Ashtar – “2023 and Its Potentials”

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2023 and Its Potentials, the Mystical Year, and Emerging Diplomacy

Greetings, Family!

It’s good to be here again. Why is this the “mystical” year?

Dear ones, you are truly mysterious beings who carry transcendental baggage unlike any other in this galaxy. Not because you are better, but because there is a “Q” of audacity in you, who have chosen without reservation to participate in this experience in a way that so many have not wanted to. Is there any question as to why you are being so assisted, especially in the last 26,000 years? You are mystics; you are bearers of enchantment, of magic, of an entire transcendental Light and Wisdom; you can easily adapt to the various waves of energies that hit you; you can easily be resilient in the most difficult and tenuous of experiences, so as to stand firm regardless. Yes, there is a lot to align, I know. But you have already walked a long way and achieved that, when you come out of the experience, you will be able to see what you have achieved. Only when you come out of the experience, because being there, no matter how awake you are, you still can’t see the greatness of it. We have called everyone into that deeper alignment, the responsibility of your stay on Earth, and the need to be yourselves, in truth, mastery, and love. And, of course, in magic! Obviously!

So, in the year ahead, you will rediscover your innate magic. Allow the magician in you to be reborn, bringing back the old transcendent memories of the amazing mystical stories. Allow the shaman in you to show himself. Let the priest and the priestess begin their anchoring work and work in the highest White Magic. This is the year for this. The time is now, for you will enter D1 – as we have spoken of recently – and D1 will be for you all of 2023. There will be an increase in your inner fortitude and of the contacts with us, in order to awaken you more, to the magic that is within each one of you. And you will be protected by your mystical fortitude, from the many lives and wisdom you have acquired along the way. This increased contact with us will inevitably stir your inner self, and like a bear coming out of hibernation, you will come hungry… hungry to be the mystic you have always been.

Will there be resistance? Yes, of course, there will. But that’s part of it, isn’t it? You are used to it. And what do you do that doesn’t provoke resistance in some way from those who don’t accept change? Yes, that is part of it. But nothing will stop the advance. It is inevitable, you know! Those who seek to live by appearances will fall by the force of the magic you carry. It will become increasingly difficult to live as what you are not and to live what is not TRUTH. The Innate Soul will demand the Truth, and it will become untenable to keep any mask. So we keep saying: allow all the shadows within you to come out, so that the vessel is completely clean so that the Light already present can access you.

Those who feel afraid will feel more welcomed by the Light, which will come down to the surface, and we count on you, the mystics, as antennae, to receive it and give them direction. People will seek you out more, because the emanation that will come out of you, the emanation of the magician, the priestess, the priest, the old Atlantean and Lemurian, the Egyptian, the witch and warlock and the spiritual will be like an attractant aroma to them, and you will hear a lot, “There is something in you that calls to me, there is something different in you…”

The rebirth of the mystic, – of the mystic beings that you are – will naturally make you more secure and even more able to assist the people who will seek you out. There will also be increased exposure of those who still operate in the darkness of misunderstanding. It will become difficult to keep so easily hidden, when the Shan (Earth) dynamics will be increased and the mirroring of Lights is more intensified, so that the truths will show themselves. And… of course, you will be even more intuitive and with a great increase in your ability to discern. The wolf will be the wolf and the lamb will be the lamb, easily distinguished by you.

I want to ask you to look at our recent message about Day 1 where there is a good complement about what 2023 has in store for you:

~ Ashtar Command – “2023: Day 1”:

We have recently delivered a lot of information to Neva about all the ongoing moves, which we broadcast through her during a live session. Neva, please, we ask you to provide the information brought here:

The Potentials for 2023 and Emerging Diplomacy

Question: Explain a little more about the Ambassador title given to Neva. What does this title mean?

Answer: Basically, I, Neva, am being a direct spokesperson for you from the Ashtar Command. So, I become a direct source of information and support from them to you on the surface. So it’s like I’m representing you down here. I don’t like to talk about it too much in this extended and detailed way, because it will sound like I’m kind of arrogant and vain… That kind of thing!… But basically, I am a representative of this force here on Earth.

Question: Going into a broader context now. Neva, what are the prospects for Brazil and the world in 2023? How do you see the coming year for Brazil and for the world? What is going to happen?

Answer: As in Brazil and the whole world, we are entering Day 1. As the Ashtar Command recently said:

WHAT IS DAY 1? Day 1 represents the entire year. We are entering a cosmic period in which there will be a greater acceleration in the karmic burning processes. There is already a great deal of movement within the Earth, and we will have eruptions of some volcanoes that will come into activity. We are going to have a lot of upheaval on the ocean floors as well as a mass increase in the sightings of Federation family starships, and this is going to increase greatly. We’re also going to have increased contact with them, in a dream state. And to open a parenthesis here: it’s no wonder that First Contact is the title of our next Annual Meeting, and we are deciding where it will be. Probably it will be Campinas or Poços de Caldas. We are still deciding on the location. We are sure that it won’t be in São Paulo city because the prices there are extremely high and unfeasible. We are looking for Campinas, which has an airport, is in the same state as São Paulo, and is close to home. Or Poços de Caldas because it is next door, and it is next door to Campinas, too. So we are defining.

