Ashtar – “Our Star Family”

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Ashtar’s Soundtrack

At this precise hour, I invoke the presence of our entire Star Family for the attunement of all our bodies, for the harmonization of our hearts with the Higher Sacred Heart. I invoke the presence of Ashtar Sheran, the Sirian Command, the Pleiadian Command, the First Alpha Centauri Command, the Orione Command, the Ashtar Command, the Capelins, the Solars, the Venusians, the Silver Command of Kani, the Andromedans…

Dear family, project your presence here, in this instant, clearing our energetic fields so that our communications with all of you can flow more powerfully, more efficiently, more lucidly. You are most welcome!

Today, our Star Family has asked us to connect more directly with them, with all these people, who are who we are. They want to assist us in the unblocking and the healing of the layers that prevent more direct contact with them, to dissolve the sabotages, the insecurities, the guilt, the lack of self-love, and all that brings the illusion of separation and unworthiness because you deserve this contact. So, for a brief moment, close your eyes and, for the moment, stop commenting. Find a comfortable position either lying down or sitting up, and pay attention to your breathing.

Dear Ashtar Sheran, Ashtar Sheran, Ashtar Sheran, dear Star Commander, project, project, project here, this instant! Beloved family, make your presence felt to us.

(At this moment, all around you, for the truth, nothing but the truth, your Star Family are present, and they place their hand on your right shoulder and transmit all confidence, all wisdom, all unconditional love to you and begin a process to clear, completely, your energetic fields so that your connections with them are more refined. They say, and what they say is something we read a lot in the messages, but they make a point of reinforcing it).

We have been always by your side, and we want today that the guilt, that feeling of not deserving and not belonging can, in fact, be wrapped with all the Love of our brotherly union. Nothing you have done, dear human beings, no matter what you have done, will be able to keep you away from us. We don’t judge you. We are one and the same unified consciousness. We have been waiting for thousands of years for the ideal time for our connections with the direct Physical Plane of Earth to be released. Meanwhile, you, who also represent us on the surface, in your work, regardless of what kind of work it is. We are constantly blessing and empowering you in your ways, so that more and more of you have the confidence and not just trust in our existence, but to know that we are as close to you as your very breath. Trust when we say that you are worthy, that you are descended from the stars, and you can reinforce that truth in your heart daily, that yes, you are worthy, yes, you came from the stars, yes, you are worthy, because that is where, with this reprogramming, you will transcend the human dramas, the low vibrations, the uncertainties, and the insecurities. That is when your vibrations increase. And everything else on earth that seems so frightening is wrapped in this Love and lightness of your hearts.

Seek simplicity, seek in the deepest part of your being, the consciousness of this Oneness, that our presence is much more than Space Ships in your skies. You look for us looking up to the sky, but we are inside you. I want you to feel my presence, beyond my own voice. I want you to feel my vibration beyond my own voice. I want you to feel me inside of your being.

How many times have we been together outside of Earth! Our history cannot be told, either partially or completely, ever, because it has no end. It is beyond any capacity of you in this present dimension where you are to understand that history. It is beyond reason, it is beyond emotion, it is beyond feelings. It is beyond anything you can imagine!

You are moving into a phase where feeling will guide you… Where, more and more, the outside voices will be of little importance. Not in a negative way – I am speaking, – but because you, each day, will feel more the call inward, to just feel it. And my own voice through some message, whether through Neva or any other source that I communicate to will begin to push you inward. This has always been the plan: within you. And you will calm those who are restless, who are unsure, who are agitated. You will be the voice for them. Then they, too, will no longer need to hear the external. And they will be the voice for others… and so on. And all will return inward.

The need to look up to the sky and search for our presence through a device, a UFO, as incredible as it may seem, will also decrease. And it is also programmed. It’s meant to be that way. It needs to be that way.

They are all here, all your family members who await the completion of the cycles pre-established for each of you. They have always applauded you. In every situation, you have been honored and never judged. Do the same for yourselves. Have compassion for yourselves. You teach, you preach compassion, Love, the great virtues, but often you forget to apply them to yourselves.

That is my message to all of you today. And I keep wanting you to hear me beyond a physical voice through a channeler, beyond even Neva. I want you to hear me beyond that. This is our plan.

I am Ashtar, your brother, your friend, your collaborator, your instructor, your servant.


~ Ashtar

That’s as far as Jesus allows me to see and convey.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ August 22, 2021 – Ashtar – “Nossa família estelar”:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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    Unexpected feelings overwhelmed me.
    Afterward inner smile followed .
    I like i like i like that.

  2. Hera

    Thank you Ukeron and Neva, and all our beautiful family from the stars, l always feel your presence around me and greatful for all your help, l love you and helping me in many ways thank you, heraxxx

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