Ashtar – “The History of Creation” – Part 3

Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is delivering to me about “The History of Creation”. This message will be published in some parts, and this one is the third part of the whole message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they will be published), you can access them in the footer links, where all parts will be grouped. Have a good journey in this reading!

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

History of Creation’s Soundtrack


The Mothership Jerusalem

Greetings, Dear Family!

It’s good to be here again. It is now appropriate for us to go back to our messages about all that I have the opportunity to bring to you. As I said earlier aboard the Mothership Jerusalem (Jerusalem is the name of the Mothership of Ashtar Sheran, and is the third mothership of the triangulation process), you have asked me to remind you at this time. You asked me to give you some of the stories that are dormant inside of you. I know that some of you may not understand and end up going into denial mode. As for this, those who are in this state are also my fellow missionaries and they can deny it now, but time will confirm such truths, for they are rooted in everyone, and for some, just a little more time is needed for the blossoming and flourishing of the confirmations of this truth. On the other hand, for those who have understood more quickly and their hearts have vibrated with this information (even if they have not understood linearly), I ask that they have patience and love for those who, in some way, feel more difficulty in understanding this information. Time will show. In any case, all those who have come this far and read or hear this message of mine are part of this great transformation that is happening now – both on the surface of the planet and in the astral and galactic zones – and that will continue to happen until the definitive dimensional leap.

Before we get to the topics I have already announced, I would like to talk to you briefly about other important points in the present time, which are in a sense timeless topics.

Do not fall into the old traps

It is important that you pay attention to your time now. Be observers! There is a lot of energy in the air, a lot of transformation, a lot of things are happening. The virus that made the planet think has come to show you something. You will know more about this virus, soon. You will know what is behind it. You will know why it happened, who is the main responsible and who supported it. It is important not to judge, but to be on your guard. Things will return to normality, but let’s say it will be a different normality because, as I said before, nothing will be the same as before; and it is very important that you keep this in mind. You are facing a great opportunity to recognize your strength, to know the power of your voice, to know that together you are unbeatable, and your leaders will know this as never before. Your united voices will resonate, and those at the top of the leadership who do not wish to really cooperate in this phase of transition will have no choice but to resign. It is inevitable; they will give in. And know that you have our support.

As for the virus, when you will know more about it (and we will bring more information soon), we will inspire and intuitively appeal to many of your medical professionals, nurses, and scientists who are open to feeling and listening to us. Many of you will be threatened, but we will be very close to you to support you when the truth about the virus comes to light. It will not be long before it becomes unsustainable to hide the reality of this situation. You will not be “defeated” by the virus. This has given everyone a great opportunity for reflection, and it serves a purpose that many of you may not understand now, but will soon understand. I only want to say that you, as I always say, are not alone, that you will not be abandoned and will not be forgotten. You have to trust all these processes, you have to trust your soul, your inner self, which says that everything is fine, that it has to stay calm because everything is under control. There is no reason to panic. Just stay calm. You will be fine, I promise, and I would never break my word, dear family.

I also want to emphasize how important it is not to accuse, not to judge, not to condemn. One of the intentions of those who do not want this transition is that you are afraid of each other, that you have prejudices against each other.

See what I mean, there is an instruction that says that you should wear face masks. Most people do, but if there is one who does not wear them, many of you send out negative vibrations as if the ones not wearing masks are someone dangerous, bad, or a bad example. We see that such thoughts are going through the minds of many. Dear Ones, those of you who want to set you against each other want you to accuse and consider each other as a threat and danger. They want you to condemn each other. Do you understand? If you follow what is dictated by your health departments and you see someone who does not follow such recommendations, then the act of judging and condemning the one who does not follow the guidelines weakens your immune system as well, do you understand?

This is what they (the negative forces) want… Do not give them this power! We have been talking to different channels, my dear, through our many messages. If you do what you think is right and attack those who don’t, you are caught in the trap of the dark forces.

Another example: If you do not eat meat and attack another person who eats it, you are trapped. If you do not consume alcohol and condemn and attack those who drink it, you have fallen into the trap. If you wear a mask and attack those who do not wear it, you have fallen into the trap. If you do not agree with this message and attack those who agree and believe, you have fallen into the trap. Or if you believe and attack those who do not believe, you have also fallen into the trap. My dear ones, pay attention! You are growing. Your energies are very precious. Every drop of your attention, every fraction of your energy is very valuable to those who do not want you to ascend!

You must know that it is important that you take care of things the way you think you need to. And I am not speaking directly about the virus of today, but about every situation. It is important that you respect each other. Maybe you don’t agree with someone else, you don’t accept and don’t want certain things because you can’t approve of them, but please pay attention to your inner energy in these moments. You will always be observed on both sides: By the forces that desire your Ascension and by those that do not want you to Ascend. Do not forget that you are in a system of duality, it is always very important to underline this. Of course, I am also NOT here to judge you, to condemn you, to adjudicate you, or anything like that. I am here as a representative of the Galactic Forces that are supporting Earth in its Ascension, and all those within it. I am here as your Galactic Brother, your supporter. The one who cheers you to reactivate all that is rightfully yours. I am the one who, yes, as a brother, who takes the picture further, can bring out some points that you may not be aware of, and in the midst of all this, I too am learning and growing with you. How grateful I am for this on all levels, in all times and dimensions, my dear ones! I hope that my words can help you in your growth. Always be aware that nothing can stop you from achieving what you need to achieve. It is your destiny, and we are here to make sure that you take it into your own hands.

