Aniron – Monthly Update – August 2021

Aniron is the author and creator of the “O Evento” (The Event) website, a project dedicated to Portuguese-speaking readers. Since September of 2020, he started to publish his monthly updates, based on his own information and the information that he is collecting from his own contacts. This article is the translation of the Monthly Update of August 2021.

We hope that this information can help you to better understand the context in which we all are living.

~ Universal Forces

The Event

Accelerated Spiritual Awakening

Human beings are being forced to become spiritual adults at a very high rate these days because of what is happening on the surface of the planet. With Planetary Ascension, many human beings will experience some kind of spiritual crisis, no matter how it appears in their own individual lives. External events will cause them to turn inward, and the more they have avoided doing so before, the harder it will be for them now and in the years to come.

It is a very profound and deeply shocking process for many human beings to realize that reality is not at all what we are presented with, or taught in school or promoted by the media, through intentional lies and manipulations, and through military means and very advanced mind control tactics and war propaganda.

From satanic singers to Hollywood where we often see sick and perverted lifestyles being disseminated. Many are hostages, such as Britney Spears who is a victim of the MK-Ultra project and whose life is in the hands of her father who is her guardian and therefore the master of her life. We have seen in the news her struggle to try to get out of this situation. Some of Britney’s videos from the past showed the power of the Illuminati in controlling the showbiz elites and ruthless when they want to get out or denounce these villains sometimes resulting in the apparent “suicide” of the targeted individual (Avicci, Michael Jackson, etc).

Last year the documentary“Out of the Shadows“ was released that showed some of the rot in Hollywood:

“Out of the Shadows”

The Out Of Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for FREE for anyone to watch. Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video.

Mike Smith

~ “Out of Shadows Documentary” (downloadable):

~ Out of Shadows (2020):

Our entire Society is controlled by trauma, oppression, and tyranny. We easily see musicians, actors, comedians, or whatever at the VIP level pushing mandated medicine and attacking anyone who dares to question anything.

This Elite knows what they are doing and they have actually lost all its energetic integrity, but we have to realize that, at this stage of the Planetary Ascension, this is what was going to happen.


Unfortunately, the disastrous consequences of these toxic injections will only be fully known and fully discovered in the coming years, when it will be too late for the individuals who are most affected.

Most of our friends, acquaintances, and family members have taken or are going to take the “mark of the beast”, so they will be playing Russian Roulette, and the final result will be known in the next few years, in which the level of their spiritual and physical immune system will also be a determining factor.

~ April 2020 – Spiritual Immune System:

What was really interesting was that the TV channels and newspapers gave prominence to saying that the flu (Influenza) “miraculously disappeared”:

Deaths cases from common flu went down to 0 deaths in Portugal. In Europe, the number of deaths caused by the common flu has dropped by 99%.

~ July 28, 2021 – Mortes por Gripe 2020/2021 foi de 0 mortes em Portugal. Europa caiu 99%:

Influenza, which each year kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, all but vanished in Europe last month as coronavirus lockdowns slowed transmission, according to EU data and scientists.

The northern hemisphere’s winter flu outbreak normally runs from October until mid-May and in some seasons has claimed lives on the scale of COVID-19, despite the existence of a vaccine.

Influenza killed 152,000 people in Europe in the 2017-18 winter. So far, COVID-19 has taken nearly 100,000 lives across the continent, albeit in a shorter period of time.

Francesco Guarascio (Reuters)

~ April 20, 2020 – Remember the flu? Coronavirus sent it into hiding, but at a cost:

What last year was considered fake news (because at the time it was not yet flu season in Europe), turned out to be true. Covid = flu + pneumonias.

The vaccine is not to be taken! We are talking about a highly dangerous formula to destroy DNA and Human Consciousness that is being sold and promoted as a savior of humanity and it is just the opposite, a genocidal agenda! Many of those advocating for the vaccine are mind-controlled and/or brainwashed to a high degree!

Currently, we have to understand that there is a bifurcation within humanity where we have humans in the ascending zones and humans in descending zones.

