Corey Goode – “What’s going on? SSP Alliance, Dark Fleet, Super Federation & Propaganda Wars”

Universal Forces Editor’s Note: We are sharing the full transcript of Corey Goode’s update, posted on the Sphere Being Alliance YouTube channel on September 11, 2021. We would like to emphasize what he mentions in terms of self-responsibility during the chaotic times that lie ahead of us, as well as the need to be able to strengthen ourselves so that we can have our own moment of awakening and then, we might be able to help others to awaken to the broad reality.

~ Universal Forces

We are in scary but amazing hopeful times if we can see past the fear, propaganda and begin to understand our own power of manifesting reality. This co-creative power has been manipulated for eons to control reality and it is time we take that power back. No waiting for saviors to rescue us, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Remember, in the end-times, even the elect can be deceived. Discern now more than ever! That included my information and everyone else, no matter how sincere the source may seem.

Corey Goode

What’s going on? SSP Alliance, Dark Fleet, Super Federation & Propaganda Wars

What is going on? SSP Alliance, Dark Fleet, Super Federation & Propaganda Wars – As Above So Below

It’s not as smoky today, the wildfires in the west are blowing this way, making the air quality horrible. Nasty, it’s not cool when you’re trying to get over covid. We are hanging out, grounding again and I’ve been seeing a lot of fish, they go by so fast, trout. What are you doing to her (the dog)? We are in El Dorado Springs. Get out here so I can feel the negative ions rushing over me. Ups, or I’ll just fall in…

I’ve been getting some updates from Gonzalez and from some of the other sources I have and, I don’t know, there’s been so much crazy, there’s been a lot of really crazy narratives going on out there that people are just kind of running away with. A lot of hopeful stuff that isn’t necessarily true, maybe people are trying to manifest this stuff by spreading information that’s, I don’t know, just not true, I don’t know what’s going on.

I don’t know, I feel like I just don’t want to get into a battle of narratives about Federations and what they’re here doing or not doing, you know, the information I’ve been given from the beginning and now is that all of these beings are not going to come down and save us, that we have to be the ones that step up and show that we want different leadership, you know.

We have people, humans actually, that are meeting at the Super Federation right now and they represent humanity, they represent us. But these are, you know, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) aka Cabal people. Is that who you want representing you? Well, representing us, tacitly sitting by while all of this goes on, listening to stories about extraterrestrial saviors while we’re doing that, we’re giving up our power, we’re not working to manifest.

It’s a very precarious situation we are in as humans, we’ve been programmed for so long to look for a savior to, you know, “at the end of an age somebody’s going to come and save us.” It’s part of our dogma, part of our own personal distortions, but we have to do the work, we have to stand up, we have to demand freedom, we have to demand representation in the form of our leadership. Because right now we’re being represented by people that are psychopaths and we’re sitting back, waiting for someone to come and save us, instead of fixing the problem ourselves. And Cosmic Law tells these ETs and Federations, you know what, we can’t interfere, we can’t come in and do anything until you do your part. So, there are no saviors in the clouds, nobody is rescuing Mars, the Moon, they’re saving and maintaining their own assets as they’re in battle. There is a battle going on here but it’s not going the way some people are reporting.

It is a full pitch war and just like, what’s going on with Earth, with the Alliance, you’re not exactly winning right now. I’m not saying we’re going to lose, I’m just saying all these people need us making calls out to the one Infinite Creator and to Creation saying enough of this, we’ve had enough of this. And that’s gonna entail us, you know, getting out from behind our keyboards, our narcissistic little bubbles, and get out, you know, stop complaining about injustice, demand fair leadership, do all we can to awaken people.

I’m having a lot of briefings from the Alliance but it’s, you know, stuff I’m not sharing because when it comes down to it, they failed. There was cowardice and betrayal on the highest levels. Oh, it’s too bright here. So what’s happening now with all the generals and different people that are on Telegram or other Social Media, putting out information, it’s just propaganda. This is a giant propaganda war. Don’t get caught up in it, it’s meant to stir your emotions, it’s meant to be a seed planted in your mind. Is it working? Are you caught up in all of the polarity bullshit? I think everyone has, at some point.

Right now, what the Alliance is doing is, they’re involved in one of the largest propaganda wars against the Cabal that’s ever happened. And they’re trying to get people to get out and protest and, you know, pump their fists in the air and all of that because they’re not going to go and arrest anyone, not until the pendulum swings the other way and the public awakens. They’re not going to do it, they were in a position to where they could have done it and they chickened out, they straight up chickened out. I don’t like saying that but some of the generals and people that were very respected are now associating with not good people, and these, not good people are grooming them for politics. So they’re going to become what they were fighting against eventually.

It is a mess, it’s also a mess in the SSP Alliance, they’re on their heels sort of hiding out. The Dark Alliance has pretty much all been exposed, you know, there’s a lot of people out claiming to be Dark Alliance and nothing they say is even remotely similar to how the Dark Alliance operates. It’s not its own program, you know, off being totally running separately, it’s integrated almost like the Hydra, you know, into all the other programs, and they have their own assets but it’s not like what people are portraying. And these people after being exposed are some of the most wanted people on the Planet or in the Solar System and they’re probably not having a good time hiding out on smelly reptilian bases and also deep underground bases that some of them were able to get to even here on earth.

So it is an ongoing battle, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) pretended like they didn’t know the Dark Fleet existed and they’ve gone in and they’ve been, they took over the Dark Fleet’s Moon base, and they found all of these stasis prisons and normal prisons where beings were frozen in stasis, all sorts of beings that they had caught coming into our Solar System, and abducted from other Solar Systems, along the side the Draco and, of course, the ICC sent in teams into this base acting like they knew nothing about it but they had known about it for decades, and a lot is found there that is going to be used further against the Draco and, I mean, those are things that happen outside of the atmosphere admissible in a Court of Law, that’s one of the things that’s been debated on some of these Crimes Against Humanity that have been done in Space, it’s kind of like International waters.

