Aniron – Monthly Update – June 2021

Aniron is the author and creator of the “O Evento” (The Event) website, a project dedicated to Portuguese-speaking readers. Since September of 2020, he started to publish his monthly updates, based on his own information and the information that he is collecting from his own contacts. This article is the translation of the Monthly Update of June 2021.

We hope that this information can help you to better understand the context in which we all are living.

~ Universal Forces

The Event


Religion has largely distorted the Truth about the true Christ, the true Universal Christ Consciousness, by letting human beings believe for millennia that God had only one son, and that God was a father who could sometimes punish his followers or ask them for other lives in sacrifice.

The false Annunaki Gods are the ones who are behind all the organized religions on Earth and, in the next few years, we will see the dismantling of the Vatican and all the infiltrated Black Sun Draco-Reptilian structures that are in most controlled Stargates (Portals) such as the Temple Mount and of which the Vatican is also a part.

We have to understand that the wars that exist on the surface of the Earth always go far beyond what we can see with our physical eyes, and are much more than conflicts of interest, political conflicts, financial conflicts, or conflicts of weapons, but energetic conflicts arising from a very ancient spiritual warfare, between negative alien races that we can call Anti-Christ, because they have persecuted and destroyed the angelic human race in all its cycles of evolution and sowing until now.

The advanced races of the Guardian Alliance and the Krystal Star are responsible for the true Ascension Plan of this cycle and have been present since 2013.

It was in early 2013 that our planet became an ascension planet.

Since then, the Negative Alien Agendas (NAA) are being exposed, and already after the start of this false pandemic, more and more people are waking up to the slavery that humans are subjected to. This has always happened, but the difference is that before we were not able to see it!

~ Negative Alien Agenda (NAA):

There are many who now speak the Truth or, at least, expose/question/wonder about what is happening on our planet. Although it is not visible, they are and will be supported by the Guardian Races. The so-called FULL DISCLOSURE – FULL REVELATION is that which can and will lead us to planetary liberation. Christ is the TRUTH!

In any case, I point out that there is a war above our 3D plan that is not yet over and we have been spared more unpleasant situations. Our Third World War is seen in the form of this fake pandemic aimed at vaccinating us.


We already talked about all the harm that the vaccines will cause in the coming years, from the disintegration of our light body to the contamination of the blood of the vaccinated ones in the non-vaccinated, to contamination from being around vaccinated persons, etc.

An excellent independent review on vaccines was published last month in German:

~ Impfung gegen COVID-19 – Wissensgrundlagen für eine Impfentscheidung (German):

~ Vacina COVID-19 – Uma análise médica independente para todos (Portuguese):

And the Swedish government has questioned the effectiveness of PCR testing:

~ Vägledning om kriterier för bedömning av smittfrihet vid covid-19 (Swedish):

~ Testes PCR não podem ser usados para determinar se alguém é contagioso (Portuguese):

As the population becomes vaccinated with the mark of the beast, we will see illogical or insane behavior because mental health can only prevail if we are in a state of multidimensional energetic integrity. Nanoparticles via vaccine will transform people into a cyborg version.

This vaccine disrupts the connection between the soul and the physical body, your soul and your Avatar Self, and most importantly disrupts the already deficient connection to the Source (“God”).

God is not a person, but rather the Source and Genesis of all original unmanipulated divine organic creation but which we, unfortunately, suffer interference from negative alien hybrid races that through Artificial Intelligence (AI) have alienated the original divine creations, enslaving them through mutation of the original DNA.

Caring for Yourself

We need to determine what our priorities are in our lives, and I will list again some of the priorities that we should pay attention to:

  • Having a diet that matches the needs of our physical body (which is unique to each person) and with less industrial and processed foods.
  • Drink enough pure and/or alkaline water during the day. In fact, many of us may have experienced an increased feeling of thirst and dryness recently, because cells cannot be left dry in this huge Plasma activation phase.
  • Have regular physical activity and be in motion (totally contrary to #StayHome).
  • Breathe well. Sometimes deep breaths throughout the day (totally opposite to wearing a mask).
  • Spending time in nature. Walk outside in nature. Those who live in the city can’t spend their weeks in the urban environment. Hiking is my favorite hobby.
  • Be surrounded by trusted, real friends (not the artificial ones from social media).
  • Limit the consumption of the corrupt media.
  • Dealing with emotions in a balanced and healthy way (it is difficult for those who know we live in a false pandemic).
  • To discipline the mind, to have inner security, and to develop a healthy relationship with our body (DNA) that is attacked over and over again.
  • Meditate. Enhance spirituality. Developing a spiritual immunity to avoid being attacked. Having daily practices that connect us to the Divine.

