Ashtar – “The History of Creation” – Part 4

Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is delivering to me about “The History of Creation”. This message will be published in some parts, and this one is the fourth and last part of the whole message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they will be published), you can access them in the footer links, where all parts will be grouped. Have a good journey in this reading!

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

History of Creation’s Soundtrack


Greetings, Dear Family!

It’s good to be here again. Here we are to finish this series, as I promised. It is indispensable that you have already tuned in to my previous messages so that everything can be more in line with your still linear way of understanding things. There is no harm in being in a linear environment. There is no harm in being in this dimension that you are in. It is an important experience. It is something great that you have wished to go through to expand further, to gain a greater understanding of your own beings, your own limitations, and who you really are. You have chosen this environment. You have chosen all those challenges that only a dimension like this one you are in could offer. Not to mention that, on Earth, this experience is an immense catapult to dimensions even greater than those of your origins.

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Understanding low self-esteem

You know, my dear ones, that you came from very, very high dimensions. You have come from a sublime space, where only unconditional love and peace reign. Is this something unimaginable for you now? I know that for many of you it is, in fact. I also know the immense low self-esteem you carry, many of you! And this is because of how sublime you are, and how wonderful the place is where your souls experience the most perfect beauty of creation. And, suddenly, you had to drastically lower your vibrations in order to enter a more hostile, difficult environment which crushed your hearts. I know, my dear ones, because – as I always tell you – I was there. I saw the preparation of each one of you for the descent. I told you about the challenges myself because, at some point, I too would descend, just as I did.

Your low self-esteem, my beloveds, comes from this whole package: you left so sublime dimensions and arrived at this place where, many times, it seems that there is only pain and anguish.

Certainly, many of you, even if you don’t remember, even if those memories are not in your conscious now, have gone through many more challenges than you are currently going through because you have already transcended many things. Yes, you have already gone through so many breaks, my dears! (see the “Adamu, the Starseed Contract and Planetary Ascension” message). These breaks really hurt you, because they began, in some way, to make you insecure, fearful, and with feelings of indignity. Oh, my dears! If you only knew how honored and loved you are by everything you have ever lived! Only souls like you could do what you did! When we say that you came from above, from very high dimensions, a whole historical akashic of the planet with its breaks, its pains, and fears of so many challenges you experienced jump! It’s like saying “Well, I guess I’m not that sublime!… I don’t feel like that. I’m just someone… I’m something so…” – And I can imagine how many times you have underestimated yourselves, if you have barely said it, you have been hard and unkind to yourselves. Oh, my dears! I want you to know that you also programmed our help. You programmed that we would be even closer to you when all the painful luggage of the breaks had to be released and healed once and for all, so that you could assume, definitively, your personality and divine heritage, counting on our help.

And, here we are, right here, right now! You are regaining this awareness of who you really are. You are having your cosmic identities revealed (through the technologies “Avatar Name” and “Cosmic Biography” made available by Neva/Gabriel RL), your origins, your potentials, and your groups of Souls. Everything, my dear ones, everything is a call for reconnection. You know more and more of our presence, you feel our embrace like never before. Although some feelings of low self-esteem remain and sometimes hurt your hearts, we continue here strengthening your sublime souls. Take it easy! You have already done a lot, and here we are in the healing phase. It is important to be calm and really respect yourself. Respect each other deeply. Even if it is difficult, at first… Even if it is disturbing… Even if your minds do not accept, try to treat the situation with tenderness, because the pain must come out: the pain of abandonment, the pain of the unloved, the pain of the unheard, the unloved, the non-acceptance, the pain of rejection. Allow everything to come out to be healed. And while all this is happening, the Angels, your Soul Family, your Spiritual Friends, Mentors, we, all of us, will be chanting mantras of gratitude for such a great mission that you have accomplished: the mission to rescue and heal a past; the mission to bring Light to dense environments; the mission to elevate your own Souls to even higher environments; the mission to experience the deepest darkness and transcend it with Love, going beyond your own limits, overcoming and finding strength in the innermost depths, – something you didn’t even imagine there was and that you could do! My dear ones, you have achieved something epic! I’ve said that before. Your self-esteem will return. It is already returning, because the healing is happening and, even if you are going through this moment of great crises of low self-esteem, know this: these are the final moments. Also know, my dear, that this does not mean that you will become arrogant, overbearing, and less humble. On the contrary, the Christic self-esteem that you carry in your Spirits is sublime, and has nothing to do with more humanized feelings like those of arrogance, prepotency, lack of humility that were fed by the pain of breaking yourself, of the so many breaks that you went through! You, for many ages, have been so bent, but so bent that, at the slightest sign of power, at the slightest sign that you had authority, you would get lost in your own feelings and imbalances using this power abusively over others. Many times, as a form of defense for your soul, having been so violated with the experience.

