Aniron – Monthly Update – April 2021

Aniron is the author and creator of the “O Evento” (The Event) website, a project dedicated to Portuguese-speaking readers. Since September of 2020, he started to publish his monthly updates, based on his own information and the information that he is collecting from his own contacts. This article is the translation of the Monthly Update of April 2021.

We hope that this information can help you to better understand the context in which we all are living.

~ Universal Forces

The Event

We again insist on the issue of the Vaccines, and the following information comes from the Guardians.

Vaccines against covid-19 and their immunological reduction

The vaccine agenda is not new, it started at the beginning of this century, and the vaccine against covid is the culmination of this agenda. This agenda is part of the depopulation agenda of our planet.

In addition to what was said in the important January 2021 Update (aims at the disintegration of the light body in the medium term), there is now confirmation that the goal will be that those who take the vaccine will progressively lose their immune system, that is, the NATURAL ability that the body had to defend itself, to heal itself.

Our body has the ability, the free will to heal itself whenever it is subjected to an attack. Taking the covid-19 vaccine will eliminate the body’s natural defense. We, therefore, have a genocidal agenda on the way.

We currently live on this planet but whose “Law of One” is not respected. Since we don’t have the Universal Law, we are subject to imbalances, therefore we are subject to diseases. Diseases come from imbalances.

When we achieve a balance with the environment, diseases decrease.

The pharmaceutical industry as well as corporations are run by satanic entities, and these entities are not human.

The satanic agenda knows that in order to have more devoted slaves it needs to weaken our physical body, to lower our natural immunity.

The Draconians have been preparing in this last century to apply the FINAL SOLUTION which is clearly this vaccine. We are at the END OF TIMES and they knew that the time is now, since at the same time we have the ASCENSION of our planet, in which humans are receiving genetic activation codes (activation of our DNA).

The vaccine contains nanotechnology that will enable more effective control of humans, and they will be able to do this from a distance.

Many times when we take synthetic medicines and/or certain vaccines we are already harming ourselves since many times these medicines alter our bodies and we stop naturally activating our protections, which ends up causing even more dependence on the substances.

There is an aim of certain vaccines to confuse our organism that ends up not knowing how to react. Many new diseases have appeared in the last century due to this inoculation. Diseases that should not exist.

The satanic agenda aims to turn people into cyborgs, the transhumanist agenda.

The big problem is that few humans realize this.

Extra note on vaccines (not from the Guardians): The Russian Sputnik vaccine, as Benjamin Fulford reported in February and now confirmed by other sources, is likely to be no more than a flu vaccine, and therefore less harmful than the others.

So, there has also been some sabotage in the production of the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

Ascension requires inner work from each one

Those who have been working these past years, rebuilding their bodies, aligning with the True Universal Christ Consciousness, will be moved to a New Timeline in the Universal Time Matrix, which corresponds to a new section in the field of the Organic Ascension Timeline.

This Ascension cannot be faked. Throughout history, many have claimed to be Christs, but in fact, very few were actually true representatives of the Cosmic Intelligence of Christ Consciousness.

We saw in the last month, for example, the spiritual leader Dalai Lama recommending that people get vaccinated. This was a major blow, for those who thought that the Dalai Lama represented the positives. Well, he does not represent The Good, despite his many valid teachings. He is also part of the Controllers’ agenda and his reincarnation (lineage) is controlled as already published in 2017.

As we move forward with time, many of those who appeared to be benevolent are, in fact, not benevolent.

On the other hand, other warlike races were designed to kill and persecute the true Original Angelic Christic races, through continuous wars against Christ (The Christic Consciousness). We are talking about wars of millions of years. These wars still continue. The vast majority of humans today have forgotten their true purpose and destiny.

Currently, we are again in one genocide on a global scale and this agenda is designed to slowly kill civilization under the guise of a virus carried out by the Satanists. Again I remind you that in the January 2021 Update it was said by the Guardians that the effects of the vaccine would be felt within 2 years and not immediately, otherwise this agenda would be unmasked.

The true angelic human race originated from Lyra many millions of years ago. We are in a time of awakening and this has nothing to do with religions. The Ascension Cycle will involve Total Cosmic Disclosure.

This time we are in has been expected for eons.

Everything we see around us with this pandemic is a lie from the anti-Christic races who have been doing the same thing in the Universe. The New World Order (One New Order) was intended to enslave the entire human race.

We cannot allow ourselves to be deceived, so we must fight the current narrative. The more we seek the truth, the more we align ourselves with our Christ Avatar Self.

We Are All One.

About Easter

I remind you that at this time of Easter last year, 2 relevant articles were posted:

~ Os 3 Cristos ~ Jesheua-12 e Jeshewua-9 não foram crucificados na cruz:

~ Guardian Yeshua:

The Christ did not die on the cross.

The archetype of the Cross of Christ and the nails in the body of Christ are equivalent to the blocking of our chakras.

~ Arquétipo da Cruz de Cristo ~ A agenda dos Satanistas:

The Cross of Christ symbolizes judgment, blood, sacrifice, obedience, punishment, fear, suffering, terror, violence, but really, this was not Jesus’ message, was it?

Jesus’ message was unconditional Love, Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Charity, and much more.

