IT BE – Keys of Life – Part 4 of 6

We released this book as part of the article “BE a Sovereign Being and Act Accordingly“, published on June 12, 2019:

To help you to understand better what does it means to claim your sovereignty back, to be a sovereign being and to act accordingly, we would like to share a book specially written for this occasion.

The name of this book is “IT BE – Keys of Life: On the Search for the SELF, the WE and the WHERE.”

This book was written by a mentor of Ukeron from the SURFACOM – SURFAce COMmand, in order to help him to understand his role and who he is. Now he is being guided to share it with everyone who decided to step in and claim back their own sovereignty.


This book was already translated to German and Portuguese, and you can download the translated versions in the links added to the end of this article. Please let us know if you already found this material translated to your language, or if you would like to help in the translation of this material.

We will publish now the content of this book in 6 parts. Enjoy!

“IT BE ~ Keys of Life”
by Paradise IT

For my children.

Paradise IT

7. The Hierarchical Structure

The grand vision stipulates an expansion to transform the generating energies of the consciousness by its assumptions and suggestions into ever new vibrational fields. Assumptions and suggestions can create new structures and a new consciousness, which sits on the carrier system of previously established stable frequency fields. By the decision component of the free will, there are generated frequencies that are disharmonic in the multidimensional field of its environment and therefore stay only shortly in its manifested state. In addition, the resonance to the bounding fields is not supportive then. In the expansion of a hierarchical structure, the adding or subtracting fields are therefore automatically subject to an ongoing expansive examination and the structure would directly break down in favor of a more complete concept if the accordance cannot be established and contradictions would remain.

There are numerous frequency ranges, and therefore stable belief systems where regularities such as, for example, the physical laws in the frequency domain of time and space sustain a stable structure. As this time and space are only a part of the vibrational realm of multi-dimensional fields, variances in time are established. These parallel timelines do play out within the scope of degrees of freedom of decisions within belief systems and therefore do influence the current highest conscious structures only on a tiny scale.

As an example, it is unlikely that the choice of two available types of wine for dinner substantially alter the time and space vibrations of larger structures. This choice, or better, the parallel acting out of the two decisions lead to horizontal variances in time, with little interference created by the decision of this parallel timelines.

The dominant consciousness on every level remains where it can provide the best results for the grand vision, for expansion and insight. However, when contradictions or disharmonies occur at the boundary of the established systems at all levels towards a larger structure, then the entire structure tilts and the now most successful alternative timeline takes over the dominance and binds the perception of consciousness as the primary basis of perception.

The decision that caused the event of a change of the dominant consciousness, establishes a vertical junction in the timeline tree. The parallel timelines and expressions in other dimensions exist continuously, only the dominance of a particular state of consciousness concretized in his individual reality.

This ensures that the system of beliefs and suggestions as a foundation for decisions to modulate at all levels of the hierarchical structure while continuously expanding does remain stable and does not collapse. Even this rule is a blueprint of an early stage of expansion and can – of course, as at all other levels – lose its dominance in favor of a better model.

Thus, a hierarchical structure has spread to the limits of the known cosmos and every consciousness is part of that. This applies to time and space where the matter is manifested by stable frequency reducing belief systems on the lower to the human’s body perceptible levels of the hierarchy, but it is also true for the more free structures, for example, in areas that are perceived in a self in its dreams, when the consciousness disconnects from the physical bond. Or even for concepts as formless manifestations within social structures from placebo effects in medicine to religious designs, mental attitudes, the existence of life outside Terra, manipulative media, shadow governments, significances of money, the tendency of the creation of an overflow of limiting laws, concepts of music, art, theater play, or the control of an avatar in a computer game.

But not only these manifested forms or formless concepts illustrate the structure. This hierarchical structure extends to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. It has branches that extend from each solar system in each dimension, and virtually all life forms are branches of this cosmic tree. A structure is, therefore, a collection of participants that have the need to invest their energies in the support of a substructure that is deeply entrenched somewhere in the greatest of all structures, the cosmic hierarchy. According to the grand vision, the purpose of the structure is to serve, and this is mostly translated into a concept of evolution and saviorship and in the teacher/student order of the universe.

The hierarchical structure is comparable to the body of a human. It is the embodiment of the Creator who formed the experienceable universe through the structure and lives in it at the same time.

Thus, the fundamental value of the structure to support or in terms of a social organization in principle obligated to support and serve its contained elements. The hierarchical structure operates unlike its elements not with consciousness, but the acting consciously participating elements do form the cohesion.

Therefore, the structure itself has no free will, because it is the addition of the belief systems of its elements. However, a structure tends to integrate and limit its elements and integrate them into a structure that self cannot achieve its transformative experience. The establishment of limits and controls of the structure is given because an individual self within the structure causes fear and alarm. A self can completely dissolve the dominant course of time and thus a partial structure if it is able to eliminate the weaknesses of the structure by a more perfect model.

