Galactic Confederation Court

During the war against the darkness of the Milky Way, all captured dark forces are dealt with in a classified category, and the Galactic Court is a law enforcement unit dedicated to dealing with and adjudicating the dark forces.

The Galactic Court is composed of important members of the Parliament of the Light Forces and members of the important Military Parliament of the Alliance, and all those involved in the trial of those who have fallen into the dark will be conducted in strict accordance with the “Galactic Codex” and will be made known to the entire Galactic Union in a publicly available form. The proceedings are publicly carried out, and the results of the proceedings are informed to all the Galactic Units of the Galaxy who participated in the Galactic Liberation War.

The mass of dark forces captured by Ashtar Sheran will first be sent to the Jupiter Command located in our Solar system for classification, where all dark members will first receive the Galactic Code of Control Sanctions notice, and then be included in the corresponding categories according to their criminal record, the different categories will be zoned and taken into custody, and the highest black level will be sent directly to the Galactic Central Sun for reset.

Since Ashtar Sheran’s execution of Operation Mjölnir, the Jupiter Command has been in a 100% load every day, with a large number of net-fallers being classified through the Jupiter Command, some of them never seeing the outside world again, and some of those who have disappeared permanently from the universe.

The surface is the last battlefield that is undergoing intense cleaning, the Ashtar Command has been on the surface for a while, many stealth fleets are suspended directly above the dark members’ hideouts. Those who are behind closed doors are experiencing an unprecedented ordeal that is forcing them to make two very different choices:

  1. Take the initiative to voluntarily surrender to the Resistance Movement;
  2. Continue to fight until the body suddenly dies.

Some people exhibit strong mood swings, which is like what happens when the rays of the central sun of the universe enter the earth’s surface:

  1. An unprecedented source of the ONE’s ENERGY instantly forms a paradise bubble on the surface. These paradise bubbles are not affected by darkness and anomalies, when the surface world is instantly divided into two ends, one end is concentrated by the original anomaly, and one end by the source or a Holy Light that is instantly expanded, the fierce two distinct energies trigger an unprecedented shock in the surface;
  2. For the first time, the dark entities that are concentrated in the momentousness of the original anomaly instantly feel the greatest threat to their lives, and they have almost simultaneously shown the craziest acts: mutual selling, attacking each other, killing each other;
  3. Realizing that the Earth is no longer subject to the dark forces of the original anomaly manipulation, they began to seek all their own way out;
  4. The upper layer of darkness is betrayed by the middle darkness, the middle darkness is abandoned by the lower-level hitters, and the whole internal organization has a huge rupture; 
  5. Some of the negative pawns involved in cyber-dark intrusions realized that the organizations that manipulated them were disintegrating from within and that those who had long wanted to get rid of the manipulated men immediately offered to the Light Forces a large amount of conspiracy-group criminal resources, which had a devastating blow to many of the negative intelligence organizations that had already lost their car;
  6. In the darkness of the upper echelons, there has been an extremely rare phenomenon of internal division, with some beginning to want to give up domination and others to be suspicious of each other.
  7. No matter which of the above states you are in, and unable to return to the sky, the central sun of the universe is feeding the planet with the highest flow of the holy light energy that the planet can withstand, 24 hours per day without slackening the energy of the source, the intervention in the Earth will be geometrically multiplied, and the decline of the original anomaly will decrease sharply until it completely disappears.

Counting, from January 21, 2019, to mid-February, the number and speed of capture is much higher than at any stage in the past, and as the light expands.

The Jupiter Command will be full of work until the last darkness of the surface is taken into custody.

It would be foolish to think that if you’re afraid to go out and feel that hiding in a safe house can be delayed, according to this strategy, one day when you wake up, if you can still sleep, you’ll see that you’re surrounded by the Resistance Movement operatives, and your safe house will be completely borrowed by the resistance, thank you for your “generousness.”

The Galactic Confederation Court has prepared a seat for your judgment, and it feels more comfortable than sitting on the sofa in your safe house.

Victory of the Light!

~ Originally published in Chinese on February 15, 2019, by the 144,000 blog:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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