The truths exposed in the “madness of the end times”

The ruptures of the old layers will bring more Light to the Earth than you have seen. It is inevitable that these “breakdowns” will bring more Light to what is yet to come. Light will show you everything. All of the truths. No one will be able to run away from themselves. Sources of information that have dominated communication for decades, that have long excluded information and lied to you; they too will have to face the facts. But you have given them credibility yourselves. Surely many of you will be disappointed and angry, and some of you may be tempted to be a little more violent. But stay calm, because all crimes will be uncovered and those responsible will bear the consequences – I myself, Ashtar, and my fleets are responsible for this. Stay focused in your hearts, stay focused!

In this “madness of the end times”, when the earth shakes on the physical and astral level, when the truths come to the surface and you have to face them, you will also see many who will fall in whom you have put your trust, because you believed that they had enough power to stay at the top and now they don’t. No one will be exempt from taking responsibility for the damage done to the Earth and to the consciousness, not even to themselves. Everyone will regret the many times they did not look at themselves and were not more in touch with their Soul. I do not want you to read or hear this with regret or sadness, but with your head held high, because when I tell you this, it is for one purpose only: that you take responsibility for your life once and for all. You have achieved a level of consciousness that is more than sufficient for this. Never again run away, never again deny this and try not to look at yourself and not to become aware that you now have the responsibility to help the Earth to rise even higher. If you are there, on Planet Earth right now, it is because you are capable. You have followed Gaia’s call because you are competent. Take the controls of your life into your own hands, look ahead to your challenges, your inner pains, and your fears. Face them with honor and empowerment. Be absolutely sure that I will stand by your side and will pass along with you everything that you need to pass for your final cleaning. Have no doubt about it.

Another point regarding this issue is that, with the increase of all these frequencies and all these vibrations, the non-confederated forces are still trying to escape the consequences of their actions. As they recognize the upcoming Quantum Leap, they are desperately trying to leave the planet forever. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly see spaceships falling from the sky. This could happen several times. They will try to escape in some way, and in many cases, they will refuse to listen to us when we say that their escape is not authorized. If they ignore our instructions and shoot at us, our defense systems will be triggered. In doing so, we project these attacks back on them, which inevitably puts them in a situation of a total loss of control. The loss of control affects both; their own bodies, whether astral or physical and their devices (motherships), which will fall to the ground. And as you know, your authorities on the planet, still determined to hide these truths, will tend to overlook once again that you are not alone in the universe.

Neva, please include the information here when I asked you to write about the crash of a mothership in Magé/RJ. Please, dear ones, Neva will attach the information I am referring to here. I am sure you will see more of it, that is for sure:

~ About the crash of a UFO in Magé/Rio de Janeiro (May 13, 2020):

All of you, dear ones, are the ones, who will help so many people to heal, to get free, and to get raise their vibrations in this time. You will begin your journeys with more power, happier, and no longer be deceived in any way. In the midst of all these present upheavals, the light is shining even brighter. Everything is becoming clearer and clearer, and our presence is still very evident. This is another truth.

Lemuria and its origins

Dear ones, let us talk about Lemuria, where, like in Atlantis, your roots lie. It is also a part of your human history and it is part of the history of the Pleiadians on Earth, the Sirians, the Aldebaran’s, the Capellans and so many other civilizations that have come from so far away and have actively participated in all these experiences. Today, dear ones, you have Hawaii as the peak of the highest mountain of Lemuria and Easter Island as a piece of land leftover from Lemuria and still visible to your eyes.

It goes without saying that both Lemuria and Atlantis obviously existed long before the sowing. They were large continents. In Lemuria a large part of the beginning of the development of the experience of the earth took place. In the beginning, there were indigenous people there, until the arrival of motherships from outside the planet. Many Capellans of the star system Capella landed with their motherships at this place. There were others from other systems who also arrived when their planets exploded due to galactic conflict or even unsuccessful experiments, and they needed a new planet. There were also those who had to start their story in another system because they were banned from their home planets due to behaviors that no longer suited their expanding environment. You know this. As I have always said, it is all within you.

Lemuria is also known by other names such as Omeyocan. You know that, too. It sank in the Pacific Ocean, but it will return, as will Atlantis. Just at the right time it will reappear with all its heritage. The many Lemurians who still physically exist on Earth, more precisely in the inner-terrestrial city of Telos, will see their continent emerge from the depths again. You know it. These enlightened Lemurians are under Mount Shasta and have been living with their ascended bodies in this inner-terrestrial city for thousands of years. Dear ones, there are many protected entrances to Agartha. You know that, too. Mount Shasta is only one of the entrances, just like the poles of the Earth. In Manaus and Mato Grosso, there are more points. In the waterfalls of Foz do Iguaçu, in the pyramids of Egypt, in the Sphinxes, in Machu Picchu, Mexico, USA, India, and in several other points of the planet. There are portals for enlightened Lemurians and Atlanteans who still live in their bodies in the inner earth.

Let us go back exactly fifty (50) thousand years. Lemuria was technologically very well developed and extremely advanced. It was the most technologically developed continent on earth. Great scientists, craftsmen, astronomers, magicians, and profound experts in The Vril forces and nuclear energy built large, technologically advanced cities. They used their technologies to make connections with the multiverse. That is correct! They could communicate with other dimensions through quantum devices, teleportation, dematerialization, and rematerialization of their bodies. They were great scientists. There were obviously several races across the continent. Some of them with different ideas and motivations, but what moved them all was the improvement of the human species and adaptations of DNA. And this is where the Pleiadians, Sirians, Aldebarans and Capellans come into play, which I would like to abbreviate with DNA TA (DNA Transforming Agents), especially the Pleiadians, as I have already mentioned, with their already advanced seeding work. There was a great mixture, a lot of development and progress in DNA. Many of them were giant by your standards today, over five (5) meters in some regions. Some were smaller at three (3) and two (2) meters. At that time there were a great number of them. Your researchers have recently found several frozen bodies. Much of this information was hidden by your still heavily controlling media. You know this.