The application of the principles of life support, at the sincere intention and use, the separation from the structure and speed it up to change into the perspective of wholeness. This improves the insights and the ability to perceive new realities, to shape these as a learning adventure, and to expand and thus to liberate the consciousness.

7.1. Limiting Language

One of the concepts of the hierarchical structure of a social environment is it to limit its controlling people by offering a language. Focusing on language as a unifying element reduces the space of expressions of belief systems down to the level of a language. The languages offered on Terra have only a very small vocabulary for spirituality, mental attitudes, feelings, and concepts that promote sovereignty. This for the purpose of ensuring the control. Pictures, scenes, music, and emotional complexes, even if they are able to describe a given context more precisely, are not supported as a mandatory contract, just as telepathic communication is not encouraged and trained since it is less controllable by the structure.

But almost all participants in the structure itself are the ones that demand to obtain a dependency along with the structure, which is spanned between the reality of the cosmic consciousness and the consciousness of the self. Language is an instrument of power of the structure. It is the foundation of tyranny and involvement in pitfalls, even if language looks liberating and empowering at first glance. The reality of the cosmic consciousness takes place beyond any constructs of a language. It is whole in itself and has the purpose to represent the collective potential of all species within the universe of wholeness. It is the archetype of perfection and the foundation and the destiny of every consciousness at every level. It is so little tangible and far beyond any concepts so that a limited self in the time and space escapes into a concept of language, and thus, moves toward a structure to describe the reality of the cosmic consciousness.

7.2. Evolution and Saviorship

The structure and its self-sustaining control systems on Terra have produced a concept that describes the expansive creation of the structure. It is the concept of evolution. Just as there are as many truths as there is different consciousness, so the concept within the structure is a belief system, one that brought the current structure into existence is not to deny at first hand. But it does not explain the evolution by the principles of Darwin completely, and it leaves gaps that do lead to contradictions when it tries to explain the real course of the development of changes. In addition, the concept of evolution is based on the reduction within the frequency ranges that are perceived as time and space.

Moreover, the connection of the self to the cosmic consciousness is subliminally suppressed through the level of language, the manipulation of belief systems, through ritual controls, by binding to a flood of laws and by reducing the development of free space through monetary control systems. These are understandable survival mechanisms of the structure which are fighting for self-preservation.

It is, in summary, not the job of a structure to raise awareness of the self to recognize its sovereign status. The Self itself must have the will to want to be aware and to be free from all forms of external dependencies. This does not mean that there should be no ties in the form of friendships or in the involvement in a community. It is a warning that the structure in its self-preservation acts manipulative and that the relative truth is constantly changed in the hands of those that exercise a desire for control in terms of structure and that are rewarded for it by the structure. Even if their motives are benign, it is still a form of control.

When the structure classifies information and withholds its publication that would jeopardize its existence, the manipulation of belief systems in the relative truth positions more toward development and preservation of power, as it points to the sovereignty and the spreading of the authorization of the initial equality. In the application of language as a limiting tool, the power of the self is abandoned in favor of the consultation of the relative truths of the structure. For the mind language is seductive and it supports the desire for power.

If the self in addition hands out its autonomous power to transform energy through a limited belief system of language, that is transmitted from the structure back to the structure, the relative truth of the structure is conveyed and the self is hindered on his way to the transformative experience. It can cause the unexpected in trustworthy pictures and ideas to captivate the self to commit itself to a lesser truth as the cosmic reality.

The presented manipulative models are the more absurd, the less the structure fulfills a real and serving purpose. And this tendency is also the natural termination of the structure that is increasingly sabotaging itself. An unfolding structure contains so many motives and sub-structures so that it begins to hinder itself in this variety and finally becomes inefficient. And these inefficiencies hinders the task of development of its participants towards equality with Creator. Thus, in the self-serving concept of its structure, the trap to its downfall is laid down.

The structure, therefore, extends the concept of evolution by a savior concept. Resurrection using a savior is understood as a natural result of evolution. This is an ideal principle, to explain, on the one hand, a rapid development and, on the other hand, to relieve the participants of a subtree to be self-aware of their forces. In the clever manipulative texts that are propagated by the structure as the truth, the evidence of a savior is provided and especially the waiting for the return. At the same time, the self will be confirmed by language and other mechanisms in its inadequacy, so that there seems to be no other escape from the structure than to wait for an external savior. Part of the concept is based on the relative truth of survival, in which the structure is pushing its participants. Against this background, it is understandable that the taught history is, of course, written by those who benefit most from the existence of the current structure.

Therefore, it can be assumed that the actual course of history is completely different. This is only a warning to the fact that the widespread history is a complete draft to preserve the structure, and certainly does not correspond to the real course. Contradictions are played down and there are numerous instances in the substructure, who has been specialized in the dilution of the contradictions and in the protection of the publication of actual events.

