The Seven Hermetic Symphonies

The Seven Hermetic Symphonies (by “Star Seeds”)

I, Neva (Gabriel RL) was asleep when, out of “a shock”, I woke up quickly and realized that I was returning to the physical body. When I returned, I did not immediately open my physical eyes. I felt an energy keeping my eyes closed, but I was already in the body, attached. With my spiritual eyes, I saw above the bed, at a height of about two meters, several angels who looked like children, but were little cherubim with beautiful golden wings. They had something like trumpets and harps in their hands. Some only with harps, others only with trumpets, others with nothing, but there were many. And some of them stretched out their hands to me as if they wanted to touch me and I did the same thing, physically speaking (with my physical eyes still closed). They began to chant a song through trumpets and harps, while others chanted with their own voice. It was a beautiful symphony/melody. I recorded it on my cell phone, and the works began, in order to bring the sounds I heard to reproduction in our physicality, by means of musical devices and instruments.

What I have heard are the hermetic sounds of the beloved Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth), a ray of the Archangel Metatron. When acting directly in physicality, from Atlantis to Egypt, Hermes, as you know, was a great Initiator Master, a sage, a sustainer of the force of the Geometric Universe. Ashtar spoke a little about him (Hermes) in “The History of Creation” message:

Family, you had (and we can say you still have) Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus) – Thoth and Hermes – the same being, the same great master who was a direct representative of the metatronic forces, a ray of it called the Archangel Metatron. There is a great representation of the Archangel Metatron in the physical environment, dear ones. One of his great representatives. Initiator and initiate by the superior powers and the High Magic in ancient Atlantis, King and High Priest Atlante, more than fifty (50) thousand years ago. There is a being who lived in one and the same physical body for thousands of years and left this body only in the last decades of its linear time. Yes, my dear ones! Hermes lived in one and the same body for more than fifty (50) thousand years. I will tell you a little more, my dears. He was a high priest in Atlantis for sixteen (16) thousand years and still lives in the same body. There he was then called Arlich Vomalites, perhaps you have heard of him. At least some of you have, yes. Guess what. You were there too, my dears. When Atlantis – as I told you – went down more than twelve (12) thousand years ago, he emigrated to Egypt, like so many other masters. There is Arlich Vomalites, now called Thoth, who was known by that name throughout Egyptian history. Then he personally emigrated from Atlantis to Greece, still in the same physical body, and there he initiated the great Greek culture of wisdom, which gave him the name Hermes. Pythagoras, dear ones, was with Hermes. Hermes brought him to the sanctuary of wisdom. Pythagoras held the tablet in his hands: the emerald tablet. Arlich/Thoth/Hermes gave them the hermetic laws, which, as you know, are great universal laws. Hermes, the triple master. There is Hermeticism, Alchemy and Caibalion.

There is, beloved family, the heritage of Thoth/Hermes, which has initiated so many and prepared them for their connection with heaven. How often have you seen him surrounded by several people in the Egyptian temples, while they taught the deep connections to spirituality, about the art of always being alive, of controlling thoughts and emotions. Hermes was a great master of wisdom and communication who knew how to communicate very well. In fact, he knew very well how to communicate. He is still present in a certain way and knows that he will return in another body. Because he wants it, and he will. In Egypt, he taught the priests of the time by introducing the so-called media that transmitted the voices from heaven to earth (incorporation, psychography, psychophony…), and prepared them for crystalline communication. He taught about color therapy, about ultrasound therapy, he also taught about healing through the sounds of nature and more. Thoth/Hermes personally built three large portals to Inner Earth/Agharta, one of them in the Pyramid of Giza. Jesus was with him, and many spoke about the universal laws. They exchanged a lot of information. Hermes so often took him to certain areas for certain scriptures of the High Order of Light. And Hermes will return to physicality. He will return!


~ Ashtar – “The History of Creation” – Part 3:

If previously I received from the greater spirituality the “Ninth Nevish Wave” technology, which can be acquired through a financial exchange, now I give you “The Seven Hermetic Symphonies”, without financial exchange (free of charge), as a form of balance. I am always very honored to be able to donate in this way too, with a lot of Love, gratitude, and affection!

As I have already mentioned, what I heard were Sacred Melodies transmitted by the Angelic Hosts of the beloved Archangel Metatron, and these angels/cherubim sang special symphonies of the Hermetic Order. These are melodies created by Hermes and in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, and many already benefited from them. In many spiritual environments on the other side of the veil, you can hear these melodies playing. In spiritual hospitals, in environments in the black valleys when rescuers come down to help lost souls, they chant these sacred melodies/symphonies. Each symphony/melody contains internal sounds inaudible to human ears.