Everything is being healed, my dears, everything! And now, you are really resuming the sublime state of Being, of having a crystalline consciousness, of unconditional Love, of plenitude and, in these feelings, you have no other will but to love, understand and bless. And even if you are in a profession, in a position where you need to be energetic, you will be, but with much, much Love. There will be no more room for revolt, because you too are transcending this, and you will know that in order to have Love and respect for the other, you don’t need violence and authoritarian imposition. Your sublimated spirit is taking back and taking control. Everything will become clearer, more tranquil, more serene, more loving. Believe me, it will be an immense pleasure for you to continue living and experiencing the elevation of this dimension in which you are actively participating empowered and secure, because you will know deeply who you are, and will have nothing to fear. And this moment is right now. You are in exactly this process of healing that will bring you all this heightened consciousness. I assure you.

I wanted to start this message by talking about this subject because I have heard many people complaining about low self-esteem. Beloved ones, my brothers and sisters, and my dear family, the healing is coming. You have earned it. Take it easy and allow yourselves this healing. Do not be afraid. Welcome your pain, welcome your fears, welcome your wounded inner children. Everything will be fine. I want you now to feel my presence. Feel my soft energy like a breeze. I want you to feel the freshness of my presence, at this moment, beside you, as you read (or listen to) my message. I want you to feel my embrace, my welcome, and my gratitude! Listen to my “Much gratitude, dear soul!” Listen in your ears, in your hearts, in your minds, in your souls: “My gratitude for your existence and my gratitude for such a wonderful work done for you.” No one, my beloved, will take such merit from such a great achievement. I always say and repeat, wherever I go: You have achieved it because YOU ARE YOU – and it could not be any other way. And I say to each of you: “Welcome back home; welcome back to your sublimated state of Being. Return to your heritage. You are what you are; you are what you have always been!”

Returning to the roots of your history

Here, beloveds, let’s take up a little more about your history on Earth and, as I have been repeating emphatically: it is just a trigger, a small trigger of everything inside you. Certainly, the little I transmit will be enough to trigger feelings, emotions, sensations, memories… Memories of everything already lived by you, of all the experiences, of all the moments, of everything already experienced. You have roots in many parts of this planet, my dear ones. You have left your energies everywhere. Have you felt the calls to certain places? Have you ever had the feeling of being in one place by going to it, or even viewing it over the Internet? Yes! They are memories, memories, inheritances. Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt… All this is only a small fraction of your history. There is more, my darlings, and here I want to talk a little bit about that more. You have connections all over the Earth. You have acquired a lot of wisdom in every part of this planet and you are here now to help in this process of transition, with all this great luminous baggage that you carry. Your heritage, your wisdom, your mastery. Your knowledge! Even if you say you don’t feel that way, it’s all there inside of you. I am just being the trigger for this unleashing. I want to speak, my dear ones, because you asked me to. Let’s talk about the Sumerians.

Sumeria and its roots

Tigris-Euphrates River System

A complex civilization, of extreme intelligence and with its zones of galactic landings. Huge and powerful cities in the regions between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Mesopotamian region. Great men and women of much knowledge. Great farmers, vast knowledge of the powers of gold and silver, as well as the spiritual magic contained in them. Great artisans, mystics, and sages. Profound connoisseurs of the Laws of Earth and Space. There were kings, priests, and princes who ruled their people. There you were sometimes as members of the people, sometimes as kings, sometimes as priests, sometimes as princes, sometimes as wise men… You have experienced many lives there, most of you who now read or hear my message. There were great cities, states, with their independent kingdoms and some variation of culture and understanding of life. There was a blending of consciousnesses as there still is today in this timeline. There was a lot of development at all levels.

