The Illumination of The Roman Line

The Roman Empire at its greatest extent, 117 AD, the time of Trajan’s death
(with its vassals in pink)

The Roman Empire [1] extended for many, many centuries and many beings of that time were involved in diverse conflicts amplifying their karma and, in that, painful processes unfolded. Here, this writing will deal especially with an illumination of the karmic summative, if one can say, of many souls of this age of empire, when many have incarnated, disincarnated and rediscovered again in this same energy and particular harmony.

After centuries of incarnations and reincarnations engaging energetically with the domains of emperors and politicians like Constantine [2], Tiberius Caesar [3], NeroMarcus AureliusAugustusMarco AntonioJulius Caesar and a few others, souls participating in these movements began their return work to their states of fullness and love. Many of these souls of these past ages began their incarnations in various parts of the world, even in Rome, after the Empire, in the energy of rescuing their particular processes and illuminations. Especially now, in Brazil, are most of the souls of those old times of Rome and a great ransom happens at that moment. Among many of these souls of these times, three, in particular, are incarnated, and Jesus/Sananda gives me the opportunity to write by quoting them in some way in this channeling/guidance of enlightenment: Tiberius CaesarPhilippe Caesar, an old Roman Senator and Claudius, a direct assistant to Emperor Constantine.

Colossal head of Constantine (4th century), Capitoline Museum, Rome

The latter, Claudius, had just incarnated near Jesus, as Matheus’s cousin [3]. And there he was always someone very “dubious” (skeptical) of things. His Soul’s plan was to imprint with Constantine the Consciousness of the Christ Truth. It was to help Constantine to have discernment and to expand this Christ consciousness, for he already carried this information in his DNA, from the incarnation he just had near Christ. But he ended up engaging in dissonant energies with this soul plan, became a supporter of energies not aligned with the Christ Consciousness and entered the “disbelief” that Constantine brought. With this attitude, it generated a direct karmic movement with the Christians. This is the reason Claudius is called to the Enlightenment of The Roman Line. His protocol was precisely to prevent Constantine from making some moves and eventually ended up supporting what he came to prevent. Claudius acted alongside Constantine as an Intellectual Strategist. He used his previous experiences on battlefields and wars to help him get where he wanted to go. He acted as a political advisor to identify who was or was not in the interests of Constantine. It identified who would give in to political pressures, who was loyal and who was not. He set up plans of action aimed at fulfilling these political goals of Constantine. At important meetings, as an accomplished observer, he identified allies and enemies and then reported everything to his Emperor.

Philippe Caesar, an impetuous senator, conquered there many friends of the same tune, but many more enemies. He was an accomplished strategist, a specialist in mental commands and persuasion. He did not admit that he did not listen to his wishes, and favors were collected from his friends, constantly, with the promise of power in the Senate. Promises never fulfilled, money borrowed on those same promises and never returned and fulfilled led Philip to a sum of disciples who persecuted him for various incarnations.

Of course, other major rescues have happened and have happened throughout history and, at the request of the Forces of Light, these three especially mentioned are embodied and acting within the PVSE [4]. Today, as blessed teachers, they bring their baggage of wisdom and recognition of the need to restore and enlighten past times in today’s mastery.

Bust of Nero at the Musei Capitolini, Rome

I would also like to talk about the many others who are now also incarnated and in ransom for this Roman Line, and/or have already rescued their past, like the old Emperor Nero, already informed by me (Gabriel RL) [5]. Many Brazilians – these blessed people – were in Rome with several special missions. Some were lost due to the intense attraction that the Roman power inspired. Others died by the sword of old Roman soldiers and, wishing for revenge, were trapped in these vicious cycles. Others understood the importance of their own peace of mind, promising themselves that they would give this opportunity to their own consciences of elevation and a greater understanding of past events, accepting new reincarnations alongside old Roman soldiers, emperors, senators, and all those old times oppressive, so that the final rescues could occur.

There are still, oddly enough, Roman soldiers of those times who are trapped in temporal lapses, still wielding their swords, mounted on their horses and with their polished steel helmets, wandering the astral planes in search of their old leaders, friends, and anyone who is tuned into this old energy, to feed them, even more, their uncontrollable urges.