They were very beautiful beings, of great physical strength and intelligence. Those of them, who essentially came “from outside” with their spaceship and found their home here, had a completely different physical constitution than the native ones. Remember: There were the natives of Earth as well as those who came in their spaceships and ended up in a body among the natives. There were the Pleiadians, some of whom came in their spaceships, while others were already in the incarnation process of the planet, passing through the normal systems of existence on Earth. It was a great mixture; a great variety, contrary to what some reported. It was not just these two specific races. It went on for a while. Then there was a mixture, a species that was divided into two specific groups. I will tell you more.

One of the missions of this project was to create a new human species on the planet that would develop and experience on three different levels: the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual. The goal was to adapt the human DNA so that it would also adapt to the natural changes of an evolving planet. Lemuria was the great center of interplanetary communication and the central base of extraterrestrial forces. Therefore, it was obviously much in demand by the non-positive forces surrounding the planet. Lemuria and its great priests, magicians, scientists, craftsmen, astronomers, builders, and beings with all kinds of abilities built many pyramids, temples of rejuvenation, healing, and energetic transmutation. This civilization developed physically and intellectually like no other species until that time. There was a “pure” group of enlightened people sown through DNA transforming agents.

Just like in Atlantis, the processes there began to be distorted by infiltrations and other processes. I do not need to repeat what happened. I already talked about it in the chapter about Atlantis (I actually gave the information about Atlantis to Neva (Gabriel RL) first, but then I asked her to insert it in chronological order in the text for a better linear understanding). So… The downfall was caused essentially by the same reasons: there was a split between the two groups: those who were “pure” and wanted to be connected with high spirituality, with development and enlightenment; and those who started to focus only on the head, material and physical. They began to create means to dominate the groups they considered physically and intellectually inferior. Are there any similarities between Atlantis and World War II in recent history? Yes! As I said before, many ancient energies were transferred to your modern times, to your generation, to be healed. Then the decadence began, and the Golden Age of Lemuria began to come to an end.

No meteorites fell into the water like in Atlantis. At that time there were even more intensive adjustments of the tectonic plates, which caused a sequence of volcanic explosions, which threw the magma upwards. A huge bubble of hot magma below the continent exploded and literally lifted the entire continent up. The tectonic plates rose in triangles and pushed the continent upwards at the top. Obviously this did not happen in a few minutes. It took a while before other similar situations occurred. The continent broke into pieces. Some parts sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, others withstood volcanic explosions, but the tectonic adjustments and tsunamis that swept over the coasts penetrated the entire continent.

The first signs that something was wrong in the development of Lemuria began twenty-six (26) thousand years ago. When the tectonic plates began to move, the inhabitants felt the first intense earthquakes, some tsunamis, but it was not the end; it was a warning, an alarm. It was much more intense than in Atlantis, dear ones, and faster. The last moments were there quickly. There were many warnings, but the end came faster than anyone could have imagined, as it surprised everyone with such “aggression”.  All the pressure of the inner magma literally pushed the continent up and down as if there had been a magma storm. In this whole process of ups and downs, tsunamis, giant waves and intense earthquakes completed this Lemuria experience exactly sixteen thousand and twelve (16,012) years ago, quickly and with little time to relocate their inhabitants (many of them emigrated to Agharta, to Inner Earth, including Adama, the High Priest of Telos, whom I mentioned earlier). You see, my dear ones: Twenty-six thousand (26,000) years ago the first signs were given. Some understood them immediately at that time and began to cautiously set their sights on other regions. Many resisted, and in the end, when everything happened intensively and quickly, it was too late. Although the time span from the beginning of the warnings to the end seemed quite long, you should not forget that the time and the region were different at that time. So, believe me, it was fast.

The large planetary center and the base of civilizations from outside the planet had completely disappeared, which logically led to the appearance of other parts of the planet that had been underwater until then, thus restoring the physical form of the Earth, as it would happen many years later in Atlantis. When something goes down, something else goes up, because the movement of the tectonic plates causes subsidence in one region and rises elsewhere. The forces of light know this, and they are on Earth today, helping you in the moment of transition. Situations like this will be repeated. But you should not fear the changes. We are always here to help you. This is part of your process, your rebirth, your resurrection.

A new cycle will begin, a new consciousness, a new understanding, and you will find yourself again. These messages from me and all these contents are only meant to give a little push to your memory, to your old Cosmic Soul. So while Lemuria was at its peak, in its greatest splendor, many thought that it would probably always remain so powerful. Many believed that it was above nature, spirit, the higher powers that coordinate whole systems. All this led to decay and the need to “correct” what was becoming a danger to other environments, because there was already a complete mastery of nuclear energy, and you know what this energy can do to unbalanced hands and minds. You know the story. You also know that in the last moments of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, a dispute had begun about who would rule the planet and what would be its center. After all, dear ones, the Lemurian era and Atlantis existed from four million seven hundred thousand (4.7 million) years before Christ until sixteen thousand twelve (16,012) years ago (in the case of Lemuria) and until twelve thousand two hundred twenty-four (12,224) years ago (in the case of Atlantis).

Many Lemurians emigrated to Atlantis after the immense tectonic movements caused Lemuria to sink to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Many priests, sages, engineers, all kinds of masters in various fields – those who managed to survive emigrated to all directions of the planet, but Atlantis received the majority of the resettlers. Many of you are incarnated on the surface of the earth today and miss the Golden Age of Lemuria intensely. Others still feel the heaviness of the last moments, others regret that they did not do something or think that they did too little to avoid the situation.

