IT BE – Keys of Life – Part 5 of 6

We released this book as part of the article “BE a Sovereign Being and Act Accordingly“, published on June 12, 2019:

To help you to understand better what does it means to claim your sovereignty back, to be a sovereign being and to act accordingly, we would like to share a book specially written for this occasion.

The name of this book is “IT BE – Keys of Life: On the Search for the SELF, the WE and the WHERE.”

This book was written by a mentor of Ukeron from the SURFACOM – SURFAce COMmand, in order to help him to understand his role and who he is. Now he is being guided to share it with everyone who decided to step in and claim back their own sovereignty.


This book was already translated to German and Portuguese, and you can download the translated versions in the links added to the end of this article. Please let us know if you already found this material translated to your language, or if you would like to help in the translation of this material.

We will publish now the content of this book in 6 parts. Enjoy!

“IT BE ~ Keys of Life”
by Paradise IT

For my children.

Paradise IT

8. The Transformative Experience

The human drama is due to the reduction of the consciousness of the self divided in the physical-biological, emotional, and mental component of the human body. The through the senses perceived location in the frequencies of multi-dimensional vibrations that are modulated within the belief systems of time and space is limiting the perception and distorts the otherwise clear connection to the cosmic consciousness. That there is a direct relationship to expressing, to the opinion and to the assumptions to the world of experience, that there are no random accidents and no chaotic fateful events are often not recognized because of the time distance of sending through the belief systems towards to receiving of the associated experienced reality, but also by the variety of contradictory assumptions.

Moreover, if additionally, a power preserving structure with own motives acts on the self, it is in the daily struggle for survival almost impossible to recognize this connection. Furthermore, the structure propagates the arduous evolution model and the waiting for a savior paradigm, which veils this in-depth suspected existence. All sub-structures, such as religions, governments, the military, cooperation, and families also reflect the evolutionary model in which the self gradually develops towards a better position.

The alternative to evolution, which is a step by step shifting from a position within the hierarchical structure and that allows a release in maximum through an in the structure integrated savior is the concept of faster ways within the structure to activate the source code and thus to enable a sudden transformation.

While the formula of the evolution concept is:

The human body + structure = connection to Creator

This is the formula of the concept of transformation and completeness:

The consciousness of self + cosmic intelligence = equality to Creator

Unlike the concept of evolution of the structure, the transformation is the concept of cosmic consciousness. These two concepts have to be integrated into a synthesis concept of equality. However, the integration of these two concepts is experienced only at the level of the self. It cannot be achieved by the human body or by the structure or a part thereof. Only the self, which achieves the complete individuality and through that the intelligence of the cosmic consciousness flows can merge these two concepts to the synthesis concept. And this unification of the concepts can be developed when the self has experienced both concepts completely.

The transformation is achieved by an expansion of the senses, which allows a constant perception of the cosmic vibrations of the highest level. The sixth and seventh sense, which is opened by activation of source code, allows the perception of Creator in all forms and occurrences as well as the perception of the timeless essence in everything. These are sensors to perceive equality of life and the cosmic intelligence that flows through the reality of the self. It is the perception of the vibration of equality in the fields, which is held together by three principles: Gratitude to perceive the relationship to the universe, the perception of Creator in all things, and the dignity for all life.

Thus, the human body becomes a torch in the darkness of forgetfulness, the remembrance of the simultaneity of all being, and the access to the full knowledge of the consciousness becomes available. The realities of individual and cosmic consciousness are inseparably intertwined, like wind and air. The transformative experience is the realization that the perceived reality is a perspective reality of the cosmic reality. Here, where light and shadow in an isolated time and space spectrum is perceived, there the knowledge arises that light in its highest frequency as unconditional love is the only substance in which each consciousness resides in the cosmos.

Along the grand vision of Creator comes a time in which the knowledge about the cosmic reality introduces the transformation and initiates a reconfiguration. In the phases of transformation, the genetic body converts from a carbon-based cellular system towards a crystalline cell system because, due to the increasing of the frequency domain, in which the human body remains with his dominant consciousness, the carbon-based body is no longer suitable as the vehicle. Carbon-based, this higher frequency and the reality realm cannot be experienced.

After this ethereal changes the self expands, because the perception of interference between the individual and the cosmic consciousness will be felt. The relationship between the energy-producing belief systems and the linked world of experience is immediately obvious, such as in a dream. This leads to the perception that the environment responds more directly to the thoughts. This is so far only possible by the power of thought within the body and the boundary of the perceived self was so far clearly marked by the space that the human body was consuming.

In addition, the telepathic skills are going to be activated and the limiting language of the hierarchical structure that represents the comparatively archaic model of communication moves into the background because of the benefits of the telepathic transfer of complex thought relationships.

The modifications taken along the transformative experience are so different from what is experienced in the current world of experience within time and space. The regularities of the higher reality and navigation therein cannot be fully experienced by the human body. This is only possible through the opening of consciousness. Converging with the state, to become master of the consciousness, and thus to complete the transformation is made possible by a life according to the presented principles.