Coliseum, Rome, Italy

Rome, old Rome… Of so many tortures in the Old Coliseum, of so many dark rituals in basements considered saints, such as The Vatican. There, in the maxims of the Church, behold also old rescues knock at the door. Old priests, bishops, cardinals (such as the Cardinal de Richelieu [6], head of a group of violent spirits still active in the valleys of the shadows). Popes (as Peter Hans Kolvenbach) – who was the brain behind Sept. 11 – Twin Towers, as well as the false flag attack of March 11 – Fukushima, and the main engineering force behind the Syrian conflict, conveniently lived in Lebanon, very close to the Syrian border). Adolfo Nicolás, Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI and many others who represented and represent the old forces of the Old Roman Empire replicating the old tortures, persecutions and so much more to obtain the necessary energies for their own sustenance, and many gathered there, representing the old times, still aided by disturbed and inspiring spirits of torture and moral and physical harassment. The rescue of all these knocks at the door and everyone, without exception, involved directly or indirectly, assistants and supporters of the old Roman energy, whether on the physical plane or not, are now called to the rescue.

All those who read this account have ancient Old Rome adjustments to be finalized, one way or another. Of course, there are several who will not get to read, but of course, all who read here are being summoned for this illumination work of this old line, where most of the beings responsible for its enlightenment are currently in Brazil. A MAGIC INVOCATION to be used in the lighting of this line is to say, aloud, the code below:


(It means: I recreate, I actualize, I enlighten and bless)

Today, as already mentioned, the three main characters mentioned in this account (Tiberius CaesarPhilippe Caesar and Claudius) are embodied in the Terran Plan and acting within the PVSE, working with me; others are in the astral zones, both inferior and superior of the Terrano Plan, and there are others that have already returned to their origins. It’s like this. The Forces of Light always find a way to bring these characters together so they can review those lines together and transform them completely. There are no enemies here; there are beings who receive from heaven the opportunity to see each other, to recognize each other and to embrace each other by supporting each other so that together they can review old stories and together build new ones.

Bust of the Emperor Tiberius

The P1 also calls on all those who feel attuned to this work to unite in Love with all the characters of this movement helping them in this work of enlightenment of this line. Although the three characters mentioned here (Tiberius CaesarPhilippe Caesar and Claudius) are working together with me and I know who they are each of you, you who at this point read this account may be one of those not mentioned here. If you feel called to help in this enlightenment, whose status will be shown in the Notes of the Pleiades 1 (P1), then connect with this movement taking all your Love to this line.

A Geometric Symbol representing the Illumination of The Roman Line has been channeled. This is what this publication illustrates.

Geometric Symbol representing the Illumination of The Roman Line

The three representatives of this specific work within the PVSE, in their hierarchical and harmonious order, by virtue of previously assumed commitments and by the individual own need requested and in common agreement in the High Superior Council of the PVSE onboard one of the Command Ships, the three pillars are in this order: Philippe CaesarClaudius (being his first mate) and Tiberius Caesar as the harmonic sustainer of the movement and Claudius‘ first mate. The three should work together and in harmony for the greater good. All those who refine and wish to help in this work, accompany the meditations and calls that will be announced on the Page and/or other means of interaction created in harmony, in principle, by Philippe Caesar, in common agreement with Claudius and Tiberius. (The names of these present incarnations I will not cite for a simple matter of ethics unless they themselves wish to reveal themselves).

Cardinal de Richelieu by Philippe de Champaigne (1642)

An official page can be created, as already mentioned, and when it is, the contact links will be available at the following link:

Dear characters from that timeline, everyone is most welcome! May this reunion mark the power of unification and enlightenment! I am always honored to be the transmitter of these real stories and give you the opportunity to know a little more about your past on this Planet. May Jesus/Sananda continue to bless me so that I too can bless as many as I can, through the information that will help, more and more, the unification of peoples and the illumination of consciences! Thank God!

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

~ Gabriel Raio Lunar

* Originally Published by “Sementes das Estrelas”.



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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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