Aniron – Monthly Update – July 2021

Aniron is the author and creator of the “O Evento” (The Event) website, a project dedicated to Portuguese-speaking readers. Since September of 2020, he started to publish his monthly updates, based on his own information and the information that he is collecting from his own contacts. This article is the translation of the Monthly Update of July 2021.

We hope that this information can help you to better understand the context in which we all are living.

~ Universal Forces

The Event

Darpa Hydrogel, Lithuim and the Pineal Gland

Tests have been carried out in Slovakia using substances that are in the covid-19 vaccine and PCR tests. At the end of this section, you will find the links for further research.

First, it is important to note the following:

Darpa Hydrogel is an artificial substance that creates an artificial converter between the electromagnetic signal and the living cell, tissue, and organs. It converts an electromagnetic signal from a transmitter to a signal that a living cell understands and responds to.

For example, in the photo below of the beetle – Darpa Hydrogel was injected into these nerve structures and was controllable via radio waves:

Beetle with Darpa Hydrogel

DARPA – stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for developing emerging technologies for use by the military. DARPA is the organization that maintains the infamous MILAB projects that several times Corey Goode and others have spoken about and forced people into gruesome experiments.

The lab tests were conducted from November 2020 to March 2021.

For example, using a microscope we can see red blood cells:

Normal living red blood cells

The addition of Darpa Hydrogel to the test stick resulted in a total red blood cell massacre:

The addition of Darpa Hydrogel from the test rod resulted in a total massacre of red blood cells.

What is important about this trial is the observation of the effects of hydrogel on human red blood cells. This microscopic evidence proves why people who have taken the injection suffer a number of side effects of oxygen deprivation – venous thrombosis, loss of platelets, choking and blood clotting, inflammation of the brain, heart, and tissues.

On the other hand, the presence of Darpa Hydrogel in the test samples causes this substance to remain in the nasal mucosa under the pineal and pituitary gland along with lithium. The mixture of nylon fiber fragments with the Hydrogel ends up reacting with the pineal gland which has its own electromagnetic field.

Recall that the Pineal Gland has been one of NAA’s goals for thousands of years in drawing out this potential that is virtually dormant and is part of the Ascension process. In this episode, the pineal gland is addressed:

~ S01E10 – Despertando a Glândula Pineal – Realidade Virtual – Calistenia:

Lithium (Li) is a highly toxic element for the pineal gland. The vast majority of human beings have a fully calcified pineal gland. Other elements such as aluminum and mercury used widely in vaccines are other substances that block the pineal gland, and aluminum is one of the substances behind autism that is increasingly prevalent in the population.

The pineal gland produces serotonin (a happiness hormone) and controls the human biorhythm. It is crucial for higher brain activity (creativity, clairvoyance, sixth sense, etc.) and for man’s social interactions.

This is yet another publicized feature of the transhumanist agenda (turning man into a controllable biorobot).

Darpa Hydrogel is also present in the very famous fans that the controllers say are beneficial for the fight against covid-19, although the truth is not quite true:

~ Falsa Pandemia – diagnósticos, terapias e autópsias erradas (PT):

The swabs used in the PCR test have fiber composites with Darpa Hydrogel.

Serotonin: speaking of serotonin, it is this substance that affects many living things, but not in the best way. The increasingly visible locust plagues on our planet are yet another NAA attack.

Independent studies have proven that if we inject grasshoppers with serotonin, they will walk in clusters (the so-called locust plagues). Whereas the absence of serotonin causes the grasshoppers to tend to walk in isolation.

Serotonin in grasshoppers

~ Analysis of test sticks from surface testing in the Slovak Republic -confirmation of genocide:

~ Grasshoppers reaction to the serotonin or the “drug of happiness” (Slovak):

Decrees of Protection against Tests and Vaccines

I have to take a PCR or Antigen test. Are there any decrees I can make to protect myself from this literal attack on my body?

Yes, there is. You can decree the following:

I command my body and mind as a sacred instrument of God and clear all interactions of medical tests, decreeing that all parts of my Spiritual Body, return to how God would want it to be.