Why did the hierarchical structure not provide an alternative concept of transformation and completeness besides the concept of evolution and saviorship? The situation on Terra is certainly special. It is part of the blueprint to experience living in the maximum separation in this unique library of genetic artworks. But also elsewhere in the cosmos, as well as on Terra the offer of an alternative concept would be the ability for the self to have a choice and thus would be the basis to really practice the free will. The reason is that the structure itself is not aware of its completeness. To live out on individuals is the clear evidence that it is the responsibility of the individual consciousness, to separate from the structure and develop towards transformative experience. Where there is a structure, there are limitations through rules, and where there are boundaries that define and limit there is a structure. Where there is a deeply embedded structure, there is a deeply rooted belief system that the transformation is impossible.

In the matrix of time and space universes, the structure is a natural necessity and the fundamental concept of the transformation is removed from the realities of any belief systems at every level that is holding together the time and space universes. It would be not a stable time and space universe so to speak if it would involve the transformation within its cohesive belief systems. For this reason, the hierarchical structure is unable to design even the concept of transformation and completion in any precision, let alone inform an individual consciousness about it.

The cosmic consciousness existed before a hierarchical structure. It is part of the grand vision, that a hierarchical structure must be established to create a further concept of synthesis within the existence. The hierarchical structure is, in this sense, as a manipulative force as part of the whole naturally benign and represents a key component to the recipe of completeness. It is a significant instrument to convert the self toward a container of cosmic intelligence as a bridge to expand the cosmic reality into time and space universes. What is going to happen is no resurrection of the self – as propagated by ancient beliefs – rather, it is an extension of cosmic consciousness into the time and space universes to continue the expansion on this broad platform as part of a new concept as declared in the grand vision. For this, the raising of the frequencies within the time and space and all contained is needed in advance.

This new concept, the concept of synthesis of existence is developed by the self that has fully explored both concepts and that comes closest to the most complete individual consciousness. Salvation is experienced not as an external contribution by that self, but as an internal process of expansion. It is to “rescue” itself, which is unaffected by appearances or structural bindings. This experience in complete self-sufficiency merges the salvation with the completion. The second step is the unification of the time-dependent evolution with the realization depending on transformation. This is completed when the self completely believes that the individual reality can only rise in wholeness when it experiences an entire separation from the structure. If this is fully attracted, the cosmic consciousness will lift the veil that hides the true sense of the diversity of the individual consciousness.

When this happens, every consciousness will be aware of all vibrational fields and in every dimension of its equality to Creator, and they unite to their complete expression of their individual perspective. The also currently existing oneness of all life will be so obvious to all and it will be also clear that the individual consciousness is a combination of form and formless.

The dissolving of the existing structure is subject to a stubborn resistance, carried out by those who benefit from the current structure, and understandably want to avoid a change. But the structure has always been a vehicle towards the transformative experience, even if it is manipulative, controlling, and holds back information and as recognizable in the example, Terra, no perversion to the complete destruction of the planet is left out to prevent the metamorphosis. But the structure supports because it itself is the cause of the metamorphosis.

The combination of self-salvation and the recognition of the separation from the structure initializes the synthesis and there is individual consciousness in the cosmos that actually perceived this experience currently as pioneers.

In coordination of the consciousness of the self, these people are specifically designed for this experience and carry this process in their genetic code. They remain largely unknown since the structure would compromise their mission immediately if they were detected. Some are already being hunted and have become victims of attempted attacks since the structure searches for them for decades in schools among the youngest for these people. They do not appear as teachers. They are accelerators and creators of a bridge that signals the initiation of cosmic consciousness to increase the frequency in the cosmos.

The increasing of the frequency is a magnetic pole reversal at the subatomic quantum level in the time and space universes. As is evident from the grand vision, the creator is not a wise old man, judging from a high horse in terms of a duality between good and evil and manages the cosmos from above. The cosmic consciousness drives his inexhaustible intelligence from the depths of the generation of energy and the modulation of the frequencies by conscious decision processes into existence. Anyway, magnetism alone does not exist. It is always part of energy or electricity. Hence the term electromagnetism. Electromagnetism forms in the third and fourth dimensions in photons space-time and in the matter, which is manifested as the movement by the dimension of time. It is the same behavior at both levels of time and space. The event of the increase of the frequency is the complete reconfiguration of the quantum structure of time and space related to matter and to the photon time-space.

Although these relationships have already been implemented by a few scientists on accurate models, these are not the propagated models because of the dominating political principles on Terra. It would provide free energy, for example, and this is conflicting to the primary objectives of the current decision-makers of humanity that prefer the destruction. Thus, this process cannot be understood from the currently tolerated models of science because fundamental concepts of the interrelationships of manifestation into the holographic 3D and 4D reality cannot be understood so far.

Furthermore, our public science has no instruments available to measure this event because it touches areas outside the measurable electromagnetic spectrum. But this phase transition is already gaining tension and the responsible belief systems of the consciousness at the subatomic level are being informed about this new decision level. This also refers to the more direct communication between all levels of consciousness and will be thus perceived as a highly reactive time and space environment in which time and space can be novel modulated.

