Galactic Federation – “Letter to the People of Earth – For those who arrive now”

Gabriel: Please, dear ones, read it in the tune of the song below. The Federation also kindly ask you to place the music in a nice volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Gymnopédie No. 1 – Erik Satie

Our messages reach the world in several ways. They are heard and felt by many, some host them in their hearts, and others simply ignore them, others still need just an incentive to access them. Anyway, our love is poured out upon all and in any circumstances, because this is our role as a family: support you on your return home. You have been reduced or at least they make you believe you were alone in the Universe. We know that for those who, for a long time, embrace our message, this sounds like too much primary information for the current period; something that you already know, but now, in particular, we turn to the brothers who begin to feel the wave of change and need a north. We turn to those who are waiting for something, to give their first leap forward.

Dear brothers, often we have been mistaken for invaders beings and being portrayed on the big screens of cinema as dangerous enemies by those who know of our presence. These have us as a threat to their plans, because of what we have to offer to the world and because of the condition that they, those who do not wish to see your progress, would have to give up of their thrones and allow our assistance equally for everyone, without particularities, because we’ll care equally to all. They would have to leave the selfishness and start acting lawfully and favorably for the people. Our message of love and brotherhood did not please them, for not favor in their domineering plans.

On many occasions we contacted your leaders to offer support to help in the development of the planet, they then returned the message of selfish and pretentious manner. They accepted our agreement only if first we give to them our energy sources. And of course, they didn’t want us presenting ourselves in public under the excuse that “it would be too much for humanity, right now.” As it is well known for us and for some of you, any information from us that comes to you is analyzed by our dear Hatonn, our brother in charge of the communications taken to your planet. We were first instructed to proceed with the message. And then to stop the contacts with such leaders. And we were hoping that others more worthy of our primary message arrived.

The moment is this, dear human race, which we are going now with the blessings of Hatonn and of our beloved Ashtar. We believe that the global scenario is about to take a drastic change, with corrupt leaders being removed from power and new beings more worthy of being put in place. Previously, on some occasions, we landed with our physical ships for formal contact with the leaders of that time. After being told to stop direct communication with your leaders, we started our communications through various channels located around the world, the ones you call mediums, so that our genuine message was delivered to mankind.

Decades have passed and our message genuinely has spread through committed beings to the truth and love. These mediums, according to their soul plan, had their pineal polished and prepared to bring our message at first sight.

We will go back in time, 50 years ago, when many of these events occurred. Today, more intensely, our activities increase, as more and more people around the world are faced with the ability to channel messages. We are nearing the leaders again and this time, there will be no setbacks. At this time, the whole human race is having their perception fields activated and many who do not consider themselves mediums channels can capture our messages even when they “travel” towards the pineal of the most popular channeler. It happens because all begin to have their spiritual faculties being restored and soon, no one will need a specific channel medium to listen to our message. First of all, because we intend to, very soon, be present on Earth in our natural way of being, even without reprisal from those dark remaining with which we communicated once. So, we will deal directly with you, eye in the eye. Second, as we said, your spiritual faculties will return completely and you will listen to your guides and mentors telepathically.

Naturally, those who were once annoyed for we have not given continuity to our meetings were seeing that our message was being spread by their world, began an assiduous campaign of disinformation. They developed a spreadsheet with the names of the most popular channelers and mediums and any environment where our message was being spread.

They perpetuated attacks of fierce form aiming to discredit our message and bring fear to the population. They created a fake plan to defend humanity from evil beings from space, using fear of the people as well as the financial resources, prepared arsenals of weapons in order to shoot against our ships surrounding the sacred Earth. For the security of your planet at the time, we moved away. They also used blackmail against us, threatening the planet and life on it, in case we land on Earth and return to contact anyone else. There are many facts that will be revealed and all your questions will be answered and you will know your true history on this planet and beyond it.

What they did not expect is that more and more beings from the stars, members or not of our local fleets, would be wearing the physical clothing and being prepared to be powerful anchors of the Central Sun energies, as well as being transmitters of our message. An example is this young man known to you, to whom we addressed and we asked him to deliver to you this our message.

We call all of you, dear humans, to unite as one single breed, without religious, political or philosophical divisions. You are a wonderful species and need to be well aware that, just above your heads, our ships are floating and waiting for an opportunity to show us as a family. There is nothing to fear, dear ones, your loving state will always be your compass directed to security, peace, and universal love.