There will be human beings who will lose their physical integrity, while there will be others who will learn to live in harmony with the Divine Laws, will see their life span increase exponentially; reversing their degeneration and aging process through DNA activation, but each one will have to earn it!

Guardian Alliance

Hence the presence of the Guardian Alliance (not to be confused with channeled messages from certain federations whose messages are from artificial intelligence).

The Guardian Alliance is a vast consortium of intergalactic nations united, providing educational support to the human race in this Ascension cycle, with the goal of informing about the true exopolitical agendas at play in this current time, in order to better prepare us for our highest possible destiny, individually and as a collective human race.

~ Guardian Alliance:

~ RA Confederacy:

~ Krystal Star (Krystal Guardians):

~ December 2007 – Strategic Alliances:

~ June 18, 2020 – The Guardians and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds:

The choice is in our hands and it is ours, for in every moment we have a choice, and we can choose between morally high and morally low behavior; which will make all the difference in our lives and in the lives of others around us, and in the Universe.

Ascension will indeed happen, and The Guardians will bring back the Lost Knowledge of Mankind.

~ July 2021 – The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization:

Ascension will not be stopped as it happened in the past in Atlantis or Lemuria when the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda who are still here in this final battle) drowned human civilization in order to annihilate it and its technologies.

Sharula Dux on Telos & Hollow Earth

~ Secrets of the Subterranean Cities by Sharula Dux:

~ Secrets of the Subterranean Cities by Sharula Dux:

We have seen now in July floods all over the world, from China, Africa to Central Europe (especially in Germany) remembering what happened in Atlantis.

These floods were not natural. Again the NAA was behind these floods. Even the dams themselves in Germany were not ordered to open for runoff, allowing the damage to increase. In a video (that I couldn’t retrieve) the person is recording the landscape and it is not raining and from one moment to the next there is an unnatural discharge of water. This information was confirmed by FM144:

Another current topic are natural disasters such as floods which are occurring all around the world at the moment.

Many of them are engineered, including the severe flooding in Central Europe.

The agenda is already clear; the disasters are to be blamed on climate change. However, it could rather have the opposite effect, namely that people notice how governments have massively failed in forewarning, especially in Germany.

FM 144

~ July 20, 2021 – Short Situation Update:

The climate change hoax continues to be promoted and will increase. People living near the sea or in low-lying areas are a potential target.

Everything is being done for a shortage of wheat (the basic ingredient of bread and pasta, used to feed animals, etc) to cause shortages in the coming months, although there has been no warning in an official way yet.

The Final Battle

At the Soul level, many of us knew we would have to face this final war against Planetary Liberation, and we are ready for it.

But many other human beings will be completely lost and deceived by their oppressors. They will need very stable individuals to guide them, and to show them the way, even if they reject what we are saying today. Most of them will change their views later when more evidence of planetary control and manipulation emerges.

The word “God” has been intentionally misused throughout human history so that humans fall into the trap of slavery through false divine figures, which actually enslave rather than free them.

In the current scenario, we have to keep our sanity and that is what we have to invest in, even if it costs leaving locations, relationships. It’s not about abandoning, but we can’t condone those who want to continue in a downward spiral.

The path is the upward spiral, focus on what matters. Many Starseeds will awaken in the coming years.

The Earth is Not Flat

It is a topic that is sometimes associated with awakened people, but as said many times before, the earth is not flat. This theory of the flat earth is coming from the Black Sun magic that induces these people into alien Artificial Intelligence machinery that misleads some communities who think the earth is flat. This agenda that aims to confuse people have been pulled by the CIA to confuse and anger people.

I have personally met some of these people who have a very positive view on many issues, but not in this case. The Earth is spherical, is a living being, and is based on an Angelic Creation. What we have is that one part of the Earth is a non-organic creation and another part is an organic creation. Ascension will transform the Earth into a fully organic creation and it will pass into its name Tara.

