The Illumination of The Roman Line

The Roman Empire extended for many, many centuries and many beings of that time were involved in diverse conflicts amplifying their karma and, in that, painful processes unfolded. Here, this writing will deal especially with an illumination of the karmic summative, if one can say, of many souls of this age of empire, when many have incarnated, disincarnated and rediscovered again in this same energy and particular harmony.

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Decree for Victory of the Light

The Light Forces are progressively taking action inside the Planetary Grid to liberate all Goddesses being kept as hostages by the dark ones. Through force, they conquered territories and erected "Victory Columns" around the World to celebrate their own victorious battles, wars, or revolutions. What is hidden in plain sight is the fact that those "Victory Columns" were erected on key energetic vortices, with the intention to control or suppress the Goddess Energy.

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