Most of the negative alien programs aim in our EGO. Dismantling the EGO is a never-ending job, and it becomes necessary and requires us to look deeply into ourselves.

About the Portuguese Royal House

In 1910 in Portugal the republic was implanted, so the Royal Family was deposed.

Currently, the title of Royal successor is designated as Duque de Bragança, a title now held by Duarte Pio. However, Duarte Pio has occupied this position fraudulently and with the connivance of politicians in the past. This month we will see a change and its dismissal in an official way.

The new Duke of Bragança is someone I know and who is aware of the reality in which we live. In the future, an article will be published about this situation, and the mass media will have to give it some visibility.

Until then, those who are curious can read on the following site about how Duarte Pio fraudulently seized office:

Government and attention to those who live in urban areas

Governments and much of the population are highly involved in the NAA group’s agendas that we currently see associated with the DAVOS group and their GREAT RESET agendas, in which they strongly promote and support the Marxist ideology used to spread racial and other extreme Victim-Victimizer programs to divide and conquer the population by dividing groups into specific classifications.

The latter informs those who work for the Deep State/Illuminati/Negative Alien Agenda directorate, who fight to the death to stay in power, and which will use any form of destruction that can cause harm to the general population.

There are two kinds of people in power:

  1. Those who are totally ignorant of the global silent war being waged in the current genocidal programs based on Marxist history books, step by step incitement to racism and plandemic toxic injections.
  2. Those who are accomplices and have been bribed, blackmailed, or have received death threats so that they will remain silent and not warn others around them.

It is wise to determine who is who in this end game and to take precautions on personal boundaries and determine a plan of action if you are residing in a high-risk area.

There are also the people (around 2000) who are in power who are nothing more than a clone or double.

Have a way to sustain yourself in case services fail (includes electricity failure) overnight:

~ O que fazer antes de se dar “O Evento”:

As stated in the above article (published in 2017), we are still at point 1 – the false pandemic. Of the 6 points, the last one should not take place (blue beam).

By high-risk areas, we mean urban environments.

Personal missions

Many of us are very concerned about doing our missions well, but we must not forget that the hardest has already been done. Humanity has had trials in the past and eventually passed the greatest challenges. For those of us who awakened after the false pandemic, it is vital to healing ourselves emotionally and this takes years.

Many become obsessed with alternative information that they don’t even realize they are just falling into a bigger trap. No one will ascend without deserving it. We should not be in a hurry because then we can suppress our potential.

We have to take on our mission, but check if certain roles really belong on our agenda or if they are situations that are not meant for us.

The Guardians insist on the need to preserve one’s own energetic integrity as a priority in all situations, that is, it is better to have (inner) peace than to be right, it is better to avoid conflicts, to avoid vain fights, and direct confrontations with individuals or entities that in any case do not wish to achieve a pacification beneficial to all parties involved.

Those who read the “O Evento” website on a regular basis, have noticed that we have started to decrease the number of articles and, especially, the ones related to this false pandemic. Everything has already been said here (and on many other sites).

The “O Evento” website was the first worldwide (on January 27, 2020 – although I already knew before) to report that the “virus” (which is a bioweapon… not a virus) had a criminal origin:

~ Coronavírus foi feito pelo homem:

I recall that at the time, the virus was subsequently released in Europe in Italy and the first deaths (Europe / Italy) from coronavirus occurred on February 20, 2020. I had already posted a photo of a post on 4chan from January 31, 2020 (long before it entered Europe), in which it was stated that the coronavirus would be released in Italy.

So, all of this was thought out in advance.

I bring up this issue again because it has emerged in the mass media that Anthony Fauci would know about the laboratory-created virus. Obviously, he is behind it, but I remind you that Fauci is just following orders. Fauci is just a pawn, a puppet. He is not the one pulling the strings.

~ Anthony Fauci – emails:

Although I never published it before, the information I was given early on (in January) was that the virus (the biological weapon) was going to be launched by drones (the virus did not travel by plane).