My dear ones, know that everything is as it is. You will have the opportunity to start anew. Now you have a great opportunity to transform this reality into individual and collective experiences. Your hearts are beating for the light of the Golden Age of Lemuria and Atlantis, and this is what has driven you and helped so many around you. The entire heritage is alive within you. There is nothing and no one who can take it away from you. You have friends who are very supportive of your progress. I myself, Ashtar, am one of them. Adama is another, and there are many others. Here I hand over to this wonderful master who has worked with humanity for thousands of years.

Master Adama, from Telos, speaks

Greetings, my dear friends, I am Adama. Here in the presence of all, we bless you. It is a great pleasure for me to share this with you. In the heartfelt presence of Ashtar and his crew, we greet from Telos our dear brothers and sisters on the surface, from within Mount Shasta.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness in carrying this message. There are many reports about us, and we know that it seems very familiar to so many of you when reading these reports. Many of you were with us in the last moments in the physical dimension of Lemuria, when, as in Atlantis, the contamination by non-harmonious thoughts and forces triggered a series of events that forced us to respect the choices of many who were at that time the closest companions of daily missions.

For those of us who live here in Shasta, the whole situation was difficult because there were many attempts to mitigate these effects and to completely paralyze the attacks of these forces. We could not do it alone. We needed the support of the inhabitants of the continent, but with regard to the majority and their decisions, we gradually distanced ourselves and allowed ourselves to take on the fate we had planned while moving on to other areas. We opened physical portals, special underground networks that led us to different points. We had to memorize the wisdom of our mystery schools because the temples had already been taken over by the invading and dominating forces at that time.

How long have we been sending good thoughts to the dear friends we left behind and respecting their decisions? How many times have we sent our technology ships out to see what the situation was like, hoping that some would raise their hands and ask to join in. Oh! Heaven has seen how many times we have tried. Behold, the world in its many twists and turns has brought us closer to you who are on the surface, to prepare you for a new connection with us. You have the same history as we have: You have witnessed many of these events, and you are on the surface to help with the whole process of reconnecting with this heritage that is an important source of the Earth.

Among you are those who carry our primary bloodline in the family tree of history, as well as Aurelia Louise Jones, a great priestess who has been very cooperative with her network on the surface. Many of you belong to the same lineage and you carry in your DNA not only the mixtures from outside the Planet, but also from the deepest biological roots on Earth, from Gaia itself and your original DNA. We are starting all over again. This is a great new beginning, and we can say, “It is an accelerated new beginning because you know we will meet again physically soon because our bodies are also well preserved. Our “embodiments” are as familiar to you as the presence of the space family, who often present themselves with their ships, and you feel the vibration of your hearts. It is the same with us.

We all thank you for this possibility of transmission, and we celebrate the New Atlantis and the New Lemuria, which are rising again into the consciousness of the peoples of the surface, for, yes, the oceans will come into harmony. Some will go up and some will go down to gently reshape the surface of the earth and reveal the physical face of past history. Fear not, we are closely following your evolution and reorientation with the Threefold Flame in your hearts, which will allow you to reconnect with us and thus bring us immeasurable joy in this blessed moment.

We have compassion, love and sincere respect for all your devotion.

I am Adama of Telos in the company of thousands of us who yearn long for reconnection.

Atlantis and its origins

Family, here is another part of your history in which you also have deep roots through the many, many Atlantic eras, not only to the extent that most of the information is emphasized. That is, much of what you are given relates more to the end of Atlantis, which took place twelve thousand two hundred and twenty-four (12,224) years ago. Some other sources round up/down to ten (10), eleven (11) or thirteen (13) thousand years (which I would not call wrong; it is just a means to further facilitate your linear understanding), but the exact date of the last event – when the physical part of Atlantis was no longer visible – happened exactly twelve thousand two hundred and twenty-four (12,224) years ago, after the last flood. And when we speak of the Flood, which you know as a biblical event, the story of Noah and his ark, this refers to the events in Atlantis.

The beginning of this story is thousands and thousands of years ago, of course far before these last events. Where do you think the sowing of the earth began? Yes, that was there, my dear ones. Atlantis was already here two hundred (200) thousand years ago, as was Lemuria. (Even before that, long before that).

Your inheritance is very great, my dears. It was a great continent, located between America and Africa. For a long time a great, genetically mixed civilization has developed. There were also many indigenous people of this continent who had red skin and migrated to different points of the earth. Where do you think the red-skinned Indians who appeared in North America over time came from and where do you think they came from? The red-skinned Atlantians migrated from there to America. Yes, they came there from Atlantis, dear ones, and brought the red-skinned Indians into this world, which in turn formed the indigenous races of the Caribbean and the Marajó region, which spread to the peoples of the Amazon and Roncador. Also in Mexico, there were mixtures in different tribes from which the Toltecs emerged. Other Atlantic groups, the Semites, continued their journey to the coast of Africa and also took root there. Many of the shamanic forces originated from these groups, especially those that developed in Africa and spread to other parts of the country. The powers of the oceans, seas, rivers, and waterfalls developed and were carried by the Atlantic roots of the ancient magicians, sorcerers, and masters of ancient Atlantis, who used their wisdom to work with these energies of nature. So when you invoke these powers, you also connect with your Atlantic roots. Dear ones, everything is connected; it is a great part. To come back to the redskins – so that it is not generalized – not all Atlanteans had reddened skin. You know that. You were there. And there you are, also part of that branch. Another very strong and concentrated part is in Germany and a part of Europe – you will understand later why.