The Sumerians were very much based on Astrology, having a wide knowledge in this area. They prepared their crops in the “key” times of the years, aligning them with the star energies and movement of the stars. They knew the times of greater influx of Light on the Planet. Those wiser and more spiritually connected had direct contact with the Star Fleets, including, they were the ones who built the landing zones for motherships. Many Sumerians were scientists and always sought improvements related to the health of the biological bodies, understanding of the mind, the forces of nature, and the quantum space that surrounds everyone. Many were masters of high knowledge coming from other star systems and incarnated there to give their collaborations. There were also the Sideral and Genetic Engineers who actively collaborated in the development of this society. They cohabited with the native peoples of the planet, which was quite common because there were no impediments. The field was open, and many times the Sumerians were given diverse knowledge about Sacred Geometry. They received such information both from civilizations who visited them physically (speaking directly to sages and priests so that they could transmit it to the people) and through dreams or direct channeling through the channels of high development that lived there. All of you, dear ones, you have experienced all of this. There is still a lot of energy concentrated in that timeline. There is a lot of life there. It is your heritage. It is part of you and all that knowledge is still alive. Everything inside of you!

The great priests of these peoples also became experts in agriculture, because they loved the earth and everything it could offer. They were guided by superior messages which inspired them to constant development. This Sumerian line left humanity with an important collaboration on different areas of knowledge – Geometry, Astronomy, Astrology, Agronomy, and others, at all levels – as well as pure Mathematics. The Sumerians knew how to make calculations with enormous precision, manipulating the energies of the stars, the Earth, the air, and the quantum field, attracting them to their own mental field, which promoted great intellectual development in themselves. They also reverberated these energies in their sacred rituals to all who were present. In addition, through Mathematics, they delivered prophecies telling that “1 plus 1 gives 2”. Thus, you saw and calculated the energies. It was not a calculation like the one you do today in the calculator; it was energetic calculations. The sum of an amount of energy A plus the sum of an amount of energy B plus a pinch of energy C would give the result D. It’s that simple! You could understand the energies and their readings based on Universal Mathematics, which gave you wisdom and, to many, the gift of prophecy and knowledge of future timelines. How many of you traveled back in time to the future and past at that time? How many of you who are here today, in this current timeline, have seen this reality thousands of years ago leaping into the future, which is this now, in our present? Do you feel déjà vu? Oh! that’s incredible! It’s more than your linear minds can understand. So, turn inward to your inner energy. It’s all there, inside of you. Breathe for a few minutes. Take a break from reading and breathe deeply… (Pause to breathe…)

We can then continue after this pause for your breath, my dears. In one of the many experiences there, of many kings and queens, there was a queen named Hantha-Tariáh, ruler of an immense city called Wuetan. She was a queen known for her kindness and generosity and for how much she taught her people about self-care. So much so that she asked “Don’t abandon yourselves,” because often the people went too far for the knowledge of things, and forgot to give themselves time for their own hearts. The incessant search for knowledge, despite the fact that many were aware of the need for this balance, led many to lose themselves to the greed for more “knowledge,” more power, falling into the dominant traps of the ego. Hantha-Tariáh was a direct descendant of extraterrestrials, biologically speaking, when “the daughters (sons) of men lived in love with the sons (daughters) of the stars,” as the old scriptures have told you countless times. Her mother, called Handapturáh, was also from the lineage of kings and queens of that time. On a night of singing in the open air – because she loved to go out to sing sacred songs looking at the stars, – she saw a beautiful golden disc-shaped mothership hovering over her, and watched it land later. She observed a tall being in his more than two meters coming out of the mothership, with an elongated skull, wearing a gold jumpsuit and with a golden scepter in his right hand. He was Prince Hinthyar, coming from a place called Matharia, located in the Alpha Centauri Star System. There they were enchanted in Love and generated Hantha-Tariáh.

Neva (Gabriel RL), my dear, breathe and keep your concentration. I wish to speak more about it. Let’s continue…

Queen Hantha-Tariáh inspired many of those people, not only her own, which was under her governance, but also other capitals of that civilization. She always sent signals and messages to the other governors, inspiring them not only to seek the scientific knowledge of the Earth, but the deepest knowledge of the human spirit. Hantha-Tariáh, like many others there, was a queen who brought clairvoyance and often foresaw specific events, as she predicted the “fall” of that civilization. Hantha-Tariáh expanded her lineage by marrying the prince of a city called Muhtharwu and begetting with him two children. And they have expanded the lineage to the present times. Yes, dear, this lineage is still alive… Live in many of you! Many carry this powerful lineage in your DNA; the DNA codified with the crystalline, with the desire to connect more deeply with the spirit, beyond the knowledge of the Earth. The DNA of unification of matter with spirit, without extremes, but with balance. Hantha-Tariáh is currently incarnated among you, my dear ones, and her presence on Earth amplifies the “signal” of this need never to abandon yourselves and to lose yourselves due to the thirst for power and knowledge, but that harmonic equilibrium is necessary. You are part of this history and you carry within you this living heritage. Most of you who read or hear this message now were part of those people ruled by Hantha-Tariáh, people who cried with their departure from the physical environment, victims of the jealousy of those who desired her place.

