

      The torture is real and the trauma turns unrepairable the damage until a miracle happen… To be in balance when everything around manifests the imbalance is a decision that only a person can take when decides to gift the bless of love through himself. The same when the self recognizes that the pain has no more lessons to offer. Or that nothing external has more strength than what its self empowers.

      What we are collectively passing through requires now, more than ever, that each one reconnects and return to their inner balance. This article is just a humble reminder of that.

  2. Vincent Berggren Flink

    Eckhart Tolle once said that “ Suffering is fuel towards Enlightenment “, and I must agree with that statement. This year has been a very tough one for me also ( a change in perception of reality ), but I’ve been reading on 2012 blogspot that we as a collective human species is going through a strong purge of darkness and anomaly, especially in the year 2020! When it feels unbearable “ Anonymous “ – it’s crucial to meditate and connect with your Higher Self! Experience the other side of the coin, the strong energy waves of light that is focused on planet Terra. The mostly invisible motherships of the Galactic confederation, who are helping us going trough this challenging time period with focused energy waves of Light. The Ashtar galactic command who are capable of telepathically guiding individuals like you and me towards the Light.

    1. Rosa de Vénus

      Empower the outside reflects the lower confidence in the Inner Self.
      To go for the balance inside does not require the approval or the existence of the external/others. It is only you with yourself.

      Take away the Galactic Commands from the equation and start to look for what your true nature really is.

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