I will be forced to take the vaccine. Are there any decrees to protect me?

Yes, it has been said for the vaccine, and for anything you can state without flinching and you can ask the Guardians for help to lessen the effects. In the January update it was posted about this particular situation:

Question – What about my friends and family members who will commit this folly of taking the vaccine, even while concealing my constant warnings?

Aniron – According to the Guardians, the only solution will be to pray for them and ask the Guardians (the Source/Creator/God) to intercede for the person who is going to take the vaccine and that his physical and light body be spared from harm.

With prayer directed to these family members, God’s Consciousness will be directed to these people. Or even you will get protection for these family members, but it depends on your level of empowerment (activated light body).

~ Aniron – Monthly Update – January 2021 – Vaccines:

Gender Principle / Gender Ideology to Children

We saw in the European soccer championship, again the LGBT/Gender Identity issue becoming a controversy with LGBT flags wanting to override everything.

On one hand, we saw the Hungarian parliament passing a law restricting advertising to the LGBT cause, and then the European Union (Khazarian mafia) threatening Hungary.

I remind you that everyone has the right to be the way they are, and this is a basic right. What cannot happen is that the LGBT cause continues to be blatantly advertised as if the LGBT cause is the ecstasy of our society. Several articles have been written about this in the past.

~ The Law of One Session 31 – reasons for the existence of homosexuality:

It should be noted that from the very beginning, human beings have been trying to understand the true meaning of gender principles. And since always, many have tried to destroy or distort the true meaning of gender principles.

This is one of the real wars, a war against gender, a war against everything that is spiritual by nature.

Our sex organs do not define who we are as a person or a soul, but rather our eternal being that makes the reality of who we really are. We live in a highly distorted control matrix on a 3D prison planet through amnesia that will soon end.

This is another trap to divert us from what is important, which is for example Christ Consciousness, which is the only way out of this matrix because Christ Consciousness is Energetic Wholeness.

In Spain, it was reported this week that the government is preparing (will debate) to allow sex change without any hindrance to people over 14. This is an outrage. It is known that in the USA, for example, there have been several suicides of young people who have changed sex and then regretted it. Many of those who will change sex, will do so out of fashion (because of such propaganda) and not because of actual physical need. It is possible for a male to be born in a female body and vice-versa, and that is what sex change is for. This kind of facility misrepresents human creation. This is one of the many agendas of the NAA, in this case at the sexual level.

~ Spain approves draft bill for over 14s to gender self-ID:

Remember that it is important, but at an internal level, to awaken the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine to balance our energies, but that it has nothing to do with the propaganda that they want to sell us.

~ Why The Imbalance Of The Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energies Is The Root Cause Of Human Suffering:

The energetic fusion between our feminine aspect and our masculine aspect that we all have, and carry within us in proportionate or disproportionate ways, will give rise to a new range of possibilities of Creation, for ourselves.

It should be noted that we have constantly seen the insistence on imposing gender ideology on children which is no longer an aberration, one of the NAA’s agendas, and these situations must be denounced. The shadow agenda ultimately aims to allow (be accepted) pedophilia. The school exists to teach, not to educate and impose ideologies, and remember that our children are currently being totally formatted in schools. An excellent article posted about schools and education.

~ Negative Alien Agenda – Sexual Misery:


Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?

Many of you have already begun to notice that more and more of you think differently from your acquaintances, that we are becoming new and more refined versions of ourselves. That we no longer identify with the herd that follows the corrupt media.

There begins to be a clear separation between people and where most are still vibrating in a low vibration dimension. Everything in this society is designed to divide human beings. This false creation originates from Artificial Intelligence that wants to rule our planet by refusing to abide by the Laws of Nature.

In this new episode of the Cosmic Disclosure series, new details have been given:

~ S20E09 – Artificial Intelligence – friend or foe?

