Aniron – Monthly Update – March 2021

Aniron is the author and creator of the “O Evento” (The Event) website, a project dedicated to Portuguese-speaking readers. Since September of 2020, he started to publish his monthly updates, based on his own information and the information that he is collecting from his own contacts. This article is the translation of the Monthly Update of March 2021.

We hope that this information can help you to better understand the context in which we all are living.

~ Universal Forces

The Event


The Ascension Plan B was implemented by the Guardian Races to respond to the infiltration of the original Ascension Timelines that were completely infiltrated and infected by the technology of the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) and the distortion of the Sacred Ancient Gnostic Teachings, which actually correspond to the Future Realities of Ascension.

This NAA – Negative Alien Agenda situation was described in detail in this article and is what continues to happen on our planet:

~ August 29, 2017 – Greys – diferentes tipos e o porquê da sua presença:

The true knowledge of history is what everyone longs for one day, without any deviation. It is the connection to the Source/to the True God hence for example that whenever we get up every day, we must categorically affirm:



We are currently on the genocide agenda through the injection of highly harmful substances into the human body. Regarding the last monthly update from January 2021 and the vaccines, everything that was said before remains the same.

Vaccines are aimed at disintegrating our light body and thereby negating, for example, the likelihood of Ascension. In this case, one’s free will is sovereign, and as said and repeated for those who have family members who will take the vaccine, pray for them.

We are in the time of the Great Awakening and every human being is pushed towards what he or she desires.

I would say that 10% of the population corresponds to very bad people who run humanity, pushing mandatory wearing of masks, vaccination, deprivation of freedom, deprivation of human contact, therefore to dehumanization. In practice, it is a small group among this 10% that runs the whole world. Unfortunately, these are at the top of all the organizations in the world.

10% are awake and have realized this satanic, anti-life, anti-human agenda and are fighting back in any way they can. The number of awakened people is increasing day by day. The “awakened” people should stop attacking each other and focus on what is important, and leave their political, religious, etc. differences aside. The Dark Ones are always there to divide and conquer. It is totally petty the divisions you see out there. So much division breeds small groups and the absence of strong groups.

80% are the neutral people or, as they say, the sheep that follow the trend. There are countries where people are more awake to this false pandemic like the United States, Brazil, and Russia. This week in Russia a poll revealed that 60% of people do not want to take the vaccine and believe that the virus was manufactured in a laboratory.

Only with Faith, Courage, Determination, and Strength, we can face this situation.

What is the Guardian Alliance?

The Guardian Alliance Forces are Special Forces that have Mobile Extensions in the Universe, that have been sent into crisis situations on Earth to prevent the collapse of organic structures due to the invasion of the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA). This is their specialty in the Universe, and we call these Special Forces, the Azurites, the Oraphim, the Christ Ascended Masters, who are 100% in alignment with the Universal Christ Consciousness in the Universe, and who are not distorted versions of hacked or even made-up alien images of false ascended masters, as is widely used in the Fake Ascension Matrix timelines.

In Lisa Renee’s last monthly article, we talked about Azurites and other subjects:

~ February 2021 – Gaian Matrix:

The Guardian Alliance is responsible for the Safety and Ascension of the human race for this cycle of Ascension.

Many representatives of the Guardian Alliance and Christos Families were imprisoned by Draconian/Reptilian and other negative entities that eventually enslaved, tortured, sucked the energy of their own structures, and even imprisoned them in Space and Time.

Representatives of the Guardian Alliance and Christos Families

This is the principle behind crucifixion, capturing a being, crucifying it on a structure to suck energy from it.

~ Arquétipo da Cruz de Cristo ~ A agenda dos Satanistas:

This is what was done to the image of our brother Yeshua, crucifying a Guardian in all the satanic structures emanating from the negative alien structure of the Vatican.

The real Yeshua was not crucified, he was ascended by the Guardians, and religions and all the bloody wars that resulted from them are negative alien agendas.