My dear ones, like so many other civilizations known to you, non-positive interference has initiated Sumerian decadence and brought about the end of one of the greatest civilizations on Earth. The establishment of this civilization took place precisely 5,672 years B.C. (five thousand, six hundred and seventy-two years B.C.) and its end 2,432 B.C. (two thousand, four hundred and thirty-two years B.C.), making up its more than three (3) thousand years of existence and development. The drops in energy patterns, the invasions of other peoples, the droughts, the floods, all the changes in the physical environment of the Earth have definitely concluded this part of your history. The Akkadians, of Semitic primary origin, migrated from the Syrian desert in search of expansion. They were fleeing extreme droughts and settled in the Sumerian domains – already weakened by the moral and physical tribulations of centuries. They settled there, definitively conquering Sumeria and, in some way, possessing it. The Akkadians settled north of the Sumerian zone and quickly established themselves there, developing their own means of subsistence and political and military organization. It was from this position of influence over the weakened civilization that the Akkadians were able to conquer and subjugate Sumeria. Little by little, what was left of Sumerian Culture was being replaced by the Akkadian Empire.

My dear ones, as everything has a reason in this Universe, the Sumerian/Akkadian connection comes from beyond Earth. It is a connection that comes from the Orion wars, from the conflicts in Chapel, in the Auriga Constellation (“The Charioteer” in Latim), and comes from long, long ago, even before the complete formation of the Earth. This is a little more about who you are and what you have lived through. Finally, it’s a little more about your history.

The Mayans and their roots

My dear ones, there is a great, great heritage of yours here at this point. It is the origin of an extremely branched root that has spread all over the planet, with its deep connections to the heavens, to the stars, and to the celestial bodies (Astronomy) itself. It is one of your most powerful and delicate incarnations, with some ups and downs, but with great atomic questions from great Sideral Atomic Engineers who have incarnated in this lineage. Incarnations also of those specialists in chakra energy and its functionalities. Of the abilities to extract the energies of gold and silver, the Sun and Moon, the winds and the sea, with the force of simple will.

Let’s talk a bit about Mexico, more specifically the Yutacan Peninsula. Most of you who are reading (or listening) to this message of mine were incarnated there. It can be said that in that region you have had superior scientific, material, and spiritual developments compared to those of today. You also had great control of Atomic Energy, of Vril Energy, dominion over your spiritual bodies, and immense abilities to leave your bodies, in a conscious manner. There was a strong connection with the great motherships that hovered over civilization, bringing your energies and supporting your expansion. You built pyramids in these regions in order to anchor the energies coming from the motherships that hovered every day, especially at 6:00 p.m., to pour out your jets of Light. There were direct and frequent contacts with these motherships and their commanders.

You carried the gift of wisdom and high capacity to develop equipment for communication with other planes of existence. Yes, my dears, there was ample knowledge in Electronics. Contrary to what many may think, there was a lot of technology. You projected yourself on as many planes as you wanted to communicate with other dimensions. The motherships landed, and you received direct instructions from various extraphysical races, especially from Chapel, Sirius, Pleiades, Venus, Mars… My dears, what an inheritance you carry! How much knowledge and wisdom there is within you! You, channeling and calculating with Universal Mathematics, have brought the prophecies, the Seven Prophecies known to this day, that not only concerned the physical part of your planet, but also the spiritual part, as well as the entire Galaxy.

