Ashtar – “New Year’s message: the revelations of the soul and material balance”

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Greetings, Family!

It’s good to be here once again. I’m here for one more message, my dear ones. It’s good to receive affection from all of you. It’s good to know of your support and that’s what you all need: to lovingly support each other, to hold each other’s hands. You are in the same boat of experiences and when you start to see each other in this loving way, it will be easier for you to understand and accept each other as you are. This will boost your life when you realize that you are not the enemy. When you realize that together you become stronger. When you realize that it should never have been against each other, but all in connection with the Light for something greater. That your union would take you to another state of consciousness and here you are, almost entering 2024, a year 8, a Saturnian year.

Each one of you carries a package, some lighter, some heavier, some often almost unbearable to carry, I know. I know because I see and feel you, my dear ones. You are on a great task and the fact that you have chosen this great mission to leverage your evolutions has stirred your soul core too much and now we are all working on healing, deep healing, and alignment of each one of you. Yes, we are here to help and, as I always say: always do the work that is up to each of you. We are the support so you can continue to count on us, your Space Family.

My dear ones, you have immense support for this, more than you realize. You have your Sun, your Astro-King. Many of your scientists are concerned about some of the things that have been happening there, with the masses of plasma that are being sent to Earth. Let me tell you what it’s about: it’s about healing, it’s about a plasma that will wash your souls clean. It’s a bath of Light. The Creator does not play with lives. The Creator does not want to see anyone suffering. Creation is not disordered and nothing happens without a reason that leads to greater awareness. You may not understand, in your human limitations, but your souls understand and are open to all the transformation that is coming, that is right in front of you. This is a long-awaited time, my dear ones! I’ve told you this before, haven’t I?


You are entering a special year in which many of your material concerns will begin to be resolved. Yes, my dear ones, but before you think about the money in your accounts, I want you to understand this as balancing, first and foremost, your physical bodies. The souls of your organs are being strengthened. Your physical body is being strengthened and this is what the solar projections have caused.

– Will there be some interference on your satellites due to these projections? The answer is yes, but you don’t have to fear it.

– Will there be an increase in volcanic activity? The answer is yes, but you don’t have to fear it.

– Will there be unrest in the Earth’s core that will cause some tectonic adjustments? The answer is yes, but you don’t have to fear it.

– Why don’t you need to fear it? Because you are you – as I always say – and this is what you came to Earth for: to help with this whole healing process that the Earth is going through.

2024 is a year of physical balance, both for you, my dear ones, and for Mother Earth herself. Your material life will begin to come into harmony because you will be physically in harmony. Your bodies need healing. How many years have you suffered from chronic pain, without your doctors being able to understand the cause? When no medical test reveals the reason? Yes, my dear ones, ENERGY. I’m talking about ENERGY that needs to continue its flow. And when that flow is interrupted, it causes physical pain, and that’s what you’re going to begin to understand perfectly. Many of you already understand this, theoretically speaking, but you will see it in practice in 2024. Oh, you will! I know you will because I’m in 2024 and I can already see it happening. There’s no escaping progress, dear ones! Everything is moving forward.

The Creator has plans for this planet, very beautiful plans. The Creator has looked at each one of you with so much love that there is nothing that the evil of this world can do to interfere with HIS plans for you. Do not fear evil. Don’t fear the traps that evil can try against you. I, Ashtar, am in charge of taking care of this evil, personally, and I can affirm: I have never failed to fulfill a mission given to me and I have been given the mission of annulling the action of evil on this planet…, AND I WILL FULFILL IT. I GIVE YOU MY WORD. I am not alone here. There is an army of Space Beings with me; an army bigger than a thousand Earth populations put together. It’s more than you can imagine. Can you understand that? There is nothing to fear, my dear ones!

2024 brings the astrological force of Saturn, my dears: the ruler of discipline and divine lessons. It’s a year in which you’ll have to strengthen your foundations, because everything that is stagnant karmically will come for healing. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Releasing what needs to be released, permanently healing what needs to be healed. Saturn will teach you valuable and uplifting lessons through challenges that will require your patience and continued determination. It’s time to face the responsibilities that fall to each of you “head on”, with wisdom, to stop outsourcing what falls to you. You will receive strength, you will see it emerge from within you.

This is also a year in which you will begin to see who you really are, when what many people put up with in order to stay in some kind of environment may fall apart, because it’s not the real experience of who they really are! Yes, if you put on a mask to stay in some environment, it will fall apart, because 2024 demands authenticity. It requires you to be you in your true essence and Saturn will be calling you to this continuously throughout the 12 months ruled by it. This astrological force will demand that you commit to the truth of your soul, your real purpose, and, of course, that you resolve what needs to be resolved, without delay, simply because there is no more time to lose!

Enjoy this Year 8, dear ones, when you will be focused on material stability, high planning capacity, and a great phase for new projects and inner priorities, returning to the INFINITE capacities of your SOUL.


