Meditation for the Rebirth of the Inner Child of the Human Collective on March 14, 2021

Meditation for the Rebirth of the Inner Child of the Human Collective.

In the beginning of March, we have a powerful encounter between Mercury, the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter, creatin debate and innovative solutions for education, science and technology. Venus and Uranus also reinforce these trends and announce new ones for international negotiations – it favors a world with stronger bounds to reach Peace and Unity in the midst of the chaos we are facing, and positive consequences for all spheres of human relations.

Besides, on the 3rd of March, Mars entered Gemini, announcing weeks of more dynamism and agitation in communications, media and education. 

Our Meditation will occur on March 14 at 1 pm GMT, soon after the New Moon in Pisces, who brings along the bulk of all the recent and powerful conjunctions. 

This force represents a powerful quantum leap in deep introspection where each being will have at his or her disposal an energetic leverage to reach out its inner reality and make the choice on that will not serve for the purpose of its evolution and in order to release the past, heal painful memories of many lives and emptiness and discover a new Self, a new perspective on its inner child, jump, sing, dance and explore an infinite diversity of artistic gifts that resides within each one of us, discover a new path to live with simplicity, give a hug and truly feel that energy exchange, be closer to pets, enjoy nature and share more of these moments following your heart´s guidance.

This meditation aims to decongest our body, mind and soul, aims to restore the non-conscious collective that we really are, reborn to the art of loving, to the art of being simple, to the art of being newly created and to understand that it is in simplicity that that Sacredness Is. 

When we achieve the conquest of being a Child again, an Explosion of Light will happen on this Planet and we will come out of the shadows, never to return again.

Join us co-creating this meditation and making it a powerful Tsunami of energetic hugs that compass all life on this planet and Beyond.

Together we are the Collective Giant that is Awakening!


1. Breathe deeply and let go, connect to your Sacred Center, to your heart, and relax your mind as it concentrates on your heartbeat and on your breathing, for a few moments.
2. Visualize your Soul Star Chakra expanding and visualize the Soul Star Chakra of all of you who participated in this Meditation also expanding and connecting in a powerful bright white light, and do that for a few moments.
3. Feel the heartbeats of all of youe brothers and sisters being synchronized like the most sublime melody.
4. Declare aloud the Sovereignty of your Soul with the following words:
5. Me [your name] decree in the name of my free will in a Fellowship with My Brothers and Sisters that together we demand the absolute Truth, the Love among the People and that true Peace is established between all the nations of this planet and Beyond.
6. Feel in this moment that the heart of Gaia expands and connects to your synchronized hearts, and together it expands, connecting to the Heartbeat of each being of Light in this solar system and Beyond.
7. Together, now as the Sacred Heart of Gaia Joins us in a powerful pulse that immediately heals all our sorrows, afflictions and sorrows in the NOW, and all our past in all the diverse lives that we have experienced on this planet, visualize that for a few moments.
8. Feel that this grandiose momentum of healing as your inner Child resurfaces dancing, singing, painting, free from all ties and with an immense will to live and Create your New Inner and Outer Reality.
9. Feel a new Joy, Compassion and Purity and, like a Beacon Firing Up, an unstoppable Inspiration for Art Rises in it’s most diverse forms.
10. Visualize you creating an artistic piece of art in any shape or form that you know as a symbol of the new SELF that is reborn.
11. Visualize a powerful Blue and Violet Light, rotating in a spiral form shaping to be a Divine Uterus and anchoring your rebirth for a new and wonderful Sacred World that founded on Art and Joy of living in Fellowship with our Brother, praising and welcoming our differences.
12. In your new reborn form, send a strong energetic embrace to all those who your heart is be able to reach, and keep visualizing this for a few moments.

In the humbleness of the Art of Loving, Sacredness IS.

Victory of the Light!

“Happiness is living in the moment with joy, awareness and compassion; being free from within, feeling at home with everyone without barriers.” ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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