But, similar to what happened in many of your eras, after great development the infiltrations began, the sad infiltrations by vanity, greed, pride, and desire for domination by some leaders who moved in all directions in search of more power. A specific group, then, motivated by these ill-qualified energies, wished to have access to the great technologies of the mother ships that hovered every day in those regions. “How do they do it? What fantastic technology… They would be even more if they were in our hands!” – thought the members of this Maia group. They planned, then, to capture some of those hovering motherships. Yes, my dear, sometimes greed has no limits and disconnects you completely from the necessary reason to make you aware of the Laws that govern this physical reality where you are today. So, disconnected from that reason, you became irresponsible in the vain attempt to capture the mothership that had the most extensive defense system among all those hovering around. In a simple move, in a simple onslaught of that group against the mothership, its automatic defense system radiated powerful and extremely intense energy, which caused the instantaneous disintegration of all that civilization. Oh!… Perhaps many of you don’t know this, or you think I’m crazy telling you something that cannot be proven. Feel… Feel these words of mine, because, as I have been saying, you have everything inside of you. Absolutely everything.

After this disintegration, dear, some time later, invasions started to happen on the spot. Indians invaded and, let’s say, started a “New Mayan Civilization”, of which most of you are aware, and which was seen as violent, bloody, and confusing. This “New Mayan Age”, without knowing the mystical secrets and the science of the manipulations of energies was unaware that, in this region, great phenomena happened before. These invading peoples had already “heard” of amazing things that happened there with the great manipulations of forces, – such as the physical and spiritual phenomena. And in their ignorance, they also desired to obtain those powers. To this end, they invoked the gods, often offering human sacrifices and originating wars and more wars based on worship and bargaining. They prayed to the Sun in an attempt to access the powers that those who were disintegrated had, asking for the same knowledge and wisdom, powers and gifts, and even protection, because they were afraid of being “devoured” if they did not please the Gods. They thought that the other disintegrated tribe had been devoured. So they made such sacrifices in the hope of being heard. Everything, my dear ones, that your Archaeology has gotten from information up to the present moment (and here I leave my deep respect for your researchers and workers in the area) refers, first of all, to the Indians who took over the lands of the real Mayans who were disintegrated. Except in the case of the great magic that involves the construction of the great pyramids which, at this point, refers to the true Mayan Civilization, not to the indigenous peoples who invaded after the disintegration.

And, before finishing this point, I feel obliged to say as well, my dear ones, why many of you feel deep sorrow and sadness at 6pm, wherever you are regardless of time zone. Many of you, when the evening starts, feel a deep sadness, anguish and sadness and ask yourselves what is in this timetable, almost every day, for a long, long time. My dear ones, I tell you: it was exactly at this time that the disintegration of that civilization occurred, and the pain of your soul is, unconsciously (now consciously), the memory of that sad moment in your history. You who identify with these truths when you read or listen to this message of mine, know that in a very active way you were there and were affected by this phenomenon of disintegration. My dear ones, the souls of all those involved in this process of disintegration have become so fragmented that it has taken centuries for their complete reorganizations. This is another point that explains why you feel as if you are “missing something” in you – I am not referring to anything related to affection as far as the relationship/romance with another being is concerned; I am referring to precisely this phenomenon. Yes, my beloved ones, this is one more part of your story, one more part of you. And here, there is no need for more guilt, more grief, more sadness. Now, there is a new opportunity to resignify the moment of 6 pm. Connect with the forces of Mother Mary who, at this time, is in spirit and truth present on your planet, helping in the manipulation and healing of old energies.

The Incas and their roots

There is a little more of you. Of your heritage. Some of your incarnations that have helped in the development and rescue of many souls. The Incas, as well as the Aztecs I will speak of next, have developed into a great and complex civilization of high capacity and intelligence, assisted by many extraphysical forces. It is another powerful heritage that you carry. Road builders, legitimate Path Openers. There you had the mission to rescue and heal a Pleiadian past, Orione, Capellan, and more. You went to rescue many souls who had been lost throughout the ages and who were incarnated en masse at these points. But, again, there was a fall, an imbalance, and, once again, you had to start again. You became confused with the density of the Earth and the open roads stopped directing the heart and were directed to other means, even after so many warnings. But this – once again – is not so that you feel guilty, but so that you know and rescue from within, everything that you have already lived and experienced. Because here where you are now, all that you have conquered in your ups and downs are your treasure in wisdom. You have great akashic baggage, a great story that you are even telling in other systems when you rest in your sleep.

Saint Francis of Assisi

It is also important to emphasize that at this time the incarnation of a great being who came down to assist in the balance of Inca forces occurred. The same being I have reported before known to many as Francis of Assisi. He was a chief, a wise chief regent of the great crystalline roots called the White Arrow. There he went down with his group to try, so to speak, to balance the movements and raise the vibration of the environment. He manipulated great cosmic forces in an attempt to rescue and redirect the many souls lost there.

