Shamanic Death or The Dark Night of the Soul

Light workers, Indigos, Starseeds, etc.

During this phase, know that you will be more vulnerable than normal. This moment of reconnection with your soul is certainly the moment that your soul has been “waiting” since your birth (even if it is outside of space-time) – but also that the forces opposed to light and information have everything done to prevent this since your birth. When we are unconscious, disconnected from who we really are, we are not “threats” to the system in place or to those forces that want to maintain control and supremacy. When an individual reconnects with his true nature and therefore with his full power, he becomes a free electron that must be neutralized, especially if this electron decides to communicate with his peers and trigger an avalanche of reconnections, such as this is the case for many of us with these missions. We then become subject to more attacks, mainly psychic than before, in order to discourage us in our actions, to make us doubt, and to give up. Even after the dark night of the soul, when you have fully recovered your power and your will to accomplish what you have come for, to make your call, you will encounter resistance, psychic attacks of all kinds and attacks outside and through other humans (disconnected from their heart in general and who serve as portals to reach us – or close to act on our emotional and make us easily fall vibrationally). Understanding how they work is what really makes us stronger.

Again, do not stand alone and isolated in these attacks and hard times. Connect with other lightworkers (not manipulated by the 3D matrix). It is important to understand how these attacks work so as not to be caught in the infernal spiral of self-sabotage, increased suicidal thoughts or devaluation that are the most common mental attacks of souls with a mission to Earth and humanity – especially those who must disclose truths that disturb and threaten the system in place.

We must be very strong to achieve what we have to achieve here. The resistance encountered is increased at this moment to make us give up. Do not give up, you’re not alone anymore. We have experienced the most difficult, that is, the isolation since our birth, the others who have come for the same reasons, from our brothers and sisters, and we have experienced the tremendous suffering of this loneliness and lack of understanding of everything we felt since small. But now that we understand why we are here and what is happening, and now that we can reconnect with each other, everything will be different. And it is this union that really threatens those involutive forces that know that their time is now counted before the truth about their presence breaks out and that humanity ceases to give its consent to what destroys it and destroys this Earth. Many attempts will be made to try to disunite the lightworkers, do not let these techniques of “divide and conquer” reach you. Keep in mind that they will go through any fault, any way to reach us vibratory. And when we vibrationally fall, either because of physical fatigue or psychic or emotional attack, then we enter on their kingdom, low frequencies where they then know exactly what to do to manipulate us. We must stay out of these frequencies by remaining in the vibration of the heart and in the present moment as much as possible.

Shared with love.

We are all one.
Mitakuye oyasin. ✨💛✨

~ Davian

~ August 15, 2019:

David Rousseau

Walk-In, Stellar Soul, Intuitive Artist, Author, Writer, Musician, Singer

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