Against this background, the question is why, in a perfect universe, the manipulative power of this structure is possible? The reason is that the structure is, in fact, a critical component in the grand vision. It binds and protects its participants as well as to exercise control on it. It is the design of unity and it develops in its evolution a sense of belonging. The savior component creates not only a passive waiting for the hoped redemption. It represents the same time the knowledge that there is a sense of higher vision. From there it is only a small step that each self identifies itself as chosen and takes its salvation into its own hands. Moreover, from a larger perspective, the overthrow of a manipulative structure is only a matter of time and it cannot permanently damage the self. There is always the degree of absurdity, which, when it is detected, serves as a springboard for the separation from the structure. This can be seen in the ex-pat waves. And this also promotes the devotion towards a transformative experience.

Focusing on a savior or a prophet is symptomatic for a species whose structure has been fixated on the concept of evolution. Spiritual leaders have developed a concept of existence, which went beyond the belief systems of the structure. As a result, they created new access to new realities and were willing to share this vision for the price of the discussion and the expected disdain. In the moment when their enlightenment experience is formulated by limiting language of which it becomes vulnerable and is above all interpreted by the structure and those who used such an experience for the defense of personal power. Because of the coupling to this massive structure, the experience is reduced to a level that this original portal into an extended reality is barely recognizable by that distortion.

The interference never takes place between the cosmic consciousness and a structure or organization, but always between the cosmic consciousness and the self instead. The structure is connected with its own collective needs to fulfill its function and to deliver its leading players constantly more power. This, at best, to enforce a collective vision. Structures of the species that follow the concept of evolution will not enjoy the enforcement of a collective vision, because, in their belief systems, the hierarchical structure is shaped by the survival of the fittest. Consequently, the strongest determines the direction. This is neither wrong nor misguided in the sense of the grand vision. It’s just not the most pleasant way of life for those who are not defined as strongest. In addition, the nature of this belief system is a pyramid-like favored structure wherein many are carrying and only the top benefits. However, in terms of efficiency, the fall of this system unfolds the greatest relief and transformative power on its foundational body.

7.3. Principles of the Structure on Terra

On Terra, developed from the concept of evolution and saviorship, the structure is characterized by three primary principles. These explain the primary vectors of all political, religious, and social developments.

The first foundational motive is driven by an ancient transmission that Terra provides food and fulfillment of desires for only 500 million humans. This prognosis has to be seen against the background of the efficiency of production of the time of the estimation, but is still uncorrected the ruling motivation and explains the planned mass extinction of 6.5 billion humans. This, besides the active continuous contamination of the air, water, and the food chain, mass vaccinations, and the enforcing attempt to cause a third world war.

The second foundational motive is it, that there are two sorts of humans. The one developed from the picture that there are leading families by their bloodline and the others are the rest. This picture goes back to legends about a history of Lemuria and Atlantis that is a known history for the elite. Also here it is to suggest that the true history did play out differently and this is only known by the top of the steering organs, if at all. There is a high risk that, in the end, there are absolutely none historical records that are free from infiltrated interests from the people in power. But this motive dehumanizes the leading class and this belief system makes it possible to destroy or, in minimum, to enslave the “unworthy basis” of humanity without any moral scruples. Foundation of the possibilities is a clever and fine-tuned induction of this belief system into all participants of the structure.

The third foundational motive is the belief system that resources on Terra are limited and that there must be the management of a lack of resources. This assumption is in the presence of an inexhaustible intelligent force of unfolding energies not to hold. But it explains, at least, the controlling aspects of using fossil resources to convert these into monetary structures of the elite, even if there are rough since a century alternative technologies available.

These three foundational motives legitimate the controlling forces to execute barbaric and inhumane acts with clean ethics through their performing workbench like governments, shadow governments, and their financial systems.

But up to now, these structures crumbled down and had to adjust their belief system towards higher freedom of the participating individuals. As examples: From slavery in Egypt over a slightly more loose system of the roman empire to the democratic systems of today, where the structure enables the highest degree of choices but under the highest control and by taking away more than ever from them.

A stable structure can be only that one, that is orienting according to the described live principles and, as long this is not the case, the absurdity and the destruction which will, at each time, increase the transformation of those individuals that are already close to the transformative experience.

And in recent times, more and more human bodies are merged by such consciousness that does play already a whole another concert towards the transformative experience.

To explain the special situation on Terra, one insight has to be considered. Part of the grant vision is the fact that a structure is never permitted to alter the free will of the self. But, besides the manifold manipulative tricks of the controlling entities of the structure that “bend” the free will, it reached a point where this rule is massively violated against the people and the life on Terra. This break of one of the primary directives is regulated by the Cosmic Intelligence as a monitoring instance so that the purpose of the structure is not misused. Principally, the impact on the structure was hardly prohibited. But not to interfere would have lead already in the complete extinction of all life on Terra and also to the complete destruction of Terra itself. Therefore, another directive has been decreed by the Creator to regulate the impact. This impact is in motion for a couple of decades and it will result in an event of a special kind shortly. It is the balancing of the maximum degrees of freedom and, at the same time, due to the limiting and separation of a species that legitimates this kind of regulation.

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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