Dear ones, I would like – to continue in my company at this moment – to invite Adama, the dear Prince of Telos (holy Lemurian city of light called Telos, which is located under Mount Shasta in California, USA). Adama knows very well what I am talking about here, and you will feel his energy in my words as well. Adama has been working for humanity on Earth for thousands of years, and he is one of our great friends and helpers, he is also a dear diplomat who has formed great alliances to help Earth and all those who want to make their leaps of consciousness. Adama will be energetically connected with me in these messages, especially when I mention Atlantis and Lemuria.

Atlantis has not only been sown by the Pleiades, but also by the Sirians, Andromedans, Aldebarans, the seeders of the DNA and other authorized races. But especially the Pleiades have promoted the Atlantean development. When these races entered the planet and offered their cooperation to the continent, more technology, more light, more wisdom and expansion were added to complement the already existing cultures. Many of these civilizations brought countless crystals, antennas, and conductors of high energy streams from their systems, which advanced spirituality and connection with the high dimensions, thus promoting the development of the Earth as a whole. Atlantis also served as mother of the planet and nourished the other continents with loving light. Its immense pyramids of pure crystal received high discharges of light from the great motherships that flew over the great continent and spread these currents throughout the planet.

Atlantis began to take shape as the interactions and seeding took place. This happened thousands of years after the Golden Age of the continent, which, as you know, is now submerged in the Atlantic Ocean and its main crystal pyramid is found in the depths of the ocean right in the so-called Bermuda Triangle between the Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale in Florida and the Bahamas. Most of you have certainly heard many stories about this region? Yes, I know, dear ones. There is a huge electromagnetic field that tends to pull into a particular crack in time. To help you understand it better, it is an area where there are countless portals created by the processes that led to the demise of Atlantis – as I said – over twelve (12) thousand years ago. There, in this region, in the depths of the ocean, is the largest pyramid ever to exist on the Atlantic continent. It is no coincidence that it was not only a temple of rejuvenation, but also responsible for teletransport and time travel.

The fall of the continent and the series of energetic situations of magnetic explosions that developed along the fault line of the continent have caused the development of this “phenomenon” already known in its environment: how many planes have “disappeared” in this area? How many ships, small boats, The opening of how many portals did you see open with the naked eye? Many of you read these reports on the Internet. The Bermuda Triangle is a region with several time portals, so many of the airplanes and ships that disappeared from the radars went backward or forwards in time to one of these portals. Or, quite simply, they were trapped in a time loop and relived the same thirteen (13) minutes of the moment they crossed the specific area of the rift or portal area. “Ashtar, you are not doing anything to help!”? you will say… Well, we have, but there are things you cannot understand. You know that in many things we cannot intervene directly, also because the law of karma is wise, for you are the very souls that contributed to the explosions that caused the temporal distortions long ago. You know well the law of action and reaction. Dear Ones, all experiences are chosen by you; you are the Masters of your creations. In the next topics, I will talk a little bit more about this, especially about the topic “victim role”. Family, everything is under control. You can trust that. Many of you are returning to the timeline you are in now, for example in a 1950s airplane. Look for flight 19 to better understand what I am talking about. You have several movies and series that tell about the Bermuda Triangle. Learn more about them. And be sure of one thing: nothing happens by chance, my dears! Absolutely nothing happens without a reason. There is no coincidence, everything follows natural law.

Know that doom did not happen overnight. It did not happen quickly. It took some time, and the continent did not sink immediately. It sank in five (5) stages. The mainland was divided into five (5) large islands, each dominated by a leader – this when, after numerous warnings, it was already approaching its complete end, the end of the Golden Age of the mainland. All went well until infiltrations of negative forces – which also came from other sectors of the galaxy and beyond – began to cause problems. Supported by many Atlanteans at the time, who were looking for something that was even repeating itself lately. In exchange for your access to new technologies, you wanted to give up the right to access/interfere on your Earth. But I know you want to ask me: “Ashtar, if the island already had enough technology and was enlightened with all wisdom by the masters present, WHY was there a need to obtain more technology and moreover, from extraterrestrial civilizations that had no good intentions? I will explain it. First of all, many did not have direct permission to access certain advanced technologies because they were in a phase of moral and spiritual development. It is like you today: access to certain things is only given when you are ready after you have graduated morally and spiritually. You cannot deal with something that you do not yet understand. You would not know how it works if you did not learn and be humble enough to understand those needs. Not to mention that the high priests of the sacred Temples of Light met with thousands upon thousands of people every day to teach many things, but some of you did not agree to “wait” and they used to want permission to access such technologies. In this vibration, you have “opened cracks” for negative infiltrations.

Another point is that many priests have also begun to be carried away by the greed for power, domination and control. You have often wished that the Ascended Masters would no longer “interfere” in your work and the manipulation of forces. There, dear ones, there is the fall. There the infiltrations began with the beginning of decadence.

There was a small faction of Orion, Capellan, Antares and other systems that infiltrated these schools of high magic. They took advantage of the situation and began to use the high technology available in Atlantis because it was more efficient and advanced than theirs. They offered their technology to gain access to the schools, not just to learn, but they wanted vril and other high technologies to be present on the continent. You had technologies that were far superior to other planets and that allowed for transportation to other systems. Those who control them even fear that this time will come back, but it will inevitably come back, but this time you will be more mature as you begin to deal with these technologies.

Over time, these alien forces have de facto entered the planet and created a structure of control over the races. I emphasize that these small factions coming from Orion, Capella, Antares, and other systems should not be confused with the totality of these races, generalizing that all these systems came to Earth with negative intentions. On the contrary. The positive groups of these races also acted to prevent the attacks of their own original system. The highest point of decadence occurred with an intense onslaught of many beings coming from the star system Capella (Auriga), from the Auriga Constellation (“The Charioteer” in Latim).