~ Os 3 Cristos ~ Jesheua-12 e Jeshewua-9 não foram crucificados na cruz:

~ Guardian Yeshua:

Truth seekers must realize that the real Christ was never crucified on the Cross, and those who channel with Christ, if they say that the same Christ was crucified on the Cross, means that they are channeling false teachers.

De notar que há muitos seres de coração puro que encontraram verdadeiramente Deus nos seus corações e encontram-se entre todas as religiões.

The dogmatic structures of any religion are of an alien (negative) nature and have been brought to mankind for the purpose of enslavement.

Ascension Plan B

In the December 2020 Update, we had already covered in more detail the Ascension Plan B and why the original Ascension plan did not happen.

Ascension Plan B was implemented precisely to address the fact that too many distortions are present in these timelines and to provide a safe alternative in Space and Time to the False Ascension Matrix.

Many races are in conflict over who will move, re-route, the human race, over this or that timeline. Ultimately, who will guide our destiny.

Ascension is secure and it will be the Guardian Alliance that will coordinate Ascension in the coming years.

It is up to each of us to align ourselves with the Universal Law of this Universe and the principles of the “Law of One”.


It is up to each of us to declare our intention to realign with the Timeline of our highest Expression, to remember our true intention when we incarnated on this planet that is a prison. Planet Earth is not paradise.

Nobody came here to have fun and we all have more or less complex tasks to accomplish in this life, especially if we are already in a state of awakening at this time. We must and as I always say, focus on ourselves.

~ April 7, 2018 – Energia, Frequência e Vibração:

In February I was with some people and noticed a huge deficit, that is, very little work on oneself. Too much time spent on artificial life and not enough on what matters. A little balance is key: we don’t need to be obsessive but have some balance. For example, if I spend 30 hours a week on the Internet, 20 hours on TV, and 0 (ZERO) hours in nature, that is a total and irrational imbalance from a person who calls himself “awake”. It should not happen!

~ June 16, 2018 – Energia das Árvores ~ Caminhar pela Natureza ~ Sol:

War over Timelines

Timelines will converge toward Ascension. Currently, we have to know that there is the Artificial Timeline and the Organic Timeline. We have to be Sovereign and discern what is beneficial to our path and what is not, we have to face and correct it. In this regard, I highlight the negative structure of the Ego that is enticed by NAA and that affects us all.

Yes, our EGO is still one of the worst things. This EGO was one of the distortions created by negative beings (it was instilled in our DNA in order to disconnect us from the source, from what really matters).

In the realm of Ascension and Disclosure, we have a field full of Groups and Races that have their own Agendas!

~ S01E01 Há 22 programas genéticos a serem feitos nos humanos da terra:

Various groups/races that present themselves as positive, may not be as positive as we have been led to believe, and sometimes we are forced to rethink the real intentions of certain groups.

Learning to discern the energetic difference between true Universal Christ Consciousness and Satanic Consciousness is a huge step toward one’s own Emancipation and Liberation. For this, we need to have the humility to sometimes recognize mistakes.

Performing the 12D shield technique daily (when getting up and going to bed) allows us to strengthen and amplify our Light Body:

~ The 12D Shield Building Technique:

~ The 12D Shield:

Some people had asked about what the Light Body is and what it means. I leave this excellent 2017 article taken from a book:

~ January 18, 2020 – O que é um Humano Galáctico e ativações DNA para a Ascensão:

Most human beings are not prepared for what lies ahead, and the plan is one of extreme complexity with timed agendas in which the safety and preservation of the Human Race must be ensured.

The Highly Hostile Races we deal with are ruthless, operating on the satanic principle of destruction and reversal. They will not accept any rehabilitation by the Guardian Alliance, they refuse to turn to Christ, so the solution will be to destroy their architectures that force us to live in this Matrix. This must be done so that we are not sucked into the Phantom Matrix.

It is a point of no return, and these interdimensional wars are occurring, so it is not just here on Earth, but the main goal is to ensure Ascension for as many humans, Indigos, as possible. For the Indigos/Starseeds it will basically be the homecoming.

