Ashtar – “News from the Command”

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Ashtar’s Soundtrack

Clearing the Old Bases, Transitional Symptoms, and Intense Policing of The Command

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We speak from the Mother Ship Alpha Jerusalem. We communicate directly, at this moment, through Neva (Gabriel RL). We are very grateful for such a transmission.

We have been in intense activity for the past few months especially on all the moons in your Solar System. We are doing an intense scanning and dismantling of any and all bases and/or remnants of them, from those who still wish to violently remove you from your bodies (kill you).

All our activities throughout the Solar System will cause an intense movement of Special Forces. There is a large mass of special energy being directed from your galaxy’s Central Sun into your Solar System, and our recent activities will make this mass more easily perceived and felt.

You will certainly perceive signs in your skies, especially at sunset or at night, when traces of differentiated luminosities will be perceived by many of you. These are the Portals that are being opened thanks to this injection of forces from the Galactic Center into your Solar System, in order to open communication channels and high-frequency data transmissions to your physical bodies, giving you even more resistance to the toxins still present in your environment.

You will also feel some things in your body, such as pressure in your head and slight dizziness. (Note from Raphael/Neva: It is recommended to see a doctor if these discomforts are extreme, in order to evaluate if there is not another physical issue, not to be confused with these energetic symptoms). We have been constantly talking to the channeller (Raphael/Neva) about the need for special care of your head region – your brain – which, in recent times, has been in great activity and reception of waves from the Cosmic Center.

Another important subject is that there are still some of those who want you out of your bodies trying to escape through portals that they are trying to open at the Planetary Poles. Obviously, there is a Special Guard onboard of our Fleets in these regions which will obviously prevent any escape attempts. While they try to escape on one hand, on other hand, they try to throw off your attention with media dramas. Pay attention and don’t fall into their traps.

Ashtar will tell you more through Raphael (Neva/Gabriel RL) in the coming days about the potentials of your year of 2022 in your Gregorian Calendar. We are excited and happy with yet another advancement of the Human Species as a race toward the higher frequencies! Your Planet’s journey continues through the Cosmos, and surely you all need to enjoy this moment! We are in plain sight, and it is a pleasure to communicate so directly, like this!

For those who suspect that this message might really be ours, we invite you, at the end of reading or listening, to close your eyes and invite us to your presence…

We are finishing our transmission hoping to have contributed a little more with our information. We wish you to be free, free from your own fears. Free from your pains. Free!

We are your Space Family communicating directly with all who truly want to hear from us.

We are the Ashtar Command, through thechanneller Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL).

~ Ashtar Command

That’s as far as Jesus allows me to see and convey.

In Love, Light, and Humanity,

~ Neva (Rafael/Gabriel RL)

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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  1. Лион

    супер Мелодия целебная -пусть все получится с Богом

  2. Hera

    Thank you Neva for this message, l have been doing a prayer to Solaris our physical sun and if l may share it with our group, Address the sun in this way:You, who are the source of all power, Who’s rays illuminate the whole world, llluminate my heart, So that it too can do your work. While reciting it, visualze the sun’s rays streaming forth into the world, entering your own heart, and then streaming out from your heart centre, this is a powerful and life enhancing prayer to our sun Solaris, love, light, peace, joy and harmony, Hera

  3. Ferya

    Hi , I just want to ask for curiosity that why Mother Ship’s name is Alpha Jerusalem ? Thank you.

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