Then, more than twelve (12) thousand years ago, the great cataclysms began to “correct” this continent completely by dividing it into five parts and sinking them into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. There were shifts of tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions and meteorite impacts (about three that fell into the ocean during this decay period, causing great tsunamis). All this unrest was the result of the drastic drop in vibration. Despite numerous warnings from many masters who stayed there in the physical and spiritual realms, the continent was divided morally and spiritually by discord, violence, thirst for power and revenge in an attempt to escape the attacks of the negative forces. Many who had previously been high priests now gave in to the seduction of the powers of darkness and allowed themselves to be persuaded, with distorted ideas, that it was necessary to purify the environment by killing those who were not pure, thus preserving true purity.  Something similar to what you experienced again only a few decades ago? Yes, my dear ones! I will go into this in more detail later.

Atlantis was a great experience. The result of a union – a great union – a mixture between the societies of the indigenous peoples of Earth and the influx of beings coming from other systems. There were both the very positive influxes for millennia and the negative forces that wanted to continue the chaos already caused in other systems. Several great Atlantic priests fell and became so-called “black magicians”, who used all their knowledge and powers to act in a distorted way. You fell into the traps of many who came from outside and instigated: “You are there in this position, but you can have more; you can control all this if you want to”. It was something that could be heard in the minds of these great priests. Yes, I know that. It may sound strange to many of you today. How could great priests and wise people fall for such outdated tricks? Well, my dears! I want to tell you that many of you have fallen these days. And I am not saying this to make you feel bad, to judge or to bore you, but to make you understand what has happened without judgment, and not to let frustration and irritability eat you up. Yes, because the gap for negative forces is opened by both judgment and the thirst for power. It takes a lot of love and mindfulness to avoid falling into the often imperceptible but efficient traps that have led to leaders falling into the trap in the past.

One of these leaders of ancient Atlantis, whom you have known for decades. He was a leader of Germany and had a goal. He was determined in his goal and knew what he wanted, just as he knew what he wanted there in Atlantis. He tried to finish what he had started there, and he was not alone. There were those who supported him then, and they supported him again a few decades ago. While many, many souls suffered the consequences of the whole situation during World War II, an old Atlantean line went into healing, as an old energy rose to the surface again to be healed. And in the end it was. However, a Third World War will not take place. I, Ashtar, promise it. Whatever the remnants of this ancient millennium history do. I will not allow it because there is no more negative support for it in the world. I give you my word. The many Souls of Germany, who carried and still carry the heritage of the old Atlantians, supported the positive forces that led to the end of the war. It is obvious that all those who had and have a direct connection to this old heritage, all souls with the highest heart, at that time, decades ago, supported the light that would bring all this to an end. They were the enlightened magicians who in the same way tried to stop the decadence twelve (12) thousand years ago. I quote Germany more emphatically because it was the last stage of the greatest liberation. More recently, there was also a spark of this salvation from Atlantis: the Twin Towers on September 11. And more recently, Neva (Gabriel RL) has brought back a little of this millennia-old past. I ask her to attach the information here (Ashtar talks about the channeling I brought with me: “The Return of the Magicians and the Rescue of the Atlantean Line”).

Dear ones, I no longer need to talk about these points. You already know that. You have received a lot of information about them, and as I have said in the last messages, everything is within you. I only remember what you already know. Yes, and perhaps someone will ask: What happened to the great wisdom, the mysteries, the holy books, the high magicians of the Golden Age of Atlantis? What happened to the holy flames of light of the Ascended Ones and all their wisdom? My dear ones, the brave souls who survived the last moments of the islands took what wisdom, knowledge, magic, technology, astrology you could take to other areas… Some of these great regions and civilizations that branch off from Atlantis, please know that, are for example Egypt, the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs. Not counting Agharta, inside your planet. I will say more about this in the following. And again, all of this is only “a hint”, a “push” for you to access the living Akasha within you.

Is the Earth Flat?

Before I move on to the other topics, I would like to sensitize you to an interesting point that is also on this timeline. Many Atlanteans, who were considered the “roots” of the continent, have already studied the earth and wanted to understand the earth. In the last breaths of Atlantis (more than twelve (12) thousand years ago, as I said) you developed theories about the Earth not being round but flat, supported by others from areas of the planet that did not belong to Atlantis.

Dear ones, there is no judgment here, but I would like to talk to you who support the idea of the flat earth – I ask Neva (Gabriel RL) here to give one of her lectures on this subject so that you will recognize the real shape of the planet. Although it is not so relevant to many who read or hear this message from me now, many others in the spiritual plans have asked me to speak a little about it.

Not to refute these scholars of the subject, but just to share a little about the origin of these studies. Neva, please attach your lecture (That’s it, with the topic: “Are all dracos/reptiles negative? / There will be no world war / Theory of the flat earth”. The video is unfortunately only available in Portuguese).

The Earth is round, dear ones, but in this study past there have been a lot of non-positive infiltrations that have led to misinformation and confusion. Many from this past time are now incarnated, and the “past is knocking at the door” for a powerful adaptation. At this time you are again pursuing this theory, which will be harmoniously resolved by the precision of the evidence at hand. We can also see you well from here, from outer space. The earth is round.

Egypt and its origins

A beautiful profile of the Great Sphinx including the pyramids of Menkaure and Khafre in the background in Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Here it is, dear ones, a great part of your history. An important origin for your existence on this planet. What wisdom! How many enlightened Mystery Schools and High Magic have migrated from Atlantis to Egypt! How many Lemurians have left their heritage in Egypt!

