Mi’Ra from the Pleiadian High Council

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Warmest greetings,

I am Mi’Ra of the Pleiadian High Council.

I honor you with love and respect.

This message will be strong and will seem harsh to some of you. There are certain facts that give us serious concern.

You are currently experiencing a storm, it is true. Many are afraid because the dark agenda has spread this propaganda.

Yet some of your stars brothers have warned you that the virus is no longer on Earth. Many do not listen and remain in fear. Remember that the strength of the dark energy is: power, money and fear.

Many of you let yourselves be scattered by all this information of New World Order, chaos, disasters and all kinds of theories to enslave humanity, even more than it was before.

All this information comes from channels (or presumed channels) that serve, without realizing it, the dark agenda and maintain this climate of fear through them. Many channels have not been receiving our messages for some time now, but claim the opposite. They are fooling you. They are also fooling themselves, thinking they are receiving authentic messages from your galactic families.

A lot of information is posted online in all spiritual networks because the dark agendas have infiltrated them all. Here too, use your discernment.

(Popular) individuals and/or groups of individuals claim to disclose truths. Again, beware. Trust only your own feelings. Again, it is essential to use your own discernment. Do not have a blind faith in everything that can be said, but rather an absolute faith in what resonates and vibrates in you. In your heart is your truth, and only in your heart. And not outside of you.

There is also talk of rescuing children in tunnels and underground. Here too, do not blindly believe everything that can be said. Human trafficking has been going on for a long time on your planet, and you know it. Action is being taken, yes. But they are not what you think you know about it. Again, use your judgment and listen to what your heart tells you about all of this. Really listen to what is vibrating in your heart, and nothing else.

There is another matter that concerns us as well: mass meditations.

Beware, we are not against this kind of practice and gathering. But you must understand this: We’re all connected to each other through our hearts and souls. It cannot be otherwise. Separation is only an illusion. You know that we are all one, and I repeat, we are all connected by our hearts and souls. The dark light always takes advantage of events such as mass meditations. Those who claim otherwise, don’t believe them, or don’t believe them anymore. Light and love already connects us all, again through our hearts and souls. I repeat myself, because it is very important that you really understand things. Your heart knows what is right, it knows what vibrates in love.

So, to get back to the point, yes, many things are happening in your world right now. But don’t become “demon” hunters. Many are currently leaving Earth through the death process, for your planet and humanity is rising higher and higher in vibration. The negative beings who refuse these frequencies of love have no choice but to leave. And that is what is really happening under the cover of this pandemic.

The energies and vibrational frequencies will continue to increase exponentially until you have reached the fifth dimension. The next wave will be colossal. Many will not bear it, physically and spiritually, for they are not attuned to it. They have made other choices. Accept it, in the most sincere and pure love. As Davian often says, you are at a crossroads. It’s right now. Get ready for a roller coaster ride, because these changes are going to shake, and are already shaking, in fact.

You’re accompanied, and we’ve always been there. So keep your center, and keep your confidence. Our hearts are unified, in love and light. We are all connected.

With all our love.

Mi’Ra of the High Pleiadian Council.

~ April 18, 2020 – Mi’Ra from the Pleiadian High Council:

David Rousseau

Walk-In, Stellar Soul, Intuitive Artist, Author, Writer, Musician, Singer

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