We are in the midst of a dimensional transition

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Dear family of souls,

There is one thing I want to clarify following many questions received regarding the fifth dimension. As you know, we are currently in the midst of a dimensional transition. We are already in the fourth dimension, contrary to what some claim. The current increase in energies automatically updates the vibrations in your chakras or energy centers. Current energies are revealing old feelings of annoyance that you may have. Observe them, without soaking up. Accept them and let them detach from you and rise in love.

Remember that the main thing is to stay centered in your heart. To reach the fifth dimension, you must be fully who you really are in the present moment. Vibratorically and energetically speaking, the earth has already passed into the fifth dimension. And many souls have already joined it. Many people know this and already live in their hearts in this dimension of love.

Remember that everything is only frequency and vibration. The fifth dimension is a state of being (higher) where you live by the heart and in the heart, in the vibration of love. As you now know, we are at a crossroads. Hence the importance of making your choice, truly. That of continuing to project yourself into the world in three dimensions and duality, or that of staying centered in the heart, of welcoming love and of raising your vibrations towards a higher state of being.

Many ask me how to reach the fifth dimension. I would answer this: the answer is within you. Really. All souls have already gone through this evolutionary process (before and elsewhere), and know it well. Many have forgotten it when descending into the third dimension. The illusion of separation, duality, ego, and the rational mind has kept you in this state of being through the artificial matrix.

Many are also waking up right now, during this transition. Do you understand why this period of confinement is important? It allows as many of you as possible to review your priorities and refocus. This has the effect of bringing you awareness. So every day you remember more and more who you really are.

And there are those who fully remember who they are and why they are here. They guide you or accompany you through this dimensional transition. Most of these people are Stellar Souls, Starseeds, Walk-Ins, Lightworkers, or Warriors of Light. They have sown seeds of love and light on your way. Today, all these seeds have sprouted, and come to life in the hearts of many, so that the magnificent flower of love can expand, radiate and diffuse like a sun.

Because, whatever it is, that’s what we are.

Pure love.

This is what our soul is. It can not be otherwise.

So you don’t have to do anything.

You just have to be.

To be able to live in the fifth dimension, you must first live it in yourself, in your heart.

The changeover will be done this way.

With all my love, unconditional and eternal.

Mitakuye oyasin

~ David Rousseau

~ April 28, 2020:

David Rousseau

Walk-In, Stellar Soul, Intuitive Artist, Author, Writer, Musician, Singer

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    That’s good man.
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