We also republish one of the important episodes about Artificial Intelligence and how it has been infiltrating human society:

~ S02E15 – Artificial Intelligence Part 2 – Protecting Against AI:

In any case, these groups operating on our planet who still want to destroy what is left of our DNA are being systematically hunted down and eradicated from our planet, although from an earthly perspective these situations are not yet visible.

Many waves of Ascension will occur so that the planetary surface inhabitants will begin to awaken, in order to facilitate the transition (for those who deserve and want it).

FULL DISCLOSURE is necessary and although it already exists for a small part of the population, it has to reach the critical mass for planetary change.

In these times, we must stand firm, with discipline and personal will. Personal Protection and the various protection techniques already suggested, must be done regularly. The more we raise our state of consciousness, the more visible we become in the Universal Time Matrix, consequently, the Negative Alien Agenda forces will seek to attack us with more intensity.

Some whistleblowers or informers of Truth put themselves at great risk and have succumbed by naively not protecting themselves. True humility is important and needs to be our best friend. Always asking the guardians for protection is essential.

Answer to a question: The fact of awakening does not imply that you have to develop any clairvoyance or any ability. Some of the most awakened people in the world did not and do not have any kind of power. Ramakrishna was the perfect example of the truly Awakened human being who did not show any talent for healing or clairvoyance!

Questions and Answers

Question: I see that there have not been many references to Reiki on this site. Is Reiki reliable?

Answer: Before I go to the answer, I must inform you of the following: I do not provide any kind of Reiki service. I have had training for all levels of Reiki for at least 10 years. Almost all the mediums, holistic therapists, etc that I know (some of my friends) use Reiki as a healing tool. There are some (old) articles here on the site giving a very positive opinion about Reiki.

Unfortunately, Reiki is based on a type of energy transmission, and like so many other things, this energy (reiki codes) has been hijacked on the Planetary Grid by the NAA. So anyone using the Reiki codes is projecting false astral light, not their own inner spiritual light. So if you are a 3D person and you are receiving Reiki, you are receiving the false astral light, although it is a higher frequency, it is still a controlled frequency. Reiki has become a form of astral marking type control which again is about keeping people on the horizontal path.

Already last year I had warned about the False Flower of Life:

~ False Sacred Geometry – Flower of Life and the Fibonacci Sequence (PT):

~ Artificial Flower of Life:

~ Artificial Tree of Life:

~ Fibonacci:

~ Krystal Spiral:

At the time, I was tasked to do more disclosure like this, but this kind of information is not easy to disclose, mainly because it touches the foundations of the most awake people. By the end of the year, at least 3 more complex pieces of information will be disclosed.

So for me, Reiki currently is a limiting (or neutral) energy, hence I insist on the 12D Technique which is a technique that projects us vertically into the infinite and with Divine Truth.

Important note: when someone tells you that they can align all your chakras, don’t forget that this is a lie: it can help you improve, but they can’t do all the work for you.

Chakra alignment and your spiritual health always depend on you and your behavior. Nobody will perform miracles. There is sometimes a lot of “snake oil” being sold out there.

The use of Reiki will always depend on your Body. Being down in physical terms (3D) Reiki can help you (if you have some disease, blockage), but remember that Reiki is only a 3D methodology. It will not help you on an Interdimensional level if that is the need, nor on blockages above 3D.

In this Reiki answer, use only what resonates with you and discard the rest.

Question: About the Anunnaki, I would like to know your opinion, about the one they call the messiah. Whether or not you integrate him in the plan of the Anunnaki, or if you think he was really an envoy of the Divine. As I had contact with the Anunnaki and with all their ways of acting, I speak from experience, the so-called (false) Christi Plan that they wanted to implement, they don’t succeed because the being that they needed, they no longer has dominion over him. So, and I am talking about myself, obviously, that I went through a nameless torment to get rid of this whole troupe because this being that they address as the “false” Michael was and is behind all this mess and that the being they call Jesus is a subordinate of him. Which has nothing to do with the true divine plan. I have experienced this and its evil. This question is for you, I dismiss the comments that always come to defend the same. Respect, just for you, is Jesus Anunnaki or not? If so, all recent history would fall apart.