So why do people keep crucifying him every year?

~ Deconstruction of the Cross:

Anti-Christ Planet

We live on an anti-Christ planet and in a reality with a total inversion of values.

Unfortunately, many Indigos and Starseeds are still stuck in the false Ascension matrix, being fed lies by the Luciferian rebellion groups. These Luciferians are the same ones who attacked, massacred, and persecuted the true Templars of Christ during the crusades in Jerusalem, and all over Europe, and it is time for us to wake up to this truth now.

2013 was the year in which planet Earth managed to become an Ascension Planet, whose process will begin in the future and thanks to many beings who sacrificed themselves by giving their lives.

Sometimes we see many say that humanity is not ready for Full Cosmic Disclosure, but this is not true, because the longer we wait, the more damage is done to the planet and the human race.

Individual Ascension is where we should focus, each of us, but that involves discipline and work. As has been said many times before, if we spend all our time on social media, etc, and do no inner work at all, we are not on the right track.

If the intention is to become a better person, then let’s do it, because that means Ascending.

Let’s focus on our personal Ego which is where we have to work.


The liberation of our planet will happen with the exposure of the Vatican. The Vatican is the headquarters of the Satanists, the Illuminati pedophile networks, child trafficking networks, and in fact, all of this is connected to other planets, where this dense energy transits.

Occasionally some arrests have been disclosed. This situation will have to escalate. It is necessary to cut off the food source of the satanic races. In September 2020, for the first time, a listing was released where the price of adrenochrome (of the best quality) is 1920 dollars per mg (milligram) and the minimum purchase quantity is 100mg, so a 100 mg bottle of the best quality, costs 192,000 dollars (just over a million Brazilian reais or 165,000 euros).

~ Adrenocromo – divulgada lista de crianças, fornecedores e preços:

The Original Founding Guardian Races are the true creators and progenitors of the human race. The human race was not created by the false Annunaki gods promoted by the ancient mystery schools, who are the real culprits of this whole state of fallen hell that we now see on this planet.

The question:

Why would God/Creator allow everything that happened on this planet?

The answer:

God did not do this to the human race. The Anti-Christ races created an artificial matrix within the organic matrix, preventing the true Laws of God from being a reality on this planet.

And these architectures are being dismantled and destroyed.

More details have already been given in previous updates like the one in December 2020 Update.

We currently receive large amounts of frequencies that activate our DNA.

Lisa Renee in her excellent monthly update this month told us about King Arthur and his knights.

~ March 2021 – Rise of Arthur and Albion Lightbody:

It is time to remember our true heroes and appeal to their Bravery, so that we can continue and finish this battle.

It is time to remember who we really are, and why we really came to this planet. We came here to fight the Anti-Christ at the end of time, and the time is now.

This is the Great Final Conflict that we are fighting, but do not put yourself in danger. Do not enter into battles with demonic entities without first building your very strong and developed body of light and according to Christic principles. Only Christ can protect you from anti-Christ entities, please ask for that help.

~ The 12D Shield Building Technique:

~ The 12D Shield:

At a time, when people are forced to be at home, listen to music. Music has great power. Listen to music that moves you.

~ 9.ª sinfonia de Beethoven tem propriedades de Cura:

If you are afraid or have any fears, the focus should first be on yourself.

The safety of your own life and the safety of those around you for whom you are responsible.

Whistleblower Stephen Chua

About 30 days ago a new (military) whistleblower emerged, named Stephen Chua (initially his name had been withheld) who, in a 2-hour video, revealed/confirmed much of the information already released through the Cosmic Disclosure series.

The 2-hour video is at this link from Elena Danaan’s channel:

~ AREA 51 – Confessions of a soldier – Outstanding disclosure:

Unfortunately, after he gave this interview, 5 days later he would end up passing away in strange situations.

I won’t go into depth in the 2-hour video, but it’s worth just watch the full video.

He talks for example about the fights he had with Reptilians in caves. It is a brilliant testimony.

This whistleblower is a novelty and so far no Portuguese language channel/blog/site has referred to it and it is worthwhile.

Not even the international alternative media mentioned it, but for not knowing.

It’s worth it! It’s genuine!

We saw this Wednesday (March 31), the court ordered the Belgian state to give 30 days to give the state a legal basis for anti-covid-19 measures.

~ Estado belga condenado pelo tribunal, a levantar todas as medidas Covid em 30 dias:

The corrupt media ignored this verdict.

Brazil and the USA

After Biden falsely won the election. There is new information from the White Hats who claim that without the vote fraud, Trump would have won by a large majority (almost in every state).

With Biden’s clone in power, the news about covid-19 in the US has disappeared as expected. Florida, Texas, and other states are 100% open (no restrictions) and there is no increase in the number of covid-19 cases. The media is hiding this information.

The world has turned to Brazil, where most covid-19 deaths are being faked, manipulated. The satanic agenda has elected Bolsonaro as the political leader to slaughter.

Bolsonaro has advocated non-confinement as well as draconian anti-covid rules. So this attack will continue to exist.

This is the monthly article from the “O Evento” website, written by the author, Aniron, and people connected to the website in a direct or indirect way.

April 3, 2021

~ Aniron

~ Aniron – Atualização de Abril de 2021:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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