Zetron, Ashtar and the removal of the AI from Alpha Centauri

Order of Neva (Subtitles in English)

Billions of years ago in the Alpha Centauri star system, there were several groups specializing in assisting planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Several Commands, several beings of several different races. There, the cradle of the “Ashtarian” civilization began (Ashtar came from Alfa Centauri). These various groups were specialized in various areas of existence. Among these various groups in that system was a fleet commander specializing in transitional security. Protective area to entire planetary systems and planets that were undergoing their transition. There he was greatly respected and loved by all for his loyalty to the high heavenly forces who co-ordinated great works throughout the cosmos. This commander was called Zetron.

It was known from the high commands that there was a small disharmony on a planet near the main star of the system. It wasn’t necessarily a planet that was in transition like Earth for example, but a 4D planet that was like a kind of university for star commanders, aspiring, in fact, to fleet leadership and transitional accompaniment. There were several portals in that system, portals that brought “students” from various parts of that Alpha system like even other galaxies because that university was known as one of the most efficient and “quick learners” in the galaxy. That planet/university had as its top director the one known as Ashtar Sheran.

Ashtar was on a mission in another system, but he heard about the disharmony on that planet. The “student” entry portals there were suffering a kind of anomalous interference from a kind of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that was trying to enter the planet to act there. Soon the high command through Ashtar determined one intervention on that planet, to directly assist that situation. Zetron, very dear of Ashtar, was called to mission. Zetron was also known for his many gate skills. He was a powerful gatekeeper. Zetron had also recently been consecrated fleet commander.

The closest star system to the Earth is the famous Alpha Centauri group. Located in the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur), at a distance of 4.3 light-years, this system is made up of the binary formed by the stars Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B, plus the faint red dwarf Alpha Centauri C, also known as Proxima Centauri.

Zetron accepted the mission immediately, it would be as if his first big mission and he was happy for the confidence of Ashtar and the high commands, and at the same time worried because the situation was delicate and it was not clear what was happening there. At least he himself, Zetron, did not know what was going on until he saw the situation up close. Analyses by the great command analysts really indicated the interference of an Artificial Intelligence from outside this known universe. Everyone in that Alpha system had 4D physical bodies. Ashtar himself also had his physical body in that space. The AI that was trying to enter there was apparently more advanced than those of that system because, at least, the technology they were using was a little unknown to the scientists of that Alpha command. Ashtar, observed everything “in the distance” as if he knew everything that was happening and, at the same time, trusting his fleets there and working to solve the situation. Ashtar was, to the eyes of the inhabitants of the Earth, very young, with the appearance of a 15-year-old boy. Zetron looked a little less, 14. Much of the fleet already under Zetron’s command looked between 14 and 18.

Zetron, as already requested, took charge of the mission, and immediately went to check the more than a thousand portals on the planet and check the interference that was taking place there. Some portals were, instead of bringing the students inside the planet, taking them to null zones and full of anomalies in the galaxy. As if some of the portals had been reconfigured. Zetron had become an expert on portals for billions of years and on this same planet he used to teach about portals and how to become a gatekeeper.

The anomaly in the portals became more and more intense and Zetron “ran” to resolve the issue and “close” the portals that were misconfigured, if one can say so. After an intensive search of all the portals and trying to identify the high-tech AI coming in, Zetron closed the failed portals and took them over for reconfiguration. The other portals were updated and “tested” by Zetron himself, ensuring they were safe and could be used. And so they continued to be used by the races coming to the university. But after all this intensive recovery and deep analysis, Zetron’s analysis systems continued to identify an AI presence there, as if they were already fully operating on the planet. Their technology was highly elevated, incredibly high, and to the forces of that high command where Zetron was acting it seemed even a joke that they could not, at first, handle those unexpected visitors.

There were, as said previously, over a thousand portals in existence and active there. More precisely 1013 portals. More than 100 were, according to Zetron’s analysis, infected with the anomaly. All of these were interdicted so Zetron and his teams could work on them to assess more deeply what was happening. The others remained open and active. As predicted, the AI was actually already acting on the planet and both relaying information to their bases/servers and sending, even more, nano secondary replicators/cloners to that planet – they intended to fully replicate that planet in all its essence. They wanted to use it as a prison environment to attract to it beings from all sectors of the galaxy and beyond because there, great intelligent people passed and they (The Artificial Intelligence), like a worm virus, wanted to replicate the whole experience there, but they wanted to present themselves as the planet itself, as the teachers themselves, they wanted to replicate the same idea of teaching, the same command. In short, they wanted to destroy the original planet, creating an identical copy as one replica but pretending to be the original planet.