Answer: The history of Jesus dying on the cross is a creation of the Anunnaki (NAA) and served to hide the true story of Christ (Yeshua). The truth is that Yeshua was married to Mary Magdalene, from whom he had 3 children. The rest was later adulterated. This was the first big lie to hide the value of the concept of family.

In the articles below, we have already highlighted several times is the story of the 3 Christs, which is still little known to many:

~ 3 Cristos (PT):

~ Guardian Yeshua:

~ Deconstruction of the Cross:

As for the Anunnaki, there is more than one group, so they have split into several factions serving both sides, from what I have seen.

Some of these Anunnaki lineages also aspire to ascension (12 strands of DNA), so not all Anunnaki have a dark agenda as is stated on many websites. Some fight alongside the Guardians, the Christic Races.

Note that the Sumerian Anunnaki had nothing to do with human creation; they only manipulated and took credit for the creation.

The Anunnaki are an Angelic race created 568 million years ago by the Decayed Annu-Elohim D-11 Angelic legions with a potential 11 strands of DNA. Anunnaki means the avengers of Annu – Decayed Hybrid Founding Race of Lira-Aveyon D-11. This lineage was specifically created as a vehicle by which the D-11 Annu-Elohim could incarnate directly into Densities 1, 2, and 3 in order to destroy the Eieyani Guardian Oraphin and Azurite genetic lineages to further their agenda of exploration and domination of our Temporal Matrix (TM).

These Anunnaki races intentionally caused the memory blackouts (in our brains) and used that amnesia to introduce their culture, science, and technology (False Sacred Geometry) and beliefs all over the planet.

The negative Anunnaki are subdivided into two main competing agendas for Universal Time Matrix dominance (these have branches) which have already been detailed in the following articles:

~ Luciferianos e o Satanismo – 2 facções dissidentes (PT):

~ Annunaki:

~ Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics:

As for Michael, effectively the vast majority of channelings/actions come from the impostor Michael – Matrix linked to the false New Age movement.

Only recently has this situation changed and according to Lisa Renee these false channelings will disappear in the future:

~ Emerald Crystal Heart and Solar Christ Michael:

The most complicated thing to realize and understand is that practically everything that was divine and allied to Christ Consciousness was hijacked, and it is only very recently that many entities are and will begin to assume a more prominent role and influence on our planet in order to prepare it for Ascension.

Universal Forces Editor’s Note: For those not familiar with the material coming from Lisa Renee and the Guardian Alliance, we suggest reading the article about the Family of Michael, especially the following paragraph:

We must with all of our heart and might hold the White Purity Flame of God’s Eternal Love for our Masculine and that which frees the enslavement history of our Family of Michael.

A major piece of this pain was forced to be held by the group consciousness known as the Family of Michael. The Family of Michael, also known as the ArchAngel Michael Matrix has been seriously damaged and forced into portions of its own consciousness to be twisted into a grotesque montage of fed karmic backlash from humanity and reversal hybridization programming. The Nephilim Reversal Grid system headquartered in UK Stonehenge feeds upon ArchAngel Michael Matrix. This negative energy sewage system is based on the enslavement program influence, the NAA placed in its dimensional space, and how humanity through the New Age and organized religion have been fed lies to call upon AA Michael to further create its bondage to enslave itself thereby forcing it to enslave others to this plane.

The Family of Michael are Blue Ray descendants of the First Order Founder Ray of Melchizedeks that are the Guardians of the East through the Four Royal Stars in Taurus constellation from the star Aldebaran. They were a part of the Guardian consciousness holders of the 3-6-9-12 Arc Portal system which has been at war between the many races that want control of this access gate out of the Universal Time Matrix. The Luciferian Rebellion was a Galactic War that involved Aldebaran and Law of One holographic records and technology stolen by the Jehovian Annunaki Luciferians which resulted in the invasion of the Golden Eagle Grid on earth.