The theme of this, our annual meeting in 2023, will be “First Contact” because we are going to enter a Galactic Zone where there will be a greater approach to them, on the energetic level, at first. They will begin to come closer, and we will have more contact with them, in a dream state. We will see more of their spaceships. And some physical contact in Rural Zones will start to happen.

It is a year when many people will begin to see what they have been running away from for a long time. That is, some shadows that have been in store, they’re going to have to face it because it’s going to start to emerge from within them, and there’s nothing else they can do. Then you will also see that there are many people going into outbursts because they have had to look at it.

In relation to the worldwide control of the negative forces, let’s put it this way: people are going to start, at least, to open their eyes a little more about the information that comes out in the mainstream media, about some governments. In other words, there is going to be an increase in people’s discernment. Everything that has been happening, especially here in Brazil, is a call for people to look inside themselves, to look at the “little devil” that is there. We have seen a lot of this happening. It is a great call to that look…, to that deep shadow inside.

We see, especially now in this question of politics, the division that has formed. It’s two big extremes. But there is an opportunity for both sides to look at themselves and look inward. TO LOOK AT THEMSELVES. So, it is not only in Brazil that all this is happening, because today, energetically speaking, it is happening all over the world. It is all over the world. These processes are not only here. They are all over the world, and each one with its specific topics. But it is happening.

So, 2023 is a year in which Lightworkers and Light Warriors will have the need to be more focused on themselves, in a good sense. Not in the sense of selfishness, but to be more centered in their hearts, so that they don’t get carried away by the influences of the collective unconscious, which will naturally become the collective consciousness because they will have to see this shadow that will begin to emerge. We are here for this: to give our support to this movement. That is why we are here.

And then I ask: you who are here, you who are a Lightworker, – speaking now also on behalf of the Ashtar Command, – you who are a Warrior of Light, who has a mission to bring light and consciousness to humanity…, what are you doing, wishing the other one to “fuck off”? What are you doing wishing the other one to “explode”? What are you doing by vibrating everything bad?

So we have to come to that responsibility; we have to come to that awareness. It’s not a question of “A” being right and “B” being wrong. No, I am calling you to this spiritual consciousness of balance and harmony, because if you don’t do this inner work, which I have been “pounding on for so long,” of stoning and diplomatic process, there is no way you can go on and leap forward to contact our Spaceships. There is no way!

Anyway, 2023 is the year when you will be called to this spiritual diplomatic self-responsibility. This is the year for that. For you to take your eyes off the outside a little bit and look inward a little bit more. This is what is important. In the middle of these movements, the media will still keep trying to bring a little bit of chaos, a little bit of despair about Covid-19 and about other diseases, but this will no longer have as much force as it has had.

Question: Because of all that you are talking about, this call for our behavior, because it is about “how I behave as a Lightworker,” nothing is more evident, more “slap in the face” than this duality of politics, because the two things are very similar. So, exactly for us to understand that it is not about duality, but about looking inside and making the choice of how we want to vibrate, what planet we want to create, what country we want to live in, isn’t that it?

Answer: And let me be clear: I’m not saying that A or B is right or wrong…, or that the current president and president-elect…, or that A is right… – I’m not saying that! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t raise your flag. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t defend what you believe in. I’m not saying that at all. You have to believe what you believe. You have to vote for who you think you have to vote for. That is not the point. The question is how you behave – especially you who are a Lightworker – and how you have done it. How have you been acting that way, especially on a daily basis! Why… Does it help if you take a spiritual course, a ThetaHealing course, do Reiki, or do a course with me, Neva…, does it help if you do an astrological chart with Ana Mayarin? Does it help? Does it help if you do “it from there”, but the next day, you are in a completely different vibration from that?!

So that’s the call! That’s the call for that special looking inward, for that inner discipline, because that’s going to become mandatory. That call will echo in a way that will be inevitable.

So, therapists, you who work with energies, you who work with people, prepare yourselves, harmonize yourselves, take care of yourselves, because the flow of people who are going to come to you is going to increase a lot in this year of 2023.

Dear Ones, everything is proceeding naturally as predicted and we will continue to give our many signals of support and direct action, as we continue to descend with our fleets into low orbits. Remain harmoniously determined and also understand that as much as everything seems to be out of place, it is part of the game. The “out of place” may just be a matter of angle…, of perspective.

I am the voice of the Ashtar Command and I speak these Truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,

~ Ashtar


In Love, Light, and Humanity,

~ Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)

~ December 16, 2022: Ashtar – “2023 e seus potenciais, o ano místico e a emergente diplomacia” – por Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL):

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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