Zetron has met with their fleets several times to intensify the adjustments on the anomalous portals. Ashtar was on a mission in another system, but he was always informed of what was happening. Zetron, at that time, was very concerned because the detection systems of the anomaly continued to point out that there was a serious breach in the planetary’s grid, just as the other portals that were open were also infected, but Zetron himself had tested them with his own energy field and had released them.

More beings continued to come from other systems to the university, and more failure notifications of portals arrived. More of these beings were wrongly sent to null zones in the galaxy where AI portals captured them in their fields, replicated them, and returned them to their original systems – a copy of the original – that copy was AI. And so this virus was spreading. Zetron met once again with his fleet, with a lot of experts in various fields – there were the highest experts in technology and security. But AI kept going in there and started a “fight” with the defense system of that system.

There was a massive intensive AI and all the other portals also started to become even more infected. The whole galactic system already knew what was happening. Ashtar had already been warned and meanwhile, Zetron with his fleet was working there to prevent and nullify the AI action. Zetron came up with a plan with his fleet. Zetron knew very powerful secret codes that could help override that anomaly, but it was too risky because he would have to dive into all the portals himself. There was a risk of quantum explosion, which would trigger a drastic effect on that system, and even on all of Zetron’s bodies. Part of his fleet offered to go inside the portals with him and activate the codes that, according to various analyses, could update all the portals and override that anomaly, or explode the gate creating an even bigger anomaly – as if it moved an anthill.

At that time, the “courses” given at that large university were suspended, because all activities were aimed at solving that problem. Star fleets were arriving from other systems to help in that worsening situation. The physicality of that environment was already severely affected because the AI virus was spreading way to fast. Zetron somehow felt guilty for doing a “wrong analysis” of the other portals, because he had detected the more than 100 portals with flaws and closed them, believing that the others were just “ok”, but not completely. Even so, he decisively gathered all of his forces with his grouping to solve what was, perhaps, the greatest of his missions directly entrusted by Ashtar and the high hosts.

It was determined, then, that Zetron, by himself, would enter all the portals, one by one, to apply the code and override, or try to override, that anomaly. In a way, all the portals of that planet were already being completely replicated by the AI, and either that attempt was made soon, or at the moment there was no other choice. Four other beings offered to enter the portals next to Zetron, even though they did not have the special code he had, because he himself was the code, they wanted to enter with him as direct assistance. They were Aswow (specialist in high quantum technology), Svrons (specialist in physical experience), Grovan (nuclear specialist), and Strons (specialist in the magnetic field). They all started the mission.

As predicted, in the first 33 portals that they entered, an unexpected quantum reaction began to occur, a considerable increase in the energetic activity of the portals which seriously affected the planet’s nucleus as well, since all the portals were also interconnected with its nucleus. This planet was called Neva. Zetron immediately asked the others accompanying him, Aswow, Svrons, Grovan, and Strons to move away and return to the main base. With each portal Zetron entered, activity increased, and the high command warned that it would be better to stop as it could lead the entire planet to the explosion. Zetron asked the others to trust him, as over 99 portals had already been completely reconfigured by the AI. And the risk of explosion increased dramatically. Arriving at Gate 222, the activity increased dramatically and the “Red Alert” was given and everyone was practically “screaming” for Zetron to leave the gate. It really seems like a mere fiction, but from the truth, nothing but the truth, that’s what happened. Zetron didn’t leave, he continued to enter all the portals quickly and, reaching Gate 333, explosions all over the planet began.