Believe me, we keep the beloved Earth and all its inhabitants with our heart, and often we managed to avoid nuclear disasters, as well as help you when the sacred Earth moves in its particular settings. It will not be difficult to find us flying over volcanic eruptions or areas where the ocean rise caused some damage, as we are all the time at work seeking to harmonize these environments, as well as guide people to move away from areas susceptible to physical damage.

As we said at the beginning of our communication, we deliver this message to those in need of a north. We ask you, beloved souls from the stars, already well acquainted with our recommendations, to deliver to them our message. This will go down as one of the key messages to be delivered to those who are in one way or another, swayed by seeing you so loving and confident, where you question from where would come that trust and love. Do not be afraid of giving them our letter, in order that they know the source and know that they are also welcome to experience the same joy and confidence. They are considered by us as special as any other on your planet. There is no difference between us. Those who you call of special channels mediums are yourselves. We mean that none is better than the other in their way, but each one has a soul plan to be followed and some decide to help the plan of one way and the other in another way.

Once we guided this young man who writes this message, to give an answer about the process of channeling when he was asked about how to channel. The answer we gave was clear, my dear ones, there are numerous ways to channel the energy, to be a bridge for love on your planet. “Our messages come to the world in various ways.” – We quoted at the beginning of our communication. So our energy sent may come in the form of writing, as now, as by the application of the sacred energy of Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Spiritual Incorporation. The last one, when the medium gives its body so that the Source manifests of its way. And also by the Healing Codes, Musical Channeling, as well as spiritual paintings carrying the light and numerous other ways to bring energy to the planet that, if we were going to cite all, every book of your world would not be enough to store our words. Because, dear ones, you are extensions of the Divine in its form and, as bridges for love on the planet, consider to smile and bless because these are also ways to channel the energy.

Each one of you has an important role on your planet and our approach is undoubtedly for us to join with you in the communion, where we want to offer what we have for the restoration of the beloved Earth.

As stated previously also, do not consider us as your saviors, much less as Gods because we are not. We are members of a large galactic community and we come to you at this time because we have you as members of the same community. There are those who try to pass by us. Here we cite low vibrational beings. There are also those that create messages from their minds and there are those who are induced to deceive people taking our genuine message and misrepresenting it for individuals and greedy purposes. Lastly, your heart, dear human being, will tell you always the real source. No message from us which arrives at you from our part will have any trace of violence, oppression, fear, the pretension of domination, or any other point where your free will is violated. We honor your free will as well as the divine spark in your heart, as we are also knowledgeable that each one is its own master and creator of its reality.

We wish with all our heart, that you create the reality where we are present as a family and sharing our love with everyone.

Finalizing our message, we ask the veterans of the way to deliver it to as many people as possible. Knowing, as we have told you our beloved Ashtar, that those to whom this message will be delivered are already on your way until you. We also ask for excuses for having extended our letter, but we honor our hearts that yearn to be with you as a real family. Oh, dear ones, how much we have to tell you yet!…

We thank this guy for lending his faculties to our communication with Earth in the form of writing. Thank you, young friend!

Gabriel: My dear, what will I say? I thank you! (I am very thrilled… it’s too much for me, a lot of excitement these last days).

The certainty that we have, young man, is that everything is moving in a way that put us increasingly closer to humanity and it is, likewise, very exciting for us.

Gabriel: My Dear, or, My Dears. Allow me a question: “Who talks is a group or one being alone? I feel like if a man… A veteran soul, it seems that I even see him… With a mature appearance, about 50 years from our Earth.”

Young man, we are many. We, at this time when we send this message to you, we are many… But if you feel that I speak to you more specifically, yes, you can call me Hatonn at this time.

Gabriel: My God! I did not know it was you, my brother! I thought…

Gabriel, we are a Group… You have heard many consciences and you do not realize that only now, in the end, you felt the energy, as you said, “More mature”?

Gabriel: Yes, it’s true…

So, young man, once again thank you for everything you do…

Gabriel: No, please, my brother you don’t need to thank… I and my beloved family on Earth are very happy! Here I take the liberty to speak and thank on behalf of all! We are very grateful, my brethren!

We say goodbye here, beloved family, so in collective, in a group of consciousness units. We love you all unconditionally; we love you for being who you are.

We are the Galactic Federation, your family, your partners.

~ Galactic Federation – “Letter to the People of Earth – For those who arrive now”:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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