Lisa Renee

The newsletter of May 2021 from Lisa Renee brings more information and details about the return of the Solar Christ Michael:

~ May 2021 – Emerald Crystal Heart and Solar Christ Michael:

Question: Is there any likelihood that this New Earth/Golden Age will be a rebirth for each of us but imply physical death? I saw “The Event” as an energetic pulse that would probably give rise to an alternate reality for us as if we were waking up from some kind of dream. But this doubt has always stuck around and reappears at certain times.

Answer: I don’t have all the answers and as time goes by doubts also arise because there are several scenarios and what seems to be the truth today changes tomorrow, so we have to have an open mind. What I had already answered in this December update is that it is possible to ascend with one’s own body. In other cases, it will not be possible.

~ Aniron – Plano B da Ascensão – Ativação do DNA – Atualização de Dezembro (PT):

~ Ascension Plan B:

Just this week, Lisa Renee wrote in this article, in which I highlight the following:

The changes in our physical body-spiritual house are occurring because our DNA is being restructured. The most concise repository of information in our personal blueprint is found in the original cellular DNA of our bodies. Our human DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes or more. The Diamond Sun twelve strand DNA was originally in human bodies about 300,000+ years ago.


There is a great deal of confusion among the masses because there has not been a large enough body of clear information made available to support comprehension of the planetary shift, and we know the reasons why. These times are unprecedented and there is nothing from our past that can compare to what is currently happening and what will continue to accelerate in order to meet the disclosure timeline. Fasten your seat belts, as we’re in the planetary plasma activation and consciousness rebirth cycle that is preparing us to meet the next level of embodiment we are due for by March 2022 and beyond!

Lisa Renee

~ June 29, 2021 – Why Can’t I Sleep?

Right now we have humans on many levels. Many of us are already different, and many of the children already come with other DNA activations.

Portuguese Court Decision

A court decision was released in which the Ministry of Health / DGS were convicted and they did not respond to various subpoenas such as proving that wearing a mask combats covid-19 or even demonstrating that SARS-CoV-2 has already been isolated:

~ Lisbon Court recognizes only 152 Covid deaths, not the 17,000 reported cases (PT):

This court decision will lead to more lawsuits and this week another lawsuit was filed in court against a health care figure in Portugal, but I can’t give more details, but he is a very well-known figure.

A decision is awaited from the People’s Action introduced in December 2020 in Portugal:

~ Popular Action goes to the Supreme Court against the Pandemic measures (PT):

Final Thoughts

Regarding decrees and affirmations, I remind you that there is no exact way to express them. We have the power to co-create, and as such we have the duty and responsibility to affirm what we want and don’t want, and to ask for help from entities outside this dimension.

Such help must always be asked for, otherwise, it will not be successful. In this case, we still have free will, so no entity can help us unless we ask for it.

On the other hand, many times religious people end up praying to demonic entities and not to those who can help us, and usually religious people put themselves in a position of inferiority and many of us are much more than we see here in 3D.

We can always improvise any decree. For those who are in a daily fight against pandemics and soon subject to greater attacks, they can always decree, for example:

I decree that no one can deviate me from my path of alignment with Truth and The Law of One. I only allow that which interacts with me to be in full resonance with Free Sovereign God. I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free (this decreed daily). May the Guardians protect me! I want to align myself and be purified as the body-evolutionary of the Light of God’s Natural Law, made in the perfected image of God’s Love, Light, and Power in the World.

Note: even for those who practice Reiki, you can still perform it, but ask for the negative effects associated with the symbols to be removed. For example:

I declare that this reiki energy is aligned with Cosmic Consciousness and all malicious energy is removed.

Our intention and manner of enactment are one of the greatest allies we have. Declarations must be made out loud and in faith! And we don’t need masters/gurus to do it!

~ Decrees Published by Universal Forces:

This is the monthly article from the “O Evento” website, written by the author, Aniron, and people connected to the website in a direct or indirect way.

Use your judgment and absorb only what interests you and discard the rest. Our goal is only to inform you.

July 3, 2021

~ Aniron

~ Aniron – Atualização de Julho de 2021:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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