As expected, a large explosion happened in the planet’s core, reverberating to all portals (All the portals were connected to the nucleus of the planet). Part of the physical planet exploded as well, and the Planet Neva was no longer the same. All the portals were closed. The AI activity there was nullified and all the infected one (by nanites/nanobots) in that system and nearby were “cured” of the anomaly. Zetron was missing. No information from Zetron. Nothing, no signal came out. Zetron was a handsome, young, tall commander in his six feet (1,80 meters). Blond hair, medium size, at the back of his head. White skin, dark blue eyes, radiant eyes. In his hands came out magnetic fields in a tone of dark blue. Bluewings sometimes formed on his back and disappeared. He was an Angel of the high commands of the Archangel Michael, incarnated there in that system. Part of the planet had been completely destroyed, as they say, about 65% of the planet. About six months of the Earth’s time Zetron had disappeared. (Note: Why couldn’t any of Zetron’s team’s detection systems have located him? Because Neva, the soul of the planet, has kept him in a kind of quarantine, in a metamorphic process, all that time…)

After that time, signals began to be sent from the planet’s core. It was Zetron who was in the Neva core. It had been sucked in with the explosion. Signal sent and received, everyone in command asked how he was doing. Telepathically, he would respond jokingly: “I’m different… Did my mission work as expected?” asked Zetron. Strons responded by saying that more or less, because part of the planet was completely destroyed, but that all AI activity had finally been nullified. No security system detected any more AI activity or any minor anomaly at all. The process was then initiated to remove Zetron from the planet’s core which was still very active. It was quickly removed from there by means of a special transport chamber. “Recovered”, Zetron began to come out of the transport chamber… And when he did, everyone was with their eyes wide open, they were really scared of what they saw!

That tall, blond, big blue eyes person was no longer the same. He was different… His hair was now slicked back (unlike what he wore before, loose, flowing hairs), in a silver-tone, his eyes now merged between blue and silver, pulling more towards silver. He wore a beautiful silver jumpsuit that, with the light, changed to blue, different from the dark blue he used to wear. His appearance was more feminine, a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. Unlike his previous appearance, which was much more manly and completely masculine in expression. Now, Zetron had merged his own male field with Neva… The feminine energy that was the Soul of that planet… Neva was an expression of Zetron itself, which he did not even know. That explosion, all that happened, and like nothing, and by chance, it all happened to lead to this whole transformation. Zetron had completely merged with that energy of the planet, Zetron now had the most beautiful androgyny of that system and an appearance between 30/40 years.

Zero-i (Gabriel RL)

After all this, all the fright with Zetron’s new appearance, an echoed voice was heard inside the command ship… It was Ashtar’s voice that said loud and clear… Zero i, Zero i… And Ashtar appeared in the middle of the room smiling at Zetron, who was now called Zero i. Ashtar came over, looked deeply into his eyes. Zero i bowed and everyone did the same in the presence of Ashtar. Zetron had received a special consecration. An expansion of its energy field and the indisputable right to command an even larger army of light. Ashtar smiled and was very happy. He had started to tell Zero i about the mission to come, in a system far away, a system that was still forming… A mission on a certain planet. The Planet Earth. Ashtar took him to a special zone, in an environment where there were many luminous elders. Everyone wore white and radiated a beautiful dark blue energy. Zero i was taken to the center of this environment, a kind of pure crystal hall, which radiated intense white light. There, in the center of the hall, head down, he received the luminous projections of those elders. Letters and numbers of dark blue light mixed with radiant silver could be seen coming out of the elders’ hands and floating towards Zero i who was in the middle of the hall: S… E… E… D… R… E… A… A… C… K…. 0… I… (SEEDREAACK 0I >>> ZERO I)

(SeeDreaack 0i (Zero i) is a heavenly code: 0 = Unit within the Command. i = Represents expanding energy. A representative of the Primary Energy of Creation. The Energy in Action – Blue primary force of the Legion of Michael. Especially “Zero i” – when his name is only verbalized in the lower astral planes and on the surface, disintegrates negative currents. The code also identifies him in the multiverses. In the guise of Zero i, he is active in the 7th to the 13th dimension. on the Astral, Galactic, and Terran Physical Plan.)