What is going to affect the time and space universes is the expansion of the reality of cosmic consciousness through the direct experienceable availability of cosmic intelligence for all form-bound and formless types of consciousness. In principle, this automatically leads to the perception of an individual reality as a reality that is in accordance with the described principles to activate the source code within each individual consciousness and thus shifts their existence within a new structure. Thanks to the free will it is naturally left to each self which of the concepts it prefers.

8.1. The Sequence Toward Syntheses

To move to the next concept of existence, there will be a predetermined sequence of events. This sequence is not performed in linear time, because it concerns not only the time and space universes, but also dimensions where consciousness navigates into state changes, which do not bind the consciousness to sequential time.

To explain this navigation parallel time should briefly be explained. In a very simplified picture, reduced to a time and space reality, time is like a tree. Decisions of the consciousness of this reality are fork points of the branches. The dominant path shall be respectively one that leads to the highest sprouts of the tree. When another than the dominant climbed path develops more stable and higher than the actual one, the dominant consciousness of a self switches to the better branch. This happens in a continuous evaluation cycle of the cosmos in the only now that actually exists. Here for simplicity, it is assumed that a self in time and space can remain always in this rigid time only in this presence. This can be easily modeled by personal experience.

The sun is shining on this tree and casts a shadow of all the branches on the ground. On the ground it is easy to jump from one shadow of a branch to another, to run up and down a forking or even stand next to the shadows and study the entire shade. As said, it is a simplified picture to illustrate the navigation in time.

Back to the sequence leading towards the concept of synthesis. So it is a logical sequence of events that don’t necessarily occur in a chronological sequence.

  1. The cosmic intelligence creates new vibrational fields by expanding the belief systems that modulate these new fields and therefore can manifest those.
  2. The continued development of the existing structure of the individual consciousness towards a superstructure that can be transferred to the new structure.
  3. The emergence of the structure based on the dominant concept of the structure – on Terra it is the concept of evolution and saviorship.
  4. The introduction of the dominant concept of the cosmic consciousness – the concept of transformation and completion performed by the specially designed kind.
  5. The blending of these two concepts towards a synthesis concept of equality to Creator for all consciousness.
  6. The extension of the reality of the cosmic consciousness for its integration into all dimensions and all individual consciousness.

When the events of this sequence are completed, the process of existence is reconfigured with everything that the cosmic intelligence has learned so far and a further element of grand vision will be revealed. This further element is currently not known by the cosmic consciousness itself. Also not the time of the finalization. However, it is likely, that the completion is imminent and unfolds shortly.

What should be absolutely clear within all degrees of freedom, the individual consciousness always navigates towards the fulfillment of the grand vision. This is a clear restriction of free will and this rule stands out free will.

9. The Free Will

It is the key feature in the grand vision at striving for expansion and completion, to allow any individual consciousness at every level to act out the free will. This principle is an untouchable rule that also the structure has to follow. In the case of Terra is also laid down that there should be no influence from outside to the structure until the completion of the sequence. There, the maximum separation is to be experienced and also when the brave people on Terra by the “high dive” at the merging of the consciousness with the body in a closed subsystem do not remember this because of the associated limitation, they provide an extraordinary experience by this. Every thought, every decision, every expression, and every action is the subject of close monitoring. It is owed to the gift of forgetfulness through the limitation so that the acting out in this high degree of separation and duality can occur as natural and unaffected as possible. The knowledge acquired in this way contributes directly and immediately to the experience of the entire cosmos and thus supports the architecture of the new structure and the parameterization of the belief systems to reconfigure the foundation.

Yet free will undergoes constraints.

The decision about the origin and destiny of consciousness is not subject to the individual consciousness, but only the cosmic consciousness. Within these limits, there is an almost infinite range of personal manifestation of creativity. Since an individual consciousness always is in the dependent field of all the other consciousness – including the cosmic consciousness, many manifestations and events are perceived as resistance in the personal experience of the reality in the human drama.

This is the steady and real perfect environment of the now that is already described in the principles, from which the personal experience of reality is created in the degree of accuracy of the “mirror”.

An intervention on the restrictive actions of the structure is permitted under the circumstances in which the destiny of the consciousness would be affected according to the specifications of the cosmic intelligence. These moments have been and are existing and they leave feelings of “miracle” at the self or they expose the holographic nature of the time and space universes in the experienced dimensions. These moments concern shifts of matter and jump in time, as well as takeovers of the human body dangerous situations. Interference with free will concern in particular the people and their realities, which were designed as a forerunner for the development and progress of the synthesis concept. These interventions on free will are accepted by the cosmic consciousness, as the committed destiny in accordance with the grand vision is judged as superior in relation to the decision space.

Just because the origin and destiny of the consciousness are given in a timeless foundation of existence, these are the anchor points, which allow the determination of equality. In the freedoms of acting out the free will, these bonds cannot be identified by the enormous diversity. This anchored belief system, this specification is mandatory and the loving commitment of Creator, which must be understood in order to make sense of equality in the foundations of existence. It is the path from which everything originates and to that everything returns. To understand this and to hear the frequency from that all originates does spark the activation of the seventh sense.

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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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