Corey Goode – “Energetic Home Clearing, Protecting Your Vibration & Focusing on Your Personal Growth”

Universal Forces Editor’s Note: we are sharing the quick update posted on Corey Goode Facebook Page on September 21, 2021. Corey talks about the upcoming Cosmic Updates he will be producing soon and talks about the importance of clearing your home of dark energies and dark entities in order to guard your own vibration.

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Energetic Home Clearing, Protecting Your Vibration & Focusing on Your Personal Growth

Energetic Home Clearing, Protecting Your Vibration & Focusing on Your Personal Growth

So, I guess we’ve been making some interesting posts lately about grounding and clearing energies in your home. I’m gonna be making more videos about that soon. And also discussing the recent updates I’ve had.

Right now, I guess it’s just really important to find ways to ground. Make sure, you know, to find a way to make your sanctuary at your home, a nice fortress of solitude. All the anxiety, negative news, political, and medical stuff that’s been out, that builds up residual energy in your home. So you need to take pretty extreme measures right now, you know, to clear those energies out. I noticed everyone in this community and all around are all frazzled, everyone is just gone nuts. I guess during this time when everyone is, you know, just gone crazy, nuttier than squirrels, the only thing that we can control is what’s going on in our own lives. So right now I think my biggest advice to everyone is to focus on clearing your home of negative energies and negative beings.

A lot of my recent updates really showed me how much of a spiritual war this is. It is way more than I ever thought. My grandfather was right. We’ll be covering that type of thing, a lot more is coming up in the near future. I’m gonna talk about the updates I had, we found out more about what the reptilians are up to and what the tall white grey alliance is up to. It’s pretty insidious but we have to know all these things, you know, and add it to the Mass Consciousness, you know, for the awakening. People are awakened after they’re pissed off, usually.

But anyway, if you are out there and you are feeling really frazzled, you are acting out of character, you are having intrusive thoughts, you know. Try to clear your home of the energies and any entities. Don’t feel afraid to reach out to psychic mediums who can come and check your home, let you know what you are dealing with. Is it an entity? Is it residual energy, you know, that you’ve created yourself?

A lot of people, especially the ones that watch my videos, a lot of these people have abilities. Because the energies are really ramping up, we need to learn how to protect ourselves. So we’re going to be putting out a lot more material along those lines because we’ve had quite a lot of experience at it recently. Anyway, don’t feed into the fear, have hope and that hope is you. That’s why you need to focus on yourself, clearing your energy, staying on mission, and don’t let all the negativity get you down. Stop watching the news, stay off of, you know, all these weird places on the internet that are ginning up a lot of this division.

This is just a quick video, I don’t have my audio equipment with me, sorry, for the sound quality. I would suggest you subscribe to my channels (Sphere Being Alliance), go to, get on the mailing list.

I’ve got a lot more information coming out on my Facebook Page. If you look, I have summaries of my latest updates regarding some of the ET’s I mentioned. So please, go and check them out.

I’m gonna go ground and enjoy some of this beauty and make sure that no negativity or negative energy builds up on my end. My vibe’s been very high lately, I’ve been very excited about all the exciting things happening. A lot of exciting things are going on that are gonna allow us to spread this information and, you know, it’s happening alongside a lot of scary stuff coming out. So the Universe balances things.

All right so go ahead, subscribe to my channel, get on the mailing list and get ready because, on my youtube channel, I am going to start posting some updates very soon. I think I’m going to record them maybe with Fabio Santos, a good friend from Canada. He invited me to Brazil last year for his event. He’s a really balanced and solid researcher. Good guy. He happens to also know a lot about how to protect yourself from entities and energies. So we should have a pretty interesting conversation.

I guess that’s all I have to say today. I’ll be coming back very soon with more videos.

~ Corey Goode

~ September 21, 2021 – Corey Goode Official Facebook page:

Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy

We were guided to clear our home of negative energy on a regular basis. During these crazy times, we should be doing these types of things on a daily or weekly basis. This community is targeted by negative energies and entities all of the time. Moths are attracted to the light. Reply with what you do to maintain the vibration of your homes. A good point was made below that after cleansing you should shield your home. Recently had some amazing help in doing just that and it is reflecting the intentions of others back to them like crazy. We were also shown how forgiveness and cutting chords can be done and how important it is. We actually meditate and seld love and forgiveness to those that oppose us or target us with dark magic. It has made an AMAZING difference in our lives and vibrational health. 😁

~ 10 Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy:

~ Corey Goode

~ September 21, 2021 – Corey Goode Official Facebook page:


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