My dear ones, your self-esteem has been shaken since you came into this world. You have lost confidence in yourselves. You have seen the love in your hearts grow cold; you have lost yourselves in wars; you have forgotten yourselves and begged for love all over this planet; you have humiliated yourselves; you have given your lives into the hands of others and, mutually, you have sought love in each other, but not in a balanced and unconditional way. You searched for someone who could fill the voids you were carrying; you searched for something that would reconnect you to the Primordial Source of True Love. It was eons of time in darkness, of a disconnection that made you believe that you weren’t worthy of Love, that you weren’t good enough, that you weren’t loved and wanted.

Yes, my dear ones! I’ve been following you from the beginning and I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen all the moments of extreme despair; I’ve also seen the moments of hope and confidence that everything would get better. I’ve seen you get discouraged again and then regain confidence. I have followed and am following this rise and fall of vibrations inherent in this dual dimension.

My dear ones, the solar projections will make you look at yourself, they will make you connect with that Source of Love in yourself. The time has come for this. You will realize that this inexhaustible source of love pours out of your heart. It has always been this way, but you have forgotten it. You will see this in practice in 2024, because this is also a year of regaining your self-esteem.


Yes, my dear ones! There is a connection and harmonization with the three kingdoms of your nature. Your physical body is harmonizing with your soul, and your soul is harmonizing with your spirit and this loving fusion is reconnecting with the Source, with the Creator. This is what this year will bring for you, if you believe in it and allow yourself to live this process. Stay calm: everything is under control. Your soul is revealing to you the new which, deep down, is not new, but which has been hidden by the pains of living in the dimension you are in. What your soul wants to reveal to you in 2024 is more than anything you have ever experienced in your entire current life and even in previous lives. Can you believe it? It’s so much more! Your soul is going to lead you into a Sacred Space within yourself that you haven’t accessed for a long time. And I’m not talking about the etheric personality soul, I’m talking about your Higher Self, your Monadic Soul. I’m talking about your SOUL with capital letters. It will lead you towards reintegration with all your bodies and the beginning of the fusion of your four lower bodies with your HIGHER bodies. You have been waiting for this for a long time and you will see it happen in this lifetime, do you believe it? Do you? Then so be it!

What else can your SOUL reveal to you, apart from what I’ve already said? Your dormant gifts? Your ability to connect with beings from other dimensions more easily? The ability to hear GOD like never before? Precise intuition? Deep empathy capable of understanding the other person’s feelings like never before and enabling genuine forgiveness? These are JUST A FEW THINGS that are coming, that the Solar Plasma is bringing. Obviously, many still asleep will see these Revelations of their SOUL as a threat. They will see Solar Plasma as a risk of extinction for the Gaian human species. Yes, many still don’t understand as you do. Take it easy on them; they too will reach the point of SOUL REVELATIONS. No one will be helpless. Take it easy with them. That’s what you’ve been sent for. To help them at this time. There you are.


My dear ones, all of this will generate immense activity in the three chakras of the seven that you know best: your basic chakra, your splenic so-called sexual chakra, and your umbilical so-called solar chakra. All the activity will be there in 2024. You will go through a major alignment at these points. The solar projections will intensify this. Remember to maintain a good diet, good hydration, and physical activity. This will be essential for you in 2024. Your physical bodies will be receiving great forces from the Sun and you, as their governing consciousness, need to collaborate by giving them what they need: good care. Don’t forget that your bodies are blessed vehicles through which your consciousness can operate in this hologram, at least until you relearn the mastery of physics and its realms.

Oh, my dear ones! There is so much more I could tell you about what I see in your future! These are times of hard work and also many good revelations! Nothing like time to show that it was all worth it! There’s nothing like time to heal the wounds you carry from experiences that were so hard, but were so uplifting! Look at you here and now, listening to (or reading) my words! How many people now in the world are allowing themselves a moment like this, of connecting with a Message from Space? What’s more, who would believe that there is a Stellar Being speaking through a medium’s apparatus, a channel transmitting my message, right now? Yes, you believe it because you know it’s true! And not just because you know the nature of the channel that transmits my message, but because you feel it. It takes more than simply believing; you have to feel it, and you feel it. You know that it’s me, Ashtar, speaking here, and it’s not your minds and logic that reveal it: it’s your SOUL. YOUR SOUL REVEALS IT.

I want you to feel my energy. Close your eyes for a moment. Feel me! Feel my love! Feel my presence, feel my voice. The Voice of Ashtar speaking at this moment through this channel. Feel the strength of my Command. The strength of the One who sent me. Feel the strength of Jesus Sananda through me, flowing into your bodies now. I wish it to be so. Let go of your minds. LET YOUR SOUL REVEAL WHO I AM AND WHO YOU ARE!

My beloved, beloved Earth Family, that’s enough for the moment. It is enough. We will see each other more often. Our intensive connections have only just begun.

I’d like to ask Neva here to leave you the link to the Live she did on solar projections. If you’ve already seen it, check it out. I’m there too.

I love you. You are My Family!

I am the Voice of the Ashtar Command and I speak these Truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,



In Love, Light, and Humanity,

~ Rafael (Neva / Gabriel RL)

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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