They are called symphony 1, symphony 2, symphony 3… up to symphony 7. You will hear, for example, only one melody in symphony 1, but truly it will be 7, the other 6 being inaudible to human ears. In summary, symphony 1 is actually composed of 7, having one that is audible physically and the other 6 not. In symphony 2, you will also hear only a 1, because 6 will not be audible… And so on. Thus, all symphonies, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are actually 7 in each (Seven in one.) There are 7 in symphony 1, 7 in symphony 2, and so on. It is really a great orchestra, a great symphony for your physical and spiritual ears.

And of course, the symphonies are also energetically aligned with the Seven Hermetic Laws, printed on the melodies in a crystalline form. So, inaudible harmonious commands referring to the Hermetic Laws are contained in the melodies. All prepared for absorption from your unconscious and activated harmoniously in your being.

How the Seven Symphonies/Melodies act with more specific forces:

Symphony 1: Helps in the processes of inner healing and harmonization, serenading thoughts, emotions and allowing the being to come into greater contact with his angelic nature.

Symphony 2: Helps in the process of physical healing helping the body to recover more quickly, leaving it more revitalized and healthy. It also acts to increase your self-esteem and, consequently, to make you happier and more friendly in your affective and family relationships.

Symphony 3: Helps in your complete process of reconnection with your spiritual bodies, tuning them to your inner spirituality, also helping in your process of connection with divine abundance.

Symphony 4: Aid of Mastery, Wisdom, Love, Knowledge, and Encouragement to help humanity to rise or to any being who needs this aid. It is the Symphony of Unity.

Symphony 5: Assists in creativity and both personal and collective development. It is an excellent melody to be played in meeting environments, where important decisions will be made.

Symphony 6: Helps you to be more grateful for life, for your own life and everything around you, also helping you to be happier and more committed. It helps to release the burdens and be in deep connection with the synchronicities. It is a melody of faith and gratitude.

Symphony 7: Helps you to connect directly with the forces of Hermes/Thoth, all that force, all that energy package, and with everything that Hermes/Thoth is and what he represents.

The Symphonies can be heard together or separately at any time. The Geometric Symbol also channeled that represents this channeling, this technology, is the one that represents this publication. This can also be used to connect with Hermes/Thoth.

There is no contraindication in the application of these melodies because they can be used whenever the person wishes, at the times he or she wishes, and when he or she judges it necessary. You can listen to them in the headphones, with a loud sound, you can leave them playing around the house, work environment, and/or put them before going to your bed. Start listening from 7 to the first or vice versa, or randomly, since there is no contraindication or a more specific recommendation. You can use it as many times as you like and/or if you want, also on the same day, repeatedly. They can also be used in parallel with the “Ninth Nevish Wave” if you wish, no problem, or in parallel with some other activation you are doing, no problem at all.

Frank Sinatra (circa 1957)

The Musical Master Frank Sinatra is one of the great helpers of this work, and I met with him, in Saturn, to improve this technology. Cranu-Idini and Luís Fernando Rostworowski worked hard to prepare the audios for this dimension. I personally entrusted them to work together in the preparation of the MP3s of the respective melodies. As I said, I channeled the melodies in the best possible way, trying to reproduce the audios exactly as they were heard by me from the Higher Spheres. They, together with Frank Sinatra, worked on the physical body and off the body in Saturn, having Frank as an instructor – who came to pick them up for the music improvement classes on the planet Saturn. The last time I met him (Frank) in Saturn, he was very happy with this technology and wishing blessings and joys to the people of Earth. Frank is currently an instructor of Celestial Harmony in Saturn – one of his abodes. He helps souls find harmony and tranquility through the Sacred Universal Melodies by integrating them into the chakras, assisting in their perfect functioning to increase the energetic activity of the bodies and receiving more purely the inspiring, animating, revitalizing, and creative energies of Source.

So, below I leave the link of these melodies for you to download, free of charge, and share with whomever you wish! It will be available unconditionally to whoever you wish. When accessing through a desktop or notebook computer, download it in the links below:

Or you can download all melodies from here.

And here, I made a compilation with all the melodies in a single video that I published in the Star Sees channel, on Youtube:

The Seven Hermetic Symphonies (all included)

And here a playlist with each melody in separate video:

The Seven Hermetic Symphonies (playlist)

My dear ones, I am infinitely grateful with all my heart for this further transmission opportunity! I thank Cranu, Luis, Frank, Hermes, Metatron and all the Angelic Hosts of Masters and Mentors who assist me and give me the opportunity of this transmission!

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ As Sete (7) Sinfonias Herméticas:


~ The Geometric Universe:

~ The Ninth Nevish Wave:


I Am the Power of Rehabilitation and Transformation of those that have lost of Themselves. I Am the Balance and the Order in this Universe, I Am the Manifestation of the Physical and Spiritual Healing through the One whom I represent. I Am the Energy for the Rehabilitation of all those who have fallen. I Am the Unification of all Stellar Nations! I represent the Unified Love from the Source!

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