How many portals have been opened there, my dears, in this tribe. How many sacred entrances to the interior of the Earth, to space, to the direct connection with the great motherships that assisted you. Machu Picchu is your great Stargate, and a great force is still there, alive and vibrant. It is your living history there, printed on the stones, in the air, in all that place. Machu Picchu was/is the important force center where the great motherships projected their powerful energies for distribution among those more conscious. There are so many lives, my dear, so many stories, so many lines. You can have a little more access to your stories in the Lines for Enlightenment that we began to deliver to Neva throughout her missionary life.

~ Lines for Lighting/Support:

The Aztecs and their roots

Here, my dear ones, I present another part of this great ancestral root of yours that is inevitably in your blood. Wherever you have gone, wherever you have breathed physical life, there will be a line that will take you to the Aztecs. Just like the Maya and the Incas, your Aztec incarnation also goes back to the old galactic stories of your cosmic past. Originally, your mission was one of unification: to unify in God the Father-Mother, to bring balance between these forces, and to build energy-gathering points for redistribution among peoples. Missionaries such as Montezuma, Sustainers of Justice, and Path Openers were sent to anchor and unify those energies. Montezuma then tried to unify and balance the energies by also discontinuing ritualistic sacrifices. Many of you have actually followed him, but others have lost themselves in their own ambitions. Certainly, you must realize the similarity between these ramifications.

Yes, dear, many of you have been divided among various incarnations among these tribes. It was a great attempt to heal, to unify, and elevate your galactic past, as well as an attempt to heal old ancestral energies that were still present, no matter where and in which tribe you incarnated.

There are still, dear ones, as I have been informing throughout my series of messages, great connections between you and these roots. Surely, you feel all these projections, while I give you this information. You have left your marks where you have been, you have branched, you have expanded! As I have been saying, everything is interconnected, everything connects. Everything I have told you here is unified in your DNA. All the history told by your historians, the kingdoms, the peoples, everything concerns you and your many lives on Earth, since your arrival to this beautiful planet. Even before your own formation, many of you were already here. I would like to talk much more about this, about all your lives, but all the books on Earth, as I have already said, would not be able to store so much information. It remains, dear ones, for you to open your hearts while I, in my humble attempt, bring these energies in order to awaken you to your deepest story, to your original akashic.

Inner Earth Family

While many of you dream of reconnecting with your space family – of which I, at this moment, become the voice carrier – I need to remind you of your family on Earth. I need to remind you of all those in your daily life, of your family and friends, of your co-workers, of your siblings, in general, because all of you come from the same source. Connect instead with your Earth family, my dear ones, practicing Unconditional Love with everyone, regardless of differences, recognize yourselves as brothers and sisters, as companions on the same journey. All of you carry burdens, all of you carry pains to be healed. Support each other and everything will flow more quickly.

Your family from the Inner Earth also wants this contact with you. They are preparing for it, preparing their beautiful Crystal Chambers for these contacts. Many of you are already being taken in the astral body to these preparation chambers, where you are going through great processes of detoxification of your energetic fields. Many of you will receive calls, e-mails, finally, you will be contacted in various ways by your Inner Earth family, even before we, from space, contact you more directly. Even before our landings, you will first have contact with your Inner Earth family. Look for this connection with them in your meditations. They are excited about this reunion. How many of your relatives, as they leave the Physical Plan of the Earth go to Agharta and use their bodies that are there, ready, waiting for their spirits? Any resemblance to the film Avatar that you know is NOT a mere coincidence.

The Victimism

So, in the midst of all this process, dear ones, it is important that you open up, that you allow yourselves to flow in this healing. Abstain from victimhood, from putting yourselves in a position of victims of the world, victims of events. You need to take responsibility for your lives, for the events, for everything around you that is directly connected to your lives. None of you will be wronged, no matter how many situations on earth seem to show it. We cannot deny the fact that, yes, injustices exist in your environment, but there are no wronged. If you trust in the higher energy of infinite, just, and loving Unconditional Love for all, it is important to work on yourself any feeling of indignation and dissatisfaction, for this will put you in a state of low frequency, hindering your own progress.

