Logical Reasoning

I've been wanting to write about logical reasoning for a long time and how this tool that Nature has given us can help us to get rid of many mistakes and unpleasant feelings! Certain emotions can blind us, and lately, we see hatred and/or fear dominating people.

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The Collective Shadow Effect

We are living one of the greatest experiences of the “Collective Shadow Effect” and, in order to be able to free ourselves from it, we must first recognize it within ourselves, accept it, embrace it, and heal it. Healing can only be done through the heart, forgiveness, and compassion. And by stop projecting that shadow, we literally create a New Collective Reality that we call «The Golden Age».

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Love does not judge

At the moment I still see a lot of negative posts and comments regarding involutive forces. Whatever these men and women (and involutive beings) can do, we must not fuel hatred, anger, and negative energies. It is not a demon hunt.

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