My dear ones, when the great continents sank, when Lemuria and Atlantis sank into the depths of the oceans, many of you who lived then, especially in Atlantis, emigrated to Egypt. Many wise men, magicians and masters. Countless emigrated to Egypt to try to continue their way, which resulted in Egypt being a golden continuation of the lost ancient continents. The Ascension, dear ones, the sacred White Flame of the Ascension of the great masters like Serapis Bey was transported from the Holy Temple of the Ascension of Atlantis to Egypt, carried in the palm of the hand by this dear representative and sustainer of this power in liveliness. There, in Atlantis, Serapis incarnated, and in the last moments of Atlantis (when it was swallowed by the sea) he climbed onto a boat, held the flame in his hands and brought it to Egypt.

My dear ones, you know that in Luxor is the great center of the ascension of Egypt. The high priest of the Temple of Ascension in Atlantis, which was already submerged, anchored in Egypt, in Luxor. The Nile river knows his arrival in Egypt, because this river was his guide to Luxor. At this moment I also call upon the presence of the Master himself to tell you about what happened:

Serapis Bey speaks

Dear friends, I am delighted with the opportunity for this broadcast. I remember the upheavals of those days when the first signs of what was to come were visible. The first quakes, which heralded the complete destruction, awakened in us the realization that we would need a new environment, a new home. With the phases that announced what would happen to Atlantis, by the power of the universe, so many signs allowed us to move to other environments. We followed the path that our hearts showed us, with the certainty that the divine forces would lead us to our intended destination: Egypt, Luxor.

You may wonder why a spiritual flame must be carried by “mere mortals”. Many tend to believe that such things should happen magically, but there are physical laws that must be honored and respected. Everything in creation is the result of dedication, effort, and sacrifice. To carry a flame across the sea to Egypt was magical for many of us, despite all the difficulties, and an experience that I in particular will never forget. I was able to live my humanity by holding something sacred in my hands, which symbolized something great, uplifting, and transforming. Something that would later receive the blessing of another initiate: Jesus.

Finally, you should know that the flame in my hands is a symbol so that you can understand more clearly that the flame itself was also in me, in my heart, in my soul, in my existence at that moment. And I was aware of it. I thank you for the opportunity of this transmission and for the wisdom that comes from my heart and the heart of all present.

I am Serapis Bey.

Dear ones, I – Ashtar – return and thank Serapis Bey for his cooperation. Therefore I continue to honor this heritage. These events took place more than twelve (12) thousand years ago. I, Ashtar, also belong to you, my dear ones, have been incarnating for much longer, for about twenty-five (25) thousand years. Before the flame of ascension came to Egypt, before the fall of Atlantis and even before the fall of Lemuria, I too was there. In Egypt they call me Osiris, accompanied by my dear Isis (Astara). Isis helped and anchored great powers of the Holy Universal Goddess on the planet. Many people on Earth also believe that I am the Archangel Michael in a certain function in a different clothing and that I act from the galactic plane, and this is true. I have already mentioned this through Neva (Gabriel RL).

For a thousand years, a galactic race (active relatives of the Sirians and Pleiadians) has “sown” Egypt. For a thousand years, they worked genetically with Egyptian civilization. They are the Hathors. Neva, please attach a picture for illustration.

The Hathors

The Hathors entrusted Egypt with their immense cooperation. They have produced peoples known as the ancient Egyptians. There are temples in Egypt dedicated to the strength of the Hathors. They taught about wisdom, love, and respect between the races. They brought chants for healing and built holy places. These are the basis of Egypt.

They supported the sacred feminine. They also incarnated among the Egyptians, as did the Pleiadians among the Lemurians and Atlanteans. The story is similar, dear ones. The story of the sowing of the Hathors with Egypt is similar to the story of the Pleiades with Lemuria and Atlantis. The Hathors are literally the sacred seed of Egyptian biology. They gave sacred teachings for “the steps that would lead to heaven”, they inspired and built sacred temples of light. They were teachers for more than three (3) thousand years, dear ones. A thousand of them at the sowing. You were there too. You are in that landscape, and that is part of your history, because you have lived there as well. Your DNA is complex, unique, distributed throughout the cosmos, dear ones. You are different, and this is not to say that you are better than others in other systems, but simply that you know your responsibilities in this system. Dear Ones, to conclude this point: You have Isis, my soul mate, as a great representative of the Hathors, and of course she represents these forces in your being, in your roots.

How much wisdom was spread in ancient Egypt, dear ones! At that time the geography of the place was different. The sphinx, the pyramids were beautiful, colorful, surrounded by water, lots of green and splendor. Not that the monuments did not represent their beauty and energetic history, but thousands of years ago everything was different, my dears. The old columns there alternately scented with beautiful flowers. A lot of agriculture and fresh air. When the pyramids were built, beautiful green mountains, with lots of water and a lively abundance of life, represented the landscape of the place. You have seen this in your dreams, in your meditations, I know it.

Amenhotep III and Tiye

There you also had a great being incarnated many times among you: Tutankhamun, the incarnation also known as Francis of Assisi. It is the same being. You have also heard this before. You had Abraham, Moses, Joseph… So many, my dears! You had Amenophis III, the Pharaoh of peace, prosperity and artistic splendor. And here he is, at this moment, the channel for this broadcast. Yes, my dears. Neva (Gabriel RL) was Amenophis III, we have already talked about this. You had Akhenaton and Nefertiti, the expression of unity, love, brightness and wisdom. You had the powers of Rameses, Amon-Rah, the great priests, kings and mystics from so many ages; the books of the world would not suffice for the scope of this story.

Dear ones, Egypt, as I said before, after the fall of Atlantis, was the center of the mystery schools for many ages. There are many mystical forces that simply by connecting with these forces will take you there quickly. How many sacred accesses to the inner realms there are! Accesses to inner earth in the pyramids, behind the ears of the sphinxes; in the sand of the deserts; hidden by the deliberate mirages made to prevent people with unloving intentions from entering them. How much mystery, wisdom and energy you find again at this point of your story, my dear ones!

