Ashtar – “Galactic Connector Mantra”

Ashtar – “Galactic Connector Mantra”

I was doing physical exercises when, suddenly, I heard Ashtar in my right ear: “Greetings, Neva! It’s me, Ashtar!”

I stopped the training and started to listen to a mantra… It was very loud! It sounded like thousands and thousands of voices. Only Ashtar was chanting first in a firm voice, and then a “crowd” of beings. There were many, many beings. Ashtar would chant in a loud tone, then the crowd of beings would chant in the same tone/height. Then he, Ashtar, would chant in a lower tone and, likewise, the crowd would repeat chanting lower. Ashtar would raise the pitch and so would they. It was just spectacular to hear!

Ashtar asked me to play it back to pass on to everyone. He even asked me to chant it at events, in the places where I was.

In a nutshell, this mantra can be used to invoke the Galactic Forces of Ashtar Command and our entire Star Family. Chanting this mantra will bring powerful waves of energy over you, and you may feel your body vibrating or other powerful sensations. Just go with the flow. It will help release tension and promote relaxation, and it can also trigger deep energetic cleansing processes.

The ideal when chanting this mantra is to stand upright, with your spine erect and your head held high.

I will be, whenever possible, pulling this mantra at some event where I am, or even online, just as Ashtar taught me.

Below I leave an example, in my own voice, to give you an idea of what it is like. And I also leave a simple description.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to broadcast this mantra.

Ashtar – “Galactic Connector Mantra”

Uôoo Têeeerammm Uôoo Têeeerammm Uôoo Têeeerammm

You can also download the mantra from the following link:

That’s as far as Jesus allows me to see and convey.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ June 18, 2021 – Mantra Conector Galáctico do Ashtar:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Hera

    Wow it’s amazing, feeling alot of stress today so instead of disconnecting from the mass consciousness grid l did the mantra and felt so much better, thank you, love, light and peace

  2. Kathryn Livermore

    Greetings Hera, I just listened to this amazing and breathtaking mantra.

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