There’s been a lot going on, I’ve been keeping a lot to myself just because there’s just so much propaganda and bullshit out there that I’m, I’m leery of getting into a big narrative battle. I’ve received some pretty, pretty heavy briefings that just have not been encouraging, but I’m putting out hope that you know, the people you know, overcome Tyranny and the Alliance is in a position someday to be able to actually do something. But for now, I’m just focusing on what I can control and what I can control is my mission, and in my mission, I’m bringing all of this information to as much of the mass consciousness as I can and it’s, of course, going to be in the form of television shows and documentaries and scripted TV Series, a lot of inspirational stuff but things that will, uh, help awaken the at least tens of millions of people that will probably watch this content considering who is involved in what platform it’s on. Very exciting.

So that’s all I really have to say, you know. People have wondered where, you know, David Wilcock and I are, you know, David’s had a lot of issues like I have, you know, with people, you know, quite honestly in the community that we worked with, we’ve both been blackmail, extorted, threatened, stolen from. It’s gotten pretty bad and he’s backed away quite a bit as have I and I just don’t want to get into a big debate against all people with all these ridiculous narratives out there, you know, Aree’s been speaking with me saying people that have gotten caught up in that, I’ve just got to distance myself from and let them burn through that cycle. But right now is the great revealing, the end times and there have never been more deceptive times. We all have to discern, we’re all going to trip up and be deceived or tricked. I’ve been tricked by my allies even. Just keep your wits about you, know that all of the stuff you’re seeing in the alternative news is probably 80% total bullshit, I’m sorry. It’s propaganda war and they’re trying to use us as fodder. Instead, use your brain, not your emotions.

All right, I guess that’s all I have to talk about, I guess this is just another “Deep Thoughts with Corey Goode”, I’ll post this around.

~ Corey Goode

~ September 11, 2021 –What is going on? SSP Alliance, Dark Fleet, Super Federation & Propaganda Wars:

More detailed updates to come

More detailed updates to come? YES and Soon.

I will be giving more details of my recent briefings with Gonzales, Anshar Delegation, and the SSP Leadership that was flown around by the Mayans in a cloaked ship on a tour hosted by Aree and an Anshar Elder (Ka-El-Lil). We were given quite a briefing on what has been going on while visiting these locations one by one (Investigating until we were detected and left) over several separate briefing tours that were held weeks apart. The ICC has locked down the Solar System in much the same way we have seen lockdowns on Earth due to a ‘pandemic’.

Before Sigmund’s death, he received the entire Dark Fleet database on a number of hard drives. He was killed over this information but was able to get it to the SSP Alliance prior. The SSP Alliance released the info within the other SSP’s and the ICC used it as an excuse to lock down the Solar System while they searched and rooted out these ‘security threats’. This was an epic backfire for the SSP Alliance.

We were taken to locations on the Moon, The Asteroid Belt, and Mars. We made two separate trips to Antarctica where we were briefed and at the other locations witnessed the Mayan cloaked/out of phase probe enter facilities and Reptilian Cities until they were detected by Psychic Soldiers and Beings at these locations.

We then went to the Super Federation bases (Close to Saturn and Jupiter) for the SSP Alliance to be briefed by custodians of these bases on the role humanity has been playing in their meetings since Earth was given a seat at their table.

We were also informed of meeting at one of these bases that the New Guardians are expected to appear at and deliver messages to the members (A first time for any of the Super Federation including the new ICC members to see them). We were told to expect to attend this meeting when it happens.

The Anshar believes we are on the optimal timeline though we teeter back and forth between a number of timelines, some partially ‘optimal’ others are not optimal at all. It fluctuates with the mass consciousness of Earth which is in great chaos right now. Seeing the doubtful look on my face she explained that chaos occurs at the end of every age due to the energies and it was a part of their own timeline.

I am trying to figure out the best way to bring this briefing to everyone Written or via a video as Aree is guiding me on the timing of the update. These briefings/tours were going on as recently as this past week. I am still compiling my thoughts and information at the moment.

I have also had some interesting encounters with the Zulu where they actually communicated with me directly in a few dreams that Aree confirmed as actual contact. They and the Anshar are working with me on a number of levels preparing me for what is to come over the next year. They have also assisted my family with quite a lot of Black Magic that was being used against us (Shadow People & Demonic Intrusions in our home etc…) I will speak more about the spiritual warfare aspect that many are overlooking.

We are in scary but amazing hopeful times if we can see past the fear, propaganda and begin to understand our own power of manifesting reality. This co-creative power has been manipulated for eons to control reality and it is time we took that power back. No waiting for saviors to rescue us, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Remember, in the end-times, even the elect can be deceived. Discern now more than ever! That included my information and everyone else, no matter how sincere the source may seem.

Thank you!

~ Corey Goode

~ September 11, 2021 – Corey Goode Official Facebook page:

Who is Corey Goode?

Corey Goode, described as the “insider’s insider,” is a Secret Space Program whistleblower & contactee, film producer & content creator based on his over 20 years experience in Unacknowledged Special Access Programs including “Project Solar Warden”, A Navy Secret Space Program that patrols our solar system and beyond. Beginning in 2014 Corey has experienced increased physical contact with ET & inner earth civilizations that prepared him to be a messenger of the importance of spiritual focus and inner work during Earth’s transition into higher density consciousness, which has already begun. Retaining many insider contacts, Corey was credited as the first to leak Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents verifying the Pentagon’s UFO investigative unit, disclosed in 2017.

~ Corey Goode:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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