The Fake Tom Cruise

The 3 videos of a fake Tom Cruise circulating on the internet (see article below) and that this time, the mass media has realized the falsity, comes to demonstrate that in reality many TV appearances of personalities, are just CGI (computer graphics).

Very realistic Tom Cruise Deepfake | AI Tom Cruise

~ March 4, 2021 – Falso Tom Cruise levanta questões sobre perigos da Inteligência Artificial:

These types of videos are important for people to realize that these deceptions are done in recent years on the fly and also using doubles/clones. We live in a great manipulation at all levels.

Let this situation lead to the analysis of other videos. Just this week, there is an appearance by epidemiologist Anthony Fauci that is clearly computer graphics (CGI).

Questions & Answers

As for the questions asked previously, we have answered some of the questions above, and selected some others to be answered now.

Q: Is the Galactic Central Sun (of the Milky Way) an object or a living entity or an energy pulse? And the Central Sun of the other many galaxies, are they also living entities?

The Galactic Central Sun is a living entity, as is our planet Earth and as are all the stars.

Q: The Guardian Alliance is responsible for the ascension of the Earth. But the original plan failed. There was the threat of the reversal of the poles. It no longer exists. Now it is Plan B. What is the current situation?

This kind of question is a repetition. Just now in the December 2020 Update and in many articles it was answered. It is not because a month passes that there are updates, and as said the big questions/details of Ascension are not known to us. Over the years there have been missions here on Earth by many of us, and many missions are confidential. The major things are not in the public domain.

Q: And about Nesara?

I’m not comfortable talking about Nesara. There is a lot of theory and much of what I have read and what has been posted here or on other sites seem to me to be misinformation or already outdated to what will one day happen.

Q: But they let the months and years go by, while humanity suffers as guinea pigs for various races?

This war has been going on in the universe for millions of years. Talk about months… Humanity suffers because the level of consciousness is low through its own fault and through the fault of the anti-human races.

Q: Why everything we see around leads us to believe that nuclear weapons are about to be used?

Nuclear weapons will not be used. The risks to this planet are over.

Q: If the goal of the vaccine is to control us like a robot, pleasure vs pain at the push of a button, haven’t they been doing that since the early days? Have they always controlled us, put us on the hamster wheel, and had fun watching us go nowhere over and over again, through various lifetimes? What’s the difference now with the vaccine? I have communicated that I will not take it at work but what about those who run to take the leftover vaccines? The next stage will be our grandparents and our parents over 80 or 50 with comorbidities. What will happen to them? Will they slowly fade away for 18 months and then die?

We are currently at the end of the cycle and they know it. The planetary change began to occur in 1975 with the arrival of computers and the internet, thus the age of technology. 1975 to 2024 we have this super-fast evolution compared to what happened in the last 2000 years.

The vaccine targets mainly the light body, in a more spiritual matter. There was no talk of physical death. The vaccine is the mark of the beast and this had already been prophesied.

There are many activations (DNA) that are being done in our bodies, without us realizing it. Many humans currently have very advanced activations compared to others.

There are even some children who carry DNA already with a very evolutionary structure and various types of children. In fact, some children are called hyperactive (called ADHD), when in fact they are children with evolution in their DNA. Unfortunately, parents let these children be medicated in a criminal and complicit attitude with doctors. But this issue will be part of an article yet to be published this year.

Final Considerations

Filter only what interests you and discard the rest. Don’t forget, you are the one who makes your own path. You are your own master.

The fact that you understand the controllers’ game is already a victory.

This is the monthly article from the “O Evento” website, written by the author, Aniron, and people connected to the website in a direct or indirect way.

March 6, 2021

~ Aniron

~ Aniron – Atualização de Março de 2021:


~ Ascension Plan B:

~ Negative Alien Agenda or NAA:

~ Guardian Alliance:

~ The Guardians and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds:

~ February 2021 – Gaian Matrix:

~ Guardian Yeshua:

~ Law of One:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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