Egypt, my dear ones, is also an anchor of the powerful positive forces of Orion. Note that the three great pyramids of Egypt are aligned with the three (3) stars of the Orion Belt, popularly called the Three Marys. The pyramids of Egypt and so many other pyramids capture certain energies. They are power plants, they are sacred temples that were used and in some ways they still serve to manipulate great energies. The vril power is there, dear ones.

How do you think the pyramids were built?

How do you think these stones were stacked?

Dear ones, they were raised by the vril power like feathers in the wind. A child could lift them. You know this because you were there. Quéops, Quéfren, and Miquerinos synchronized directly with the Orion star system and regulated the frequencies there. The three pyramids are perfectly aligned with the belt. There are many more, my dear ones. But here is enough. You know that.

The felines of Sirius A and B are very present at this place. Besides the Hathors, several civilizations from the Sirius area are present, which have contributed to the entire development of Egypt. There is also the beginning of what is called “Mayan prophecies”. These have their roots in Egypt, dear family. You also have your Mayan roots, and I will talk about that too soon. 

Jesus, he should have been born in Egypt. But the plans changed because the support that was needed for his arrival in the Egyptian environment was not yet sufficiently anchored at that time. Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile – you didn’t think I would forget to mention her, did you? Actually, I would like to mention much more, but it wouldn’t fit into any book in the world if I were to refresh your memory with all the history. As I said, you already know it. It is within you, in your inner Akasha. You have experienced everything. Whether you were incarnate or not, you have lived.


The Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, was charged with preparing the environment for the arrival of Christian power: Jesus. But you know the story and you know that it did not happen. There were some so-called “outsiders” there who delayed his coming a little longer. I know I say things that many of you cannot imagine. Or can I? What does your Akashic say, dear ones? What do you feel? Search within yourself. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in the Roman province of Judea.

Later, Cleopatra incarnated after this personality even more often. Her last incarnation was in Brazil, where she left the physical plane of the earth exactly in 1985. She has left the planet a great legacy. It may be that many who read this message really know who she is and how great this being given to humanity and her legacy is. Many who read (or hear this message), who may not know who I am talking about, I say to them. Look for the Valley of the Dawn (“Vale do Amanhecer” in Portuguese). Search for “Tia Neiva”. There is Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile.

Family, you had (and we can say you still have) Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus) – Thoth and Hermes – the same being, the same great master who was a direct representative of the metatronic forces, a ray of it called the Archangel Metatron. There is a great representation of the Archangel Metatron in the physical environment, dear ones. One of his great representatives. Initiator and initiate by the superior powers and the High Magic in ancient Atlantis, King and High Priest Atlante, more than fifty (50) thousand years ago. There is a being who lived in one and the same physical body for thousands of years and left this body only in the last decades of its linear time. Yes, my dear ones! Hermes lived in one and the same body for more than fifty (50) thousand years. I will tell you a little more, my dears. He was a high priest in Atlantis for sixteen (16) thousand years and still lives in the same body. There he was then called Arlich Vomalites, perhaps you have heard of him. At least some of you have, yes. Guess what. You were there too, my dears. When Atlantis – as I told you – went down more than twelve (12) thousand years ago, he emigrated to Egypt, like so many other masters. There is Arlich Vomalites, now called Thoth, who was known by that name throughout Egyptian history. Then he personally emigrated from Atlantis to Greece, still in the same physical body, and there he initiated the great Greek culture of wisdom, which gave him the name Hermes. Pythagoras, dear ones, was with Hermes. Hermes brought him to the sanctuary of wisdom. Pythagoras held the tablet in his hands: the emerald tablet. Arlich/Thoth/Hermes gave them the hermetic laws, which, as you know, are great universal laws. Hermes, the triple master. There is Hermeticism, Alchemy and Caibalion.

There is, beloved family, the heritage of Thoth/Hermes, which has initiated so many and prepared them for their connection with heaven. How often have you seen him surrounded by several people in the Egyptian temples, while they taught the deep connections to spirituality, about the art of always being alive, of controlling thoughts and emotions. Hermes was a great master of wisdom and communication who knew how to communicate very well. In fact, he knew very well how to communicate. He is still present in a certain way and knows that he will return in another body. Because he wants it, and he will. In Egypt, he taught the priests of the time by introducing the so-called media that transmitted the voices from heaven to earth (incorporation, psychography, psychophony…), and prepared them for crystalline communication. He taught about color therapy, about ultrasound therapy, he also taught about healing through the sounds of nature and more. Thoth/Hermes personally built three large portals to Inner Earth/Agharta, one of them in the Pyramid of Giza. Jesus was with him, and many spoke about the universal laws. They exchanged a lot of information. Hermes so often took him to certain areas for certain scriptures of the High Order of Light. And Hermes will return to physicality. He will return!

Dear Ones, as I have said, you must renounce old beliefs and fears, you must renounce many things, and you must trust the voice of your heart. All these truths that I bring shake you in one way or another. I know that they do. And even those who for some reason are searching for the information found here, heal and dispel even the old beliefs. This is a great reactivation, dear ones, reactivate from your Akashic memory. Therefore, I repeat at this point, it is necessary.

That is enough for now, family. I will return. I will come back to finish this series. I will come back to tell you about the Mayans, the Sumerians and more, dear ones. Feel my presence as you read or hear this message. I will always be at your side, as I always have been. All the masters I have quoted are with you. We are all together, for everything is ONE.

That’s the truth.

And so it is.


Your brother,



For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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