Understand that, we do not mean that you should not seek for your rights and for justice in its highest crystalline degree. In no way do we underestimate or devalue your searches and clamors for justice; quite the contrary! For it is your cries that have moved a legion of Blue Angels to Earth to promote the cleansing of the Planet, anchoring Divine Justice and driving away the forces that wish to see you annihilated. Know this: what we mean is that you should base your motivations on Love and crystal-clear justice; never on hatred or violence of any kind, for you cannot cry out for justice with your hearts full of hatred; you cannot cry out for peace with your hearts longing for war; you cannot cry out for freedom while trapped in the traps of low vibrations. Everything, beloved, must be based on the purest and most crystalline Love. Love, I affirm, is the most powerful “weapon” of the Cosmos, as so many have affirmed, as Jesus, so well known by all. A sword was not raised in his time by him nor by any of those who followed him. So many examples like this, dears, have already been given to you!… What else is left for you to understand? Love is the key.

You are not victims! You are masters of your destiny, masters of your lives! Do not mourn your pains, do not mourn the pains of the world! Work with Love, dedicate yourselves to Love and crystal truth! Stop attacking yourself or seeking blame for your sorrows and pains! Stop looking for those responsible for your misfortunes! You are God and, as such, you are the leader of your journey!

Giving yourself an opportunity

Embrace the opportunities that are given to you by winning your own merits! Do not boycott yourselves, do not run away from your responsibilities and your own elevation. Some of you sometimes lean on “drama crutches”, dodging healing energies. You think consciously or unconsciously that if you heal yourself and dedicate your own healings, you will lose the attention of those around you from caresses and fondness, pitying your temporary misfortunes. Oh, dear! Love is there for everyone! Do not boycott yourselves and do not run away from your own elevations, – I repeat! How many times, when you cry for our help, we, your friends and mentors, move our energies and create synchronicities so that they reach you blessed opportunities for healing, and you deny them leaning on the crutches of insecurity, fearful of what would come after healing? “Oh, heavens, I will lose my helpers, for if I am healed, I will have no more attention!” Old times, dear! Old energies! You don’t have to be afraid of being alone anymore! You never stayed and you never will!

Allow yourselves to heal. Allow yourselves to receive the blessings of heaven in your lives. You are heard, always! At every moment! It remains to be seen, beloved: are you open to healing? If so, say loud and clear: “YES, I AM OPEN TO HEALING AT ALL LEVELS!” Repeat that whenever you wish! Give yourself that healing opportunity! Your time of liberation has come, for you have decreed it! It remains, we cannot deny, the little astral beings who still feed on your lamentations, fears, dramas, victimisms, and self-boycotts. At this moment, I, Ashtar, bless you all for healing and definitive liberation from all control, implantation, programming, drainage, and parasitism of any and all levels that may still be surrounding your energetic fields! Say: “YES, I AM OPEN FOR HEALING AT ALL LEVELS!

Finishing up

Dear Family, I am very happy with this opportunity that was given to me to bring you these messages. I must also say that I have instructed Neva (Gabriel RL) to write a book in which there will be these messages and other additional information: “THE PHASES OF TRANSITION.” I wish, along with her, to pass on information about all of her Personal and Planetary Ascension processes, as I have already begun to deliver in this series of my messages “THE HISTORY OF CREATION.” I wish to deliver to you in a way that you can understand, linearly, the sequence of all the events already written in the stars until then. Furthermore, I want to tell you about when the beloved Mother Earth will become a beautiful star, thus “dispensing” with the existence of her Sun, which will change in dimension. Your hearts already know this, your souls already vibrate for this great moment when the Earth will definitely reach its shining place among the Great Shining Stars of the Cosmos.

May these truths set you free!


That’s the truth.

And so it is.


Your brother,


For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ December 19, 2020 – Ashtar – “A História da Criação – Parte 4 (Final): Suméria. Maias. Incas. Astecas. Família Intraterrana e mais…”:


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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Judith Lee

    How can I access links to Avatar Name and Cosmic Biography in English? or what information would you need to help me? I know my Higher Self Name. Thank you.

    1. Ukeron

      The Avatar Name and Cosmo Biography is provided by Neva (Gabriel RL) in Portuguese only. To order yours, you would need to go to the “Sementes das Estrelas” website and follow their instructions.

      * About the Personal Symbol:

      * About the Cosmo Biography:

      They will send the Cosmo Biography in PDF format, but you can use an automatic translator (Google Translator, Bing Translator, DeepL, or other) to translate the information into your language.

  2. Hannah j schneider

    Beautiful Message.! ❤

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