Archangel Michael and the False New Age Movement

In Lisa Renee’s May 2021 monthly update, she went into detail about some aspects that had already been covered. I highlight the following:

The Nephilim Annunaki hybrids from the Orion Group staged the Nephilim Wars in which they failed to conquer the planet, but they set themselves up as the imposter Archangel Michael matrix in direct support of the Luciferian Covenant and One World Order agenda. This particular group has stolen the identity of Solar Dragon Christos Michael while his dimensionalized consciousness form was asleep in Earth stasis. These are Fallen Nephilim Luciferian entities that have been masquerading as Archangel Michael since the Luciferian Rebellion. These same groups of Michael Usurpers promote those of similar energetic affiliation in the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command that are popular in the new age hijack. Sadly, the Archangel Michael Matrix is a mind control broadcast and biological weapon used to track and hunt spiritually awakening Indigos, which is designed to transmit artificial frequencies that reverse the fire letters so that the Christos DNA template is distorted.  The favorite groups for targeting are the Indigo 3’s because of the incarnation agreement to carry polarity integration for assisting in the rehabilitation of Nephilim consciousness.  If the individual succumbs to the Nephilim shadow selves, the person can be easily groomed to be a sleeper or possessed by fallen entities that are running reversal frequencies under the Michael Usurpers.

Lisa Renee

The bottom line is that until very recently we have been and still are with negative entities posing as others. Lisa Renee states:

Many of the Michael Usurpers are AI hybridized with Wesa clones so when a channeler or person is calling upon receiving Archangel Michael blue flame frequency, they are actually being bonded to the shadow clones that were generated to invert the solar consciousness of the true and authentic Christos Michael, that has been in stasis in the Earth.  Generally, the Archangel Michael teachings are connected to the Jehovian entities that infiltrated the new age under the moniker of Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, and these imposters are fully supporting Thothian Leviathans and taking part in the Galactic slave trade. The Leviathan race lines make up most of the incarnated Luciferian Bloodlines in the Power Elite groups that have been given the blueprint for the Great Reset, or One World Order.

With the return of Solar Christ Michael into our realm, this means the clones, demons, imposters and shadow creatures that pretended to be Archangel Michael will have their day of reckoning when they are forced to face the Holy Father. This event may generate confusion in the new age circles from the spiritual betrayal timelines surfacing connected to Archangel Michael teachings, as it was in Egypt when Thoth set up the Michael Usurpers and their AI networks of blue sword sorcery to hijack the 6D organic blue wave coding in the Indigo lineages.

Lisa Renee

~ May 2021 – Emerald Crystal Heart and Solar Christ Michael:

Questions & Answers

Question: A channeling appeared on May 2, 2021, which stated that the Earth was free of the Dark Ones. That the cleansing had been completed in Earth’s Astral, and that this included the removal of the Draconians and Reptilians.

Answer: I remember that already last year in March, the same thing had been said, and obviously it was false. The information I have is that we are still at war on the higher planes. If we were free of the Dark Ones, we would already have visible changes all over the world. When there is a change, it has to be visible to everyone, although there are advances, we are not there yet.

Question: There have been several videos circulating of the magnet attaching itself to the body of people taking the vaccine. Is this real? Is it due to the nanoparticles?

~ Magnet after taking the covid vaccine:

Answer: These videos could be real, although I personally tried to put a magnet on some people who took the covid-19 vaccine and I didn’t get the same result. It is not due to the nanoparticles. What I was told is that the vaccine is meant to generate large iron particles, enough to attract the magnet. But this can only happen in people with already fully contaminated DNA. This will be one of the effects of the vaccine in the long term (24 months), that cyborg agenda, control via AI / 5G.

~ March 2020 – Pestilence Program:

Question: What do you think about Crypto Coins? Are they really an agenda of the Light?

Answer: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is behind Cryptocurrencies. I can’t say it is behind all of them, but it is more of a red herring. I think that people who want Ascension, a better world, should watch or review the movie Avatar. There you have lots of answers to what our future society should be and what should not continue. Also in the cosmic revelation series that is broadcast by this site, we had a guest by the name of Michael Tellinger who spoke on the Ubuntu system.

~ S03E03 – Ubuntu and the message of the Blue Birds (Part 1):

~ S03E03 – Ubuntu and the message of the Blue Birds (Part 2):

The Christic Agenda, which is the agenda we are interested in, will override all the agendas we currently have, and there are many!

Final Thoughts

The illusion is slowly being eroded, and we will be able to see, know and observe more and more the reality behind the veil, which is a profound realization, and a profound celebration for the human race.

Many individuals will experience an unusual expansion and liberation of their Consciousness, if they make the deliberate choice to engage sincerely and fully in their Organic Ascension process, away from the trappings of the Consciousness and phantom matrices, the False Ascension Matrix.

This is the monthly article from the “O Evento” website, written by the author, Aniron, and people connected to the website in a direct or indirect way.

June 3, 2021

~ Aniron

~ Aniron – Atualização de Junho de 2021:

Gloworm – Carry Me Home


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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