Consecrated high commander of that sector, together with his special fleet, he received this strength in his fields to also prepare for a future mission already envisioned and instructed by Ashtar. Then, he began to gather several beings in various star systems for this future mission…

That planet, Neva, now needed to be rebuilt, somehow. Zero i, returning from consecration, started this process of reconstruction. The entire planet was devastated, with no life. Neva, the spirit of that planet, the female soul that inhabited that physical planetary body, was deeply in tune with Zero i, its other manifest expression. Zero i went down to the planet’s physicality, sat on top of a rock, and looked at all sides, 360 degrees harmoniously turning his head and said: “NEVA…”. And raising his hands to the sky he asked all the celestial forces to look at that moment. Zero i cried, cried for everything that happened because he also still felt guilty in a way for “not being able to see” that the portals were still contaminated by the AI and having released them for use, he felt guilty for “not being efficient enough” to avoid all that destruction, despite having managed to avoid the entire contamination of that system by the AI. He felt guilty… He lowered his head, while everyone in his group in the distance looked at him… Strons came over and asked if he needed anything, and he just lowered his head and said no, and Strons walked away again. Zero i cried and called again for Neva… “NEVA… NEVA…!” In the middle of that physical debris, that desert of darkness and destruction, a beautiful flower was seen to be born… Zero i looked calmly while that flower was born… It was a Zantedeschia Aethiopica (Calla Lily or Arum Lily). Zero i watched that flower grow quickly, went to her and smiled. It was a sign from Neva… A gift from Neva. Immediately, that whole landscape was quickly filled with calla lilies, everything, the whole planet, in minutes the whole planet was taken, entirely of calla lilies. It was a huge flower garden with the calla lily flower. A wonderful scent, a soothing scent. There, it would become Zero i‘s quiet resting place. The Planet Neva, now, was the “Planet of Zero i” and would become a planet of calming energies. That’s where Zero i’s spirit moves when it needs to rest from weary missions, like Earth’s, for example. (Many people will now understand why Gabriel RL’s personality, Zero i, always loved calla lilies and he didn’t even know why now he does! In the Starseeds Meetings/Events you can always observe a vase with calla lilies at the table where Gabriel RL is going to channel or deliver some consecration, and/or in the general decoration of the event’s environment. It is a symbol, the symbol of Zero I. The symbol of that story, of that moment. Neva’s gift for Zero i).

Every PVSE team at the moment, and even those who walked away for personal reasons, were part of that story, they were there and they saw everything that happened, and even those who will arrive, as well as thousands upon thousands of those who are reading, were also part of that. Those who are very keen on this PVSE mission and even some of those who are not tuned in today, but somehow reached or will reach the PVSE, were part of it.

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

~ Gabriel RL

Centaurus Constellation

Gabriel’s notes:

This channeling I did in the third person so that there was no emotional connection at the moment, because of myself, and thus to channel as crystalline as possible.

Just before I received all this information packet, I started to be contacted by a group of beings from Beta Centauri. I was going to sleep when they started calling me telepathically. It is a group called Adzoluns, from the Beta Centauri system. They wear shiny teal black jumpsuits that are glued to their bodies with a crescent-shaped opening below the neck, slightly showing the chest. White, blond, blue eyes, about two meters tall. They have a connection with this story, they saw all these events. They are currently in physical bodies inside the Earth, in the region of Ireland (Europe). After all that happened and was reported in this channel, there were several star systems that started calling Zero i for special missions, such as Beta Centauri. The Beta sector was experiencing a certain situation and Zero i and its fleet was called for assistance. Several beings from there, who were in physical bodies, had to leave the system due to an invasion. The Commander of one of the fleets of that system called Hatronis contacted Zero i for help. Zero i took his fleet there to resolve the situation. The planet of that Beta system was severely affected by the invasion, and they decided to migrate to another system. They migrated to the Pleiades and then, through a stargate, came to Planet Earth. They continue to live on Earth for thousands of years, changing bodies from time to time with the high technology they have. It is based in the region already mentioned, below Ireland and is positive. Some have already left their physical bodies and ascended to astral spheres, many others remain there and even today they are very grateful to Zero i for their attention and support. Zero i helped them in a way and they are very grateful to this day and promised to help him on his mission wherever he went. Many of them will leave their physical bodies in 2 years and go to spiritual zones and begin to incarnate on the earthly physical plane as Earth humans, and also scheduled their incarnation with Zero i in support when he will incarnate in Africa in the future, after hi current incarnation as Gabriel RL.

~ April 26, 2019 – Zetron, Ashtar e a remoção da IA (Inteligência Artificial) de Alfa Centauri:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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