~ Tara (5D aspect of Earth):

Still on the false theory of the Earth being flat, once again we are pulled to focus on the horizontal subjects with this theory, when in fact we should be looking for verticality (connection with our own spirit guides and our Higher Self) as I also addressed this issue in last month’s update. We cannot stay horizontal and we already have many ideologies hijacked with gurus keeping their followers moving horizontally which blocks their minds and they become dependent on others anyway. Everyone must depend on themselves.

The Earth’s Tilted Axis

Unfortunately, the demonic entities (NAA) have severely damaged our planet. In order for the Earth to become a fully angelic planet again, it is necessary that the planet no longer be tilted, but should have a vertical axis of rotation and be parallel to the Sun. In this way, the energies would be harmonious, which at present they are not.

The Electric Wars timeline began the descent into the AI worlds that were created by the black hole entities of the NAA throughout the fallen matrices. The inorganic axial tilt of the earth was set up through the NET field for gravitational corruption, soul capture and transmission of mind control broadcasts. This Beast Machine was designed to destroy the architecture of the vertical pillar that is the Planetary Staff and to eliminate the Mother of God sophianic principle in this reality entirely. Destroying the Mother principle meant that all organic living creations would also eventually digress to become like the black hole entities, parasitic creations addicted to dead light in the matter world, hence they would exist in the AI worlds as the living dead.  

Lisa Renee

~ April 2018 – Planetary Staff:

However, all the known planets in our solar system, have a tilt and are actually the result of wars that took place in our solar system and where technologies were used that are not known to us.

The inclination of the Planets in the Solar System:

  • Mercury: 0.1º
  • Venus: 177º
  • Earth: 23º
  • Mars: 25º
  • Jupiter: 3º
  • Saturn: 27º
  • Uranus: 98º
  • Neptune: 30º
  • Pluto: 120º

The Moon is a Weapon against us

Contrary to what is said, the Moon is a weapon against us. It was brought in long ago to control us. This subject has been addressed several times by various whistleblowers in the “Cosmic Disclosure” series.

There is currently (2021) a high conflict on the Moon where some negative races (greys, reptilians, etc) have been “invited” to leave there, therefore vacating their underground facilities. It is a difficult job since you cannot simply bomb those bases.

The pro-human Alliances (Earth Alliance for example) want the Moon to belong to Earth again, and so far it has served to totally control us. These negative races have technology that emits waves at certain frequencies that harm us all.

It was already said in the June update that the same thing is happening on Mars, also with a war that is still being fought. Here on Earth, our war is called the covid-19 fraud.

Tony Rodrigues was one of the whistleblowers who best described the Mars situation in this brilliant episode:

~ S13E05 – A Harrowing Journey Begins for a New Insider:

The Angelical Solar System

Although we are told that our Solar System has 9 planets, the Original Solar System consisted of 12 planets, the number 12 being the Angelical number of creation. There are 2 planets that they hide from us, and the other Maldak exploded and gave way to the Asteroid Belt. This destruction served to imprison us, to create Earth which is a prison planet.

Our entire Solar System originally came from Tara which was a planet in the second Harmonic Universe that exploded and then imploded into a black hole, some of the fragments were pulled into the lower dimensions and became our planet and Solar System. Organic and naturally evolving Solar Systems that remain connected to the Center Point of All Union generally include 12 planets, including the Sun or Solar body. In the Earth’s Solar System, mainstream scientists have not recognized Nibiru and the planet Maldek which exploded a long time ago into the asteroid belt.

The 5D planet Tara exploded millions of years ago and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth dimensional planetary blueprint into 12 planetary bodies in our current third dimensional Solar System. This includes the 3D version of Earth we inhabit in this Time Vector of the Universal Time Matrix. These 12 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, PlutoNibiru and then the Sun star. Current science recognizes only eight planets of the twelve in our Solar System, along with the dwarf planet.

Lisa Renee

~ Solar System:

Some groups here on Earth are working for the organic reconstruction of our planet and that one day we will be able to disclose the true history of our planet and beyond.

