Ashtar Command – “Official note about the formation of The Council”

Please, dear ones, read this message listening to the song referred below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant volume and then read the message out loud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Soundtrack – Letter to the Confederates

Greetings from the Command!

We speak on behalf of all those who make up the Galactic Fleets at the service of the Supreme Creator. We speak on behalf of Ashtar Sheran.

We bring an Official Note about what is currently happening on your planet, mostly behind the scenes. We now communicate directly with those who want to hear and understand us. Listen to us, at this moment. We speak with Love and also represent your Galactic Families aboard your spaceships at this time.

We know how hard you have worked every day to maintain your concentration and determination on what you programmed before the present time, your current incarnation. We know of your daily struggles to keep standing and going with your soul plans pre-ordained by yourselves before the present dive. We are here to continue saying that you always have our support and reverence for your determination and focus.

We bring an important note about your current planetary situation. It is relevant again to emphasize the last message you received from Ashtar through the transmitter which we use, at this time, also for this communication. We ask you to review/read this message from Ashtar Sheran. Here we ask for the *link to it to be delivered. Ashtar is present now, as we speak. He is present in you.

~ August 30, 2020 – Ashtar – “Urgent Communication”:

Currently, there is a movement behind the scenes of your planet where a Great Council is being assembled to advance with the definitive unmasking of the current situation. We know how many lives have been lost by the greed of a few, by the unscrupulous desire for domination and power. This situation has dragged on too long. We know of the spread of the virus called Covid-19 in its midst, in a purposeful and unnatural way.

The information about this crime against your humanity has already been delivered to you by other sources in our working group. (They refer to a message from SaLuSa on the issue of the virus and even the most recent one that Ashtar gave me about the situation). All those who have been most painfully affected are now being blessed by all the very active Cosmic Forces at this time. It is important that you refrain from judging in this situation so that you hear/read our message in a crystal-clear way, without getting lost in revolt and indignation. This kind of energy continues, in a way, feeding the machine of fear manipulated by the few ones in your world who have devised this whole plan.

It is important that you know that we act as far as we are allowed to, and we have worked hard to avoid further unscrupulous advances from those who really wanted your annihilation (the annihilation of Humanity). Once again we say that this is completely out of the question: the annihilation of the human species will not happen. The vibrations of Earth have reached a level that makes your ascension irreversible. Nothing else can prevent your quantum leap. Your ascension is inevitable, even when the ones contrary to your ascension try hard to prevent this to happen. We have a decree from The Creator, and your ascension is guaranteed. The current movements related to the spread of the virus are a last attempt by those few who control, in a way, your world, still through the instigated fear.

The Council to which we refer – which is being set up in recent weeks – is preparing a series of announcements and these will become a big snowball with the truth about this whole situation. Thus, you will begin to see a series of setbacks from those who try to maintain the pandemic narrative through the fear and uncertainties of your future. You, all the time, are also receiving in your unconscious mind a great deal of information from your mentors, and this is opening your minds to the truth of the whole situation. The Council being assembled will be the maximum force against those perpetrators of this coup, but they will no longer be able to sustain themselves with their false statements about the situation. Stay calm and with your hearts to continue hearing our voice through your hearts.

It is inevitable that many of you will be exhausted by the months that have passed, conditioned by the situation of confiscation of your freedoms. Just be a little calmer while behind the scenes The Council supported by us, the Ashtares, continues with the advances. Healing and immunity are on the way, so you need not fear either, because our teams are acting to discontinue any trap that comes through vaccines or any other form of immunity. You will no longer be harmed. And for this to happen in an exceptionally effective way, it is important that you are in loving vibrations and refraining from involvement with energies of discord and stress. Listen to the call of your Souls to silence and calm you. Know that we are not your saviors and we advance further or not, always according to your conduct as human beings. You dictate how far we can advance directly through your own vibrations. Hold the Love in your hearts and we will inevitably come closer.

You of the Earth will see the unfolding of situations in all countries. Your leaders will be receiving in the coming weeks direct warnings about The Council supported by us, which contains members from various sectors of work all over the planet. Luminous Souls who are uniting now to support the definitive unmasking and make the necessary corrections, along with the removal of those who wish to continue dominating them and curtailing your freedoms. All the great scientists and doctors of the Galactic Commands who work with us connected to Love, in the last months are somehow being silenced, when they try to bring the truths that are contrary to the perpetrators of the situation. This will no longer be the case. They, our allies, will no longer be silenced and are being supported by our Council on Earth in coming to speak the truth. We also speak to those who are the direct communicative media: know that in the midst of this situation there are also those who wish to inform the truth and are often being silenced. And this is another point that will be changing because they too can no longer be so silenced.

We speak now to all of you who are behind the scenes of this whole situation. Don’t be afraid to speak what you know. It’s time for freedom. Don’t be afraid of the retaliators, because they are already being watched much more closely by us, the Ashtares. In the middle of their science, there are those who are being bribed to lie, but there are also the luminous souls incarnated who are present there and illuminating the way to the truth. In the same way, when it comes to your media communication. The Light is everywhere and is expanding.

Family of the Earth! Every situation will be contained and the narrative on top of false truths will be definitely unmasked. You will see this. You are already seeing this. The Light you have sustained on Earth has not allowed this whole situation to advance any further than it has been so far. Continue to hold the Love and ask the heavens for the truth. It is important to understand that in this world of duality in which you live, there are two forces at work. So, know that behind the scenes of the dominant center of the situation, there are those who wish the number of deaths to increase, and there are those who wish to speak the truth. In your meditations, ask for the truth. Ask for the truth of every situation, and your free will will be respected. In your meditations, connect with us and ask for the truth. Call for your Mentors, Angels, Guides, Spiritual Friends and ask for the truth. You will see it, and it will set you free.

We are your Family from space communicating directly with everyone who wants to hear us, really.

We are the Ashtar Command.

For The Truth, nothing but The Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ Comando Ashtar – “Nota oficial sobre a formação do “Conselho””:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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