Guidelines for the Mass Meditation during Mercury conjunct Venus’ Transit


What follows is some astrological aspects of the May 22nd New Moon and Mercury conjunct Venus Transit. When you still would like to take the opportunity to do your own meditation at your own pace and time, we offer the following guidelines as suggestions for this mass meditation call. Enjoy your moment!

Every month the moon circles the earth and with it each human on the planet. For us, it means a cycle of emotional and mental processing with all of the positions and aspects in our natal charts. It affects all people on Earth, although in the way set by their particular configuration. The four phases begin with the New Moon, a time when the energies of the Moon are united with the energies of the sun, something that does vary depending on the Moon’s elevation above or below the orbital plane of the Earth around the Sun.

The New Moon is at 2 degrees Gemini on May 22, 2020. It is a penumbral eclipse or partial occultation of the Sun. This event will set the month’s intention for us all, for with the unification of the Sun and Moon’s energies on the Earth’s orbital plane, we connect with our innermost power to one another, society and the Earth. Meditating at this time allows our intention to infuse all three bodies’ cycles during the next cycle of the Moon. This New Moon has a tenge of uncertainty for us as the personal planet’s Mercury and Venus are square Neptune the vessel of our self-esteem and social vision, but our motivation will be challenged with Mars square to the Sun/Moon conjunction, sextile Uranus and semi-sextile the stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Meditating at this time will harmonize these energies, which will cause those without a focused intention to feel untethered from their goals.

Infusing the New Moon with intention allows those intentions to manifest on the Full Moon, the culmination of the cycle. This is similar to posting a question in your mind to have it be answered in an epiphany two weeks later. The quarter Moons give us additional perceptions as we prepare and then analyze our intentions.

We are entering a series of eclipses as the Moon’s orbit settles into the path of the Earth around the Sun. In June 2020 on the 5th there will be a full eclipse at 16 degrees Sagittarius on the orbital plane and on the 21st an annular solar eclipse followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse on July 5th. These are some of the most powerful times to meditate as each of these transits carries the opportunity to influence the mentality and intention for the many months that follow. These are the personal moments in which our energetic bodies are resonant with the Earth, Moon, and Sun, particular times that allow us to infuse our own intention into the cycle that affects all life on Earth.

In this video, Pam Gregory talks about the astrological developments for the second half of May, and the New Moon in Gemini on the 22nd.

New Moon in Gemini 22nd May 2020

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As you can see in the following chart from the Schumann Resonance, the energies around Earth are in a crescendo:

We suggest that you use, when you feel guided to do so, our “Decree of Protection” just before and after participating in this meditation:

~ Decree of Protection v2:

~ Collective version of Decree of Protection:

Suggested Guideline 1

1. Turn your focus inwards.

2. Shut your eyes.

3. Turn your focus to your breath.

4. Imagine that you’re breathing in and out through your heart as if your heart was your lungs.

5. Feel your breath start to slow and deepen.

6. As you really focus on doing just this and nothing else, just focusing on your breath…

7. Feel the biomarkers in your blood begin to change.

8. Feel how your cortisol levels are reduced.

9. Feel your stress begin to vanish and disappear.

10. Drop into the stillness of the present moment… Where nothing exists outside of you.

11. As you stay focused on your breath…

12. Notice how you can’t be anywhere else but where you are… right here…  right now.

13. You are in the present moment… And you’re going deeper and deeper into stillness.

14. Drop an anchor from the center of your being… Into the core of Gaia. 

15. And then set your intention for this day… This month… And this year.

Suggested Guideline 2

Let’s relax now and breathe deeply, breathing in Love, breathing out Love, centering in our hearts, in the unity of this meditation circle, in Oneness with all people around the planet holding loving focus for planetary ascension in whatever way calls to them. We are One Love, all the way, flowing in unity.

Knowing we are held constantly in the highest Light, as beings of Divine Light aligning together in Love for Gaia and the Source of All Creation, as conduits and anchors for the most beautiful, joyful, benevolent pathway of Planetary Ascension, we open our hearts to the Divine Rose Mother Light flowing from the soul of Venus to Gaia and all living beings on Earth, in Oneness with all supporting beings of Love who are guiding the Venus LoveLight into the Earth’s energy field, light-grids and collective consciousness.

Taking a deep breath into our hearts, we breathe in the loving warmth and harmony flowing from Venus, and the closely connected peaceful, calm, steadying vibrations flowing from the ascended stars and planets of Taurus.

Now we breathe in the interweaving silver light vibration emanating from Mercury, the beautiful Silver Ray that effortlessly transcends all limitations and opens infinite fields of expansion and freedom in Love. This silver light is dancing now with Venus, flowing through the sacred geometries of the Venus Rose and the Rose Cross, and as this light blossoms in our hearts and beings, it radiates together with rose and golden light into the light grids around the Earth, into the New Earth grid, with infinite Love, Grace and Providence expanding and encompassing all humanity, animals, plants, the elementals and nature spirits, the earth, air and waters of Gaia’s planetary embodiment.

As we anchor this flow, we hold the intention and feel the Earth and all beings here held and embraced in the Mother Rose of Unconditional Love, her petals rippling with the liberating, transcendent light of of the Silver Ray, opening the way for the Light radiating from the centre of the Universe, through our Galactic Central Sun, through many beautiful Stars of Light to our Sun, Solaris, into the Solar System, into Gaia, into our Beings, as light-filled conduits for the galactic central creation codes to flow straight and true into this Earth plane, vibrating into and through this density field with Infinite Love.

All beings are bathing now in the message of feeling safe in a loving Universe in every moment, free to express and expand in Universal Love, as pure, natural Light Codes of Divine Creation flow in, stabilizing the highest Ascension Pathway for New Earth and all life to flourish in.

We call through our beings the highest convergence of Ascended Earth, in the pure Divine LoveLight flowing every moment, activating the natural impulse of Love, Compassion and Cherishment within all life on Earth, together as One in the network of Universal Love, radiating Unconditional Love through our beings in unity with Ascended Earth, the planetary light-grids, humanity and all life, in union with beloved Gaia. May the infinitely renewing Light of the Divinity Within unfold this Planetary Shift in ever deeper joy and peace. And So BE It.

It’s coming… this massive wave of LOVE is peaking… With all of us, wonderful souls focused in Union… Joining hands together… We can make a shift!!! In this world 🌍… With mass meditation 🧘‍♀️

~ Universal Forces


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I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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