~ August 2017 – Historical Timeline Trigger Events:

~ July 2019 – Emerald Founder Records:

Several missions have already been done on our planet, confidential, so they will not be disclosed on the internet, not even on alternative sites. In recent years, Portugal is one of the countries where some important missions have taken place, in places like Fatima that involves many secrets.

The history of Portugal at the time of the discoveries is described in history books as great achievements, but in fact, the elite was already manipulated (many without knowing it) and was actually serving the Anunnaki agenda by implementing strategies, actions, and methodologies contrary to organic spiritual evolution. Not only in Portugal but also in many other empires, manipulation was happening.

This reality has been countered by the Guardian Alliance that has been dismantling the Artificial Planetary Alignment in a mission that takes several years and is not yet completed.

Meetings in our Solar System

The IAFW (Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds) of the Guardian Alliance is a collective of beings who are currently holding meetings with various representatives of our Solar System, ranging from Earth representatives, representatives of the Secret Space Programs here on Earth (there are at least more than 10 programs), positive groups, etc.

From a much higher perspective than we see on our planet, important decisions have been made this year and what the future of our Solar System as a whole and its security will look like.

Hopefully, in the near future, the truth will begin to come out. Last year (December 2020) Haim Eshed “shocked” the world by saying that the US was in contact with a“Galactic Federation”:

~ December 10, 2020 – Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready:

The U.S. Space Program is the chosen one (among all space programs on Earth) to one day reveal to us what is still unknown to the general population, and hopefully, that disclosure will happen soon.

Some recent updates on this subject from Michael Salla:

~ June 11, 2021. -Is the 4th Reich’s Dark Fleet abandoning Antarctica?

~ July 19, 2021. -Secret meetings near Jupiter decide the future of our Solar System?

~ July 26, 2021 – Was Mars moon Phobos just liberated from hostile extraterrestrial control?

~ August 6, 2021 – Update on Galactic Federation Intervention in our Solar System:

Final Thoughts

To finish, it is important for awakened people to work with techniques in order to keep themselves in a high position so as not to succumb to their mission.

In these intense times, we must unite in our common desire to free ourselves and put aside the divisions that always exist, because the enemy always wants that. The attacks of negative beings are enough.

Censorship has increased all over the world and for example, Dr. Mercola’s website decided on August 4, 2021, to remove all of its content. It was a site against the pandemic and with food/health tips. It became one of the enemies of Biden’s US government.

This is the monthly article from the “O Evento” website, written by the author, Aniron, and people connected to the website in a direct or indirect way.

Use your judgment and absorb only what interests you and discard the rest. Our goal is only to inform you.

August 6, 2021

~ Aniron

~ Aniron – Atualização de Agosto de 2021:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Hera

    Thank you aniron, for your insightful messages, we send lovelight into every situation that is not of love for our dear planet Gaia, she is cleansing and we know she does it through floods in earthquakes etc, she is getting the new earth ready for the Ascension and the event for us all, loved the read, love, light and peace hera

  2. Hera

    The wounded will seek out and draw the wounded, the well will seek out and draw the well, lf you want to change what you do seek out and draw, change what exists within

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    There are signs of positive reverberation and unfolding here.
    I am glad to see that.

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    Thank you Joshua, and for your kind words, Gaia is planning a big party for us, and all is well, take care, lovelight, peace, joy and harmony to you and your family, hera

  5. Hera

    According to a report on August 7th,2021 at 3:10pm CET from the commander of the argorians squadron, which is moving Earth into a new 5d vibrational orbit, they have entered a new power field, lt is located on the next fifth cascade inside the space filter through which the planet is transported, we have been shifted to 5d as of the 7th August, 2021, take care all, love, light, and peace hera

  6. Elsa

    YUP EVERYTHING you’ve stated here completely resonates with me… we’ve seen other disclosures with Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, enlightenment re the Galactic Federation of Worlds and how they’ve signed the Artemis Accords with the US which basically has to work with them for the greater good of humanity. Luckily the GFW keeps tabs on anyone involved, so they stick to their agreements… LOVE all the TRUTH coming out.

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