Quick Frequently Asked Questions about Mass Meditations

Q: How many Mass Meditation Calls we are promoting for the timeframe of April 4th/5th, 2020? • Ascencion Timeline Mass Meditation:https://universalforces.space/2020/03/12/ascension-timeline-mass-meditation You can check the time of the meditation for your…

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Decree of Protection v2

Please use this updated version of our "Decree of Protection" when necessary. We are observing the situation and, when necessary, making upgrades and adjustments to our Protection Protocols. You can…

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The End of Quarantine Status

The time to present a better overview of the Plan for Planetary Liberation being carried by The Jupiter Command, by The Ashtar Command and by all other Galactic Commands arrived. This project is being carried by the Galactic Confederation of Light for thousands of years, demanded a lot of coordination between different groups and races and took many lifetimes of our incarnated members. Everything is being coordinated from a higher perspective, even when it appears that each member is working alone or without any “apparent” support.

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Decree for Victory of the Light

The Light Forces are progressively taking action inside the Planetary Grid to liberate all Goddesses being kept as hostages by the dark ones. Through force, they conquered territories and erected "Victory Columns" around the World to celebrate their own victorious battles, wars, or revolutions. What is hidden in plain sight is the fact that those "Victory Columns" were erected on key energetic vortices, with the intention to control or suppress the Goddess Energy.

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