The End of Quarantine Status

The time to present a better overview of the Plan for Planetary Liberation being carried by The Jupiter Command, by The Ashtar Command and by all other Galactic Commands arrived. This project is being carried by the Galactic Confederation of Light for thousands of years, demanded a lot of coordination between different groups and races and took many lifetimes of our incarnated members. Everything is being coordinated from a higher perspective, even when it appears that each member is working alone or without any “apparent” support.

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The Deadline and How You Helped To Save the World

Perhaps you didn’t notice, but yesterday on July 20, 2019, we already decided the fate of our own history as HUMANITY. We already saved the world and ensured the best possible outcome. We had a choice to be made, and we had 50 years to choose the path that we would like to manifest. If you are still reading this article in the NOW is because YOU ARE PART OF THE PLAN FOR PLANETARY LIBERATION which avoided the ANNIHILATION OF HUMANKIND through NUCLEAR WAR or WORLD WAR III. Now that we have your attention, let us tell you the history.

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